Sales Enablement Defined: Your Guide to Sales Prospecting


Introducing yourself with some background knowledge of the organization increases your chances of getting through a gatekeeper to key decision makers. Sales Enablement Showpad b2b sales prospecting tools sales prospect sales prospecting sales prospecting methods sales prospecting software sales prospecting techniques sales prospecting tools sales prospects successful prospecting in salesLet’s face it; prospecting isn’t the most fun part of selling.

How Sales Configurators Are Ushering In a New Age of Selling

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Sales automation is driven by selling tools like customer portals, ecommerce websites, sales configurators and guided selling software. They don’t have to remember limitations or special pricing models; the software does it for them. This means no more blind-dialing thousands of telephone numbers trying to get around gatekeepers and sadistic admins and more time for exploring up- and cross-selling possibilities. Sales is a changing game.

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Sales Enablement Defined: Your Guide to Sales Prospecting


Introducing yourself with some background knowledge of the organization increases your chances of getting through a gatekeeper to key decision makers. Sales Enablement Showpad b2b sales prospecting tools sales prospect sales prospecting sales prospecting methods sales prospecting software sales prospecting techniques sales prospecting tools sales prospects successful prospecting in salesLet’s face it; prospecting isn’t the most fun part of selling.

How to Write Sales Cold Calling Scripts Using Data


So unless you have your prospect’s direct contact info , you’re likely to have to deal with a gatekeeper receptionist. Let’s say you’re selling timeclock software and your prospect is Fred, a Payroll Manager. Sales professionals are always on the lookout for ways to step up their game.

The 5 Secrets to Get Your Email Returned

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Something like: “Hi Barbara, Mike Brooks here with HMS software. Tired of your emails not getting returned? If you’re a sales rep who is sending emails and waiting….and

Catch & Release: Not a Closing Strategy

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I was onsite training in Montreal , Canada last week—a software company, hi everyone! and one of the sales reps brought up today’s quote as we were reviewing calls during the training.

How to Find, Reach & Sell to C-Level Executives in No Time!


C-Suite executives are well guarded by gatekeepers. These gatekeepers are trained to keep the sales & marketing folks away from reaching the C-Suite executives. Software to Find C-Suite Executives. The software also helps you to find C-Level executives contact information.

[New Data] RFP Automation a Must for High-Performance Sales Teams in 2020

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The most direct benefit of proposal software is automation, allowing you to reduce manually intensive tasks and focus on producing better sales proposals in less time. According to the survey, 63% of sales teams are improving productivity with the time management benefits of proposal software.

B2B Sales Emails that Open Conversations with Executives

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Author: Sabrina Ferraioli When you try to call business executives, you’re up against some substantial hurdles — gatekeepers, voicemail, caller ID and their not-a-minute-to-spare schedules. For example: “3D2B recently helped an enterprise software company generate 17,000 qualified leads.

How to Build Trust and Generate Leads with a Referral Program

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Talk to any software vendor, and they can’t wait to show you their cool software. Problem is, buyers don’t actually buy software. They buy what your software does for them—how it saves time, decreases costs, engages customers, tracks referrals, etc.

How to Prepare to Prospect – 10 Things You Need to Do

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Always know what you will say if a gatekeeper answers or you get the person’s voicemail. Make sure your CRM / Sales Engagement software is open and ready. If you fail to properly prepare, you are setting yourself up for failure. This doesn’t just apply to prospecting but everything you do. Prospecting is already a tough task; it’s only made tougher when you fail to prepare. Below are 10 steps you need to follow to ensure you’re prepared to prospect.

6 Strategies to Improve Sales Productivity


The software provides verified business email address of your ideal customers. You can bypass the gatekeepers and quietly reach their inboxes without having an impact on your productivity as well as theirs.

The Sales 2.0 Gift Horse

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After playing with the client’s accounting software for a fun few hours I managed to get a list of their top 100 accounts by revenue for the last year. But that person was not the head of marketing – more of a gatekeeper. A story from my consulting work.

