The Top 24 HubSpot CRM Integrations for Improving Sales Productivity


One of HubSpot’s greatest benefits is the number of integrations with other apps that have been built. And HubSpot customers and partners make great use of that capability. But you might not have expected to see so many sales teams using video integrations. Sales Prospecting.

How To Embed Personalized Video Into Your Hubspot Sales Emails

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If you are a Hubspot Sales user at the Professional or Enterprise level, I have good news! Not long ago, Hubspot announced a feature that enables salespeople (or any Hubspot user communicating with a contact through the CRM) to embed videos directly into their 1:1 emails! Here are just a few reasons this exciting feature is valuable and vital to the sales process: Video creates a more personal and humanized sales experience.

HubSpot: Now with CRM included!

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The space-time continuum between sales and marketing is rapidly moving to extinction. Brian Halligan, the CEO of HubSpot has repeated a number of time "The traditional sales process in broken. Customers have changed their buying process dramatically.

4 Company Culture “Must Haves” to Create a Great Sales Process

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A great sales process does not start with fancy workflows and flawless forecasts. Forging a thriving sales process starts with something more integral to the organization: the company’s DNA. Make no mistake, company culture cultivates machine-like sales processes.

Why Inbound and Inside Sales Experts Think Sales Process is Dead Too

Understanding the Sales Force

Sales Process isn't even the only thing that inbound marketers say is dead. Let's start with my recent Google search for "Sales Process is Dead." One article was written by a sales expert discussing the concept of following the buyer's purchasing process.

PODCAST 27: How Former HubSpot CRO Built a Predictable Sales Machine

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we interview famous CRO, thought leader, and author, Mark Roberge. . Mark was the first sales hire at Hubspot and helped scale that business from $0 to $100M. The 5 most important qualities Hubspot used to identify top sales talent.

Get Ready to Get More Out of Your Sales Calls with HubSpot + ExecVision


We’re excited to announce an all new integration between ExecVision and HubSpot. HubSpot CRM is rapidly becoming one of the top CRM technologies on the market and we are pleased to provide HubSpot CRM users with actionable data, directly from your sales call recordings. These recordings can be from the native HubSpot dialer or another telephony provider. The ExecVision + HubSpot CRM integration empowers your reps to take control of their development.

Must Read - This Email Proves How Poorly the Bottom 74% of Salespeople Perform

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I've written more than 1,400 articles for Understanding the Sales Force and every one of them has been my observation of salespeople, sales managers and sales teams. Dave Kurlan HubSpot sales process sales performance qualifying win rates pete caputa

Can Free Sales Content Send You Down a Dangerous Path?

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On the Web, there are three kinds of free sales content available. It was a joint promotion from Hubspot and - maybe you received the same offer in your inbox. Was it a process? Did you ever drive down a street and seen a roadside sign advertising free stuff?

Lead Prospecting on Twitter: Try This 3-Step, No-Fluff Process

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It’s pretty easy to find marketing applications for Twitter, but what about sales applications for the little blue bird? And we thought there should be a fluff-free process you could implement to use Twitter to connect with prospects at a higher rate.

Sales Playbook, Sales Process, and Sales Methodology—How Each Component Plays a Critical Role


Sales playbook, sales process, sales methodology… with all of the vernacular that surrounds the simple concept of moving a prospective customer through the funnel from a lead or contact to a closed won contract, there are many terms that intersect and can easily be confused with one other.

3 Proven Sales Forecasting Methods for Greater Accuracy

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Getting an accurate sales forecast is almost as important as hitting the revenue target itself. But with so many different sales forecasting methods, how do you know which will give you the most accurate view? The “Lead Value” Sales Forecasting Method.

So You’ve Qualified Your Prospect (Here’s What NOT to Do)

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When a prospect downloads an ebook, opens a sales email , or views your pricing page, they’re raising their hand. To avoid this problem, it’s important to use your CRM and sales engagement tools to keep the deal moving forward. HubSpot Marquee Partner Sales Development Articles

The 40+ Best Apps for Salespeople Who Want to Win

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To win at sales, you need the right tools. Sale calculator. Canvassing and door-to-door sales apps. RELATED: The 40 Best Slack Integrations and Apps for Sales & Marketing Productivity. HubSpot Mobile App. Are you a HubSpot CRM user?

What Is a Lead? (Hint: You’re Thinking About It Wrong)

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If you’re new to sales or marketing, you may be asking yourself, “What is a lead?”. The start of a potential sales process is a lead, and there are many ways to obtain leads as there are stars in the sky. Instead, take an account-based sales approach.

Will Inbound Marketing solve my Lead Generation problem?

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Inbound marketing is a discipline, when used correctly, can solve your sales lead shortage, but by itself, it doesn’t solve the lead generation issue. Inbound marketing – Hubspot uses the graphic below to define the overall inbound marketing process. The short answer is no.

Speaking the Language of Sales: Improving Your Business Acumen

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In most cases, there is no specific degree required for a sales position. According to a study from HubSpot, business degrees are the best represented in sales, but a wide range of studies also lead to sales people, including English, Social Sciences, and Computer Science.

Selling With Video At Every Stage of the Funnel

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As HubSpot’s research shows, video is becoming the preferred content format by a clear margin. Sales Process ProspectingThere’s no question that video as a medium is rapidly increasing in popularity.

Priorities for Sales Leaders in 2018

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Priorities for Sales Leaders in 2018. So what are the key priorities for sales leaders in 2018? Hubspot have published their annual State of Inbound Survey – always an interesting read. 48% said improving the efficiency of the sales funnel.

