Learn How to Get the Gatekeeper on Your Side

No More Cold Calling

Getting past the gatekeeper shouldn’t be so daunting. Why is getting past the gatekeeper and finding qualified leads so challenging for salespeople? The dreaded gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper Is Not the Enemy. Are You Always Successful at Getting Past the Gatekeeper?

Handling the Gatekeeper and Engaging Executives

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Have already researched multiple vendors. Executives are more likely to have admins (often referred to as gatekeepers) that invariably will ask a question that sends shivers down many sellers’ spines: “Who is this and what is it regarding?”. Let’s take a step back and more closely consider the term “gatekeeper.” So how can salespeople get past this hurdle with gatekeepers? Handling Gatekeepers.

#1 Way Account-Based Sales Reps Resolve the Gatekeeper Problem

No More Cold Calling

Stop trying to get around the gatekeeper. If account-based sales reps want to reach C-suite prospects, the secret is calling at night or on weekends, when their gatekeepers are off duty. Trying to get past the gatekeeper is a waste of time. Want to land and expand?

Seeing Through the Hype: Making Sense of Sales Enablement Technology

Smart Selling Tools

Tell us little bit more though about smart selling tools and Vendor Neutral can kinds what your mission is all about. ” So that’s when my partner Dan Cilley and I launched Vendor Neutral. How do you get those guys to re-enforce that and not be the gatekeeper.

Sales training – managing a conundrum

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If you go with an outside vendor and customize the training materials, the training will be in the neighborhood of $1,000 to $1200 per sales rep. If this challenge was on the table 10-15 years go, there were not many viable sales training vendor options from which to select.

Four Proven Responses to: “We’re all set”

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Many sales reps still have trouble handling the initial resistance statement: “We’re all set,” or “We already have a dealer/supplier/vendor for that.”. Response One: “That’s great, and I’d just like to see if we could get on your vendor list for the next time you’re in the market.

Handling & Overcoming Common Objections in Phone Cold Call Prospecting

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Prospecting by phone can be hard—gatekeepers screening you out, decision makers don’t want to talk to you, etc.—but This technique will help you overcome objections from: 1) Gatekeepers. A new vendor for different services, or. •

The Top Ten Changes In Sales Over The Past Ten Years

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So here are ten of the changes I have noticed and they are in no particular order: Competition in the past was contained to local or domestic vendors, in local cities and at margins that were typically healthy however with the introduction of technology, we have now become more of a global village.

Four Keys to Buying Sales E-learning Content for your LMS

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Since creating it in-house isn’t always an option, you may opt to purchase it from an outside vendor. If you have to buy content in several different learning areas, it’s tempting to source it all from a single vendor. No vendor provides superior content in every area of your business. Take the time to curate sales content from multiple vendors who specialize in sales training. Companies want strong online video-based sales content in their LMS systems.

Love Them or Lose Them

No More Cold Calling

Lies You Tell Gatekeepers. Gatekeepers can smell phoniness a mile away. When you have a referral, you’ll never have to use duplicitous tactics to bypass the gatekeeper. Read “ Lies You Tell Gatekeepers.”). The first rule in sales? Know your customer.

How to Overcome the Enterprise Sales Challenge: Addressing Scalability


The bigger the company, the more gatekeepers reps have to go through to reach key stakeholders and decision makers throughout the sales process. Additionally, such organizations rarely buy brand new solutions; they expect vendors and sellers to develop a product or platform that will work within their existing systems and operations.

Growth Begins with Data—and Your Competitors Already Know It

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Sales reps aiming to displace the current provider were stuck dialing into dead-end corporate switchboard phone numbers, getting stonewalled by gatekeepers, never to reach their buyer’s voicemail box—let alone pitch their product to a decision-maker. According to Salesforce.com’s State of the Connected Customer survey, 57% of buyers are ready to take their business elsewhere if their vendor fails to anticipate their needs. Cracking a tough sales account was once like striking oil.

