Sales Leadership: Climbing Mount Everest

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Sales Leadership: Climbing Mount Everest. Climbing Mount Everest takes skills, plans, a strong team and luck. Each had different objectives and styles, but they had common goals. Next time you have a major objective use this process and assessment to ensure success, you don’t want to not achieve your summit! But it’s how people work together that matters the most-just as it does in business.

5 Selling Lessons From the Saddle

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I was with another 700 people, ready to cover 980 miles, a lot of hills (like cycling up Everest twice), and camping every night for 9 days. The key lesson for sales is this – have a clear objective for an account (to advance) or opportunity (to win, or lose early).

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Product Led Growth: Turning Salespeople into Sherpas

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The salesperson in a PLG company is like a sherpa on Everest. Since the product has already been adopted somewhat, the salesperson doesn’t get to control who gets to weigh in with objections, pain points, and benefits. Getting to the top of Everest isn’t easy.

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I felt a little like Sir Edmund Hilary when he was about to become the first man to conquer Mount Everest: Lots of people could describe the mountain right up to a level below the summit, but none of them were able to offer any advice about succeeding on that final stage.