How to Get the MOST Out of Your 60 Minute Sales Meeting!

Sales Gravy

When Alice Kemper was a sales manager at Harte Hanks Communications, she broke her 60 minute weekly sales meeting into 45 minutes of training and 15 minutes of need-to-know info. Her results speak for themselves. "Our "Our team had less turnover and highe

Taking away a marketing manager’s excuses!


I was sitting in a meeting of marketing and operations people when I worked at Inquiry Handling Services (long ago scooped up by Harte Hanks). Which brings me to the topic for this month’s article, which follows up on the December topic entitled: " Taking away a salesperson’s excuses ," in which I wrote about the lack of sales lead follow-up. Actually, this list is shorter than the one for salespeople’s excuses for not following up on sales leads.