Why Customers Hate Small Talk

The Science and Art of Selling

So, whether you’re a manufacturer, service provider, retailer, even educator, you have something to sell to your distributors, clients, customers, students and parents. So, how do you sell what you offer to a decision-maker? Where did they go to college?

Tweet Less and Talk More


Humans need face-to-face contact with others. We’re losing the ability to talk to people. They will not take your cold calls or read your form emails, nor do they want to hear from you on LinkedIn. To learn more, visit www.NoMoreColdCalling.com.

Hire Better Sales People, Part 3

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There are 2 parts to the STAR (Sales Talent Acquistion Routine) screening step: 1. An important thing to consider when hiring better sales people is how much time they will need to spend on the phone either prospecting or selling. How important are phone skills to their success?

3 MUST HAVES DNA for High Performing Sales Teams - Pt.1 The Hunter

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In the meantime, I'd like to add my thoughts to this concept in my next few posts by defining 3 Absolute MUST HAVES for High Performing Sales Teams: The DNA components I will cover are: Hunter. They realize that they have a job to do - get the appointment.

Even After All Of This “Web Stuff” You Still Need To Engage With Your Prospects

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You then directed the prospect to your company website for additional information. You emailed more documentation and now it is time to call to set an appointment. Fear begins to set in. Will you face a strong gatekeeper screen?

How to Measure Sales Fitness

Sales and Marketing Management

With all these new tools making a salesperson’s job easier, there’s no excuse for your sales team not to excel. Think of someone who disrupts an executive’s day by getting past the gatekeeper explaining he/she knows that person and is following up ‘our previous discussions’ – yeah right! On the flip side, if the salesperson showed up to the meeting fully prepared having read his previous colleague’s CRM notes, the decision-maker would be happy to have a meeting.

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The 5 Top Media for Cold Prospecting


These are the five essential channels you can rely on for generating a steady stream of inquiries that you can then convert to qualified leads, and have a prayer of closing enough sales to meet your revenue quota. That compares to $7 billion spent on direct mail and $4.5

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Sales Intelligence: What to Expect When You’re Prospecting

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It’s not hard to find data : a company name and phone number, employee count, revenue, maybe direct numbers and email addresses, job titles. Marketing and sales intelligence data is dynamic, which is to say frequently and continuously refreshed. It needs to be dynamic.

18 Phone Sales Skills Tips You Can Use Right Now | Sales.

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Negotiating Doesn’t Have to Mean Sacrificing Profit. It’s time to crank out a new list of phone sales skills tips. If your tone of voice is flat and lacks any sense of enthusiasm, how do you expect the other person to ever show interest in your call? People always love to hear their name, so use it. In a typical telephone call, I want to use the other person’s name (almost universally that means the person’s first name) three times.

How To Connect And Engage With C-Level Executives


It may be intimidating to pitch and sell to top brass clients and C-level executives, but it always pays to reach higher… if you know how. Read on for some tips to help engage better with high-ranking officers. RELATED: Four Tips On Selling To C-Level Executives. The Challenges of Selling to C-Level Executives. How to Connect and Engage Better with the Top Brass and C-Level Executives. Is it easier to get a mid-level manager on the phone?

A Comprehensive Guide to Talking to Prospects on the Phone

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How to sell over the phone. Define your purpose: What do you want to achieve? Prepare questions: What do you need to ask? Prepare answers: Summarize answers to likely questions. Practice: Use a voice recorder to hear how you come across.

SBWA — Selling By Walking Around

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Tom Peters and Robert Waterman introduced the world to the acronym, MBWA–management by walking around, in their 1982 book, In Search Of Excellence. Apparently, term can be traced back to practices in HP in the 70′s. Rather than structured visits, heavily scripted and prepared, the ability to observe and assess what’s really happening is critical to making progress. SBWA is an opportunity for sales people to create unique value for their customers.

The Biggest Sales Excuses You Need to Stop Making in 2018

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In sales, sellers who cite convoluted reasons to explain poor performance, rather than proactively doing something about it often remain — unsurprisingly — at the bottom of the success ladder. Mediocre salespeople complain about their challenges, but don’t put pen to paper and take action. For winners, every success can be achieved by execution Click To Tweet. Top 10 Sales Excuses You Need to Stop Making in 2018: We can’t find qualified prospects.

An Open Letter to Social Sellers Everywhere

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It is dangerous to implement basic social selling techniques. I wanted to take a moment to express a word of caution in applying a cure-all or over-simplified approach to strategic selling within social mediums. What's not to love about that?!

170 Sales Terms From A – Z: The Updated Glossary of B2B Sales Definitions

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With the rise of AI, new sales technology and automation at the forefront of the sales echo chamber these days, we thought we’d take a moment to bring it back to BASICS – that’s why we’ve rounded up this complete glossary of sales terms and definitions to help you remember where it all started. This sales glossary is meant to reduce ramp time for new reps that are getting immersed in B2B sales jargon for the first time. Gatekeeper.

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The Sales Association: Cold Calling Lives

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If you are anything like me, you are sick and tired of hearing reports that cold calling is dead, especially when as part of your role you are required to cold call. Anything to make us feel better about our job—as if cold calling is somehow evil or a virus to be spread. And then you sit down and get to work for the first day and—guess what—it sure feels a whole lot like cold calling, doesnt it? The phone gives you the ability to be anywhere, anytime.

Top 25 Incendiary Social Selling Secrets

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To win in 2015 you're going to have to go so old school and new school at the same time, applying a dizzying array of multi-disciplinary principles that will give you an invincible edge. You're going to need to get your Sales and Marketing teams in the same room every week.