How NOT to Market on Facebook

The Sales Heretic

I regularly receive friend requests on Facebook. Sales consultant direct expert Facebook marketing prospect social media speaker strategy trainer trainingMost of them I ignore. And many I report for being spam.) But if the person sending the request has a lot of friends in common with me—say a hundred or so—I’ll usually accept the request, because that person is typically also a professional speaker or trainer. Many [.].

Manage Your Facebook Leads Through Vitrue

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According to the latest facts and figures released, Facebook is now used by every 1 in 13 people on earth, and with over 50% of these logging on every day, the ability for prospecting and connecting with your followers through this platform is at an all-time high. With Facebook receiving so much traffic every day, it can be hard to manage all of your comments and interactions on the site, and this is where a handy little tool called Vitrue comes into play. Marketing Manager.

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This Week's Facebook Contest Winners | Sales Training.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Online Training. This Week’s Facebook Contest Winners. Filed Under: Social Media , Success Tagged With: attitude training , gitomer , Jeffrey gitomer , jefrrey gitomer , professional sales training , sales attitude , sales presentations , social boom , success principles. Store. See Jeffrey Live! Hire Jeffrey. Who is Jeffrey? Contact. Gitomer | August 30, 2011 | Leave a Comment.

Five Ways B2B Marketers Can Get the Most from Facebook


His latest book is Social Marketing to the Business Customer , co-authored with Eric Schwartzman. A lot of B2B marketers have chosen not to get on board the Facebook train for fear that Facebook's freewheeling culture clashes with their serious business. There’s a lot of gold to mine on Facebook, however, if you know your objectives and how the community works. Your Facebook presence needs to be fun, conversational and provocative.

The Facebook Event for Marketers You Need to Know About.

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Training. The Facebook Event for Marketers You Need to Know About. I’m happy to share information about an upcoming Facebook Marketing event that will be online with many fantastic speakers. My friend Mike Stelzner and a whole slew of experts are going to offer strategies to help you grow your Facebook business presence. 50% Savings on Web’s Biggest Facebook Marketing Event. Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. About.

Conversations From My Facebook Page | Jeffrey Gitomer | Best.

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Sales Training Article: How LinkedIn Is Winning Against Facebook

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Sales Training Article: How LinkedIn Is Beating Facebook in Social Media By Geoffrey James, Inc. Sales Source By every meaningful metric, LinkedIn is kicking Facebook's butt. Last week, LinkedIn reported results so positive that The New York Times credited the company (in part) with lifting up the entire stock market. How awful is Facebook doing compared to LinkedIn? Even so, Facebook's underperformance in revenue and user growth is pretty hard to ignore.

Oh no, not Facebook! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! | Top Sales Trainer.

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Online Training. Oh no, not Facebook! Find me on Facebook here… Share this Post. Jeffrey Gitomer Jeffrey Gitomer Reviews Charlotte, North Carolina Speakers Marketing Speakers Customer Service Speakers Social Media Speakers Social Networking Speakers North Carolina Speakers Sales Speakers Management Speakers Leadership Speakers Personal Development Speakers Inspiring Speakers powered by Speaker Wiki. Store. See Jeffrey Live! Hire Jeffrey. Who is Jeffrey? Contact.

How to run a SaaS marketing campaign effectively


With over a hundred and one different things that could kill your cloud software business, poor marketing is the slow poison that can put it to sleep for good. But is SaaS marketing different from other types of marketing? Related: How to Build a Profitable SaaS Marketing Funnel.

Train My Salespeople … Really?

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Think sales training is unnecessary? Many sales organizations bristle at the idea of spending money on sales training programs. But recent research from CSO Insights shows a direct correlation between the quality of a company’s sales training and quota attainment. CSO Insights asked participants in the annual “Sales Performance Optimization Report” to rate the quality of their company’s sales skills training. New research says you’re wrong.

The 8 best CRMs for marketing teams


Effective marketing is about more than just attracting one-time customers. But with the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, you can optimize your marketing to suit the unique needs of every customer, just like you might in a small independent business. With a little help from your CRM platform, personalized marketing practices can be expanded to even the largest customer databases. Which CRM Features Are Essential for Marketing?

How to Network Your Way to Success- With or Without Facebook and Twitter

Jonathan Farrington

Possible networking goals : • To increase market share/customers. • Incidentally, as I shared with someone yesterday, prior to compiling and announcing the Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers for 2012 we surveyed 5000 senior executives, and one of the questions we asked was “ When choosing a training/development provider, how important is the number of Twitter followers/Facebook friends/or their Klout score.”

The Eight Prospecting Paradoxes that Cause Selling Schizophrenia

Keith Rosen

This an expansion around your line of thinking is something that no other marketing piece, feature or benefit of your product or service could achieve. Prospecting, Cold Calling and Networking Sales Coaching Sales Leadership Sales Management clients cold calling corona corona virus coronavirus customers facebook growing pipeline increasing sales linkedin networking new business prospecting sales Sales Training social media twitter

The Free Sales Training Conundrum

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This morning I read a posting about “free” sales training or any other training. Those who provide training and development services especially the solo entrepreneurs are retreating to offering free as an incentive to increase sales. Of course, free sales training does not pay the bills. . Free may actually devalue the expertise of those providing sales training and even business or executive coaching services. Share on Facebook.

