Your Portfolio Companies’ Forecasts Are Unbelievable, But Maybe Not In A Good Way

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Sample output of multi-method forecasting: Some say that forecasting is an art and others say it’s a science. The indecisive say that it is a combination, and many board members and PE deal teams say it’s a disaster. In some.

Forecasting Games

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It’s about the forecast–the monthly, quarterly, annual forecast. Then midway through the quarter, we have a forecast update. But we made our forecast–or did we? A great forecast can’t be just about hitting a certain dollar commitment!

Forecast Accuracy—Again

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I’ve come to learn about a seasonality effect on queries I get on Forecast Accuracy. The confluence of these factors create a number of queries around “How do I improve forecast accuracy! ” Some execs struggle to be patient as I start probing, “What do you mean by forecast accuracy?” ” Sometimes, the pause is too long, I ask the question again, “What do you mean by forecast accuracy?”

Forecast Integrity

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At one point in the discussion, we started discussing forecast and accuracy. It’s a difficult topic, too often, I think management spends entirely too much time obsessing over the forecasting process. As we discussed ways to improve forecasting, a key point came up.

How Product Launch Execution Can Make or Break Your Forecast

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The Marketing function has created the necessary collateral to. All hard work has been completed. Your organization is ready to launch your brand new product going into the new year. The Product organization has done all the pre-launch planning correctly.

How Do We Improve Forecast Accuracy?

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Yesterday, I wrote, Forecast Accuracy, Again. It focuses on why we need forecast accuracy, which may be different from what most sales leaders think. I’ve actually become very accurate forecasting when and how this topic comes up. We have a start to forecast accuracy.

Sales Tech Game Changers: How to Increase Your Sales Forecast

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Jon: The easiest action a Sales Leader can take today to increase their forecast is to employ fine-grained, data-driven sales capacity planning that continuously aligns their selling capacity to their Plan.

Sales Tech Simplified: How to Deliver Accurate Forecasts and Improve Pipeline Management @AvisoInc

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Michael: There are three critical sales processes that are central to driving revenue: forecast management, pipeline reviews, and deal reviews. With offer technology and AI assistance we help reps accurately forecast deal amounts, close dates, and improve commit accuracy.

Driving Marketing and Sales with Forecasting and Targeting

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Sales forecasting and targeting exercises go together. Make sure that the forecasts are accurate, completed by everyone, and finalized on time. [ ] The post Driving Marketing and Sales with Forecasting and Targeting appeared first on Criteria for Success.

How Social Prospecting Helps Forecasting

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Marketing is not driving the quality sales leads the field needs. Very few leads from marketing convert to accounts. He tells you to produce more consistent forecasts ASAP. Note what articles are trending and keep the pulse of the market. Stop depending on Marketing.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Forecasting

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Sales forecasting can play a major role in your company’s success ( and your own career development ). According to research from the Aberdeen Group , companies with accurate sales forecasts are 10% more likely to grow their revenue year-over-year and 7.3% Sales Forecasting Methods.

4 Ways to Succeed in Sales Forecasting

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Author: Rowan Tonkin, head of sales and marketing solutions at Anaplan Most businesses are challenged with accurately predicting the future in terms of competitive threats, customer trends, and their own sales forecast. Sales leaders admit that accurate and efficient sales forecasting is fundamental to making good business decisions, whether it’s prioritizing customer focus, adjusting sales coverage, or making account and deal-based pricing decisions.

Forecast Accuracy, Peeling The Onion

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We are barely a week into the New Year, but yesterday I found myself in a conversation with an executive team about the forecast. They were looking at the January forecast and starting to think about the quarterly forecast. How do we improve our forecasting then?

Weighted Pipelines And Forecasts

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I have to admit, I’ve never been able to figure out the value or meaning of the weighted pipeline and forecast. Then we move to the weighted forecast. ” If we win the deal, we’ll get $1M, so why are we forecasting $750K?

Are You Forecasting Year-End Business?

