How to Quickly turn your CRM into a Goldmine of New Prospects


Your CRM – A Goldmine of New Prospects. Salespeople at bigger companies tend to miss out on easy prospects they have in-house. They can do this every 90 days to get few easy appointments. Typically bigger companies make it easy to chase new clients, so salespeople fall into the flow.

Is Your CRM a Trashcan or a Goldmine

Sales Gravy

Your CRM can either be your most valuable sales tool or your greatest waste of time. It depends on how you treat it and your mindset about it. On this podcast episode Jeb Blount explores why salespeople choose not to leverage the CRM and why this is a big mistake.


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How to Build a “GoldMine” via Global Partner-to-Partner Initiatives

Nimble - Sales

The post How to Build a “GoldMine” via Global Partner-to-Partner Initiatives appeared first on Nimble Blog. MS Inspire ‘19 is right around the corner. With that in mind, it’s time to start planning your itinerary! Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara will be a keynote speaker on Tuesday, July 16th at 10:30 AM-11:30 AM at the Lagoon L Theater. Learn how Nimble built a global presence through leveraging the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft […].

Why Video is an Email Marketing Goldmine


What kind of role will video content play in the future of email marketing

The Dark Data Goldmine and How Can AI Help Companies Unlock It


Want to learn more about SugarPredict and how can it help your company unlock the dark data goldmine? According to Gartner , dark data is the type of information companies gather, but fail to proactively use. In 2020, 93% of all data was dark and unstructured.

New Book! A Goldmine of Sales Wisdom – Mastering The World Of Selling

Keith Rosen

I want to take a moment to let you in on something special. Something that could easily contribute to making this one of your best years in sales. Eric Taylor and David Riklan, the creators of the “Mastering the World” book series, are releasing their newest masterpiece. Mastering the Word of Selling.

The Hottest Path to Profits

Sales and Marketing Management

Teaser: Everybody is talking about data being a goldmine for increased profits, but do you know where to mine and what to do with the data you collect? Everybody is talking about data being a goldmine for increased profits, but do you know where to mine and what to do with the data you collect? Issue Date: 2013-04-01. Author: Gary Brooks.

Sales Talk for CEOs: Strong Contributors to Sales Success with Jon Ferrara (S1:EP6)

Alice Heiman

He was originally the CEO of a company called GoldMine, a program that was the pioneer of CRM solutions. After selling GoldMine for $125 million dollars Jon took a 10 year break to be present with his family.

Building a Network and a Personal Brand that You Can Keep with You for Life

Predictable Revenue

He was the creator and co-founder of the award-winning customer management product GoldMine, acquired by FrontRange in 1999. Jon is a pioneer in the customer management category.

Funnel Radio Line-up April 4

Sales Lead Management Association

Hosts are: Ryan Ball -, Dan McDade - Pointclear, John Asher - Asher Strategies, Matt Heinz - Heinz Marketing, Stacy Gentile - Goldmine CRM, Rhoan Morgan - DemandLab, Patrick Morrissey - Altify and Darryl Praill - Vanillasoft. Guests today include: Daniel Disney, Lance Walter, CMO Neo4j, Joseph Jaffe, Rebecca Kaufman, Chad Pollitt, Chris Finneral, CEO & Co-Founder of SketchDeck, Chuck Reaves, Karen Hayward and Cheryl Horner McDonnough.

6 Sales Strategies from Sales Hacker to use in 2015

Sales 2.0

This looks like a goldmine of information on how to sell in today’s environment. I love the concept of the Sales Hacker conference (and the concept of “hacking”) and I’m hoping to attend one of these conferences soon. The most important thing that we learned at Sales Hacker Conference SF?

Maximize Your Prospecting Campaigns With Social Media

Sales Gravy

So many ways and places to interact with potential clients; it’s like your company’s own virtual new prospect goldmine! Social media is a powerful business tool, considering the vast number of people who currently use the various networks worldwid

How to Use Conversation Intelligence Tools to Create Deal-Winning Content


Specifically, they record, transcribe, and analyze sales calls to generate recommendations—creating a goldmine of information product marketers can use to create content that helps sellers close the deal.

Introducing ZoomInfo +


With more sales conversations happening in a digital format (versus non-recordable face-to-face meetings), revenue teams have a goldmine of conversation data to inform their sales enablement and go-to-market strategies.

