GUEST: Real Estate Sales Success Secrets (that everyone can use) with Van Deeb

Smart Calling

Today’s guest is one of the most successful real estate professionals in the country, and he shares success principles that everyone can use. Van sold his company, and today, inspires sales and service professionals, not only in the real estate business, but in all fields, on how to reach their potential and be more successful. The post GUEST: Real Estate Sales Success Secrets (that everyone can use) with Van Deeb appeared first on Smart Calling Blog.

How Your Marketing Turns on Sales Objections – Part 01

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Marketing, in today’s business world, is what attracts sales leads. Yet, much of today’s marketing is not achieving this positive reaction instead we are witnessing the turning on of just the opposite – sales objections. All sales objections can fit into one of these five buckets: You. The Sales Objection of You. People buy from people they know and trust ( Sales Buying Rule #1). His ego is beyond big and a real turn off.


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Get Emojinal…Because Your Customers Are!


We’re living in a highly automated world, but the best sales reps know how to work the right amount of personalization into their communication. We can get caught up inside our own head and wonder if the words we use to explain ourselves even make sense. As sales reps are busy working their list of contacts, time is certainly on their mind. Jaime is a licensed real estate salesperson (DRE #01930210) and has a B.A. In Get Emojinal!

Is Cold Calling Dead?

Mr. Inside Sales

I received an email last week from a real estate rep asking me if cold calling was dead. Then ask yourself: if your phone were taken away, would it affect your sales? The real question should be: how can you “cold call” more effectively? appeared first on Mr. Inside Sales.

Tom Hopkins’ 6 Powerhouse Closing Strategies

Sales guru Tom Hopkins has had an incredibly successful career selling and teaching sales professionals on how to be more productive. RELATED: XANT To Host Online Sales Development Summit. Tom Hopkins and the Sales Acceleration Summit. Using empathy to improve sales.

Riding the Wave of Sales Technologies to Revenue


As new sales technologies continue to pave the way with expanded functionality and efficiencies, successful sales organizations are taking note by riding the wave of automation to revenue. The impact of this is no secret—sales efficiency and performance is on an upward trajectory. Efficiency gains and overall sales process improvements have a direct impact on revenue. Jaime is a licensed real estate salesperson (DRE #01930210) and has a B.A.

How High-Growth Companies Buy Leads


If you’re interested in learning more about tracking sales performance, this post might help: How to Improve Sales Performance: KPIs for Better Decision-Making. Jaime is a licensed real estate salesperson (DRE #01930210), holds a Master’s in Communication Management from the University of Southern California, and a B.A. The post How High-Growth Companies Buy Leads appeared first on Velocify: High Performance Sales. Leads are expensive!

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The 13 Least Known Sales Technologies


Did you know that high-growth companies are more likely to be familiar with the different types of sales technologies on the market? In fact, given a list of current sales technologies, high-growth companies were more familiar with 95% of the categories listed than flat or declining revenue companies, which on average, were 56% more likely to be unfamiliar with each technology. Percentage of participants who were unfamiliar with each type of sales technology.

How Sales Reps Are Hitting Quotas Without Hitting the Streets

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Mark Kovac, David Deming and Sushant Khandelwal Virtual selling in business-to-business markets, often associated with inside sales, has carried a bit of a stigma within field-dominated sales organizations. Myth 1: Field sales reps sell primarily in person.

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How Is Cloud Computing Helping Productivity

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The fact that workers can now work more remotely than ever offers productivity gains for employees, and less real-estate in office for team members. From a sales tools perspective, I have seen productivity gains as well as losses. I’m curious because every article like this one: 43 Mobile Sales Apps: Tools to Streamline Your Sales Ops opens up a can of worms for the sales reps and even some leaders intent on finding that latest tool to help the team.

TSE 994: Sales From The Street-"Don't Trick Them"

Sales Evangelist

Josh Cunningham, founder and CEO of rokrbox , fast-tracked his entrepreneurial career by helping to solve a recurring problem for real estate clients and learning an important lesson along the way: Don’t trick them. Josh first stumbled upon the ISA, or Inside Sales Agent, role in real estate while attending seminars with Vyral Marketing founder and CEO Frank Klesitz. Looking back, Josh believes that scalability was his biggest sales-related struggle.

Choosing the Right Sales Motion for Your Business (28 Real-World Examples)

Sales Hacker

The best sales teams don’t just sell — they keep customers happy and drive serious upsell, cross-sell, and expansion revenue. They do this by first identifying and focusing on the sales motions that are best for their product, team, and customer. Inside sales. Field Sales.

Learn How to Sell Abroad With the Right Reflection, Planning, and Metrics

Sales Hacker

You need to measure and repeat so you and your sales team only put effort into promising prospects abroad. Develop a focused sales approach. More than any other time, with limited travel, companies must be very focused in their international sales approach. Sales Life Articles

[Podcast] How G5 Created a Successful Sales Enablement Team (Episode 17)


It’s no secret that every company has a unique take on sales enablement – and G5 is no different. In this 20-minute interview, Wolber and Crepeau outline: The role of sales enablement at G5. How to lay the foundation for a new sales enablement team.

