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Leading By Example

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Every manager knows this, it’s Leadership 101, we must Lead By Example. What much of the literature misses, is that we are always Leading By Example, whether we do so consciously or unconsciously. Our actions and behaviors set the example for our people—Always!

10 Examples of Highly Effective Welcome Emails

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One of the most important tools in your email marketing toolbox is an automated welcome email. To help you create an effective welcome email , we’ll highlight ten effective examples. Write a welcoming note Our first example highlights the importance of a friendly greeting.

10 Great Examples - Customer Service as a Powerful Sales Tool

Understanding the Sales Force

However, sometimes, customer service is so good, or so bad, that their brand statements go beyond what marketing or sales could ever do. Let's start with two great examples - experiences that make you choose to return for more.

An Example of Product Development Being Done Right – Wolk Company

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When it comes to developing a new product , I have always been advocating that you first need to define a target market and then work hard to understand their needs (stated or otherwise) before you even go to the drawing board. Airbag for the elderly.

A Real Life Example How Brand Unifies A Compelling Vision

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Yesterday I saw a real life example of a relatively new branding statement by the one local regional tourism bureau here in Northwest Indiana: Built by Steel, Changed by Tourism. Seth Godin writes about the noun “brand” as being: “the expectations of your customers.”

Prospecting Is a Marketing Activity

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Confusion abounds about what is prospecting and what is marketing. Much of this confusion can be traced back to the Madison Avenue firms where paid advertising became synonymous with marketing. Peter Drucker said the purpose of business is two fold: Marketing.

Inside the Rise of B2B Video Marketing


A look at what’s fueling the growth of video in B2B marketing and how you can tap into this burgeoning field. What’s the next big thing in B2B content marketing? Why is Video Taking Off in B2B Marketing? How Can You Use Video in Your Marketing Campaigns?

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Marketing to a Generation Which Hates Ads


Supreme is a prime example of how a company can harness the desire of millennials to express their individuality. Rather than one-size-fits-all marketing, millennials want the transparency that comes with personal relationships built on trust.

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Account-Based Marketing: Would you rather get 56 leads for $49,835 or 27 leads for $172,200?


When we assess a new (for PointClear ) business opportunity, or evaluate the results of a current client’s program, we look at the following: Market (60%). What this says is that you could get “A’s” for Message and Media and still end up with an “F” if the market is off target.

LinkedIn and Effective B2B Marketing Strategies

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LinkedIn closely follows Twitter when it comes to effective B2B marketing strategies according to a survey conducted by Regalix Research. What continues to amaze me is the number of B2B professionals who fail to engage in effective B2B marketing strategies.

Let’s Get Real About the Goal of Marketing

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If the purpose of marketing is to attract attention, then the goal of marketing is…? The goal of marketing within any sales process is two fold: Make a friend. This is why so much emphasis is placed on measuring the goal of marketing.

#1 Reason You Need To Automate Your Marketing

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Marketing automation is essential for every business. Your primary role is to study your market, and plan and execute business strategies and tactics. You have an entire cast of other employees, financial, legal, marketing and sales people to work with, in addition to your customers.

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Marketing Automation is Not Marketing Strategy


We are republishing this blog by Ruth Stevens (originally run January 29, 2014) because she hits the nail on the head about marketing automation. In the opening paragraph she states: “Marketers sometimes see automation as a silver bullet.

The Collision of Expertise and Content Marketing

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Content marketing is a great vehicle to attract attention especially if you are a SMB owner with half way decent writing skills. This is marketing communication that educates, but peppers numerous times with a “buy me” message. Good marketing does include a call to action.

How Social Media Influences Market Reach

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For any business from the smallest to the largest, market reach is essential. This is why marketing is the first phase of the 3 Phase Sales Process. To achieve this essential component for business growth and business success is 100% connected to marketing one’s message.

Turn Your Customers Into Marketers


As marketers, we all know that there’s nothing better than having a third party promote our brand. Having advocates outside the company is extremely powerful in increasing the reach of our message and our credibility in the market. Top Reasons to Curate UGC in Your Marketing Efforts.

What’s In Your Marketing Action Plan?

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All small businesses and sales professionals should have their own marketing action plan. These misdirected activities derail the action with any marketing plan. 6 Key Marketing Activities. For simplicity, there are six basic key activities within a marketing action plan.

12 Social Media Tips for B2B Marketers


Despite what we may have thought just a few years ago, social media marketing isn’t just for the B2C world. In fact, 56% of B2B marketers now consider social media marketing core to their business, with 30% reporting that social media directly produces ROI, according to Demand Gen Report.

Can Sales and Marketing Evolve? A Psychological Perspective


Are sales and marketing equipped to evolve and change? Let’s take a look at each one of these factors and apply them to sales and marketing professionals ( although in a somewhat non-scientific and generalized fashion! ). The post Can Sales and Marketing Evolve?

Proof that Account-based Marketing Works


Companies that spend less on their marketing programs and generate better and bigger deals using a super-targeted approach to marketing are using an approach that you might have heard about—account-based marketing. Here’s a specific example for you. One healthcare IT solutions company with a complex solution and a finite market learned first-hand just how account-based marketing works. Account-Based Marketing

Marketing is More than Automation


There is a back story to the development of the process called Account Based Marketing and that story was published in this blog by LeanData, Inc.: “In As she sat between two senior-level marketing executives for global companies Accenture and Unisys, the conversation took a fateful turn. In hindsight, the main course that night was a new way of thinking about business: Account-Based Marketing.”. Account Based Marketing (ABM) is all the rage.