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Your Story About Forecasting Year-end Business. Sales Tips for Forecasting Year-End Business. Collaborate on marketing efforts to reach a wider audience. The post Are You Forecasting Year-End Business?

How Marketing Helps Sales Win the Must-win Deals

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Our guest on SBI TV is Mike Volpe, the Chief Marketing Officer for Cybereason. Often called the “godfather of inbound marketing” for his work in taking inbound marketing from an idea to a movement.

How to Fix a Sales Forecast Killer


It only took two months after the first rep’s retirement to start seeing an impact on the forecast and on revenue. With three out of 10 reps gone, the forecast dropped substantially and with it the year that was going so well for the company. The impact of open territories and failed forecasts on the people and on company expenses were substantial. The yearly forecast has to have a hedge. Many sales managers have two forecasts. sales forecast

Why Most Sales Forecasts Are Inaccurate

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Here is a great tool to help CEOs ensure your sales team is forecasting revenues correctly. Nothing upsets the board more than an inaccurate forecast. The challenge is knowing whether or not your forecast is real. Why This Results in Inaccurate Forecasts.

Stop Wasting Time On Forecasts!

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Over the past several weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time talking and corresponding with lots of people on forecasts. With clients, with people in email (Adam, thanks for reminding me), and others, there have been lots of discussions about forecasting.

“The Forecast Meeting”

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A friend and I were sharing our experiences in forecast meetings. Each of us has participated in hundreds of these, there seems to be a consistent pattern: Sales Manager: “Are the deals you’ve committed to the forecast going to come in as forecast?” ” Sound like the forecast meetings you’ve sat in–either as the manager or sales person? What about the deals that were brought in to the forecast–Y and Z?

Buyer Verified Forecasts

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Imagine a world of accurate sales forecasts. Imagine prospects relieving sales people of the need to do forecasts. We’ll probably never reach the day of buyer verified forecasts, but we can dramatically improve the forecast by looking at it from the buyer’s point of view.

The Problem With Forecasting

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In virtually every conversation with a sales executive, at one point we get into a discussion about forecasting. No one has accurate forecasts. They put in strange processes to increase the accuracy of the forecast. Wonder if this technique will improve forecast quality?

4 Simple Strategies for Creating a Better Sales Forecasting Model

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Sales forecasting is a necessary -- but sometimes painful -- part of preparing for the upcoming fiscal year and managing sales goals along the way. This sales forecasting process becomes problematic when sales teams and executives confuse “optimistic goals” and “accurate forecasting.”.

Beginner’s guide to sales forecasting


What is sales forecasting? Sales forecasting is a projected measure of how a market will respond to a company’s go-to-market efforts. At its simplest, sales forecasting is the process of estimating future revenue by predicting the amount of product or … Beginner’s guide to sales forecasting Read More » Sales

A Peek Into Demandbase’s Data-Driven Field Marketing Approach


Sure, this captures the attention of bookworms and library dwellers but knowledge is also king in B2B marketing. As a marketer with an account-based approach, it is important to keep the focus on generating net new pipeline from a given target account list.

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Why Your Sales Forecasts Suck (and What to Do About It)

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What is a sales forecast? A sales forecast is the amount of revenue a sales team expects to earn over a given period of time, usually a year. It’s calculated using a variety of criteria including, previous years’ data, market analysis, and sales reps’ output estimates.

How to Overcome the 5 Challenges of Accurate Sales Forecasting


Sales leaders have the incredible challenge of keeping up with all of this change and are simultaneously held to forecasts usually set at the beginning of the year, the quarter, or the month. Overcome the Sales Forecasting Nightmare.

Increase Sales Forecast Accuracy and Speed Up Your Pipeline


Are your sales forecasts tied to reality? Is sales forecast accuracy more of a pipedream within your sales organization? In fact, less than half of all forecasted sales opportunities actually result in a sales win. Have reps conduct their own forecasting.

