Sales Automation: 210+ Tools to Turbocharge Your Sales Process

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We’ve been compiling this sales automation tools list for a while, trying to figure out the best way to get the information out there. There are a number of existing resources available on sales automation, but they don’t offer use cases and examples of how to put the tools to action.

When will Sales catch up with Marketing?

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The sales field is suffering. Sales forces lack buyer-centered tools for success. When will Sales catch up with Marketing? Sales field alignment with the modern day buyer requires more than lip service. CMO’s can help sales make the number in 2014.

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Memorable Marketing Makes Money

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As I have written countless times, the purpose of marketing is to attract attention and begin to build relationships. When marketing is memorable, meaning you have created an emotional connection with your target audience, you will make money.

Marketing Conversations Come Before Sales Conversations

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With the impact of new messaging channels such as the Internet through social media sites along with Mobile, messaging has evolved more into marketing conversations than the more traditional “advertising.” Your ideal customers are seeking personal marketing conversations.

It’s Not What You Say, It’s What the Prospect Experiences

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Experiential learning is the process of gaining practical or fundamental meaning from direct experience. Experiential selling is the application of experiential learning to the sales profession. So how do you create the emotional engagement so vital in a B2B sales environment?

The CMO’s Guide to Driving Impact in Year 1

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Impacting a marketing team’s output in that short period of time requires a quick start. B2B CMO’s are expected to deliver hard Lead Generation metrics: Quantity of Sales Qualified Leads to the sales force. Marketing contribution as a % of Pipeline Opportunities.

If You’re Not Scraping Data, You’re Losing Revenue

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Author: Greg McBeth Any sales leader would love to wave a wand and instantly find good-fit companies with interested buyers. Although building a successful pipeline and closing deals are hardly things that happen instantaneously, the process doesn’t have to be entirely arduous.

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8 Brilliant Ways to Increase Sales

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Are your sales numbers flat this year? Are you struggling to get to hit your sales quotas? I asked a few sales experts about their current favorite techniques for increasing sales — and threw in a few tips of my own. How about shortening your sales cycle length?

Trends in Selling with Allen Mueller, Miller Heiman Group

Igniting Sales Transformation

As I do with most guests, we started out talking about Allen’s history and she landed in a career in sales. That was followed up by talking about the state of the sales and service industries today. How organizations can optimize their sales enablement strategy and execution.

What Is Missing in Most Sales Proposals

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Being valuable to my clients and colleagues affords me the opportunity to review many sales proposals. What are the results you, as the seller, will deliver if your ideal customer agrees to buy your solution as advanced through your sales proposal.

Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Mark Kopcha, CEO of @Revegy

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This post is part of a series of Executive Interviews of top sales and marketing solutions company. What problem/s are you solving for sales and/or marketing organizations? Are we giving the right tools to our sales teams to help us achieve our goals?

7 Steps to Building Stronger Sales Relationships with Human-Centric Problem Solving

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Building strong sales relationships is all about trust and demonstrating how the product/solution will make the customer’s life better. If you’re looking to close more business and feeling stuck, try injecting some human-centric problem solving into your sales process.

Assess Your Sales Performance with the Sales Performance Meter Diagnostic

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In “All That Glitters Is Not Gold: 2019 World-Class Sales Practices Study,” CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group, shared the top 12 best practices that are aligned with world-class sales performance (download it here if you haven’t read it yet). World-class Sales organizations that demonstrate adoption of these practices outperform everyone else—getting a 23% edge in win rates and quota attainment. How effective is your sales team’s sales strategy?

The 3 Mistakes Every Company Makes Building the Outbound Sales Model


Marc Benioff and his team demonstrated a consistent ability to scale with an outbound sales team in those early years. And with that, modern inside sales was born. Excited by a large market and countless use cases, they take what comes to them. Incoherent messages to the market.

Strong Frontline Management: An Essential Ingredient in Startup Sales Success

In startups and other fast-growing companies, sales organizations are so busy chasing customers and revenue that they fail to focus enough time and attention on building a strong foundation that will support their long-term success. That foundation includes technology, processes and skills.