Why and How HubSpot Migrated from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM

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So, you’re thinking about moving your sales team from Salesforce to HubSpot. At HubSpot, we found ourselves in the same situation four years ago. Our entire global sales team had been on Salesforce for over 10 years. And we’re HubSpot! Image Source: HubSpot.

Turbocharge Your HubSpot Email Campaigns


Let’s break down the exact path a lead takes with HubSpot and LeadGnome working together to boost efficiency and effectiveness. When it comes to effective inbound campaigns, HubSpot is the crème de la crème. HubSpot And LeadGnome Together = A Powerful Sales Tool.

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The Top 24 HubSpot CRM Integrations for Improving Sales Productivity


One of HubSpot’s greatest benefits is the number of integrations with other apps that have been built. And HubSpot customers and partners make great use of that capability. But you might not have expected to see so many sales teams using video integrations. Sales Prospecting.

Hubspot’s CEO Brian Halligan Answers Tough Sales Questions

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Hubspot’s INBOUND 2014 Conference is one of the better conferences of the year. Recently, I had a chance to ask Brian Halligan , Hubspot’s CEO, these 4 difficult questions: When you miss a revenue goal, how do you diagnose root cause?

How To Create HubSpot Campaigns That Excite Your Sales Team


HubSpot campaigns let marketers create, manage and track highly-effective inbound strategies by driving web traffic through landing pages, blog posts, social messages and emails that contain calls to action (CTA). That’s where LeadGnome’s integration with HubSpot comes in. Blog HubSpo

Increase Revenue With HubSpot Automation & LeadGnome Data


LeadGnome is an online web service that mines reply emails for actionable sales intelligence. The data integrates seamlessly with all three of HubSpot’s platforms: Marketing, Sales, and CRM, making it a valuable addition to both sales and marketing stacks.

How to Be Successful at Remote Sales, According to HubSpot's Remote Salesforce

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In fact, according to HubSpot's 2019 Remote Work Report, communication with co-workers, feelings of loneliness, and overworking are challenges that remote workers face daily. And if you work in sales, it can be even harder. 8 Tips for Remote Sales Reps. Sales Trends

Will Robots Steal Your Sales Rep Job? We Asked HubSpot Experts

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Well, can a robot sell sales software to a business of any size?". So for both your and the robot's sake, we've compiled some insight from HubSpot experts about the topic. Let's check out what they have to say about AI taking sales jobs. Why AI Won't Take Sales Jobs.

HubSpot Reps on How to Work With Marketing to Make Better Sales Content

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Sales content — brand or product-specific content your company produces to compel prospects to buy. The quality of your sales content can be a critical factor in a potential customer's decision to trust your business. Most Effective Forms of Sales Content. Sales Trends

How to Choose the Right Accounts for ABM, from HubSpot's ABM Product Manager

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According to HubSpot's State of Marketing Report, more than 67% of brands are leveraging it in 2020. In fact, equipped with the right approach, marketing and sales teams can pick their accounts together in as little as an hour. Get Insights on Contacts to Shorten Sales Cycles.

What Is Hubspot CRM? | Overview, Features, and Pricing


HubSpot CRM is one of the leading customer relationship management software for salespeople today. Keep reading for our review of this CRM software created by HubSpot, one of the industry’s leading marketing and sales experts. The post What Is Hubspot CRM?

10 Reasons Salespeople LOVE the HubSpot CRM and Sales Enablement Tools

The Center for Sales Strategy

HubSpot crm sales enablement

CIENCE Earns HubSpot Advanced Implementation Certified (AIC) Partner Status


This certification qualifies CIENCE as a HubSpot-approved partner for CRM Migration and Integration projects. Why HubSpot CRM? The short answer: HubSpot’s growth platform works. Rip out and replace CRM systems aimed at maximizing marketing and sales automation.

The Real Deal of Sales with Hubspot

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I’m very excited to announce the Real Deal of Sales Sales Channel in partnership with Hubspot. The Real Deal of Sales is a sale channel about and for sales people. I’m hitting the road and going around the country to interview sales people.

