How Social Media Influences Market Reach

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Social media probably better than any other marketing channel achieves market reach with in many cases very little capital outlay. The focus for this online social media webinar was the topic of writing as being a critical sales skills.

This Is the Biggest Lead Generation Mistake on Social Media

No More Cold Calling

He’s Cold Calling on Social Media. Sales reps abuse social media to the extent that I typically delete more LinkedIn invitations than I accept. (No, The problem: Just because someone agrees to connect on social media does not make that person a qualified sales lead.

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Are you in Social Media Denial?

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With a more narrow focus, we can pinpoint social media. If you’re truly a student of buyer trends, social media should be your focus. Not sure whether your social media skills are keeping pace? Are you in social media denial? Join groups.

3 Steps to Combining Social Media & Competitive Intelligence

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Using social media for competitive intelligence provides another viewpoint into competitor activity. Forrester Research : 82% of 150 companies that monitor social media are primarily searching for competitive intelligence. Some of the most widely used social media modes are: Facebook.

White Noise of Social Media

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Their ability to tune out all what does not get them closer to their goal to increase sales is beyond critical in today’s social media and mobile technology market place. Ignore the white noise of social media especially if it is not moving you closer to those desired results.

Social Media The New Sea of Sales Pitches

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Until recently junk mail and auto robot dial phone calls seemed to hold the top places for sales pitches, but now social media is leading the pack and is way ahead of all other types of marketing for small businesses. For social media to be successful requires engagement.

4 Ways Social Media Can Help You Sell

The Pipeline

An essential part of the sales process is getting to know your prospects and building relationships – and social media is the perfect avenue to help you accomplish this effectively. So how can you use social media to make sales and increase your bottom line? Don’t misuse social media.

Nine Things I Learned at Social Media Marketing World 2014


Gartner Group and Forrester Research Group predict record levels in Marketing Automation (MA) spending and exponential growth in the field. Social Media Techie Stuff [one_half valign="middle"]. Partner Portal. Why Partner With SalesFUSION. [/one_half]. one_half].

3 Things We've Learned After Years of LinkedIn Group Spam (and what to do now)


Jeff is the authority on making social media sell, adjunct faculty at Loyola University business school, author of Off the Hook Marketing: How to make social media sell and a social sales training speaker. In 2008 LinkedIn introduced Groups and for years now B2B marketers have been tortured by inappropriate, low-value comments and linking—people trying to promote "their thing." A lot of people are coming into LinkedIn Groups armed with what does NOT work.

Relationship Marketing and the Continuum of the Social Media River

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Relationship marketing through the various channels or rivers of social media continues to grow. The initial attraction may be through an actual face to face meeting, a comment on a blog or in a discussion group or through a mutual acquaintance. Shared group. A comment made usually in a discussion group and sometimes somewhere else such as another social media site. Marketing increase sales relationship marketing sales training coaching social media

If Social Media Works for Passive Job Applicants, Why Not for Passive Sales Prospects?

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Social media is now the primary marketing channel to reach those passive and reluctant skilled workers. This study revealed three other interesting facts regarding the use of social media by recruiters: 97.3% of the recruiters favored LinkedIn as their primary social media site in 2012.

To Be or Not To Be in the Local Social Media Marketing Stream

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We attend business to business (B2B) networking events, we join formal and informal networking groups all with the goal to increase sales. Social media, we all have heard about this marketing channel, is here to stay. A Personal Story About Being Local in Social Media Marketing.

The Easy Way Out, Footprints and Social Media

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Social media including email marketing has become the easy way out to market for many entrepreneurs to Fortune 250 firms. One driving reason for this change in marketing is social media is affordable (usually free) in reaching the potential customers. However being able to reach millions through a few strokes of the keyboard continues to attract more and more small businesses to larger firms into the what is called social media or inbound marketing for you more technical folks.

Is social media the friend or foe of a marketer?


“What Social Media does now, with brutal efficiency, is expose weak offerings, poorly developed programs, manipulative lead gen practices and BS laden marketing campaigns.” At best Social Media Advertising is an interruption marketing tactic just like radio or display advertising.