How Social Prospecting Helps Forecasting

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Marketing is not driving the quality sales leads the field needs. Very few leads from marketing convert to accounts. He tells you to produce more consistent forecasts ASAP. Note what articles are trending and keep the pulse of the market. Stop depending on Marketing.

Why Pipeline Review Is Vital to Publicly Traded Companies

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The CEO, who previously trusted sales forecasts, blamed. High Stakes and High Visibility. Just when have we engaged with the client, the quarterly earnings hit the street. It wasn’t pretty. Expectations of strong revenue growth vaporized into questions of long-term viability.

Why Sales Forecast Quality is the New Accuracy


If I had a dollar each time I heard someone opine the chasm between their revenue results and sales forecast , I’d be spending twelve weeks every summer relaxing in a tony Montana lodge, fly fishing by day, and gazing at constellations at night. Trying to get sales forecasts to hit actual revenue bang-on is a fool’s errand. Our biases infect forecasts. The sales team forecasts $100 million in revenue for the quarter.”. In this instance, is my forecast valuable?

How many leads must you create to achieve sales forecasts?


To make your forecast for the new year, look at sales for the coming year in terms of units. This is the basis for projecting the number of leads needed to make the forecast from sales leads for the new year. For instance: If you have to sell 1,000 units this year and your pipeline says that you’ll close 250 units from the existing forecast, you need 750 new sales in the coming year. Now that you have the unit forecast, look at it in terms of lead generation sources.

Sales Strategy: 2 Ways to Determine if You’re Already Behind on Your 2012 Sales Plan

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Is Your Sales Data Causing Inaccurate Forecasting?


By definition, forecasting is inexact. If your sales data is causing inaccurate forecasting, then a review of your data input methodologies, sources, and management is necessary. Forecasting in Current Business. All respondents agree on the importance of accurate forecasting.

4 Ways to Have Complete Confidence in A Sales Rep’s Forecast

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In industry speak, this is called forecasting, and most reps fail at it because they don’t trust the pipeline their CRM presents. The data they used to figure out their forecast isn’t accurate–and reps know it. In speaking with dozens of sales leaders, they all confirm forecasting today is more about gut, than it is about data. Uncertainty most commonly comes in two forms in sales, and they must be fully understood in order to eliminate risk from the forecast.

10 Metrics to Add to Your Dashboard When Struggling with Portfolio Monitoring and Revenue Optimization

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Today many private equity firms are looking to improve the operating efficiency of their portfolio companies. Driving consistent organic revenue growth is a necessity given the high multiples that are being paid. It creates the most value but is also.

Sales Forecast Accuracy, Demand Planning And Other Ramblings

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I’ve been involved in a number of conversations about my positions on Sales Forecast Accuracy recently. The Sales Forecast Is Not The Demand Plan! Ultimately it impacts cash flow and revenue/expense forecasting. The Sales Forecast Is Not The Company Financial Plan!

The Biggest Barriers to Accurate Sales Forecasting and How to Fix Them

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How accurate is the weather forecast? A study by Minitab suggests that, in general, same-day forecasts are quite good, five-day forecasts are usually pretty reliable, and 10-day forecasts stretch the limits of predictability too far. How about sales forecast accuracy?

What's it take to generate leads that fuel your forecast?


Continued engagement in the form of account-focused outreach (also referred to as Account Based Marketing) makes sure your company is on their radar when the right disruption happens to necessitate a decision, when their current solution’s weaknesses reach the boiling point, or when competition encroaches and fear sets in. So the first question is answered: A “real” lead is qualified and nurtured by Marketing—and ready for Sales to take over and turn into revenue.

How to Eliminate Guess Work in Sales Forecasting


Sales forecasting is one of the most important elements of a business. Sales forecasting will allow you to look ahead and make plans for the future based on anticipated income, but it is essential that you get your predictions right. If you overestimate a sales forecast, you may spend beyond your means and leave yourself with cash-flow problems. To generate the best results from your sales forecasting you need to establish a proper sales process and use tangible evidence.