My Favorite 'John Wayne' Thoughts for Marketers and Salespeople


This is easily adapted to, "Well, there are some things a salesman just can''t run away from, and that''s sales lead follow-up." In spite of the accountability that CRM brings and the follow-up that marketing automation creates, B2B salespeople have to do the final step.

If You Follow the Lead Cow, You Will Step in the Mess That’s Left Behind


As we plan for the New Year, it’s time to stop following and start leading. Sales Management: Create a 100% sales lead follow-up policy for the salespeople. Initiate a locked-down, rock-solid, no-exceptions lead follow-up policy. Sales Management: If you can’t execute a 100% sales lead follow-up policy by your own sales channel, hire someone to do it. Be your own man or woman; stop following and start leading

Why Sales Leads are an Asset With a Declining Value…for Some


Her market share is 20%, so she expects to get $765,000 in sales over the coming 12 months…if she can get 100% inquiry follow-up. The problem is Cindy doesn’t enforce a 100% follow-up policy; she allows the salespeople to make their own decisions on that score. Alice points out to her that the follow-up is only 10%, mainly on inquiries that will close in three months. The return on investment is $76,500 in the 3-6 months following inquiry delivery.

Avoiding Cascading Zipper Failures between Marketing and Sales


When this happens, nearby nodes must then take up the slack for the failed component. The structural catastrophe is Sales not following up THE SUPERMAJORITY OF SALES LEADS (60% or more) and salespeople failing to make their forecasts as a result. iii This lack of follow-up takes down Marketing, Manufacturing and all other related departments. The contributing factors for the unzip: No business rule which mandates 100% follow-up.

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5 Essential Tips For Sales Managers For Running Better Sales Meetings

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Many sales meetings fail because of the following reasons: – administrative matters receive more time than sales matters. Each meeting needs actions to be followed up before the next meet up. Privacy Policy.

Rant: It Doesn't Take a Genius to Spot a Goat in a Flock of Sheep


The goat isn’t the CRM system; it’s the person who set it up, probably long gone. Or it’s the manager who doesn’t enforce sales lead follow-up, probably on his or her way out the door. And some policies: The company’s salespeople will follow up 100% of all sales leads.

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How Top Sales VPs Improve Their Talent

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Our internal HR policies won’t let me hire and fire the people I need. Execute The Action Items: Follow up with your team. Follow @DrewZarges. Follow @MakingTheNumber. I don’t have the talent on my team to make the number.

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Generating Qualified Leads is Number One Issue for New Members of the SLMA


More than just new inquiries, or managing inquiries or working with sales management on follow-up or even proving ROI, qualified leads are king. Within 60 days of this new policy, your salespeople will hold a parade in your honor.

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7 Important Sales Skills All B2B Recruiters Need


Important Sales Skill: Strong Follow-up. For sales reps, strong follow-up skills are a must-have. In fact, 80% of sales require five follow-ups ( source ). To win, you’ve got to master the art of follow-up.

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15 Funny Email Subject Lines Begging to Be Opened

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Hope you’re doing well ,” “ Just checking in ,” and “ Wanted to follow up ” fill their screens faster than Gary Vee drops the F-bomb. If you’re following up with a CEO after a conference, you probably don’t want to lead with a humorous subject line.

A Wink's as Good as a Nod to a Blind Mule


She was proud of her work, and rightly so, but the follow-up was 25%, which was a downer. To solve the issue, Sally decided to do a Did-You-Buy-Study and find out about follow-up and who was buying. She presented her findings, which was backed up by the CRM system. There was a 25% follow-up of the inquiries; which means there was a 75% failure. Three things happened: Management decided on a new policy of 100% follow-up of inquiries and leads.

12 inside sales skills you need to master to be a top-performing rep

The best way to come up with alternative solutions, is to start with your own (and your organization’s) core beliefs to determine what the ideal outcome should eventually look like. What happens when you dial a prospect and they pick up the phone? Following up like a pro.

