How NOT to Market on Facebook

The Sales Heretic

I regularly receive friend requests on Facebook. Sales consultant direct expert Facebook marketing prospect social media speaker strategy trainer trainingMost of them I ignore. And many I report for being spam.) But if the person sending the request has a lot of friends in common with me—say a hundred or so—I’ll usually accept the request, because that person is typically also a professional speaker or trainer. Many [.].

Manage Your Facebook Leads Through Vitrue

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According to the latest facts and figures released, Facebook is now used by every 1 in 13 people on earth, and with over 50% of these logging on every day, the ability for prospecting and connecting with your followers through this platform is at an all-time high. With Facebook receiving so much traffic every day, it can be hard to manage all of your comments and interactions on the site, and this is where a handy little tool called Vitrue comes into play.

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This Week's Facebook Contest Winners | Sales Training.

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Online Training. This Week’s Facebook Contest Winners. Filed Under: Social Media , Success Tagged With: attitude training , gitomer , Jeffrey gitomer , jefrrey gitomer , professional sales training , sales attitude , sales presentations , social boom , success principles. Get Sales Blog Updates. Sales. Sales Management. Sales Videos. Dont let your next sales meeting suck! The Sales Bible. Store.

Conversations From My Facebook Page | Jeffrey Gitomer | Best.

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Online Training. Conversations From My Facebook Page. Tweet Share Have you been to my Facebook page recently? Jeffrey Gitomer What was your sales ‘win’ for the week? Filed Under: Social Media Tagged With: customer service , customer service training , gitomer , how to sell , Jeffrey gitomer , jefrrey gitomer , selling skills , selling with social media , social media marketing. Get Sales Blog Updates. Sales. Sales Management.

The Facebook Event for Marketers You Need to Know About.

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Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. Training. The Facebook Event for Marketers You Need to Know About. I’m happy to share information about an upcoming Facebook Marketing event that will be online with many fantastic speakers. My friend Mike Stelzner and a whole slew of experts are going to offer strategies to help you grow your Facebook business presence. 50% Savings on Web’s Biggest Facebook Marketing Event. B2B Sales.

Participate In My Facebook Contest and Win | Jeffrey Gitomer's.

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Online Training. Participate In My Facebook Contest and Win. Tweet Share I want to know how have I made you a more successful sales person or person. My new Facebook contest is your chance to tell the world and win. Filed Under: Sales , Social Media Tagged With: business social media , facebook , Facebook Contest , gitomer , Jeffrey gitomer , jefrrey gitomer , sales , selling skills , social media , social media marketing. Sales.

Sales Training Article: How LinkedIn Is Winning Against Facebook

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Sales Training Article: How LinkedIn Is Beating Facebook in Social Media By Geoffrey James, Inc. Sales Source By every meaningful metric, LinkedIn is kicking Facebook's butt. Meanwhile archrival Facebook has suffered a string of negative stories, including studies revealing that most users go inactive on a regular basis, and that 50 million of its accounts are duplicates. How awful is Facebook doing compared to LinkedIn?

Social Selling Training Course

The Digital Sales Institute

What are the benefits of undertaking a social selling training course and what can a salesperson expect to learn? The impact of social selling on the sales process is something salespeople and especially sales management can struggle with. The adaptation of social selling into the DNA of any sales strategy is vital because relying solely on the more traditional sales methods only leads to diminishing returns. As we enter the Sales 3.0

TSE 1364: Sales Mindset Training is a Joke!

Sales Evangelist

Donald didn’t believe in sales mindset training and it affected the sales process. Sales Mindset Training Teaching somebody how to prospect means you’re also teaching them how to land more deals. Sales mindset is more about behavioral changes.

The Free Sales Training Conundrum

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This morning I read a posting about “free” sales training or any other training. Those who provide training and development services especially the solo entrepreneurs are retreating to offering free as an incentive to increase sales. Of course, free sales training does not pay the bills. . Free may actually devalue the expertise of those providing sales training and even business or executive coaching services.

