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Firing Your Sales Manager or Boss


The job of a sales manager is to provide a succeeding environment for salespeople. People who are trying hard need to be nurtured, not napalmed with flame-thrower forecast pressure from lunatic managers seeking to manage what cannot be managed – revenue.

4 Ways Sales Management Systems Help Remote Sales Teams Thrive


For sales leaders with teams covering vast territories across multiple countries, it’s difficult to know if each salesperson on your team is focusing on the right things day-in and day-out. That’s where sales contests come into play.

It's not "What's your brand?" It's "Where's your brand?"

Jeffrey Gitomer

I was at the Omni Houston Hotel in Texas. ” So I went downstairs to my seminar and asked 150 people in my audience who were also staying at the hotel, “How many of you bathed this morning?” Right there in the hotel. I also gave them my sales idea.”

Hotels 326

Why You Should Fire Your Sales Manager Or Boss

Tony Hughes

The Sales Manager’s job is to provide an environment within which their sales people can succeed. It wasn't really his fault, and he had been told to hire a sales person to 'dominate the white space'.

How to Turn Your Sales Managers into Effective Coaches

Sales Hacker

Over the last year, sales management coaching has become THE hot topic. There has been an avalanche of articles in sales publications on coaching and new sales tools focused on making it easier to coach. Sales Managers Need Coaching Too.

Join Me in Raleigh, NC on March 8 & 9 | Jeffrey Gitomer | Sales.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Tweet Share I want you to join me March 8th for an afternoon leadership seminar, and March 9th for a morning sales seminar at the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel so you can make 2012 the year you dominate your market and the year you dominate your competition. Get Sales Blog Updates.

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Are you Serving Your Clients… or Just Servicing Them?

The Center for Sales Strategy

I’m sitting in a hotel lobby enjoying my dinner. What surprises me is the number of arriving hotel guests being greeted by their first name—before they hardly get in the door. These hotel guests don’t arrive with luggage every evening. Some may check in once a week, others probably once a month or less often, but wow, this hotel has it mastered. I can say that I don’t recall this level of service at most establishments, much less a hotel. sales management Sale

Folks: IT is all about Execution!

Your Sales Management Guru

That much time also gave me time to reflect, observe and think about our world of sales leadership. Many organizations fail because they simply don’t focus on executing the fundaments of a sales process or management process. Are you as a Sales Manager organized?

Top Sales World, Top Sales Management and Top Sales Awards Sold to the Highest Bidder!

Jonathan Farrington

Jonathan Farrington, Chairman and CEO of London and Paris based Top Sales Associates, today announced the sale of the firm to Qatari company 010412. Press Release: April 1st 2012.

High Performance Selling, Putting The Pieces Together

Partners in Excellence

Recently, I was sitting in a hotel lobby. Puzzles are interesting, and they are an intriguing metaphor for sales. Sales is like a very complex jigsaw puzzle. We break things into smaller, more manageable parts, focusing for a few moments on those.

Jigsaw 112

Face-to-Face Meetings Are Back in Style

No More Cold Calling

She was one of the first people to write about networking—a skill all salespeople need but many never manage to master. Meeting spaces are proliferating; convention centers are expanding; hotels are experiencing sold-out nights because of meetings and conferences.

7 Sales Influencers to Follow on Twitter at Dreamforce 2017


To help you stay up-to-date on the latest sales intelligence, sales operations and sales leadership discussions happening during the conference, we curated a list of seven influencers you should follow on Twitter, and included their speaking sessions. .

5 best practices for offering excellent customer service

Base CRM

Every part of your organization is responsible for providing excellent customer service and creating a great customer experience, including your sales team. Poor service at the different touch points in the sales process, from the first cold call to your first attempt to upsell, can quickly cause the loss of customers and affect your company’s profits. Your sales team’s service should try every day to EXCEED customers’ expectations.

Will Your Sales Team Embrace Change or Fight It Every Step of the Way?


If you are in sales management, sales enablement, sales consulting or sales training, you’ve likely asked your sales people to embrace change driven by new tools, processes and procedures. Sometimes, sales people gain the biggest benefit.

The Scientific Approach To Setting Sales Goals For Your Sales Development Team

Sales Hacker

As a VP of Sales, you’re probably not too familiar with SaaS metrics or costs — that’s the CFO’s job, right? Well today, we’ll breakdown how to understand SaaS costs basics, and then explain how to accurately set sales goals and metrics that drive success.