How to Work Smart, Not Hard According to HubSpot Sales Reps

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As a sales professional, you’re always on the lookout for ways to get more done in less time. According to HubSpot research, over half of sales reps turn to their peers for advice on how to sharpen their skills. I work smart, not hard, by utilizing the task queues in HubSpot CRM.

How the HubSpot Sales Team Used Video to Engage More Prospects

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Sales calls and emails are tried and true methods of engaging and converting sales prospects. However, only 24% of sales emails are ever opened. It also takes an average of 18 sales calls to connect with a potential buyer. Working in sales is challenging.

Sprocket Talk Podcast – Email Strategies With HubSpot & LeadGnome


It was fun to chat with someone who gets just as excited about the impact mining email replies has on sales and marketing as I do! How an Out-Of-Office auto-reply can immediately give your sales team a ‘warm call’ advantage. Why LeadGnome offers benefits for both Sales and Marketing.

How To Embed Personalized Video Into Your Hubspot Sales Emails

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If you are a Hubspot Sales user at the Professional or Enterprise level, I have good news! Not long ago, Hubspot announced a feature that enables salespeople (or any Hubspot user communicating with a contact through the CRM) to embed videos directly into their 1:1 emails! Here are just a few reasons this exciting feature is valuable and vital to the sales process: Video creates a more personal and humanized sales experience.

HubSpot: Now with CRM included!

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The space-time continuum between sales and marketing is rapidly moving to extinction. Brian Halligan, the CEO of HubSpot has repeated a number of time "The traditional sales process in broken. Marketers and sales teams have begun to adjust their approach.

Best quotes from Hubspot Inbound 2013

Leading Results Rambings

The Leading Results team just invested 10 man-days at the Hubspot Inbound conference (3 of us for 3 days and 2 of us for a half day). And it wasn’t all (or even mostly) about Hubspot software.

PODCAST 27: How Former HubSpot CRO Built a Predictable Sales Machine

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we interview famous CRO, thought leader, and author, Mark Roberge. . Mark was the first sales hire at Hubspot and helped scale that business from $0 to $100M. The 5 most important qualities Hubspot used to identify top sales talent.

Retain More Revenue by Choosing the Right Customer Success Technology

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Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) software delivery has revolutionized the B2B software sales cycle. Managing Complexity and Competition. It has streamlined implementation and heightened ease of use for customers and vendors alike. For vendors, however, these bright sides have come.

Get Ready to Get More Out of Your Sales Calls with HubSpot + ExecVision


We’re excited to announce an all new integration between ExecVision and HubSpot. HubSpot CRM is rapidly becoming one of the top CRM technologies on the market and we are pleased to provide HubSpot CRM users with actionable data, directly from your sales call recordings. These recordings can be from the native HubSpot dialer or another telephony provider. The ExecVision + HubSpot CRM integration empowers your reps to take control of their development.

“Your Details Are Safe With Us” – If You Register With Facebook or HubSpot, Apparently Not!

Jonathan Farrington

” Is there a more banal, less sophisticated, unprofessional way to open a sales conversation? “I am xxxxx xxxxx from Facebook” I am tempted to reveal this cowboy’s name, but I know who he is; he knows who he is and I am extremely hopeful that by the time they reach the end of this post, the people at Facebook and HubSpot are going to want to know his name. “I have two names here, Top Sales World and J, JF, JFA?”

@HubSpot Eliminates 2 Billion Cold Calls (from #Inbound13)

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Just prior to Seth Godin stepping on stage, for what was an entertaining and thought provoking keynote, HubSpot CMO, Mike Volpe , announced that " We saved the world from 2 Billion cold calls! " Inbound marketing techniques continue to evolve, and HubSpot is the pioneer for Inbound.

3 Proven Sales Forecasting Methods for Greater Accuracy

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Getting an accurate sales forecast is almost as important as hitting the revenue target itself. But with so many different sales forecasting methods, how do you know which will give you the most accurate view? The “Lead Value” Sales Forecasting Method.