Why Being Stuck In the Office Over the Holidays Is a Lucky Break

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This means the absence of gatekeeper types, which increases the odds that key players will pick up their own phones. Mike Scher is CEO of FRONTLINE Selling , creators of Staccato, the leading B2B software suite that accelerates revenue by helping sales professionals create more high-quality opportunities, consistently hit quota and close more deals.

17 Essential Sales Competencies of Top Sales Teams

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During this stage, B2B reps may also have to communicate with gatekeepers to reach the individual who can make the final purchasing decision. After you make your initial outreach to the contact or gatekeeper, your goal is to establish a meeting or call to keep the conversation going.

7 CRM-ready sales email templates to boost your outreach


You can effortlessly create and save templates in a CRM software. Besides, the best CRM software allows you to track your emails to check the effectiveness of your email outreach. Save more time and nurture deals faster by using sales email templates within a sales CRM software.

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Growth Begins with Data—and Your Competitors Already Know It

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Sales reps aiming to displace the current provider were stuck dialing into dead-end corporate switchboard phone numbers, getting stonewalled by gatekeepers, never to reach their buyer’s voicemail box—let alone pitch their product to a decision-maker. Cutting gatekeepers out of the equation ensures that each touch point is effectively directed toward sales conversion. Sales reps usually lack the software tools necessary to conduct, gather, and enter research efficiently.

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The Importance of Call Dispositions & How to Leverage Them in Reporting


Optionally, if you have conversation intelligence software, request coaching on the call. Gatekeeper. Connected – Gatekeeper or Future Follow Up. Gatekeeper (Admin, S/B, Other Person). When you marry the disposition with call recording insights, you can answer things like: What percentage of our calls are resulting in meaningful interactions with real buyers compared with gatekeepers or non-buyers?

Overcoming objections in sales: 40+ examples, tactics, and rebuttals

They’re used to getting what they want, and what they want is for you to customize your software to their needs. The gatekeeper. Gatekeepers are living, breathing objections and, in many cases, they’re the first roadblock you’ll face.

To See More Prospects and Close More Sales Just Get In The Door

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A helpdesk software rep should know how and where their product and service could help a company other than just in the I.T. Because a hard gatekeeper screen stopped you from reaching the I.T. Before you can close the sale, you need an effective sales interaction.

I Doubled My Income in 90 Days Using This Technique

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I completely mishandled the gatekeeper (it was no wonder I rarely got through). To illustrate this, just last week I was asked to be a guest coach with a company called ExecVision (a call recording software company) on a webinar called, “Call Camp.”

Sales Engagement: The Intersection of Sales and Science

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What if sales reps can really harness the full potential of the pricy software tools we thought would turn us into sales superstars? Sales engagement software empowers reps to accommodate the modern buyer, meet them at their desired touchpoints, at the time and manner they so wish.

6 Qualities Of The Modern Day Sales Professional

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In addition to knowing how to gather all of your sales performance data via sophisticated CRM software, you must know what to do with the information. Perhaps the problem is the length of response time to web inquirers, or maybe it is that you are having a problem with gatekeeper screens.

6 Reasons to Walk Away from a Deal

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You’ve ended up being trapped by the gatekeeper. Many software and hi tech equipment manufacturers have a no bid policy for ‘blue bird’ RFIs and RFPs (i.e. Why successful sales people walk away.

B2B appointment setting – Effective tips for more sales meetings


You need to stay focused, get past the gatekeepers, connect with the right decision-makers, and convince them to meet you. Most of the software give you the flexibility of creating automated sequences. B2B sales is undoubtedly a tough nut to crack.

Handling the No Name Policy When Cold Calling: Part II – What to Do with A Name

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The key though, is that the people you will speak to are not trained gatekeepers! Sales Person: “Do you know who might be in charge of making decisions on database software in your firm? In Part I, I explained a few ways to find the name of someone in your prospective company.

How to Generate More B2B Leads for Your Sales Team

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In many ways, this makes prospecting easier -- but the budgets, stakeholders, and gatekeepers you encounter throughout the sales cycle can make finding the right B2B leads that much more important.

