2 Ways to Understand Your Buyer’s Needs: Why Insurance Agents Should Understand Demand & Non-Demand Sales Cycles

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In coaching hundreds of insurance agents over the years, I’ve become aware of a challenge that has arisen for many of them. They don’t sell a few straightforward insurance products anymore. The two most common products in this category are auto and home/fire insurance.

Study reveals suprising attributes of higher quality leads


Today we’re sharing a gold mine of valuable insight on what makes for a higher quality lead in insurance, mortgage and education. Prioritize lead follow-up : set up distribution and prioritization rules based on attributes that have a higher probability of converting.

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The One Thing the Best Customer Experience Companies Do Differently

Sales and Marketing Management

A Toronto insurance agency, BKIFG, provided every account executive with a $25 allowance to spend monthly on customers. It reminded employees to pay attention to personal anecdotes from customers, and follow up with a thoughtful surprise.

Overcoming Covid-19 Common Objections

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Follow the word-for-word scripting I outline in that article to deal with this objection. What to do : Read and follow my blog article on “Covid-19 Email Responses to Use Now.”. Can we follow up with this once things settle down with the COVID-19?

Reaping the Value of Long-term Leads


A longer-term lead may lack urgency, but it makes up for it by giving your team a very real chance to form relationships with decision makers, and in fact define and manage the buying process (including designing the RFP).

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When In Doubt – Err on The Side Of More!

The Pipeline

There has been a lot written about the importance of “getting in early”, whether that is the time to follow up to a download, to reacting to a trigger like say personnel change. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca.

5 Part Sales Meeting Agenda for Structure and Success

criteria for success

Or is your purpose to score a follow-up meeting? . The following 5 part outline of a sales meeting agenda will help you build your own agenda for structure and success. This is your insurance against veering off-course or forgetting to ask a certain question.

Long-Term Leads Demand Attention Now


A longer-term lead may lack urgency, but it makes up for it by giving your team a very real chance to form relationships with decision makers, and in fact define and manage the buying process (including designing the RFP). They’re insuring money spent to generate leads isn’t wasted simply because the qualified prospect isn’t in a hurry. If the 40 long-term leads are not followed up on simply because they’re a buying cycle or two out, $30,000 (half of the total spent) is wasted.

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18 Habits of Incredibly Successful Salespeople

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Follow up. Following these 18 rules of good sellers will help you become one of the top-selling salespeople on your team -- or even company. They’re able to objectively review their opportunities, avoid happy ears, and come up with accurate sales forecasts.

The Dangers of Using Cost per Lead as a Metric to Measure Marketing


B2B sale complexity impacts cost-per-lead —to recap, I have heard marketers (even senior ones) state that cost per lead for anything from life insurance to a $100,000 plus software solution “should be about $300”. VP I was talking to yesterday summed up the “state of the industry” as he sees it: “Well, since we can’t seem to get sales reps to follow-up on leads, we are going to try to tele-sell a $25,000 trial with a money back guarantee.

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The Top 10 Enemies that Will Kill Your Productivity

Jeff Shore

Income generating activities (Sales calls, following up, etc.). Do you wake up in the morning and check your email? Recently I looked at this new feature and learned that I had picked up my cell phone an average of 49 times per day. By Ryan Taft. ?I

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Selling to CIOs

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When DiscoverOrg hosted a Meet-Up event, “Overcoming Roadblocks When Selling Enterprise IT,” we expected insights into how successful sales people identify and access key decision makers at targeted accounts. Our panel, including the CIOs of Sephora, Arch Mortgage Insurance, and Charlotte Russe, answer that question. Every single CIO on our panel wants you to know about them and their company before they even pick up the phone.

The Sales Playbooks Every Sales Team Needs


At Leap | Carpenter | Kemps Insurance Agency, we use playbooks to help train new hires,” says Adam J. One, in particular is a call centre group in the health insurance industry– a very competitive space,” says Louise Taylor of Unbridled.