Why So Many Sales Managers are So Bad

Understanding the Sales Force

They are not usually bad people and they might not have been bad salespeople, but they are usually so ineffective in their role as sales managers. Dave Kurlan HubSpot Sales Coaching sales management functions pete caputa pipedrive sales management role

Lead Prospecting on Twitter: Try This 3-Step, No-Fluff Process

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It’s pretty easy to find marketing applications for Twitter, but what about sales applications for the little blue bird? If you use a CRM like HubSpot or Salesforce , you can automatically search for the Twitter handles of your contacts when they convert as a lead.

Can Free Sales Content Send You Down a Dangerous Path?

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On the Web, there are three kinds of free sales content available. It was a joint promotion from Hubspot and InsideSales.com.com - maybe you received the same offer in your inbox. Did you ever drive down a street and seen a roadside sign advertising free stuff?

The 40+ Best Apps for Salespeople Who Want to Win

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To win at sales, you need the right tools. Sale calculator. Canvassing and door-to-door sales apps. RELATED: The 40 Best Slack Integrations and Apps for Sales & Marketing Productivity. HubSpot Mobile App. Are you a HubSpot CRM user?

So You’ve Qualified Your Prospect (Here’s What NOT to Do)

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When a prospect downloads an ebook, opens a sales email , or views your pricing page, they’re raising their hand. To avoid this problem, it’s important to use your CRM and sales engagement tools to keep the deal moving forward. HubSpot Marquee Partner Sales Development Articles

What Is a Lead? (Hint: You’re Thinking About It Wrong)

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If you’re new to sales or marketing, you may be asking yourself, “What is a lead?”. The start of a potential sales process is a lead, and there are many ways to obtain leads as there are stars in the sky. But from what I’ve seen, most sales reps are wrong about what IS and ISN’T a lead.

5 Secrets to Running More Productive Weekly Sales Meetings

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Sales meetings are an integral part of every business, regardless of maturity, industry, or goal. For these reasons, it’s imperative that sales managers know exactly how to conduct a sales meeting. Related: A Tactical Guide on Setting the Right Goals for Sales Reps.

HubSpot Signals Product Review "She just read the email" (from #Inbound13)

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Last week at Inbound, HubSpot announced a new product, Signals. In simple terms, Signals is a Chrome extension that tracks and notifies you when someone has activity on emails, LinkedIn, Salesforce and HubSpot. Sales people now have actionable intelligence from the prospect.

Hubspot Product Review: Inbound Marketing Methodology, Not Just a Product

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Along the way we started drinking some Orange Kool-Aid in the form of Hubspot's inbound marketing educational materials. Migration -- Hubspot's conversion team takes your existing site and migrates it to their platform. Hubspot is about education more than it is CMS.

Must Read - This Email Proves How Poorly the Bottom 74% of Salespeople Perform

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I've written more than 1,400 articles for Understanding the Sales Force and every one of them has been my observation of salespeople, sales managers and sales teams. Dave Kurlan HubSpot sales process sales performance qualifying win rates pete caputa

How Many Customer Support Reps Do You Need? These 4 Stats Will Tell You Everything.

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For years, our hiring strategy for the HubSpot customer support team was simple. We had funding, an accelerating sales team and customer count, and awesome tech. I had just taken over the support team at HubSpot. how good is your sales and retention forecasting?).

Churn 103

According To The Data, Salespeople Should Work On Saturday And Play Golf On Monday

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This is a guest post from Mark Roberge, Chief Revenue Officer at Hubspot. Mark has done some amazing things at Hubspot and the data they’ve been gathering on sales and marketing is impressive. So how do we respond as a sales team?

Data 147

@HubSpot Eliminates 2 Billion Cold Calls (from #Inbound13)

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Just prior to Seth Godin stepping on stage, for what was an entertaining and thought provoking keynote, HubSpot CMO, Mike Volpe , announced that " We saved the world from 2 Billion cold calls! " Inbound marketing techniques continue to evolve, and HubSpot is the pioneer for Inbound. In the world of sales, selling doesn't start until a conversation starts with the prospect. I just tested the above with a lead that came in through our HubSpot system within the hour.

The State of Inbound-SALES!

Sales 2.0

I’m still pretty jazzed up about the Hubspot Inbound 2014 conference that I attended this week. The big reason for my excitement (apart from seeing so many sales friends) is that Hubspot has joined the CRM game and is looking to help sales people succeed through social selling.