The 30 best marketing resources on the Internet


Marketing best practices are constantly changing. With that in mind, we created this collection of online resources for marketing professionals so that you can get the guidance and cutting-edge strategies you need to grow your business. Best Marketing Podcasts. Marketing School.

How to Train Your Team in Social Selling

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For example, you might hear about a company using Instagram to market their products, LinkedIn to share industry expertise and insights, or Facebook Messenger to respond to customer service queries. Social Media Training for Sales Reps. Why is social selling training important?

How to Create an Unmatched Employee Experience to Drive Engagement

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Companies are constantly competing for their own employees’ mindshare. The world is so digital that it is frighteningly easy for employees to get lost in headlines throughout their day.

The Secrets Behind The Success Of The World’s Largest Digital Sales Training Company, Episode #100


There is now no doubt, NO DOUBT that the company I am honored to lead as CEO is the world’s largest digital sales training company. You’ll hear from Kurt Shaver – our Chief Sales Officer, Viveka von Rosen – our Chief Visibility Officer, and Bernie Borges – our Chief Marketing Officer about their experiences in this wild journey. The secrets behind the success of the world’s largest #DigitalSales training company, Vengreso. On Facebook.

Sales Training is Not Just for Big Business – Part 03

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Sales training, rather good sales training (results driven), is the mechanism to reduce and eventually eliminate these inconsistencies. Since businesses are dynamic with changes in people and process, sales training must be an ongoing solution. Each business has a sales process that is comprised of three general areas: marketing, selling and keeping. When the sales team is so busy on selling and forgets marketing, eventually the sales funnel dries up.

Memorable Marketing Makes Money

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As I have written countless times, the purpose of marketing is to attract attention and begin to build relationships. When marketing is memorable, meaning you have created an emotional connection with your target audience, you will make money. The question is how do I make my marketing memorable for my small business? Outbound marketing such as direct mail, advertising, business to business networking and branding reinforcement through business cards to promotional items.

Bucking the Crap Quandary of Sales Training

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The crap quandary of sales training is “I or my people need some new knowledge on best selling practices or development of existing sales skills, but much of the sales training makes big promises, costs big dollars and delivers less than desired results.” So what can time short, dollar strapped sales managers to small business owners do in this rapidly changing market place? ” Yes there is a lot of crap out there in the sales training coaching arena.

7 Content Marketing Mistakes You Make on LinkedIn

Anthony Iannarino

The content was more CNBC and less Facebook and Twitter. Created for Likes : Those who misunderstand content marketing create with a specific end in mind. What Makes Us Great : For a very long time, marketing focused on answering the question, “why us?” Sales Content Marketing

Internet Killed The Telesales Star?

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Just look at these statistics and you will see why cold calling is fast becoming a dying art form: 73% of decision makers won’t accept an inbound cold call – Market Transformations. 2 out of 3 decision makers place more trust in their own research than in sales people – Market Transformations. MTD Sales Training.

The 5 Marketing Conferences You Need to Attend in 2020

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Adam Ortman Each year, it seems like the list of marketing conferences grows exponentially, which isn’t a bad thing. At conferences, you can learn about best practices, the latest technologies, and upcoming tools in the marketing world. That’s my roundabout way of saying that you need to be just as strategic in your selection of marketing conferences as you are with your marketing campaigns. Think SEO, SEM, and marketing analytics all rolled into one.

The 33 Best Sales Training Video Channels on YouTube

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billion on training and development, including external providers, internal expenses and tuition reimbursement, according to The American Society for Training and Development. in 2013 on hiring sales training companies, one of the top five outsourced training expenditures, according to Training Industry. Clearly, if your team needs sales training, there's a lot of options out there. These aren’t your daddy’s sales training videos. Sales Training

The Truth Behind Failed Sales Training Coaching

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The truth behind failed sales training coaching is the curriculum, the process, the methodology call it what you will has been designed for the 1.8% Most, probably 95% of all sales training coaching has been developed to work with these three presumptions: Strategic plan exists. Marketing is separate from sales department. Sales Training Coaching Tip: When decisions are made on bad presumptions, the results are not achieved. Share on Facebook.

Sales Training is Not Just for Big Business – Part 02

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One of the objectives of good sales training is to uncover those fears and then close those knowledge gaps. What happens is a lot of inconsistency as to the sales process (marketing, selling and keeping.). Efficient and effective sales training “unstucks” salespeople and provides the opportunity to discover new opportunities. As Peter Drucker said “The purpose of business is marketing and innovation.” Share on Facebook.