Sensemaking: Selling To Customers In The “Simple Quadrant”

Partners in Excellence

The “design in,” may have been a complex or complicated process, but once solutions have been found, the customer may view this as a supply chain/inventory management issue, with primary and secondary supply sources, regular procurement schedules and very predictable purchasing.

What a Receptionist Taught Me About the Secret of Life

Keith Rosen

Here’s a powerful lesson about life I was reminded of by a wise receptionist at a remote hotel in Peru. How do you access the information you need or stay on top of the news, latest business trends and technology that could help build and manage your business?

What Does Fitness Mean for a Salesperson? (Hint: It’s Not Just Being Buff)


This is true in endless other areas, too–hotels, automobile purchases, credit cards, travel, hotels and many more. Moving back over to the sales side of things, you must remain constantly fit to stay ahead of all that heavy competition. Pipeliner CRM is the most powerful CRM for making salespeople and sale managers fit. Sales Management For Sales ProsFitness is an interesting subject.

Inside Sales vs Outside Sales: Pros & Cons


Sales careers are often overshadowed by myths of being a high-risk and overly-competitive career choice; however, many sales reps will tell you that the job offers quite a bit of freedom when it comes to your earnings. Or, keep reading for more sales plan ideas.

Finding Opportunities

Your Sales Management Guru

These contacts were discovered in airports, hotels, walking down the street, hallways between meetings or while simply waiting in line for another prescheduled meeting. As sales leaders are you expecting networking activity in your monthly salesperson’s business plans? Ken Thoreson “operationalizes” sales management systems and processes that pull revenue out of the doldrums into the fresh zone. Finding Opportunities.

Six Steps to Exceed Your Summer Quota

Your Sales Management Guru

In this blog I wanted to give you some specific tactics to deploy immediately to assist you during the typical summer slow times, while I always consider that an excuse, there are proven sales leadership actions you can take now that will make a difference in your cash flow this summer.

Quota 108

Parting Thoughts on OutBound 2019

Anthony Iannarino

In 2017, we did this conference (the “we” being Mike Weinberg, Mark Hunter, Jeb Blount, and me) we had about 9 weeks to prepare and had almost 400 people in a conference room in a hotel. All of the speakers delivered real and relevant content for sales professionals.

The Sales Ethics of Personalization


What do you think of sales ethics of personalization? You get info on just how effective personalization can be — McKinsey’s safe estimate is that personalization can lift sales by 10 percent or more — and you get info on how to do it. Sales personalization can help you do that. Geomarketing points out that “beacons can provide an additional form of virtual sales assistance, directing consumers exactly to the products they want. Sales Management For Sales Pros

Working a Trade Show is a Job

Your Sales Management Guru

As I am sitting in the lobby of this very nice hotel, I can view 15 or so people watching a soccer game, a few others are holding one on one meetings and other folks seemingly wondering the hallways, or even walking outside by the pool. Understand your transportation from the hotel to convention center. Use the shuttles between convention center and hotels and pack your daily bags accordingly. Leadership Management Sales Leadership Training Sales Management

Sales Leadership: a lack of resources may limit success

Your Sales Management Guru

Sales Leadership: A Lack of Resources May Limit Success. During that time I toured few new hotels, saw a show, dined at great restaurants, viewed The Grand Canyon and visited Hoover Dam. However, two things hit me: 1) the recession has really affected the area, they are #1 in foreclosures, with supposedly more to come, the highest unemployment rate in the nation and the hotels/casino’s are starting to close! As a sales leader are your resources ready for tomorrow’s success?

Sales 2.0 Conference; The Huge Sales Blitz and Sales Processes

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Yesterday, I spoke at the Sales 2.0 This is the taxi-driver version of an account manager. He was a type 2, but with time management skills. Long before we reached the hotel, he asked how I would be paying and activated the payment screen so that I could pay by credit card and sign the receipt. He then sped ahead to another hotel where he could be first in line.

Win-Win: The Key to Sustainable, Successful Sales


What does this mean, and why is it so important when it comes to a sustainable series of sales relationships? Since the beginning of time, sales has had a tendency to be overbalanced on one side or the other—on the side of the seller, or on the side of the buyer. Then there are Spring Sales, Summer Sales, and other seasonal sales. Now there seems to be sales just about any time of year, and the consumer is chasing them all over the place.

