How to Really Heat Up Your Referral Sales Strategies

No More Cold Calling

Referral selling not working for your team? Think you can just tell sales reps to go ask for referrals? Your Referral Sales Strategies Are Missing Something. Referrals don’t just happen, at least not at scale. Why do you need disciplined referral sales strategies ?

Why Reps Hate Asking for Referrals Just as Much as Cold Calling

No More Cold Calling

Let’s set the record straight: Most everyone on your sales team has call reluctance—whether they’re cold calling or asking for referrals. I use the referral system I developed 20 years ago. They all agreed that referrals were the best way to work.

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How Getting Referrals Got Me to the Protected C-Suite

No More Cold Calling

Lead generation isn’t so tough when you’re asking for referrals. Yet, getting Bill on the phone was surprisingly easy, thanks to a referral from someone he trusts. My referral source, Larry, is one of Bill’s largest clients. Jeanne knew exactly who I was.

Why Your Account Based Sales Team Will Never Be Good at Referrals

No More Cold Calling

Does your sales team struggle to get referrals? When I read a checklist of account based sales development strategies that omitted referral selling, I asked the creator why. I posted that exact question on LinkedIn and received 35 comments and more than 31,000 views.

Does “Call Reluctance” Prevent You from Asking for Referrals?

No More Cold Calling

Many salespeople—even sales veterans—still experience call reluctance, especially when asking for referrals. Write an email with “ Referrals no longer a priority?” Yet, many salespeople find it harder to ask their referral networks for introductions than to cold call strangers.

What Should You Say When Asking For Referrals?

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I have seen and heard tons of techniques and tricks on how to ask for referrals from your customers. I am going to make this short and sweet, because asking for referrals from your clients should be a natural and comfortable act and not some slick technique. The whole problem is in the way you THINK about asking for referrals. The average sales person, when thinking about asking for referrals is thinking about asking for potential customers.

Excuses Don’t Count: December Referral Selling Insights


By including a referral program in your account based sales development plan, you can guarantee only qualified leads, increase conversions, decrease prospecting time, and attract new, profitable clients. How to Lose Your Best Referral Sources.

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5 Reasons Your Account Based Sales Team Flunked Referral Selling

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Why don’t account based selling teams ask for referrals? Why is asking for referrals ad hoc and not a discipline? It makes no sense at all, because every sales leader and account based sales rep knows that referrals are their hottest leads and best business. Referrals received.

May Referral Selling Insights

No More Cold Calling

It happened again … a salesperson asked me to connect on LinkedIn, promised he could help my business, and then wanted to know my definition of referral selling. Referral selling is my brand, my mantra—you know, the sort of thing you look up before reaching out to prospects.

[Missed Connections]: Referral Selling Insights from February

No More Cold Calling

They also win by getting referrals. Our topic: “How to get the one-call referral meeting.” For more on the power of a referral program, check out this month’s blog posts from No More Cold Calling: How Getting Referrals Got Me to the Protected C-Suite.

Why Introverts Are Better at Asking for Referrals

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That’s exactly the kind of people account based sales reps are—life-of-the-party types, not fearful of confrontation, can talk to anyone about any subject, blazing extroverts. We’re strong listeners and we’re really good at asking for referrals.

[Missed Connections]: May Referral-Selling Insights

No More Cold Calling

We talked on Skype the next morning, and he introduced me to an entrepreneur who wanted to learn about referrals. Sales and marketing professionals know this, and it’s exactly what we strive to deliver for our customers—tailored, relevant content they want to see. Take the Referral I.Q.

Don’t Let Your Sales Team Get Spooked: October Referral Selling Insights

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But the good news is that referral selling mitigates these fears. Find out how in my blog posts from this month: Why Your Account Based Sales Team Will Never Be Good at Referrals. I posted that exact question on LinkedIn and received 35 comments and more than 31,000 views.

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How to Get More Referrals Now

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Enter the world of referral selling. You’ll discover how to get more referrals—and seal more deals—all while working less. Once you experience the success of a referral-prospecting strategy, there’s no turning back. What Makes Referral Selling So Critical?

Referral Selling Recap: October

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With just a couple months left in 2014, there is still time to step up your selling, meet your quota, and develop a strong pipeline filled with referral-based prospects for the New Year. And if we’re really good, their referrals will keep our sales pipelines full of hearty leads.

Guest Post: Get a Referral Introduction and Never Make Another Cold Call

Jonathan Farrington

With referral selling, all your leads are HOT, HOT, HOT. A colleague once told me that referrals allow us to skip that dreaded “first date” with sales prospects. A referral means you receive a personal introduction from someone your prospect knows and trusts.

Hanging Up Not the Best for Future Sales Referrals

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Believe it or not I was hung up by a salesperson who made it a very clear he was seeking sales referrals after he had sold me on his solution. What prompted this action does require sharing of the events leading up to this not the best sales referral strategy. The customer service representative was a younger person (male) and I carefully explained what happened including sharing the exact message I had received because I wrote it down.

Still Not Getting Referrals? Here’s What You’re Missing

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percent who haven’t adopted referral selling? The #1 way to capture new accounts is with referral selling. No other sales or marketing strategy comes close to competing with referral selling. That’s why we featured posts about referral selling this month.

[Missed Connections]: Referral Selling Insights from January

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Sales professionals are primed to deliver exactly that. For more on the power of a referral program, check out this month’s blog posts from No More Cold Calling: Why Should the CEO Actually Lead a Referral Program? Read “ Why Should the CEO Actually Lead a Referral Program? ”).

[Missed Connections]: September Referral Selling Insights

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They say women have strong intuition, ask good questions, don’t rush the sale, connect with people, and are terrific at building long-term relationships with prospects, clients, and referral sources. Wonderful”—says this is exactly why he prefers to invest in companies with women at the top.