First Post 2014 – Let’s Cut The S*#T – 1

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As the first post of the years, I thought I would set the tone for the blog and hopefully sales in 2014. Let’s start by setting straight some unadulterated s**t that has made its way into main stream sales over the last few years. Sales 2.0

The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation: 6-Steps to a Winning Lead-Gen Process

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This guide answers the 6 most pressing questions about lead gen, so you can implement a process that keeps your pipeline full — and your salespeople busy closing deals. The best ways to generate sales leads. What a good lead generation process looks like.

The Sales Playbooks Every Sales Team Needs


In our latest research done in partnership with Databox , marketers and sales managers agree that playbooks improve the effectiveness and efficiency of calls, help train new salespeople and ensure product and services are correctly positioned. Scripts for New Sales Reps.

How to Engage Prospects to Identify True Interest

Smart Selling Tools

In this series, we ask Sales Tech Executives to describe how their solution can change a sales organization in a significant way. We call it Sales Tech Game Changers. This week I interview Erroin Martin , VP of Sales for Conversica.

How Sales Teams Drive Exceptional Customer Experiences

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How Sales Teams Drive Exceptional Customer Experiences. Every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to delight or disappoint them, and sales is often one of the first interactions, setting the tone for the customer relationship.

Approaching 2015 From a Sales Perspective

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But what can you do to kick-off the New Year so that 2015 is your best sales year ever? How many new sales or accounts are required? Multiply that by the number of new sales or accounts required. Improve Your Sales Capability. Copyright: 123RF Stock Photo.

The Secret Tool You Can Use to Close Way More Deals

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The deal plan should cover whatever your prospect suggests but will generally encompass the remainder of the sales cycle, how to sell the product internally, and the implementation of the product. In most sales situations, the biggest challenge is inertia. Process-Related Questions.

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Should Your SDR Team Be Outsourced?

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As leads pour in, it becomes challenging for your current sales reps to manage their book of business and properly prospect. As a sales manager, you have to ask yourself “Do I simply hire more salespeople, or is it time to implement an SDR program?”. to $62K” ( Hubspot ).

Weekly Roundup: Tips For Closing More B2B Sales, Delivering Tough Feedback + More

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> 9 Insider Tips for Closing More B2B Sales - HubSpot. When done right, B2B sales have the potential to be both extremely lucrative and deeply rewarding. Here are key steps you may want to include in your B2B sales process. >>> - MOTIVATION -.

Follow-Up Emails: The Smart Salesperson’s Guide

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If you’re like the rest of the sales world, and need to send several follow-up emails to get a response, this one’s for you. How often to follow up with sales prospects for higher response rates. Sales Follow Up Email Templates. – Mark Kosoglow , VP of Sales at Outreach.

A Conversation With Eric Pratt: Why Sales Playbooks are a Necessary Complement to Inbound Marketing Plans


For Eric Pratt, more than thirteen years in the sales and marketing industry taught him a few things about how these teams can work together. This understanding led him to found Revenue River in 2009, a digital marketing and sales innovation agency.

Best Sales Books: 10 More Titles to Supercharge Your Sales Strategy

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Rev up your sales process with the best sales books. Need a reason to pick up a new sales book? Do you struggle to settle down with a good sales book? RELATED: Best Sales Books: 30 Elite Picks to Step Up Your Sales Game . New Sales. New Sales.

A Conversation With Doug Davidoff Part I: Understanding and Optimizing the Concept of Sales Playbooks


It’s rare to find a sales professional who actually grew up with a goal to be in sales, but Doug Davidoff is one of those individuals. Sales is a great place to actually break the rules and work on your own timeline.”. What is your personal definition of a sales playbook?

Sales Thoughts: Imitation Is the Greatest Form of Flattery

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Thoughts: Imitation Is the Greatest Form of Flattery. By Frank Visgatis, President & Chief Operating Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. This past week in Boston has been the INBOUND15 conference sponsored by HubSpot.

Weekly Roundup: Video, Video + More Video

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Today, we're changing things up to bring you content only focused on video and how it relates to the sales process and sales performance. This post shares how you can send video via email for sales or marketing efforts. - WHAT'S MOTIVATING US THIS WEEK -.

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Weekly Roundup: Close More Sales with Empathy + More

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> How to Develop Empathy with Your Prospects and Close More SalesHubspot. The robots are coming, and salespeople are afraid they're here to take their sales jobs. It might be true that technology can be integrated into many steps of the sales process.

8 Brilliant Ways to Increase Sales

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Are your sales numbers flat this year? Are you struggling to get to hit your sales quotas? I asked a few sales experts about their current favorite techniques for increasing sales — and threw in a few tips of my own. How about shortening your sales cycle length?

Weekly Roundup: How to Respond When Prospects Ask For Customer References + More

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DHARMESH SHAH At Hubspot's Annual Conference , #INBOUND18. > How to Respond When Prospects Ask For Customer References: 12 Strategies — Hubspot. Customer references can make the difference between a closed sale or a lost one. It's not in the beginning of the sales process, when many prospects ask. It might not even be in the middle of your process if you haven’t already done a good job addressing their concerns. - WHAT'S MOTIVATING US THIS WEEK -. "IN

The Big Lie About Social Selling

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One of the more concise ones is offered by Hubspot : “Salespeople use social media to interact directly with their prospects. Until the qualified sales leads call for an appointment; send an email; or walk through the door, no selling is actually taking place.

Can You Improve a Kick-Ass Sales Force?

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Most of the calls and emails we receive come from companies with flat or declining sales. When I read the article I noted a couple of things I really liked: They learn very little about sales in the first 30 days.

SaaS Sales Expert Mark Roberge on Why Sales Leaders Need to Follow These 4 Steps To Scale Their Teams [Exclusive Interview]


The tactical details of the sales process vary from company to company and even from individual to individual, but there are certain universal insights that will help any sales team thrive. Mark Roberge, former CRO of HubSpot. Drift Drift Blog B2B sales Sales