Best Practices for Selling From Home


Conversion rates of selling while working remotely aren’t as good as when you can get in front of your customers, so filling up your pipeline with prospects is a great way to meet your sales targets. – Robyn Flint, US Insurance Agents.

Sole Proprietorship 101: The Easy Guide to Setting One Up

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Many entrepreneurs love sole proprietorships because of the ownership they have over business decisions and revenue and how easy and cost-effective they are to set up. Easy to set up (No state registry necessary). Your state might also require follow-up steps after registration.

What To Do When The Prospect Is Very Late For the Appointment: Part III

MTD Sales Training

The prospect shows up 30 or 45 minutes late for the meeting. In Part I and Part II of this article, we began to focus on the following solutions to use the prospect’s tardy incident to your advantage. Use the incident to insure a proper meeting as planned.

An Army of Champions is a MUST, and Now There’s Data to Prove It


And I remember one time when everything was lined up and ready to sign. Recently, I realized that we have insurance for our car, health, and home. But we’ve never had deal insurance. That’s why I call it deal insurance.

What Exactly Is Sales Force Automation? [FAQ]

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Your company's organizational structure might not be up to you, so you might not be able to fix this first point. The dashboard distribution sets up friendly competition and ensures that reps are holding themselves and each other accountable. You might be able to set something up, but chances are it'll get complex quickly. If you're using a CRM, consult the system's help documentation to determine how best to set up an automated email schedule for your reports.

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The Only Professional Tie Down You Should Use Now

Anthony Iannarino

At this time in the history of sales, the insurance salesperson would ask their prospective customer, usually the father, if he loved his wife. That question would be followed up by a more challenging question, “Am the kind of person you want to buy a car from?”

Sales Call Preparation

Platinum Rules for Success

A great outcome would be to have a follow up meeting. If there is no next step at least everyone agrees and there is no time wasted in a possible follow up. Follow Ron Finklestein. you cannot afford not to hire Ron.” – Gerald McMichael, McMichael Insurance.

The Simple Secret to Doubling Your Income in Sales

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Second Level or Bone Questions , uncover problems and they are a follow-up to your skin questions. If you’re on a team that inspires you or you’ve followed a boss who’s motivated you, you know that leader didn’t merely tell you how to do something; she inspired you to do it.

What does ‘seasonality’ really mean in sales?


When you can’t figure out why your sales have surged in one month and plummeted in another, it’s easy to shrug your shoulders and mark it up to “seasonality.”. We asked eight sales professionals what “seasonality” means in their business, and how they manage the ups and downs. When I owned and operated a medical device business, November and December were our busiest months due to insurance periods ending,” says Albert Ho , Founder of Healthcare Heroes.

6 Steps to Improve ROI of your Mortgage Email Marketing


Did you know that lenders can be fined up to $16,000 for a single email in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act? In the case of an audit, having such policies in place and a system to ensure they were followed can ward off potential trouble. Email is a powerful sales and marketing tool.

You Can’t Automate Me: November Referral Selling Insights

No More Cold Calling

She went to another computer, came back, and told me that insurance didn’t cover my prescription, so it wasn’t filled. Message to Account Based Selling Teams—Your KPIs Are Messed Up. “I After deleting this message, I received four follow-up emails from Stephanie, one every six days.

The Impact Sales Process has on Quota Attainment: What you Need to Know

Smart Selling Tools

One thing is for certain, you have to give salespeople the tools they need for the process to be followed. And managers need a way to know whether and to what extent the process is being followed.

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The Ultimate Guide to Direct Mail

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Oversized envelopes have the highest response rate (5%), followed by postcards (4.25%), dimensional mail, or anything more than 0.75 I’ll follow up via [email, phone] to arrange a meeting. To borrow this idea, come up with a toy or tool related to your product or value prop.

7 Ways to Add Personality to the Sales Process

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You’re trying to build a long-term relationship with this person, so reference the little things, follow through on your commitments, and make them feel special. Sales reps travel a lot, and when you’re away from your email, you’re probably setting up out-of-office messages.