What is Conversational AI and How Can It Help Businesses Succeed

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The ability to communicate in this manner is a huge advancement from how we’ve been able to interact with computers thus far, which up until recently has been one-way and via text only. The fourth industrial revolution is upon us.

3 Kickass Live Chat Campaigns You Can Create to Drive More Sales

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In the era where your traditional marketing mix fails because of stringent data policies (think GDPR and now CCPA ), messaging offers a huge lead and sales generating opportunity. With triggered messages, you can run high-impact campaigns such as: Event sign-ups. Demo sign-ups.

6 Steps to Improve ROI of your Mortgage Email Marketing


Did you know that lenders can be fined up to $16,000 for a single email in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act? In the case of an audit, having such policies in place and a system to ensure they were followed can ward off potential trouble. Email is a powerful sales and marketing tool.

Top Sales Lead Management Mishaps


It’s important for reps to follow up promptly on all qualified leads and do so with the appropriate persistence. There is no reason for leads to ever go uncontacted; but without follow-up, leads can easily be lost to a competitor.

"What Should I Say When The Customer Calls And He's Mad As Hell.

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The interesting news is that most big companies have firm policies in place that preclude memorable recovery: needing an invoice, needing a customer number, needing a return shipment authorization, and other crapola that no angry customer wants to hear. Store. Online Training.

Do You Have What It Takes to Get Promoted?

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Of the 15 competencies, the following list represents the Top 5 that transcend various sales organizations: 1. For example you’ll be responsible for your team: Adopting company policies. How do you match up? Follow @JPTMcCabe. Follow @MakingTheNumber.

[Message to Management]: 4 Tips to Inspire Confidence in Your Leadership Abilities

No More Cold Calling

When your team knows you believe in them, they are far more likely to believe in you—and to work their butts off for you Shut Up and Listen Confident leaders recognize the value of their teams’ ideas and feedback. I worked for a boss who said he had an “open door policy.”

23+ sales forecast templates (and how to use them the right way)

You’ll also have the advantage of spotting potential issues with your lead flow, follow up , and sales process before they rear their ugly heads. So you’ll never be caught off guard and scrambling to make up quotas hours before the 31st of the month.

5 Less Annoying Alternatives to "Please Find Attached"

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Your attachment will show up in the email, so there’s no need to announce its existence. I’m sharing a PDF with you that lists our reselling policies. Let me know if you have any follow up questions.

Net Promoter Score for Recruiters and HR Professionals


Depending on each employee’s answer, they will fall into one of the following three categories: Promoters (score 9-10): These employees are enthusiastic about their work and place of employment. How to Develop a Corporate Social Media Policy.

6 sales metrics that managers should watch on a daily basis (and 4 more worth keeping an eye on)


Not only that, but if you’re a B2B company, 90% of customer revenue likely occurs following the initial sale. That means reps should be contacting new leads often, then following-up with existing prospects regularly.

Is Anyone Leading Lead Management?


Create rules (policy) for Sales Lead Management (no one likes to break the rules). The rules should cover the definition of a sales lead , follow-up rules, timing for lead distribution (how soon leads are given to a rep), ROI reporting, etc. Sales Lead Management is a complicated process. It needs a leader to pull all of the competing interests and people together to work as a team. Sales lead management is a tough subject to truly get your arms around.

The only kick-ass guide to sales operations you'll ever need

Sales operations strategy: Process, framework, & steps to follow. This includes generating leads, outlining sales territories, setting up incentive programs, managing sales analytics, and more. Following up (asking for referrals).

12 inside sales skills you need to master to be a top-performing rep

The best way to come up with alternative solutions, is to start with your own (and your organization’s) core beliefs to determine what the ideal outcome should eventually look like. What happens when you dial a prospect and they pick up the phone? Following up like a pro.

How High-Growth Companies Buy Leads


Here are five tips for getting the most out of your purchased leads: 1) Follow up ASAP. Make sure you are not only following up fast, but also persisting beyond the first few contact attempts with multiple channels of communication. Leads are expensive!

