Medical sales – A new sales environment as more physicians become hospital employees

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hospitals have begun responding to the implementation of health care reform by accelerating their hiring of physicians. Historically physicians owned their own practices, but times are changing.

What You Must Do for BETTER Sales Prospecting

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Do you struggle with prospecting by phone? For many salespeople, having to make prospecting telephone calls is one of the most difficult parts of their job. If you want greater success in prospecting — and more sales!

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The REALLY BIG Upselling Sales Mistake

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All those additional bells and whistles (offered as additional savings) usually mean nothing to the prospect unless he or she wanted them in the first place or if they connect to their value drivers. Sometimes these subject matter experts decide to go beyond what the sales prospects wants.

Did President Obama Do More Damage to the Image of Salespeople?

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Were those name-calling instances part of a carefully planned campaign strategy? Your prospects may stop listening to you too if you slam your competitor! Over the past four years, the national health care package has come to be known as Obamacare.

Why do we gather information from buyers?

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patiently explain to our kids why something is bad for them, present a well-considered idea to our boss, offer great data as rationale to lead change initiatives, offer brilliant pitches to prospects to explain our solution.

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3 Notable Women CIOs Transforming their IT Departments

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In 2012, the health center rolled out one of the earliest versions of electronic health record management systems and has since continued to innovate with regards to technology in medicine. Gain insight into your most sought-after CIO prospect Request your intelligence report today!

Give Your Business This “Special Advantage”


For example, it can be: (1) a market in chaos, in trauma, in transition, like, right now, the health care professions (fearful of the negative impact of managed care on their futures). (2) You will have a facebook strategy in place should you ever find yourself wanting more prospects coming to your business. Below is Gary Halbert’s verbiage, to give credit where credit’s due. It is profound.

Data Gets Smarter to Help Business Grow

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This is the Watson techno brain popularized by Jeopardy fame – IBM’s massive computer think-tank that is now positioned to help solve really big issues in medicine, health care, and also in business. You have so many apps and programs in sales, and more data than you could ever consume.

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Sharon Drew Morgan

patiently explain to our kids why something is bad for them, present a well-considered idea to our boss, offer great data as rationale to lead change initiatives, offer brilliant pitches to prospects to explain our solution.

Four Ways to Link GTM Strategy and Customer Experience Improvements

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A prospective client recently lamented that his company doesn’t have the capabilities and processes in place to ensure delivery of a consistent, high-quality customer experience across a range of channels.

When Are We Being Manipulative? When Is It Just Best Practice?

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These bad practices make customers reluctant to pick up the phone or respond to a prospecting email. The mortgage and related scandals of a few years ago, some of the health care scandals we read about daily, even respected people like Brian Williams of NBC News find themselves having gone a step too far, too often. We can communicate with customers and prospects in new ways. We know the prospect is likely to be more receptive and reachable when we respond immediately.

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Are You Making This Professional Practice Advertising Mistake?


In fact, this is one of the biggest mistakes that the majority of professional practices.such as attorneys, chiropractors, dentists, financial advisors, health care specialists, etc. The more these people resonate with your ideal target market, the more your ideal prospects can relate.

Why You Can't Motivate Workers | Sales Motivation and Sales Training

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Mark’s Insights on PROSPECTING. Mark’s Insights on PROSPECTING. McGowan Charitable Fund brings its vision to life “through grantmaking in three program areas including Health care and Medical Research; Education, and Community Programs for Those Most Vulnerable.” prospect. prospecting. prospects. About. FREE Resources. Hire Mark. Client List. Testimonials. Client Login. Mark Hunter. Client List. Testimonials. Speaking.

CFO’s Aren’t Too Optimistic, What Does That Mean for Sales People?

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Having insight into what our customers and prospects are thinking is a tremendous benefit. Forty percent of CFOs report rising pessimism about their companies’ prospects (up from 28% in the second quarter). Employer-sponsored Health Coverage Alive and Well. CFOs have been grappling with the fallout from health care reform for two years now. When it comes to health care cost, about 70% of U.S.

Upcoming Webinars, New Research and Other News

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Everyone knows that the quickest way to get into a prospect account is to have someone make a referral on your behalf – it’s an age old approach, the power of which has never diminished. Here is an update on what’s coming from ESR over the next few months: Research on Negotiation.

Think Your Customer Service Process is Solid? Read These Stats and Ask Yourself Again


Do you have an accurate picture of how customers and prospects see your business? You may boast 50 glowing testimonials but one scathing review is what will naturally stick in new prospect’s minds.

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: Sales Psychology - REPUBLICANS vs.

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                              According to the New American, “The GOP chart reflects the complexity of at least 31 new federal programs, agencies, commissions and mandates that accompany the unprecedented government takeover of health care in America. Both types cause you to lose mental momentum with prospective customers. They asked us to help them convert more prospects into clients.