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How To Create A Winning Sales Process: Step III – Putting It All Together

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CRM Software and Your Sales Process. Once you have established a solid sales process, you need to configure and customise your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software program to reflect and accurately record your activity.

Sales Intelligence: What to Expect When You’re Prospecting

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Sales calls the wrong people or reaches a gatekeeper, where they will ultimately get turned away or begin the tedious process of calling up the chain. Business leaders understand that data is the critical heart of growth and expansion.

How To Connect And Engage With C-Level Executives

Cold calling the CEO is difficult, but not impossible — if you know how to structure your pitch and how to get past gatekeepers. I’ve seen it in almost every new rep: fear of the owner, fear of the gatekeeper, fear of the 2nd gatekeeper (the dreaded executive assistant), and reluctance to even approach the challenge. “I think it’s really unusual, and that’s why we’re really selling more enterprise software than Oracle or SAP.”

4 Skills Sales Reps Need to Get the Most Out of ConnectAndSell


While those numbers are impressive, it takes more than buying software to get there. ConnectAndSell will get you past gatekeepers and phone trees, but if you skip pre-call research you’ll find yourself faltering in those crucial first seconds. The average ConnectAndSell client gets somewhere around seven connects and one scheduled meeting per hour. The teams at ExecVision and Vorsight have been using ConnectAndSell for a number of years.

Handling the No Name Policy When Cold Calling: Part III – When You Have No Info

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Continuing though, when calling that company when you have no name and the gatekeeper (GK) refuses to give you a name or connect you without one. This is Susan over here at Acme Software…just putting a package in the post…and is there a suite or department number for I.T.?”.

[Part 3] Execute on Account-based Marketing: Value Selling to Stakeholders at Key Accounts


Is an individual stakeholder a decision-maker, a key recommender, a champion, an organizer, an evaluator, an influencer, a user or a gatekeeper? Our software improves the productivity of your average R&D user by 10 minutes a day. Gatekeepers.

9 marketing trends that will dominate 2019


The gatekeepers of these communication channels are also becoming increasingly averse to content they deem irrelevant to their users. In 2019, we expect that software providers will start to remedy this problem. 2019 is officially upon us.

4 Steps to Shorten Your Sales Cycle and Bump Up Low-Touch Conversions by 70%

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One of our founders, Jonathan Kim , spent his early days at Hubspot and so our team is fully immersed in the content-driven, freemium, product-led world of new-age software sales. There’s a growing juxtaposition in software sales. A highly enabled salesperson-gatekeeper is the answer.

To Chatbot or Not to Chatbot for B2B Lead Generation?


On the other hand, the automation of business processes that comes with the introduction of certain software enables us to free our human mind for more creative tasks that no AI can yet solve. Great chatbot software options abound on 3rd party review sites like G2 , TrustRadius , and Gartner.

The Sales Script Is (Mostly) Dead: 2 Tricks for Better Interactions

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I work for contactSPACE, cloud-based call centre software that helps inside sales teams conduct better outreach. As a part of the learning process, it can be worth providing some basic scripts which new reps can use to make it past gatekeepers or introduce what you’re selling.

8 Ways to Make Every Sales Conversation Count in 2020


Appeal to Gatekeepers and Influencers. If you could only talk to Unilever’s Chief HR Officer, she’d undoubtedly see the magic in your performance appraisal software — reaching her will just take running the gauntlet of caller ID, email filters, assistants, and junior employees.

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: Huge Ego Behind Every B-to-B Purchase

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IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS & Hardware Sales. Martin: The Real Story of Informix Software and Phil White: Lessons in Business and Leadership for the Executive Team. I was recently interviewed by blogger Matthew Schwartz about the C-Level Sales Psychology:   ZoomInfo: When trying to reach C-level buyers, there seems to be an increasing number of gatekeepers in the purchasing process, from “fans” to “champions.” Heavy Hitter Sales Blog. Recent Posts.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Prospecting: Tips, Techniques, & Tools to Succeed

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CRM (customer relationship management): Software that allows companies to keep track of their potential and existing customers at whichever stage they may assume in the sales cycle. We usually have to go through a gatekeeper to reach them. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

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