Using LinkedIn Groups To Network And Engage With Key Decision Makers

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Well, a great way to gain direct contact with these desired connections is to strike up a conversation with them in one of the many LinkedIn groups that the platform has to offer.

HBR or OMG - Whose Criteria Really Differentiate the Top and Bottom 10% of Salespeople?

Understanding the Sales Force

Nearly every time they publish an article on sales or selling, they are usually as wrong as the mainstream media is with their attempts to manipulate readers and viewers to vote for their preferred candidates. Image owned by or licensed to CartoonStock ®.

The Top 8 Takeaways from Social Media Guru Paul Gillin’s FIR B2B


Co-hosts Paul and Allan tee up the show by discussing several hot news items relevant to the B2B market - Here’s what they noshed on, on Episode #5: According to the latest CMO Survey, 85% of CMOs either have not shown any impact from social media spending or have only a qualitative sense of its effectiveness. About the hosts: Paul Gillin is a veteran technology journalist and a thought leader in new media.

Social Media Isn’t So Social

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Whatever we call it: Social Media, Social Selling, Social Networking, Social Business; to often it’s just not very Social. We may have had these conversations in one on one encounters, in small groups, in larger meetings. Hanging Out Where Our Customers Hang Out “Hiding” Behind Social Selling The Weaponization Of Social Media Social Media Versus The Traditionalists.

The Social Media Marketing Asking Conveyor Belt

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With the small business to business world becoming more connected through social media sites such as LinkedIn , there is a lot of social media marketing asking going on for: Credit: Liking other pages on other social media sites. Unfortunately, much of this asking may begin to sow the seeds of distrust because it suggests a social media marketing conveyor belt of automatic actions with the thought only of producing quantity not quality.

High-Profit Selling Group on Linkedin. Are You There?

The Sales Hunter

I think many of you would agree that in the sales industry, Linkedin is the social media tool that is most helpful. This is why I created the High-Profit Selling Group on Linkedin. This group is already becoming a great central location for sales-related discussions and the sharing of valuable skills. The only way that can happen is if we grow the group size. Then take the time to join High-Profit Selling as one of the groups you follow.

10 Strategies to Get More Out of Linkedin

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You definitely need to join groups where your prospects are most likely to be. This includes industry oriented groups, geographical business groups, and academic groups. One quick note: When you join a group, be sure to turn off notifications. Blog Prospecting high-profit prospecting linkedin prospect prospecting sales prospecting social mediaAre you really doing all you can to use Linkedin to its fullest?

Social Media for Business: 3 Reasons Salespeople Need an Online Presence

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Do I Need Social Media for Business? A professional social media presence is crucial for today's workforce -- especially salespeople. Use social media to build relationships with prospects, peers, and even your competition. Why Should I Have Social Media for Business?

Small Minds Inhibit The Influence and Power of Social Media Marketing

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Here in Northwest Indiana, there are now two local social media marketing campaigns. Sure those local small businesses directly associated with any marketing effort receive the biggest attention or have the largest river, but with social media that attention is diverted into a plethora of different streams (think tributaries) that touch many otherwise untouched, unnoticed small businesses.

How This Unknown Factor in Social Media Affects the B2B Sales Cycle

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Social media is a marketing strategy and tactic that has become embedded within many business to business (B2B) sales cycle. This realization came to me after a discussion among some forward thinking small business owners at the South Shore Business Networking group.

It's Time To Kill Social Media | Sales Motivation and Sales Training

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It’s Time To Kill Social Media. It’s time we kill social media, especially if you’re using social media as a sales tool or prospecting technique. It’s not working for one very reason — you’re using the term “social media.” ” Social media is what kids use to tell the world why they do or don’t like somebody; it’s what people use to share with others stupid photos nobody wants to see. MEDIA and PLANNERS

Three Ways Your Social Media Strategy Is Ruining Your Conversions


one_half] [one_half_last valign="middle"] [frame style="none"] [/frame] [/one_half_last] [divider style="simple"] Gartner Group and Forrester Research Group predict record levels in Marketing Automation (MA) spending and exponential growth in the field. Guest Blogger Social Media

True Sales Leaders Take a Moment to Be Personal

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What with all the impersonal marketing and social media outreach by those who believe they are sales leaders? Example #2 – Hi Leanne, We share several connections and groups. Being personal goes beyond LinkedIn invitations or other social media channels. Picking up the phone just to reconnect with someone or sending a handwritten note card all reaffirm that you are in that group of sales leaders who truly care.

