A Comprehensive Overview of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

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During this stage of the S&OP process, leaders from finance, sales, marketing, operations, materials, product management, and human resources meet to collaborate. Infor Sales and Operations Planning.

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Best 150+ Sales Tools: The Complete List (2019 Update)

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Effort duplication alone can waste resources that could have been used for more deal-closing engagements. Keep your sales team sharp with top-notch training and coaching resources to hike productivity and outsell competition. It takes a lot to succeed in sales.

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Sales Tips: Put Your Pipeline on a Diet

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In most companies, delivering a sale requires time and resources from multiple people and departments. Lance has managed sales teams for more than 10 years at companies such as Novell, Concentrix, and Infor. Sales Tips: Put Your Pipeline on a Diet.

17 LinkedIn Sales Navigator Secrets All the Best Prospectors Know

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a fantastic resource. LinkedIn has partnered with several CRM providers HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Zoho, and Infor to bring profile details and shared connections from Sales Navigator experience into your CRM.

Sales Automation: 210+ Tools to Turbocharge Your Sales Process

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There are a number of existing resources available on sales automation, but they don’t offer use cases and examples of how to put the tools to action. Your ability to map sales performance over the short term also enables you to re-allocate scarce resources to where they will be needed most.

Seismic Surpasses $100m in Revenue

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An enterprise software veteran with experience in scaling EMEA teams for Aprimo, Infor, and Sprinklr, which serves large enterprise brands such as Amazon, Cisco, and P&G, and where O’Regan grew headcount from one to more than 200 in less than four years. Seismic Surpasses $100m in Revenue.