The Adapter’s Advantage: Jon Ferrara on Building Customer Relationships


He’s best known as the co-founder of GoldMine Software Corp, one of the first customer relationship management (CRM) platforms for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). In 1999, Goldmine was acquired by FrontRange.

No One To Call? B t

The Pipeline

This is your opportunity to access a goldmine of prospecting expertise. By Tibor Shanto. The tremors just keep on coming and people keep trying to adjust to the daily change. I understand the initial shock of facing a canyon of empty towers; every one has gone home.

How to Recognize and Respond to Buying Signals (and Close More Deals!)


These behavior-based buying signals are a goldmine for your sales and marketing teams. You’re about to get that hot lead on the phone. You’re armed with your prospect’s buying signals, right? What are customer buying signals?

Let’s Talk Sales! Sales Success with Jon Ferrara – Episode 189

criteria for success

He's also the Creator and Co-Founder of Goldmine Software, the first CRM, and has won multiple awards including the Forbes Top 10 Social Salespeople and Forbes [.]. He’s also the Creator and Co-Founder of Goldmine Software, the first CRM, and has won multiple awards including the Forbes Top 10 Social Salespeople and Forbes Top 10 Social CEOs. Happy Monday, Let's Talk Sales! listeners! This episode's featured guest is Jon Ferrara.

How Data Extraction Software helps you to Speed Up Lead Generation


and GoldMine. & GoldMine. The Internet is one of the major sources of business leads that are available for free.

Is COVID Layoffs Destroying Your B2B Lists?


And Goldmine days. Read to know how we can extricate the accuracy of B2B lists and sales forecasts. 25%+ of most B2B lists have been obsoleted in the past few months. This will impact your renewals or new sales & pipeline projections.

How to Scrape Data from Website to Excel in a Click


Internet is a goldmine of sales leads for your business. You can instantly transfer your contacts to Excel, Outlook, Act , GoldMine, etc.

Sales Success and Pipeline Management - The Myth

Anthony Cole Training

Sales people sold and were successful way before ACT, Goldmine, and Let’s start a revolution! Who’s in? We all know the problem. It doesn’t matter your role: VP of Sales, President of the company, sales manager, sales professional, and professional sales development expert. What we all know is that pipeline management is a myth! It doesn’t exist!

5 Ways CEOs Can Lead Sales Through a Recession

Alice Heiman

Many times there is a goldmine in your existing customer base. Is a recession looming? I remain optimistic that the economy will continue to do well, but others feel the economic uncertainty. I see it in several sectors. CEOs are getting nervous and laying people off. .

Leads 68

5 Innovative Strategies for Business Expansion

Sales Hacker

If you have intellectual property, you have a potential goldmine on your hands. Seeking out new opportunities for company growth is an exciting yet stressful endeavor.

How to Export Data from Google Maps to Excel in a Click


Goldmine, Outlook, etc. Millions of people use Google Maps every single day for navigation. Yes, it has almost become an integral part of everyone’s lives. But do you know that Google Maps can also help business owners to drive sales leads?

Clari and Chorus: Bringing Fresh Insights Into the RevOps Conversation

Conversation intelligence takes this one step further, turning every meeting and interaction into a goldmine of information that can be used across the organization. For most sales reps, the first quarter of a new year is a fresh start. For revenue leaders, the pressure is on.

Come On In, The Water’s Lovely! LinkedIn Is Not Just For Businesses It’s For Sales Professionals Too!

MTD Sales Training

Ultimate LinkedIn Essentials For Sales Professionals” is free to download and will show you how to tap into the potential goldmine of prospecting resources and additional sales opportunities that LinkedIn has to offer. Today’s buyers are a lot more sales savvy; they conduct research online about your products and services, your company and your competitors all with a few clicks of a mouse.

10 Ways To Prepare For Your First Cold Call

MTD Sales Training

Prospecting is a goldmine for selling. Sometimes, even the words ‘cold call’ can send shivers down salespeople’s’ spines. The very thought of picking up the phone or writing an email to a prospect who has never heard of you or knows little about your products can be so daunting to a sales professional that they spend hours doing other things so that the inevitable rejection doesn’t have to be faced.