Data 120

The Best Cold Calling Tip Is Stop Immediately (Do This Instead)

No More Cold Calling

The key to qualified lead generation is being a welcome call, and for busy executives and their gatekeepers , cold calls are definitely not welcome. . Have you ever met a salesperson who enjoyed cold calling? Well, maybe one in 100.) How about a buyer who enjoyed receiving cold calls?

Addressing Scalability When Selling to Enterprises


The bigger the company, the more gatekeepers reps have to go through to reach key stakeholders and decision makers throughout the sales process. Additionally, such organizations rarely buy brand new solutions; they expect vendors and sellers to develop a product or platform that will work within their existing systems and operations.

How to Build Trust and Generate Leads with a Referral Program

No More Cold Calling

Talk to any software vendor, and they can’t wait to show you their cool software. They don’t have to worry about getting past gatekeepers or heading off the competition, because they have the best possible competitive advantage—a relationship built on trust.

Sales Intelligence: What to Expect When You’re Prospecting

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Sales calls the wrong people or reaches a gatekeeper, where they will ultimately get turned away or begin the tedious process of calling up the chain. Business leaders understand that data is the critical heart of growth and expansion.

How to Ask for Referrals: A Comprehensive Guide

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When sales teams know how to ask for referrals, they don’t have to worry about identifying decision-makers, bypassing gatekeepers, or proving themselves trustworthy. This is a truthful and proven guide for how to ask for referrals.

Your No. 1 Competitive Weapon

No More Cold Calling

Your customers already think all vendors are the same, because everyone has the same message and makes the same promises. You don’t have to worry about getting past the gatekeepers or heading off the competition, because you have the best possible competitive advantage—a relationship.

Sales Engagement: The Intersection of Sales and Science

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Consumer behavior has also evolved over time such that the selling dynamic has become more buyer-centric, with the leverage formerly held by sellers as gatekeepers of product and transactional information all but gone. Sometimes, simple ideas can spark revolutions.

Why Sales Is Like a Taco

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This is akin to when a salesperson doesn’t have the tools to anticipate when the customer needs the product and must compete with other vendors. Their offer must wait while the customer finishes going through demos with other similar vendors. I’m not sure where this metaphor came from.

6 Reasons to Walk Away from a Deal

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You’ve ended up being trapped by the gatekeeper. You’ll find requirements written in a way that makes it very hard for most vendors to meet – with the exception of the competitor of course! Why successful sales people walk away.

The 5 Top Media for Cold Prospecting


Its high perceived value and standout physical features tend to get past gatekeepers, and straight to the executive desktop. Supplement your registration efforts with technology from vendors like NetFactor and Demandbase.

Media 245

‘Because’ 93% of the Time it Works Every Time


Current vendors. It can be eye-opening to see what information you can get from gatekeepers and admins during a cold call by asking the right questions. Current systems, processes, vendors. See why you should follow your asks with ‘because…’ on your next sales call. While reading the book Influence by Dr. Robert Cialdini, I came across some incredible research on the power of the word “because”.

Reading The Buyers’ Minds

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We are looking at vendor reputation, reliability, stability, risk, and other factors. ” I went on to ask Chris the “gatekeeper question.” ” DAB: “Chris, too often procurement is viewed as gatekeepers. ” Chris: ”Well, we do act as gatekeepers in some sense. As sales people, we always are trying to get into our Buyers’ minds.

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[Part 3] Execute on Account-based Marketing: Value Selling to Stakeholders at Key Accounts


A Forrester survey of buyer executives found that the first vendor to communicate a vision of value wins the business three quarters of the time. Is an individual stakeholder a decision-maker, a key recommender, a champion, an organizer, an evaluator, an influencer, a user or a gatekeeper?

The 7 Most Common Objections During Prospecting and How to Overcome Them

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The Gatekeeper. Your prospect just heard, “Hi, we do X” and thought, “Oh, we have a vendor for that, we’re good.” Types of Objections. The Brush-Off. Competition. Procrastination. Budget. Getting in the Weeds. Avoidance.

Your Sales Training Is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It.

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A few decades ago, salespeople were gatekeepers of information. Products are more replicable than ever, and buyers typically have dozens, if not hundreds, of vendor options. Humble. Helpful. Empathetic. Active listener. Customer-oriented. Flexible. Solutions-focused. Knowledgeable.