The Ultimate List of Marketing Podcasts


Ten or so years ago, podcasts were just a blip on the average marketer’s radar. Given its rising popularity, podcasting is now an avenue marketers can explore to publish more branded content and reach new audiences. But, it’s also a great resource for marketers who simply want to learn new tips and strategies or find a bit of motivation for their day-to-day efforts. Keep reading for 50 of the best podcasts for marketers. 1. This Old Marketing Podcast.

25+ Account-Based Marketing Tactics & Software Solutions


If your primary marketing strategy has been to “cast a wide net”, consider only going after your white whales – your ideal accounts – instead. Known as account-based marketing (ABM), companies that treat individual prospects like an entire market can generate 208% more revenue than those who don’t according to MarketingProfs. What is Account-Based Marketing? This strategy requires that a business’s sales and marketing teams work more closely together.

45 Top YouTube Channels for Marketing Professionals


Today we’re closing out this three-part series with a post for our marketing audience. So, if you’re on the hunt for new marketing resources, look no further. The philosophy behind this channel reads as follows: Smart entrepreneurs who want to thrive in today’s marketplace must master the fields of psychology, marketing, and human behavior. 1. Marketing 360. The Marketing 360 YouTube channel offers a wide variety of high-quality video content. Marketing TV.

Sales Training is Not Just for Big Business – Part 04

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The absence of sales training is directly and firmly placed at the feet of leadership. When leaders fail to train and develop their people especially their sales team, then only they can be held for the lack of results. The usual reason for not providing any sales training is money. “I can’t afford to train these people.” My response continues to be: “You cannot afford not to train your salespeople.” Share on Facebook.

The Square Peg in the Round Hold Sales Training Dilemma

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Can we have a forthright conversation that the business world has changed and specifically the most pressing sales training dilemma? ” Sales Training Coaching Tip: People buy on emotions (feel) first then justified their buying decision with logic. Yet so much of the sales training coaching advice from books to webinars to workshops to actual training focus on what worked (best sales practices) in landing those big buck contracts with those big companies.

30 Mailchimp Integrations for Marketing & Sales Teams


Integrating different platforms within your sales and marketing stack not only saves you time and headaches, but it also helps you close more deals and make more sales. These 30 Mailchimp integrations for marketing and sales teams leverage the power of email at every step of the buyer’s journey, turning business growth into an all but automatic process. It’s functional right out of the box and doesn’t require days of training before you start using it.

Artificial Intelligence for B2B Sales & Marketing: Reality vs. Hype in 2018

DiscoverOrg Sales

Facebook surfaces ads in your newsfeed based on your mood, and it’s likely you’ve received medical treatment that was either diagnosed or treated with the help of AI. There’s a lot of buzz around Sales and Marketing AI, but what is real and what is hype? What can we actually expect from AI in the sales and marketing technology in 2018? AI for Sales and Marketing Tech: High Expectations Meet Reality. The rise of AI-Assisted Sales and Marketing.

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Hiding Behind The Can’t Find Me Marketing Curtain

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What I have discovered is this “Can’t Find Me” marketing curtain appears to be more common with businesses offering professionals services such as sales training or executive coaching. How does it make you feel when you are unable to determine who the person is behind the marketing curtain? For me, distrust starts growing especially if it is a firm that shared on its website about the thousands of people its trained, service or helped.

The Future of Sales Training Ignores the Reality of Today

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This morning I just read another article about the future of sales training in which they quoted the publisher of Selling Power that by 2020: “80% of all B2B transactions will be automated” “11 million lost jobs in sales” I always find these statistics interesting in that 97.7% With respect to the future of sales training, the challenge will be three-fold: The constant evolving of technology. Share on Facebook.

Permission Based Marketing Reflects Your Business Ethics

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As I never signed up for his email newsletter, he failed to understand that permission based marketing truly reflected his own business ethics. Unless these contacts have signed up for a small business email distribution list such as through an auto responder with a double opt in feature, adding these contacts to one’s email data base without permission violates not only permission based marketing but more importantly reveals the true business ethics of that individual.

Sales Training Who Needs It? Part 1

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Years gone by, sales training was provided by small businesses (under 500 employees) be it through human resources or recognized sales training coaching consultants. Sales training is still needed. With information doubling at the speed of light, sales training is now becoming the responsibility of each salesperson. Sales training coaching is needed by those who wish to improve their professional game and stay ahead of the flow. Share on Facebook.

The Ongoing Desire for the Perfect Sales Training

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Is it just me or does most of the sales training appear to identify what makes the perfect, almost robotic top sales performer who never makes a mistake? Don’t you wish as a small business owner or sales manager if you could quickly train your sales people to be the perfect android? That is why emotional intelligence will begin to play a greater role in sales training. #2 All the sales training in the world cannot fix the following: Lack of a strategic plan.

Sales Training Is Not Just for Big Business – Part 1

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Once again I realized SMB businesses desperately need sales training. Many salespeople in mid size to small businesses (under 50 employees) have never had any formal education about the sales process – marketing, selling and keeping customers. Additionally, the overall marketing message for the SMB becomes muddled. The Reality of Sales Training. Sales training for the most part has been designed and developed for Big Business not small business.