LeadGnome Case Study: Bridgeway Increases Sales Productivity and Database Health


They needed an automated solution that would integrate seamlessly with their HubSpot CRM and improve their sales team’s efficiency and productivity. Download Case Study. Blog LeadGnome Case Studies

Can Case Studies Help Your Business?

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Case studies often serve a different business building purpose than email. What Is a Case Study? According to a wiki definition, a case study is: 1. A cloud storage company may write a case study on moving document storage from local hard drives to the cloud.

[STUDY] Bridging the Great B2B Vendor-Buyer Divide

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Get the entire FREE study: 30 Ways to Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Buyer. Here’s how buyers in our study answered the question “When I don’t connect with a salesperson, it is because…”. But the fact that most buyers still identified this as the primary reason they don’t connect with salespeople (and there’s a lot of supporting evidence, such as this excellent breakdown from Hubspot, for buyer-vendor disconnect ) means that it’s still a big problem.

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LeadGnome Case Study: Bridgeway Increases Sales Productivity and Database Health


New case study reveals how Bridgeway Security Solutions leveraged LeadGnome’s reply email mining service to improve sales productivity and HubSpot database health. The post LeadGnome Case Study: Bridgeway Increases Sales Productivity and Database Health appeared first on LeadGnome.

The Importance Of Organizational Culture For Sales Teams, with Justin Hiatt, Episode #103


2:56] Justin’s story – from Oracle to Hubspot to Workfront. [8:24] Hubspot. Subscribe to Selling With Social. Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | Google Podcasts.

An Inbound Marketer’s Guide To Database Health


In fact, that same Zoominfo study found that bad data costs US businesses more than $611 billion annually, and some organizations spend as much as 50% of their IT budgets rehabilitating customer databases. Blog Database Integrity HubSpot Inbound Marketing Reply Email Mining

The New Era Of The Cold Call

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According to inbound marketing leader HubSpot, the average cost per inbound lead is 61 percent lower than an outbound lead. But according to a recent study?by The trend for inside sales is not coming — it has arrived and is sitting at our doorstep.

We Analyzed 1,000 Emails & Voicemails to Understand How the Top SaaS Companies Chase Enterprise Deals.


A new study from Process Street in partnership with sales email tool PersistIQ reveals the inside sales outreach of the world’s 281 top SaaS companies, and how they respond when a high-ticket lead (in this case, we used Vodafone) signs up for a free trial or demo.

A New Tool to Drive B2B Leads from LinkedIn

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Case Study. Hubspot, a marketing automation software company was seeking additional quality leads. Hubspot campaign screenshots: Testimonial from Hubspot: “LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates are the perfect marriage between its professional audience and our promotional content.

22 Eye-Opening Statistics About Sales Email Subject Lines That Affect Open Rates [Updated for 2018]

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HubSpot. 38% of salespeople say getting a response from prospects is getting harder - HubSpot. ET has the highest clickthrough rate for email sends - HubSpot. 86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes - HubSpot.

Working to automate your social selling emails

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I’ve never seen a study that compares the two approaches but would love to. So for example it can see if they are running a marketing automation solution (such as Marketo or Hubspot.).

30 of the Best SaaS Partner Programs (and Why They Are So Good)


Study them, learn from them, and apply their best practices in your own partner programs. Only the largest enterprise programs (Salesforce, HubSpot, and PayPal) have partner fees. HubSpot’s Sales and Marketing Growth Stack.

Increase Inbound Close Rates by Bringing Lead Activity into Slack


There have been lots of studies around lead response times. Take HubSpot for example: Their inbound lead volume was incredibly strong. After all, if anyone knew how important responding to leads is to the bottom line, it was HubSpot.

Don’t Care What Happens After the Sale? That’s Your First Mistake

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They’re not waiting for you to share carefully crafted case studies. In fact, a 2018 HubSpot survey showed 77% of respondents research brands before they engage with them. HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan recalls when the company instituted a “clawback” provision into the commission plan.

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CRM Best Practices: How to Choose the Best Free CRM System

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How is HubSpot free CRM different from competitors? I’m ready to move my team onto the HubSpot CRM. Below is a view of how HubSpot's CRM dashboard displays deal forecasts, sales pipeline, and deals closed against quota for a given month.

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7 Actionable Tips to Re-Engage Old Sales Leads

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Source: HubSpot. Use these tips: Study your previous conversations and find a pattern for insight. Case Study: Jake Jorgovan. Case Study: Valve Video Games. Study the demographics of your old leads. Case Study: Nindi Singh. Case Study: Pawel Gabrowski.

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Having Trouble Connecting With Your Customers? Rethink Your Hiring Practices.

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Source: HubSpot Research. A few years ago, the HubSpot sales team started to examine our own hiring practices and think about the type of company we wanted to be. Katie Ng-Mak, VP of Global Partner Strategy and Operations at HubSpot, has built one of our most diverse sales teams.

How to Leave Sales Voicemails People Actually Want to Respond To

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Here is what a HubSpot salesperson's voicemail sequence sounds like: [Tuesday at 9 a.m.]: "Hi John. This is Mark from HubSpot. Mark again from HubSpot. Mark at HubSpot. Mark at HubSpot. Has your name ever been on a salesperson's call list?

How to Use Psychology to Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaign

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Psychology in marketing is about studying consumer behavior. Book Packages Available ~ email: elinor@smoothsale.net . HubSpot Sales “ Sell More and Work Less!”

5 Ways Sales Leaders Use Email Signatures to Generate Business

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According to a recent study by HubSpot, 75% of companies say closing more deals is their top sales priority— yet 30% of salespeople say closing deals is getting harder. HubSpot research shows that 86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes.

The Quest for Good Leads: Are You Asking the Right Questions?