Building Trust and Rapport


“Building Trust and Rapport” was the headline in an invitation I received in the mail for a full day sales seminar being held at a local hotel. The small print listed trust and rapport as a “necessary sales skill,” but it caused me to ponder: is building trust and rapport a learned skill or an earned component of a relationship? Sales Management For Sales Pros

Sales Leadership: Work Out Time

Your Sales Management Guru

Your Sales Leadership Workout. Your Sales Organization in Shape . Build a proactive approach to sales management that creates predictive revenue and a self-managed sales team. . Learn how top performing sales leaders muscle up their teams to pump up predictable revenues. Designed for sales leaders that want to grow. Regimen: 10 proven ways to boost sales in 90 days. Creating a sales driven culture.

It’s About the Client


It just popped up in your email, the message from the hotel where you recently stayed. The sales rep tells a key contact about the customer satisfaction program and that six months down the road, the client will receive a survey. The relationship kicks off, the delivery team engages and the sales team works to grow the account. It’s all about the discussion, which involves your sales and delivery team representatives meeting together with the client, in person.

The Truth and Profit Behind Your Service | Sales Training.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Tweet Share I’m in Las Vegas, where nine of the ten largest hotels in the world reside. Each hotel competes against the other for huge contracts. So what are these big hotels doing about it? Each hotel offers amenities and attractions that are unbelievable. I believe every hotel is overlooking THE difference. REALITY: These big hotels have policies. These big hotels have procedures. Get Sales Blog Updates. Sales. Sales Videos.

Subjective Value and What It Means to Sales


Interestingly, an entire industry has been created out of the concept of subjective value: that of insight sales. One manufacturer even adds their own concierge for booking of hotels, travel, or entertainment events. With these tools a sales team can accurately express both the subjective and objective value of each person within a prospect or customer organization. The post Subjective Value and What It Means to Sales appeared first on SalesPOP!

Outside the Box: 13 Unconventional, Bold Sales Maneuvers


The deal interception, when correctly executed, can shorten an 18-month sales cycle down to mere weeks – especially if it is for an existing account, and the need is NOW. Reserve a meeting room in a classy hotel across the street from a major conference. Without exaggeration, I’ve seen this technique work selling into finance where relationship building is still crucial, especially in key account management. Pipeliner CRM empowers any bold move for sales.

Is Your Sales Customer Experience Twice As Good?

Anthony Cole Training

This made me think of business and sales and pricing and competition and, somehow, I ended up thinking about this. A coke in a machine in most hotels today is EASILY a dollar. If so, you’ll love our weekly audio Sales Brew and monthly newsletter! I don’t remember how old I was.

PUBLIC EVENT FOR MANAGERS & EXECUTIVES: Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions In Malaysia and Singapore Next Week!

Keith Rosen

Over the last few years since my book, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions has been released, I’ve been given the great opportunity to have most of my management coach training programs be consumed by the top Fortune 1000 companies in their respected sectors and industries, including consumer goods, technology, insurance, financial, manufacturing, communications, medical and pharmaceutical. Who Should Attend: Managers and executives. Prince Hotel.

Best Example of Value-Added vs. Commodity Selling

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan I wrote an article for the March 2013 issue of Top Sales World Magazine that debriefs an actual sales call. I'll also be hosting our Annual Spring Sales Leadership Intensive in Boston.

Calibrate Your Managers with the Sales Coaching Olympics


This guest post was authored by Chad Dyar , Director of Sales Enablement at OnDeck. Over the last year, sales coaching has become THE hot topic. There has been an avalanche of articles in sales publications on coaching and new tools focused on making it easier to coach. Every conference I have attended this year has sales coaching front and center on the main stage and in breakout sessions. The VPs of sales chose sales reps to be coached.

61 Awesome B2B Sales Jargon Busters


If you are new to Business to Business Sales then sometimes the sales jargon, buzz words, phrases and acronyms Sales Professionals use can be quite confusing. Furthermore without any standard definitions these words and phrases continue to confuse and mislead Sales People.

B2B 52

3 Reasons Why Qualifying Sales Prospects Never Works


Qualifying Sales Prospects in B2B Sales has never been more important, given the longer sales cycles and the ever increasing cost of sales. In the past, simple sales qualifying processes were created such as B.A.N.T Sales Management Sales Techniques