Asking For a Referral Is Not Asking For a Favor

No More Cold Calling

Asking for a referral is NOT asking for a favor. Referrals Are Right. Asking for a referral is not a risk (as some authors promote) where you risk a relationship or a friendship. If we erroneously follow the “referrals are a favor/risk,” then we’d never ask for referrals.

Do Your Sales Reps Act Like Sales Snobs or Social Stalkers?

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Maximize your net worth via your referral network. I accepted his standard invitation, thinking he might be a good connection, and sent a personal message inviting him to contact me with any questions about referral selling. His response: “What is referral selling?”.

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This Is the Biggest Lead Generation Mistake on Social Media

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If he’d actually read my profile, he would know that buying lists goes against everything my business stands for, that my lead generation strategy is asking for referrals , and that my phone number is on my LinkedIn profile. A LinkedIn connection is not a sales lead. It happened again.

[Missed Connections] February Referral Selling Insights

No More Cold Calling

Let’s be honest: For the most part, we look exactly the same to our buyers. Things you need to know—but might have missed—from No More Cold Calling this month.

Social Selling: What the Sales Pros Do Differently

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Then, and only then, do they have any chance of converting connections into prospects or asking for referrals. And that’s exactly what I plan to do. To me, a “pay to play” approach is akin to offering incentives for clients who provide referrals.

How to Score More Sales Leads: Don’t Believe the Buyer 2.0 Myths

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But while buyers are now very good at homework, they don’t always know exactly what they need from us, or how to get it most efficiently and cost-effectively. Associations Enterprise Referral Sales Referrals Sales Leadership Salespeople Small Business

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#1 Way Account-Based Sales Reps Resolve the Gatekeeper Problem

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All they need are referral introductions from people those executives know well. How a Referral Introduction Opens the Door to the C-Suite. She knew exactly who I was and set an appointment for three weeks out. How Referrals Work for Account-Based Sales Teams.

Take Your Sales Conversations Offline and Get That Referral Sale

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Get a referral introduction to your decision maker. You’ll get the meeting with exactly the person you want to meet. The #1 reason (you guessed it): a referral from a trusted source. Get that introduction and clinch your referral sale!

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Why New Sales Leads Aren’t All that Matter in Sales

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They can help your team get referrals to other divisions within their organizations or to their vast networks of colleagues. Having strong relationships with current customers is the best way to get referrals. Want to learn more about generating hot referral sales leads?

4 Reasons to Lock in Your Ideal Clients

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When you get referrals to the Ideal Clients you really want, you increase your close rate and decrease the costs involved in making sales. Perhaps more importantly, we understand their businesses and the way they buy, and we can deliver exactly what they need to accelerate their sales cycles.

Adopt a Targeted Referral Strategy

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Make referral selling your priority. On the one hand, sales people agree that referral selling is hands-down their best sales strategy. It’s a completely different animal to implement a referral strategy. What does it take to implement a Targeted Referral Strategy?

Think Referrals Don’t Scale?

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Build your sales business with a targeted referral-selling strategy that includes goals, metrics, and accountability for results—and you’ll have more business than you know what to do with. I believe in referrals because referral selling works. Still think referrals don’t scale?

[URGENT] You’ve Got ONE WEEK to Get This Book for 99 Cents

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Actually, it should have read “The Breakthrough Referral System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust,” but I didn’t catch the omission in time. People from around the world still write and tell me how my referral program transformed the way they and their teams sell.

Curiosity and Discontent: Words to Live—and Sell—By

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” You who still have your discontent and curiosity alive know exactly what I mean. . Associations Enterprise Referral Sales Referrals Sales Leadership Salespeople Small Business Women in Sales

Referral Selling Workshop: The No More Cold Calling Workshop.

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Referral Selling Training Programs. So, if you want to know exactly what you need to do to change your prospecting tactics to generate more sales without being pushy and salesy, I will show you how to mine the San Francisco Business Times for leads, attract your ideal client, ace out the competition, rev up your sales, and convert prospects to paying clients more than 50 percent of the time. Referral selling rocks! Enroll your clients in your referral process.

Don’t Confuse “Target Market” with “Ideal Client”

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I’m crystal clear about the exact person you want to meet, and I’m primed to help you get referrals. The more specific the description, the easier it is for your connections to help you get referrals. top referral sources). Want to learn how to get referrals?

“Sales Management” Is Not a Dirty Word

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And that is exactly the type of leader/manager I’d want to work for. Want to learn how great managers set their teams up for referral success? Read “ Are Referrals Your Priority … or an Afterthought? Associations Enterprise Referrals Sales Management Salespeople Small Business

To Market, To Market to Buy a Fat Sales Lead

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For example, a qualified sales lead such as a sales referral is closer to the selling phase where some additional fact finding must take place. ” The response from the sales referral was a very loud “Yes, that’s it exactly.”

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Year-End Sales Blitz! What Sales Needs to Do TODAY! | Sales.

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Do you want to know exactly what you need to do to end 2011 on a high note? Ask for referrals. Network : The holiday period is the best time of the year to be reaching out to these people to not only wish them the best, but also to give and receive referrals. Remember, if you want people to give you referrals, you need to be even more active in giving others referrals. About. FREE Resources. Hire Mark. Client List. Testimonials. Client Login. Mark Hunter.

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Women in Sales Take Fewer Risks (Why That’s a Good Thing)

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Wonderful”—says this is exactly why he prefers to invest in companies with women at the top. Associations Enterprise Referrals Sales Management Salespeople Small BusinessWant to make more money? Hire a woman. Do women really take fewer risks?

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