The Perfect Sales Pitch: Examples, Templates, and Best Practices 


Overfamiliar, aggressive, awkward – we’ve all been on the receiving end of a terrible sales pitch from a pushy seller. But sales pitches are so much more than an uncomfortable phone call or an unwarranted email. How can you maximize the potential of your sales pitch?

PODCAST 160: Why Direct Mail Sells to a Zoom-weary Population with Joe Venuti

Sales Hacker

On this episode of the Sales Hacker podcast, we talk to Joe Venuti, VP of Inside Sales at Sendoso, on how to maintain a healthy work culture in a remote environment and why direct mail is effective in the digital world. Subscribe to the Sales Hacker Podcast.

Sales Hacker’s 35 Most Influential Women in Sales

Sales Hacker

Welcome to Sales Hacker’s first-ever Influential Women in Sales list! In this exclusive list, we wanted to honor not just female leaders that promote their own sales platform (no shame in that!) They say “You can’t be what you can’t see,” and the sales floor is no exception. Without further ado, here are some of the female movers-and-shakers who are creating powerful ripple effects and paving the path for the next generation of women sales leaders.

Best Sales Podcasts: An Ultimate List of 100+ Must-Listens

Lead Fuze

The Best Sales Podcasts for You This 2021. The ability to listen to an almost inexhaustible supply of training, case studies, and applicable tips via sales podcasts shouldn’t be taken for granted. THE BEST SALES PODCASTS: 1 Sales Success Stories Podcast.

The 33 Best Sales Training Video Channels on YouTube

Hubspot Sales

in 2013 on hiring sales training companies, one of the top five outsourced training expenditures, according to Training Industry. Clearly, if your team needs sales training, there's a lot of options out there. But before your company forks over any more of your hard-earned revenue on sales training, you should check out the hours of free training on YouTube first. Best Sales Videos. Sales Videos by Well-Known Selling Experts. Same goes for sales experts.

The Perfect Sales Pitch: Examples, Templates, and Best Practices 


Overfamiliar, aggressive, awkward — we’ve all been on the receiving end of a terrible sales pitch from a pushy seller. But sales pitches are so much more than an uncomfortable phone call or an unwarranted email. How can you maximize the potential of your sales pitch?

Exclusive Q&A: Neal Schaffer and Rutgers Business School Launch Social Selling Program


When discussing digital transformation, it’s impossible not to discuss social selling and its impact on the sales cycle. Marketing and sales automation tools have made it possible to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of potential buyers instantly. As a result, now more than ever, personalized outreaches and pitches have become imperative for a successful sale. A lot of people think, “I don’t want my sales people wasting time on social media.

What was the first sale you ever made? 11 successful salespeople discuss their first big wins


There’s something about the memory of your first real sale that elicits pride, confidence, and love for the profession. No matter how young or inexperienced you are when it happens, that first sale leaves an impression that stays with you for the rest of your career. We asked 11 sales professionals to take a trip down memory lane and share the stories behind the first sales they ever closed. Remember your own first sale? Debbie was my first real sale.

PODCAST 137: Team Selling: A Comeback Story for 2021 with Trish Bertuzzi

Sales Hacker

Subscribe to the Sales Hacker Podcast. Sam Jacobs: On today’s show, we’re talking to a friend, an insightful author and leader, and an expert on sales, Trish Bertuzzi. Learn how modern sales teams win deals now at The struggle is real.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to make a sale?


We asked eight sales professionals and business leaders for their best stories of going wayyyy above and beyond to close the deal. Enjoy, and tweet your own crazy sales stories to @nutshell. Although they tried for months, the sales team couldn’t break the account. Being the CFO at my company, I’m not typically involved directly with sales and marketing, but in a small company it’s often a case of “all hands on deck.”

PODCAST 113: Secrets to Great Leadership During a Pandemic and Beyond with Barrett Boston

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with Barrett Boston , Chief Revenue Officer at TriNet. The finance world wasn’t scratching the itch, though, so he decided that he just had to be in sales. Subscribe to the Sales Hacker Podcast. How’d you get into sales?

The Fastest Growing Companies in Boston Hiring For Sales


Boston is emerging as one of the hottest startup cities in the country, which is great news for sales professionals. These companies are all backed by venture capital and are currently hiring in sales roles. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are some great companies to consider for your next sales job. Mendix is currently hiring across a range of sales positions. CarGurus has openings in numerous sales and customer success positions.

170+ Women in Sales Share Their Career-Defining Aha Moment

Sales Hacker

Women in sales often have a polarizing experience. In the Sales Hacker video series Aha Moments , I asked 10 women: “What is one ‘aha moment’ you’ve had in your sales career?”. What is one a-ha moment you’ve had in your sales career? Become the Beyonce of B2B sales.

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PODCAST 135: Pushing Through the Zone of Discomfort Towards Personal Growth with AJ Bruno

Sales Hacker

Subscribe to the Sales Hacker Podcast. If RFPs are slowing down your sales team, you need to check out Loopio. Welcome to the Sales Hacker podcast. Prior to that, he led sales teams all over the country, and we’re incredibly excited to have on the show. It was sales.