5 Sales Training Tips for Sales Managers AND Salespeople | Sales.

The Sales Hunter

Mark’s Insights on SALES MOTIVATION. Training. Sales Articles. Sales Motivation. Phone Sales Tips. Sales Development. Sales Call Best Practices. Retail Sales Trends. Twitter Facebook. Facebook. -->. 5 Sales Training Tips for Sales Managers AND Salespeople. Whether you’re a rookie salesperson, a veteran salesperson or a sales manager, here are 5 sales training tips you need to take action on: 1.

Top 5 Sales Motivation Tips | Sales Motivation and Sales Training

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Mark’s Insights on SALES MOTIVATION. Training. Sales Articles. Sales Motivation. Phone Sales Tips. Sales Development. Sales Call Best Practices. Retail Sales Trends. Twitter Facebook. Facebook. -->. Top 5 Sales Motivation Tips. Here are what I see as the top 5 sales motivation tips you can do to motivate you and your team. Top 5 sales motivational tips: 1. Top 5 Sales Motivational Mistakes: 1.

How Authenticity in Sales Training Is Lost

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Sales training today covers a plethora of sales styles or models. Yet many of these forget this one essential element – authenticity in sales. I know this to be true when speaking to my clients and sales leads who tell me they can tell what type of sales training the salespeople have experienced by the questions they ask. How many times is the focus on the sales training model or process? Do not deviate from the sales script.

Train My Salespeople … Really?

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Think sales training is unnecessary? Sales execs expect to hire the best, brightest, and most connected salespeople they can find—reps who will hit the ground running and bring in big deals in record time. The idea is that companies can increase sales effectiveness by simply hiring the right people in the first place. Many sales organizations bristle at the idea of spending money on sales training programs. It’s Time to Focus on Sales.

Sales Training System: Do You Have One? | Sales Motivation and.

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Mark’s Insights on SALES MOTIVATION. Training. Sales Articles. Sales Motivation. Phone Sales Tips. Sales Development. Sales Call Best Practices. Retail Sales Trends. Twitter Facebook. Facebook. -->. Sales Training System: Do You Have One? Do you have a sales training system you believe in? It never ceases to amaze me how few salespeople have a personal sales training system.

System 140

The Eight Prospecting Paradoxes that Cause Selling Schizophrenia

Keith Rosen

As sales teams rapidly reinvent themselves, their skills, activities and the way they sell, the real transformation needed to achieve your goals starts with not just changing, but expanding your thinking. Here are eight paradoxes that will widen your peripheral view around how the top sales gurus think around selling, cold calling and prospecting for new business to win more sales in a volatile, uncertain marketplace. A champion mindset that wins more sales.

What is Sales Leadership? | Sales Motivation and Sales Training

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Mark’s Insights on SALES MOTIVATION. Training. Sales Articles. Sales Motivation. Phone Sales Tips. Sales Development. Sales Call Best Practices. Retail Sales Trends. Twitter Facebook. Facebook. -->. What is Sales Leadership? I’ve always said that those who demonstrate leadership will succeed in their sales career. The phrase I use is “sales is leadership and leadership is sales.”

What to Wear to Sales Training?

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Yet after delivering numerous sessions on sales training not to mention years in education both at the K-12 and post secondary levels, possibly this question, “What to wear to sales training?” Sales Training Coaching Tip: One can be comfortable and still properly attired.). To answer this question “What to wear to sales training?” Sales Training Coaching Tip: Jeans, short skirts, plunging necklines, etc.

Memorable sales training drives performance


Organizations need to train their employees all the time, but salespeople too often forget what they learn. Billions of dollars spent on training programs go to waste and work continues as normal. Creating more memorable training programs is a must. Sales training retention is important for growing a business in an ever-changing environment. Social learning fosters sales team collaboration. Social learning goes far beyond the single day of training.