Here’s an excerpt from one of his recent blogs (May 2015): This past week I was reading HubSpot's study on the state of inbound marketing, and understandably, with HubSpot being in the inbound marketing business, the study showed that the marketing spend on inbound marketing is rising.

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How Sales Teams Drive Exceptional Customer Experiences

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A Hubspot study shows that while 82 percent of sales people believe they provide value to buyers, only 34 percent of customers believe the same. How Sales Teams Drive Exceptional Customer Experiences. Customer experience has become the basis for competition in the modern world.

3 Tips to Write a Prospecting Email That Gets a Response

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For example, if you’re targeting CROs in the Greater Boston area, your LinkedIn results would look something like this: Let’s take a closer look at one of the profiles that came up in our search: Mark Roberge, Chief Revenue Officer at HubSpot Sales Division.

Good Reads for B2B Marketing - 8 Changes that Will Improve Your Marketing


Via HubSpot. Study: Email Lands More Customers Than Facebook or Twitter, but Still Fewer than Organic Search. Online content in the sales and marketing industries is dynamic and constantly changing.

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Should You Use Pinterest for B2B Marketing? Yes or No in 5 Minutes

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Breaking down the recent pew Internet research study, women are about 5x as likely to be on the site as men. Additional demographic data from the study is shown below. A great example is Hubspot's Pinterst page here. As a Marketing Leader, you hear Pinterest in the news.

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2-5x Your Revenue With These 9 Sales & Marketing Alignment Steps


This lead to the creation of our case study funnel, which allows us to make 3 new case studies, with print material and videos, each quarter.”. W]e first replaced the bulk ordering landing page with a Hubspot landing page that was optimized for mobile and SEO.

36 Apps Every Sales Rep Needs on Their Phone in 2018

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HubSpot Sales. 6) HubSpot Sales. HubSpot Sales, Free; HubSpot Sales Start, $50/month; HubSpot Sales Pro, $400/month. HubSpot CRM user? Get HubSpot CRM -- it's free. The Best Mobile Sales Apps for Salespeople. Slack. LinkedIn. Twitter. 30/30.

The 5 Biggest Differences Between Top and Bottom B2B Sales Performers

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According to HubSpot , only 3% of customers trust sales reps. “I’ve found that having new reps read case studies about our successful clients can improve performance almost overnight” says Josh West, director of sales at LawnStarter. .

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How Referrals Close the Buyer Divide

No More Cold Calling

A recent Hubspot infographic demonstrates the “buyer divide.” Study this carefully and determine if you are the type of sales rep with whom buyers don’t want to do business. Pushy and arrogant sales reps still give the rest of us a bad name. Many buyers dislike salespeople.

5 Results-Oriented Sales Tips To Give You a Head Start in 2019


Despite this, more than one in eight jobs in the United States are full-time sales positions according to a study done by The Brevet Group. According to a study done by Hubspot , 38 percent of salespeople say that finding good prospects is the most challenging part of the sales process.

The Ideal Length of a Sales Email, Based on 40 Million Emails

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A study from Boomerang reveals the factors behind why some emails are opened, and others are sent straight to trash. In a study of over 2.1 That's why HubSpot account executive Dan Muscatello writes short prospecting emails -- two sentences long at most.)

The Ridiculously Successful Way to Introduce Yourself Over Email

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Luckily, at HubSpot we know a lot about effective emails. HubSpotters loved these openers: “I noticed you manage one of the software teams at HubSpot.”. Just saw your post at the HubSpot blog about organizing posting calendar in terms of topic clusters.”.

7 Sales Triggers Guaranteed to Uncover New Sales Opportunities

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When HubSpot surveyed over 6,200 sellers and marketers , they found that establishing urgency was the single biggest challenge facing salespeople. Especially if they’ve just viewed your pricing page or downloaded a product case study. HubSpot for monitoring website behavior.

When prospects say no: Sales recovery for digital marketing agencies


In the State of Digital Agency Report carried out by Databox and HubSpot, 60% of digital agencies named “finding new clients” as their top pain point. HubSpot is the most popular inbound marketing CRM, and prices range from free (on a very limited plan) through to $1200/month.

How to Enable Your B2B Sales Team to Convert Inbound Leads

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All you need to capture these three levels of insights is a great marketing automation system (ala HubSpot ) and a powerful sales intelligence tool (such as Sales Intel ). Sales Intelligence Tools: Sales Intel , HubSpot.

Channel Sales for SaaS: What It Is, When it Works, and How to Build Your Own


Brands including HubSpot, Atlassian, Slack, Xero, Zendesk and Klaviyo use a variety of partner programs and other tactics to expand into new markets, scale their sales efforts and take advantage of partners’ existing connections and credibility.

How to Stop Worrying

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Worrying is a signal that something needs attention,” says Kristen Kelley , Principal AE at HubSpot. “I Good news: A study published in The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found simply looking at pictures of nature is enough to lower your stress levels.

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Are Extroverts or Introverts Better Salespeople?

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A meta-analysis of 35 studies that surveyed 4,000 salespeople found almost zero correlation (a statistically insignificant 0.07) between extraversion and sales performance. Hiring salespeople is a high-stakes game.

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The Importance of Trust in Sales


A recent study by Salesforce ® found that 79% of business buyers say it’s absolutely critical or very important to interact with a salesperson who is a trusted advisor. According to a study done by Hubspot, only 3% of prospects trust sales reps.

10 Essential Selling Skills Every Sales Rep Needs in 2018

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In order to answer these questions and find out what separates sales winners from second-place finishers, RAIN Group, a sales training company , studied over 700 B2B purchases from the buyer’s perspective to find out what really happened in their buying experiences. Selling Skills.