7 Types of Sales Questions Reps Should Use in Every Conversation

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A well-crafted priority question identifies the buyer’s most important objectives or challenges and is a fantastic follow-up to goal-assessment questions. In the past few years, you haven’t changed your claim submission policy to avoid the risk of insurance companies rejecting them?”.

Why You’re Not Going to be Able to Grow Sales This Year

DiscoverOrg Sales

Last month at our Sales Kickoff, I had a chance to discuss with my team why Lead Gen and Lead Quality are such MASSIVE issues – and this is what we came up with: Hiring expensive, top sales talent to sift through CRAP is just plain STUPID.

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Your Questions Make a Difference in Sales Success

Anthony Cole Training

Does Your Team Need a Wake Up Call? Read Tonys article.recently published in Bank Insurance & Securities Marketing Magazine! Will you follow up next week? What was the discussion for follow up that included getting a decision instead of a think it over?

What was the first sale you ever made? 11 successful salespeople discuss their first big wins


I had done nothing up until that point but hit the phone every day, looking for prospects willing to invest today or within a very short time. I grew up a third-generation entrepreneur and was introduced to sales at an early age.

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How to Develop a Strategic Plan for Business Development [Free Template]

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Pull up a chair and stay awhile, I’m diving into that and more below. Don’t forget to factor in payroll, facilities costs, insurance, and other operational line items that tend to add up. Business development.

Three Simple Steps to Account-Based Selling…Not Just for Account Managers

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Pull the following information from your system: All opportunities you have lost in the last two to three years. So, if you thought Step One and Step Two were hard, buckle up buttercup. I am looking forward to connecting with you in 60 days to insure complete satisfaction. Every lost opportunity should have a systematized follow-up schedule as well. In the world of selling, I am a die-hard hunter. I love the thrill of finding some new, exciting opportunity.

What's it take to generate leads that fuel your forecast?


Is it the person who signed up for your webinar this week? They won’t get followed up. When a real person talks to a real person, and does it well, relationships and trust follow. This scenario is in stark contrast to what others in our industry do, which can be encapsulated as follows: Send me a list, send me a script, send me some money—and we’ll send you some leads. (Of Picking up the phone and making some calls.

10 Must-Have Business Development Strategies for Staffing & Recruitment

DiscoverOrg Sales

You can find this information in DiscoverOrg’s insider Scoops feature; you can also find a lot of relevant scoops yourself by setting up Google Alerts for your company along with hiring-related keywords. Day 2: Follow-up with an email, and reference your voicemail.

Sales email subject lines: 50+ tips, examples, and biggest mistakes


How to set up subject line experiments to let data do the thinking for you. Think of this as a way to “hype up” the body of your email, in a sense. Our [product/service] has your name all over it Bad Example : What’s up, homie? Bad Example : What’s up, [name]? Insurance.

What To Do When The Prospect Is Very Late For the Appointment: Part I

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You then followed up by confirming the appointment by telephone the day before. Use the incident to insure a proper meeting as planned. You have set a solid appointment , and immediately sent an email verifying the meeting information.

Don’t Like Other Networking Events? 5 Steps to Running Your Own!

Hyper-Connected Selling

These days it seems like networking events are springing up everywhere. realtors, insurance agents, and mortgage providers). Be sure to have everyone pass out their business cards, and encourage the participants to follow up with each other after the event.

Episode #082: Your Customers Online Behavior with Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore

You’re online because you need insurance. I can go in, I can put in a little bit of information and I’m going to find out right now how much their insurance costs.” That means that we’re using their name in that follow-up.

10 Must-Have Business Development Strategies for Staffing & Recruitment

DiscoverOrg Sales

You can find this information in DiscoverOrg’s insider Scoops feature; you can also find a lot of relevant scoops yourself by setting up Google Alerts for your company along with hiring-related keywords. Day 2: Follow-up with an email, and reference your voicemail.