TSE 1355: I Don't Need Any More Training!

Sales Evangelist

I Don’t Need Anymore Training! It's a mistake for salespeople to believe they don't need any more training. People don't look at areas they can improve on Hypocrisy in sales Salespeople know how to handle an objection like “ We have this product already.

The 33 Best Sales Training Video Channels on YouTube

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billion on training and development, including external providers, internal expenses and tuition reimbursement, according to The American Society for Training and Development. in 2013 on hiring sales training companies, one of the top five outsourced training expenditures, according to Training Industry. Clearly, if your team needs sales training, there's a lot of options out there. Best Sales Videos. Same goes for sales experts.

The Truth Behind Failed Sales Training Coaching

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The truth behind failed sales training coaching is the curriculum, the process, the methodology call it what you will has been designed for the 1.8% Most, probably 95% of all sales training coaching has been developed to work with these three presumptions: Strategic plan exists. Sales department with a manager and one or more teams. Marketing is separate from sales department. From my experience the SMB owners wears many hats including sales manager.

How to Network Your Way to Success- With or Without Facebook and Twitter

Jonathan Farrington

Incidentally, as I shared with someone yesterday, prior to compiling and announcing the Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers for 2012 we surveyed 5000 senior executives, and one of the questions we asked was “ When choosing a training/development provider, how important is the number of Twitter followers/Facebook friends/or their Klout score.” More soon … General Facebook How to Network Effectively Klout Networking.Effective Networking Twitter

Bucking the Crap Quandary of Sales Training

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The crap quandary of sales training is “I or my people need some new knowledge on best selling practices or development of existing sales skills, but much of the sales training makes big promises, costs big dollars and delivers less than desired results.” So what can time short, dollar strapped sales managers to small business owners do in this rapidly changing market place? Share on Facebook.

How to Train Your Team in Social Selling

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For example, you might hear about a company using Instagram to market their products, LinkedIn to share industry expertise and insights, or Facebook Messenger to respond to customer service queries. Social Media Training for Sales Reps. Why is social selling training important?

Sales Training is Not Just for Big Business – Part 03

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Sales training, rather good sales training (results driven), is the mechanism to reduce and eventually eliminate these inconsistencies. Since businesses are dynamic with changes in people and process, sales training must be an ongoing solution. Each business has a sales process that is comprised of three general areas: marketing, selling and keeping. When the sales team is not on the same page, progress suffers. Share on Facebook.

A Common and Ignored Barrier to Effective Sales Training

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“We need some sales training” is heard quite often by small business owners to regional sales managers to even independent sales representatives. And in most instances, what is really wanted is effective sales training, not just any training solution. Effective sales training fills or closes the gap between the job description and the performance appraisal. Share on Facebook.

Sales Training is Not Just for Big Business – Part 04

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The absence of sales training is directly and firmly placed at the feet of leadership. When leaders fail to train and develop their people especially their sales team, then only they can be held for the lack of results. The usual reason for not providing any sales training is money. “I can’t afford to train these people.” My response continues to be: “You cannot afford not to train your salespeople.”

Are You Ignoring Attitude in Your Sales Training?

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Having experienced numerous sales training programs in my previous life, not one of them really explored positive attitude in the learning engagement. Unfortunately, many sales training programs do not recognize this linkage and only further the disconnect. If we accept the premise that human beings are emotional creatures first, then emotions must be part of any sales training. Attitude Is the Answer to Better Sales Training.

How to Create & Build Relationships Virtually

Anthony Cole Training

Instead of in-person meetings, we are now expected to meet via Zoom, GoToMeeting, Facebook Live. We must now: closing more sales sales priorities sales productivity sales advice sales effectiveness training virtual selling

How To 195

Internet Killed The Telesales Star?