Marketing Should Be On A Different Fiscal Calendar

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We’re trying to get sales and marketing on the same page, and now I’m telling you they need to be on separate fiscal calendars. Yup, that’s what I’m telling you, and it’s BECAUSE sales and marketing are becoming closer. I call this marketing lag.

How Marketing Fails by Failing to Market Itself

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One of the most difficult responsibilities for a B2B marketer is sales enablement. The sales field is often critical of any marketing effort. Marketers can feel like they are in a can’t-win position. Marketing teams begin to resent their peers in sales.

Behind the Marketing Technology Triumvirate


Why every modern marketing organization needs CRM, marketing automation and social media platforms. Every marketing team today wants to know: How can we be more strategic and effective in everything we do? Marketing Technology is Exploding, But it All Goes Back to the Core Three.

Taking Aim at the Top 2017 Sales & Marketing Technology Trends

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Anyone who knows me realizes that while I am from Texas, hunting + Katie may not be the best combination (given my sheer lack of hand-eye coordination), but with 24/7 practice in the sales and marketing technology world, I’m confident that I’ve improved my aim.

2014 Planning Metrics for B2B Marketing Leaders

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The Holy Grail of 2014 Planning: Marketing Contribution as a % of Total Revenue. 2013 is the last year executives accepted activity-level results from marketing. Expectations of marketing accountability have increased to the level expected of sales performance.

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The Truth About Content Marketing

Ian Brodie

It’s difficult to move these days without hearing that “content marketing” is the future of marketing. It’s somewhat trickier to pin down exactly what content marketing actually is. It’s not specific to content marketing.

To Market, To Market to Buy a Fat Sales Lead

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Their actions are much like shopping at the market. Their marketing plan can be titled “Captain Wing It in Action.” Spray your marketing efforts all over the place and then pray something will happen.

Marketing Automation First Step is Social Media

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If you’re ready to get started with marketing automation, the easiest place to start is with social media. Before you start considering social media automation options, the first step is to identify the goal behind your social media marketing.

3 Steps for Gaining Executive Buy-In for Marketing Automation


So when it comes to introducing marketing automation, what can you do to prepare for your “pitch” to executives? First and foremost, you need to be prepared to answer the question: How can marketing automation help our business? Round Out Your Support with Real Life Examples.

Sales Tips – Examples of Sales Pitch Styles That Prospects Don’t Like

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Here’s one common sales pitch example that will send prospects running for the hills. These Ramblers lack a clear target market and value proposition. Example of their sales pitch : “I do a lot of things. “Sometimes I write their marketing copy; sometimes I do PR. I’m doing this neat project right now for a client – it’s mapping the various futures for their markets so I’m into strategy development, too.”.

Stop Wasting Money On Marketing Automation, Personas, And Content Marketing!

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Recently, I lamented about the challenge I face with my email Inbox in Your Marketing Is Driving Me Away! I spoke of the ever increasing volume of email messages that are simply irrelevant, undifferentiated, or poorly executed. 37% of email marketers use limited targeting criteria!

Digital Relevance: Developing Marketing Content and Strategies that Drive Results


Ardath Albee’s new book Digital Relevance: Developing Market ing Content and Strategies that Drive Results was published by Palgrave Macmillan (January 6, 2015). Developing Marketing Content. Marketing Strategy Content Marketing

Writing Is 20% of Content Article Marketing

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of all U.S.businesses), content article marketing through blogs or distribution sites has become the a popular marketing tactic. For example,write an article on LinkedIn Pulse and you will attract attention and maybe even get a new sales lead. Marketing Is a Two Way Street.

Measuring Marketing Effectiveness: 5 Metrics You Need to Track


Today, there’s no excuse for flying blind — everything your marketing team does should be intelligent. So when it comes to measuring marketing effectiveness, what metrics really matter? 5 Metrics to Measure Marketing Effectiveness. Marketing Insights.

Getting Started with Account Based Marketing: 4 Steps to Success


At the dawn of the digital marketing age, we cast a wide net. But we’re no longer in the dawn of the digital marketing age, and as such, our approaches have evolved. ABM is all about taking a very focused approach to who you target with your marketing efforts. Marketing Insights.

5 Ways to Improve Customer Retention with Marketing Automation Tools


Although existing customers have already gone through your buyer’s journey once before, it’s still up to your marketing team to help guide them through time and again in order to strengthen the relationship and identify new paths those customers may not have traveled before.

Beating the competition in an undifferentiated market

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You are selling in a market where the competition either has products that are just as good as yours or they have products that are perceived by the customers to be “good enough” compared to yours. How do you adapt your selling strategy to these market scenarios?

Time to Fall Clean Your Marketing Toolbox

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Now is the perfect time to clean out your marketing toolbox and refresh it for the forthcoming last quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year. Upon opening your toolbox, you will have a removable upper tray that contains your lightweight marketing tools. Printed books such as Be the Red jacket or Fail-Safe Leadership along with published articles are always effective heavy marketing tools. Fall is here.

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Multiply your Content Marketing by 6X

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The demands for content creation on today’s marketing team can take the form of a raging beast. Marketing teams are fighting to keep up. Too often Content Marketing leaves a wake of smoldering bodies as it devours every ounce of capacity. Content Multiplying - Webinar Example.