Inside Sales Power Tip 131 – Homeostasis

Score More Sales

This was a tip I learned from one of the most favorite of my 21 sales managers over my selling career – a former IBM top sales rep and leader who would say this so regularly that it was ingrained in my 20-something brain and has been there ever since. That means that old-fashioned cold calling is not effective. Millions of bad emails are being sent and tons of sales reps are wasting time and their company’s money to do this.

Sales Training is a “Process” not an Event


We don’t say that reps are “sales trained” – for all you English majors – we use the present participle form and refer to it as “sales training.” And for a good reason: sales training must be a continuous process if you are going to be successful in today’s B2B sales environment. The statistics are firmly established and organizations with inside sales are well aware of the changing buying environment. Sales Training

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Covid-19: 5 Long Term Strategies for Sales

Mr. Inside Sales

3) If you’re in outside sales and now have to do sales from inside, then you’d better learn how to prospect and close sales by phone. I can help: I just released a 7-Session Core Inside Sales Training program, On Demand. And for all you inside sales reps, guess what? Invest in yourself and your sales team today. ON DEMAND SALES TRAINING THAT GETS RESULTS! Frontline Reps Sales Tips

How to find, interview and hire great sales people [ 22 Interview questions included ]


That’s the cost of a sales rep mis-hire, according to research by Dr. Brad Smart of Topgrading Inc., a firm that helps companies assess sales candidates. Based on our studies, the average cost of a mis-hire can be six times base salary for a sales rep, 15 times base salary for a manager, and as much as 27 times base salary for an executive.” But how do you identify a great sales hire? Not all sales people come from the same aggressive ABC (Always Be Closing) mold.

Your Millennials Are Gems Just Waiting to Be Polished

No More Cold Calling

Sales organizations need to engage the next generation of rainmakers. ” and makes the case for why younger reps can be great at inside sales. What generation is better suited to engage customers in this fashion than millennials? So what does this mean for sales organizations and sales managers ? Articulate that to your millennial sales team and watch them soar. But does that mean sales reps over age 30 are becoming obsolete?

How To Walk Away From A Business Deal Without Burning Bridges

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Unattainable sales goals are very prevalent. But here’s the truth—no matter how high the pressure or the stress , my 20 years of experience in sales has shown that bad business is never worth pursuing. Folks, sales is a long game and the world is small. Sales Process Articles

Jonathan Frick: What Prevents B-Players From Becoming

What are the obstacles getting in the way of your sales force’s success? Jonathan is a partner at Bain, and has over 15 years of strategic sales experience helping organizations of all types and sizes maximize productivity. There are two big insights that we’ve had from observations that we’ve made over the years, watching lots of sales forces operate. . Is someone really right for this sales role, or should they be in a different sales role? .

PODCAST 113: Secrets to Great Leadership During a Pandemic and Beyond with Barrett Boston

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This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with Barrett Boston , Chief Revenue Officer at TriNet. The finance world wasn’t scratching the itch, though, so he decided that he just had to be in sales. Taking the right approach to training and coaching. Subscribe to the Sales Hacker Podcast. Taking the right approach to training and coaching [28:46]. Sales teams have had to quickly adapt to a new normal. How’d you get into sales?

Top 7 Utopian & Dystopian Shocking Sales Predictions

Tony Hughes

It's the end of the sales world as we know it. Gerhard , Huthwaite and many other sci-fi fans have prognosticated that sales itself may face an existential threat from artificial intelligence (AI) as we move further and further toward the COMPLETE buying cycle. could really be upon us: it may be an inherently flawed argument as sales people paradoxically could actually become more of a necessary 'evil' than ever before with increased sector complexity.

13 Must Read Sales Books to Become a Badass Sales Person [Updated]

A Sales Guy

A few years ago I created a list of the best books sales people should read to become a badass. What made that list so special was the surprising number of books that WEREN’T sales books. The original list of must read sales books for sales badasses included some books that address traits and skills that are critical to sales, but aren’t solely sales related. This list is all sales books. 11) New Sales Simplified.

An Open Letter to Social Sellers Everywhere

Tony Hughes

Any advanced selling system is based on the fundamentals however you have to leverage a process and acknowledge the nurturing required for an effective sales cycle to happen in social environs over time. But it's actually a profound commentary on the decadent global state of interrupt and push-button selling, a condition that social sales has allowed some to slip into. Don't just install it, train your people on it thoroughly, weekly and quarterly. The folly of Sales 2.0

Sneak Peek: See The 26 Sales Hacker Contributors That Will Be at Unleash ‘19

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Outreach’s annual sales industry summit, Unleash, has a speaker lineup for 2019 that is absolutely packed with genius-level sales insights. It just so happens that many of the speakers (26 of them, actually) are also some of our favorite Sales Hacker contributors! We’re so excited about seeing these pros speak that we took a little time to gather some of the best articles, webinars, podcasts, and guides they’ve shared with the Sales Hacker community in the past.