How Sales Configurators Are Ushering In a New Age of Selling

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These may be generalized pieces that display specific knowledge that hopefully builds the credibility of the vendor in the buyer’s eyes. This means no more blind-dialing thousands of telephone numbers trying to get around gatekeepers and sadistic admins and more time for exploring up- and cross-selling possibilities. Sales is a changing game. Driven by CPQ technology, especially the sales configurator, and business customization, the selling process is rapidly changing.

A 5-Step Discovery Call Checklist Proven to Increase Conversions by 580%

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It’s becoming more and more difficult to reach decision makers as gatekeepers and decision-makers receive hundreds of emails and dozens of calls each day. Think of having to sit through several different vendors back to back, answering the same 20 questions over and over again!

Increasing sales productivity – 7 steps to improving lead qualification

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Gatekeepers – These are the contracting officers and other administrators that control money and procedures. Or, someone may have determined that having more than one vendor to serve their company is to their advantage.

The Biggest Sales Excuses You Need to Stop Making in 2018

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The stingy gatekeeper won’t let me talk to the CTO. The prospect likes their current vendor. They were just soliciting proposals from competing vendors. Winners make things happen. Losers make excuses. Regardless of the field, this time-tested principle consistently rings true. In sales, sellers who cite convoluted reasons to explain poor performance, rather than proactively doing something about it often remain — unsurprisingly — at the bottom of the success ladder.

4 Must-Have Strategies When Selling to Major Hotel Chains


They get set up with all the resources they need including tech tools, access to vendors, venues, a community and more. Then from the advertising side, which is where I was, we sell ad space to these external vendors and venues within the directory. “We

How to Map Out the Decision Making Unit to Sell More Effectively

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A multi-person decision making unit (also known as the DMU) is often used to ensure the best vendor is selected, as well as to spread out the risk involved with making an important decision. Gatekeeper.

20 Blog Posts to Guide Your Event Marketing Strategy


These stats certainly grab our attention, especially as Millennials grow into the decision makers and gatekeepers over the next two decades. For today’s blog post, we put together a comprehensive list of the best articles about corporate events and event marketing.

40+ of the World’s Best Sales Training Programs to Get Your Team Into Shape

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The company’s training solutions aim to transform sellers into sales professionals who can orchestrate the desired outcomes for both buyers and vendors. Dealing with gatekeepers.

An Open Letter to Social Sellers Everywhere

Tony Hughes

It's a game changer when you feel your vendor can transmute vendor-status into a true partner and provide you with world class, above-and-beyond, service levels. Dear Social Seller of 2015, Now that I've got your attention I must warn you.

Sales Tip: The Selling Sweet Spot By Drew Stevens

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More importantly the short game focuses on “true buyers” not gatekeepers. Refrain from the Vendor Syndrome – When selling professionals constantly negotiate fees there is less attraction of value and more assimilation to vendors. And develop better relationships to stop being a vendor. I was out playing golf the other day with Dave and after watching me slice a few times He kept reminding me of hitting the sweet spot.

What Every Salesperson Should Know about the Language of Deal Making By Tom Searcy and Henry DeVries

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Prospects’ issues with former vendors. And these characteristics are important—to the department manager whose responsibility is to serve as the gatekeeper for the department. Warren Buffett, the world’s greatest dealmaker, has two rules when making big deals: “Rule Number 1: Never lose money. Rule Number 2: Never forget rule Number 1.”. Money is definitely an important part of the language of deal making. Do you speak in the terms of a big deal?

4 Must-Have Strategies When Selling to Major Hotel Chains


They get set up with all the resources they need including tech tools, access to vendors, venues, a community and more. Then from the advertising side, which is where I was, we sell ad space to these external vendors and venues within the directory. “We

[Part 4] Execute on Account-Based Marketing: Account-Based Value Selling Addresses 5 Sales Challenges


Great Value Propositions also address the stakeholder-specific interests and concerns of individual within a buying team, enabling sales to speak the language that resonates with a stakeholder’s function, while helping to navigate the buying process through organizers, influencers and gatekeepers.