"Challenger"? is No Longer Relevant. This is.

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Then the patient would go to their doctor’s office with a 15-page printed document and tell the doctor they already knew what they need, and to prescribe them the specific pharmaceutical listed in the report. This is an excerpt from Kim Orlesky's new book - Sell More. Faster.

52 Sales Management Tips – the Sales Manager’s Success Guide

Smart Selling Tools

Within the six chapters of this must have guide, you’ll get tips and guidelines on; being a phenomenal coach for a sales force, hiring and firing, inspiring a sales team to want to achieve and exceed their goals, and more.

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Companies Must Care How Revenue is Earned


FASB guidelines don’t compel companies to differentiate ethical revenue from unethical. We don’t care if our pharmaceutical price hikes make life-saving medications unaffordable (Turing). If you search online for the phrases crush your quota or outstanding revenue growth , you’ll get about 4,500 and 8,000 results, respectively. We adore not only revenue, but its fast and furious capture. Revenue is king!

To Delegate Well, Find the Right Person for the Job

Paul Cherry's Top Sales Techniques

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