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The 2 Words Successful Salespeople Never Say


The service strategy must address not only the element of service that your customers treat as their top priority — it could be fast follow up on customer requests, always being available, comprehensive on-site product training — but also the one that your organization uniquely provides. You should”: — follow the instructions (you dummy). have known our policy (WE control YOU remember?). make your choice (can’t you make up your mind?).

The 30+ Most Desirable Sales Skills & Traits You MUST Develop To Become An Unstoppable Rep

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Many companies are revving up their branding and marketing strategies and by adopting technology enablers such as CRMs, sales automations, and data analytics. Shut up and listen ! Sales teams follow a game plan that assigns different roles and require different outcomes from members.

3 Steps to Effective Sales Management


Moreover, you must be honest with yourself and your executive team because in today’s competitive marketplace and uncertain economy, it is difficult to manage sales structures, products, policies, and sales staff while keeping executive management satisfied. Sales Culture – What makes up your sales culture? RareAgent knows that when efficiency and productivity go down, the cost goes up and morale levels plummet. Once a sale is closed, what post sales follow-up is needed?

Prospectors’ Guide To Objection Handling Part V – Send Me Your Experience

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Continuing our journey through the joys of Prospecting Rejection we arrive at two common objections, one my least favourite, the other which is probably not really so bad, but some sellers just take it the wrong way, and end up on the short end of the conversation. You could to the extreme one company I know, where they make it a policy not to send, based on observation, this has not cost them opportunity. With a bit of practice you can take this up a notch.

5 Terrible Responses to Price Objections

Listen to the prospect’s concern(s), consider them and respond with a follow-up question. Don’t blame it on company policy or make your boss the bad guy. Rather than making your boss or company policy the enemy, communicate that your company is on the customer’s side, too.

All You Need to Know About Leadership Styles

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The following is a list of fundamentals that should be a part of any personal leadership style. That vision—and the ability to share it in a clear and compelling way—is what draws followers to her, and what inspires them to take action. Your people will follow your lead.

5 Critical Sales Questions You’re Not Asking Your Leads (but Should)


In fact, the Global Economic Policy Uncertainty Index is at its second-highest point since measurement started more than 20 years ago. Therefore, you must get a read of how the solution you’re providing stacks up against the competition, or the status quo.

Study reveals suprising attributes of higher quality leads


Insurance agents , on the other hand, would be wise to target their efforts towards: Individuals with “very poor” credit, who were almost three times more likely to sign up for an insurance policy than those with “excellent” credit.

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15 Sales Email Templates Perfect for the New Year

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Use the New Year’s-themed sales email templates below to connect, follow up, and close the loop with prospects -- and start 2018 off strong. Follow Up Email Templates. A note of caution: Don’t bait-and-switch anyone who takes you up on the offer.

7 Types of Sales Questions Reps Should Use in Every Conversation

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A well-crafted priority question identifies the buyer’s most important objectives or challenges and is a fantastic follow-up to goal-assessment questions. In the past few years, you haven’t changed your claim submission policy to avoid the risk of insurance companies rejecting them?”.

23 Ideas for Improving Employee Morale in the Workplace


That’s not to say when you have high morale in the workplace, there aren’t ups and downs—there are still plenty. For everyone else, think about whether or not your company is living up to the standard they should be. Set SMART Goals & Follow-Up.

3 Recap Email Templates to Use After Connect, Discovery, and Demo Calls

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You hang up, take off your headset, and enter meeting notes into your CRM. Simply reminding prospects they agreed to speak with you at a specific point in the future can motivate them to show up rather than flake.

2 Ways to Understand Your Buyer’s Needs: Why Insurance Agents Should Understand Demand & Non-Demand Sales Cycles

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Life insurance products of all stripes falls in this category, as well as additional insurance products like disability, long-term care, or umbrella liability policies. A clear follow-up program is also critical.