The Beginner’s Guide to Using Reddit for Market Research


The platform offers a unique and untapped goldmine of market research. Reddit is a goldmine of inspiration! Reddit —the self-proclaimed front page of the internet—is a social networking site with more than 330 million monthly active users. These users—referred to as Redditors—use the platform to share, interact with, and consume the latest news and trending topics. Reddit is more than just a social networking site.

How to get client database from yellow pages directories?


GoldMine, Outlook, etc. Yellow pages directories are one of the best places to build your client database for small business. If you are someone looking to get a client database from yellow pages directories, then this blog post will help you do that.

How to Find New Leads from your Existing CRM & Increase Sales


CRM – A Goldmine of Leads. Your CRM is a goldmine of sales leads. As a business owner or a business development executive, you would always want to find new leads, increase sales and grow your business. You invest all your time & resources on various lead generation strategies and campaigns to generate new leads. In this blog, you will learn how to find new leads from your existing CRM & increase sales. It has a list of all your current and past prospects and customers.

Sales Barrier – Lying in LinkedIn Email Marketing

Increase Sales

LinkedIn is a prospecting goldmine for business to business professionals. Yet some of those B2B professionals are 100% clueless about how to use it especially when it comes to email marketing. Credit: Whenever I accept a LinkedIn invitation I always send a LinkedIn email that: Acknowledges when we meet and asks to schedule a one on one phone call or meeting. Asks what prompted the LinkedIn outreach.

Follow the Money: The Primary Responsibility for CMOs


This ‘follow the money’ subject has been addressed in an SLMA radio program with a guest appearance by Paul Petersen, the GM/VP of Goldmine. The term ‘follow the money’ was made famous in the 1976 drama documentary All the Presidents Men , and has been used variously as the basis of journalistic articles ever since. Its purpose is to follow the money trail to get to the root cause of an issue. It happens also to be one of the four primary duties for Chief Marketing Officers.

The Data Will Bring Us Together: Relationship Therapy with Sales and Marketing

DiscoverOrg Sales

Accurate org charts are a goldmine for B2B sellers, because they display relationships between stakeholders, reporting structure, and job titles. The process of sales and marketing alignment is so fraught with assumptions, misunderstandings, and disagreement that we think both departments need a relationship therapy session! Marketing has certain data needs. Sales has others. Sales uses a CRM … but the marketing automation system might not integrate.

Data 174

15 Indispensable Company Research Tools for B2B Sales Reps


Although it might require a degree of creativity and some digging, Quora can be a goldmine of information. In the world of B2B sales, company research is a critical aspect of any successful rep’s daily duties. In fact, access to the right research tools and information can make or break your ability to identify target accounts, personalize a sales pitch, and ultimately, close deals. As a B2B sales rep, the more you know about a prospect and their company, the easier it is to sell to them.

Creating a Hot Prospect List

Women Sales Pros

Your sales data is a goldmine of information. Your sales data is a goldmine of information and most people don’t maximize it to its fullest extent to further their sales goals. We are big advocates of implementing ways to work smarter rather than harder in all aspects of business. One area you will want to apply this technique is when you are deciding which prospects to add to your weekly prospecting list.

Real estate marketing: Using tech to build your brand (with Maryann Palazzolo)


Real estate content is a goldmine. Linkedin advertisements , real estate marketers prefer to call it a goldmine. Real estate marketing online is the wild west. There are good guys, bad guys, and no shortage of ugly.

How to Eliminate Cold Calling By Talking With People You Know | 5 Minute Selling – Part Two

Sales Gravy

Because then once you fill that in, that becomes a goldmine that you can follow up on. Because then once you fill that in, that becomes a goldmine that you can follow up on.

The Real Cost of Bad Data (And How to Cleanse It)

Connext Digital

This effectively transforms your database into a goldmine and help you deliver a more efficient marketing strategy. After a few minutes of browsing for shoes online, you will begin to notice footwear ads appearing on the succeeding pages you land on. Surprisingly, ads about places you’ve been to also appear everywhere you go.

Learning to Sell Through Storytelling

Sales and Marketing Management

With mobile-video sales learning platforms, individual reps anywhere in the world can access a goldmine of knowledge from top performers sharing tips and tricks they’ve picked up over the years. Author: Mark Magnacca Earning a prospect’s trust is essential when it comes to the art of the sale. It’s human nature to want to make a connection with the person we’re buying from – to feel like our needs are understood and that the sales rep cares about more than just a commission.