5 of the BEST Sales Tips Ever | Sales Motivation and Sales Training

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Recently I was talking to a group of college students regarding a sales career and they asked me what I thought were the best sales tips I’ve ever heard. MEDIA and PLANNERS About. FREE Resources. Hire Mark. Client List. Testimonials. Client Login. Mark Hunter. Client List. Testimonials. Speaking. Mark’s Insights on SALES MOTIVATION. Mark’s Insights on PRICING. Mark’s Insights on PROSPECTING. Training. Mark’s Insights on PRICING.

LinkedIn and Effective B2B Marketing Strategies

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For myself I know LinkedIn as a social media channel has been more effective in securing new business coaching clients as well as corporate clients seeking support for improved execution due to workplace culture barriers. Social media is about engagement that means two-way interaction.

It Takes Only An Hour A Week To Produce Leads Through LinkedIn

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Keeping up-to-date with your LinkedIn connections – as with any social media site – requires a certain level of dedication, but there are a few simple tasks you can pursue on a weekly basis to ensure that you maintain your presence on LinkedIn.

Unite to Magnify Your Marketing Message

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Leverage Your Mastermind Group. From that handout, we created a series of tweets and other social media marketing messages to start promoting the event as well as each other. Business to business networking groups are existing strategic partnerships.

Do You Need a Social Media Marketing Tool?


Gartner Group and Forrester Research Group predict record levels in Marketing Automation (MA) spending and exponential growth in the field. The post Do You Need a Social Media Marketing Tool? Guest Blogger Social Media [one_half valign="middle"]. Partner Portal.

How Do Sales Ops Leaders Position Themselves for Success?

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Many Sales Ops groups were created in reaction to one, or multiple, business challenges. A media agency needed a team to accurately forecast revenue across multiple seasons. Sales Operations Strategy Social influence LinkedIn sales operations Social Media

So Tell Me Why You Are On LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn continues to grow as one of the top go to social media sites to find sales leads, sales prospects, colleagues and centers of influence for those especially in the B2B world.

Social Media Has Changed YOUR World

Jeffrey Gitomer

Social media has changed the world. Social media has changed YOUR world. Whatever you’re doing online, whether it’s tweeting, LinkedIning, Facebooking, or YouTubing, Social Media has changed your way of communicating one-on-one, one-on-customer base, and one-to-the-world. Tweet.

The 3 Top Industries for Social Selling with LinkedIn

No More Cold Calling

There are way too many people and “so-called experts” offering tips about social media. Some of the largest LinkedIn Groups are in this industry including the 428.507-member eMarketing Association Network. Not every industry lends itself to social networking.

An Independent Review of DiscoverOrg’s Data Accuracy Claims

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Combing through social media for clues to contact information and calling wrong numbers consumes hours, and returns scant benefits: Burnout and high turnover are common among sales teams who have to question every phone number and email address. The following criteria were based on Martin’s focus on new client outreach via email and social media: Name accuracy: Was the contact’s full name accurate, spelled correctly, and did it include an addressable nickname where applicable?

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What Is Missing in Social Equity

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Simply speaking, social equity is a term to define the impact of social media actions (think return on investment) for an organization. Sales Training Coaching Tip: The application of emotional intelligence is critical within all social media engagements. People buy on value unique to them and this begins within your social media channels. For example, if you are on LinkedIn look through any discussion group.

Selling Is Marketing Plus A Whole Lot More!

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With the exponential growth of social media, much of the inbound marketing can be handle by individual sales team members especially with the integration of automation tools. According to one recent study by the Rain Group: Connecting.

Six Things Sales Needs from Marketing


Gartner Group and Forrester Research Group predict record levels in Marketing Automation (MA) spending and exponential growth in the field. Best Practices Sales CRM Social Media [one_half valign="middle"]. Partner Portal. Why Partner With SalesFUSION. [/one_half]. one_half].