MTD Sales Training

The outdated methods of cold calling, face-to-face networking and door to door sales are failing fast in the face in the ever-blossoming rise of the internet. This process took an even greater leap forward with the invention of the internet, as buyers now had a world of information at their fingertips, meaning that they could “google” all about the product or service, the company and even the sales professionals themselves before they decided to enter into the sales process.

Apply These Sales Training Tips To Drive More Sales, with Juliana Stancampiano, Episode #86


We could all use a fresh set of eyes now and then, someone who can share fresh sales training tips to help us drive more sales. We’ve all been at a point in our company when we realize that operations aren’t running full speed – there are too many tools, too many systems, poor sales rep retention, and not enough revenue to back the ever-changing matrix of effective sales. Apply these #SalesTraining tips to drive more #sales. On Facebook.

The Secrets Behind The Success Of The World’s Largest Digital Sales Training Company, Episode #100


There is now no doubt, NO DOUBT that the company I am honored to lead as CEO is the world’s largest digital sales training company. You’ll hear from Kurt Shaver – our Chief Sales Officer, Viveka von Rosen – our Chief Visibility Officer, and Bernie Borges – our Chief Marketing Officer about their experiences in this wild journey. We’ll also give you a powerful summary of what it takes to start your own digital sales process. sales Click To Tweet.

5 of the BEST Sales Tips Ever | Sales Motivation and Sales Training

The Sales Hunter

Mark’s Insights on SALES MOTIVATION. Training. Sales Articles. Sales Motivation. Phone Sales Tips. Sales Development. Sales Call Best Practices. Retail Sales Trends. Twitter Facebook. Facebook. -->. 5 of the BEST Sales Tips Ever. Recently I was talking to a group of college students regarding a sales career and they asked me what I thought were the best sales tips I’ve ever heard. sales.

What to Improve Your Sales Skills? Then Go Beyond Most Sales Training

Increase Sales

Most sales training and much of the sales coaching focuses on how to improve sales skills. To reach that next level of sales success may require going beyond current, almost cookie cutter, robotic sales training. If current approach to developing sales skills is still not securing the desired results, then maybe something is missing. They also help to explain why top sales performers who achieve similar results have different approaches.

The Future of Sales Training Ignores the Reality of Today

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This morning I just read another article about the future of sales training in which they quoted the publisher of Selling Power that by 2020: “80% of all B2B transactions will be automated” “11 million lost jobs in sales” I always find these statistics interesting in that 97.7% With respect to the future of sales training, the challenge will be three-fold: The constant evolving of technology. Share on Facebook.

The Inherent Crack in Most Sales Training

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Much is written and continues to be written as to why sales training or any other such of organizational training does not work. Others counter back is sales managers are the issue. Failed sales training is costly. What we fail to notice is this inherent crack present in most sales training because sales training is an activity within any small business to large organization. Share on Facebook.

The Ongoing Desire for the Perfect Sales Training

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Is it just me or does most of the sales training appear to identify what makes the perfect, almost robotic top sales performer who never makes a mistake? Don’t you wish as a small business owner or sales manager if you could quickly train your sales people to be the perfect android? Heck if the Japanese can do it for customer service , why can’t I do it for my sales team? #1 Share on Facebook.

A Quick Checklist Before You Sign That Sales Training Contract

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The sales training contract you are about ready to sign has met all of your requirements. What specific deliverables will the sales training coach, consultant or firm commit to delivering to you? Sometimes, this item is what differentiates sales training solutions. Speaking of assumptions, what assumptions exist for this sales training contract to be successfully executed. How will the sales training’s effectiveness be measured?

What are the biggest mistakes salespeople make? | Sales Training.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Online Training. Getting into sales for the money. If you’re in sales for the money, get out now and become a lawyer, or worse, a politician. A big part of selling is thinking that you can, and a positive anticipation of going into a sales meeting. Major clue: If you are relying on other people to help make your sale, then you are completely responsible to follow up with them in advance to make certain that they have done their part. Sales. Store.