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Nick Stein, Vision Critical, Youth Meets Experience in Sales Force. Click to start video at this point —The young people entering the sales force are changing the dynamic between managers and their reps. Not so long ago, managers and their sales team were in one centralized location. But with the rapid growth in technology, a manager’s sales team can be spread out. Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing, The Quality of Sales Leads is Abysmal.

Forget Social Selling, and Sell Socially

The Pipeline

There are two trends unfolding of in sales which to date have accidentally intersected, which should be proactively encouraged and facilitated by B2B sales organizations. The first not so new, but gaining and likely to continue to gain momentum in the coming years, is the migration by many to inside sales teams, especially types of sales that only a few years ago may not have been seen as feasible for a number of reasons. You turn to social.


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The Rise of Social Selling

SBI Growth

It’s getting harder for your sales reps to get at bats these days. As a result, your sales team is missing out on revenue opportunities. Competitors are beating your sales team consistently. Think about the last 3 meetings you took with a sales rep. Your sales team needs the ability to sell this way. In an increasingly competitive environment, best-in-class sales organizations are looking for an edge. Using Social Selling to Get in Deals Early.

Social Selling Success Stories

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Many who work for companies – especially mid-sized ones selling to other businesses – get stuck in doing the same old things year after year to build sales. Last week, a list on Forbes contained my name as one of the top 30 social selling influencers in the world. to help entrepreneurs grow sales to ultimately grow their businesses. As a seller or a sales leader, you can build your company’s brand as well as your own by being an influencer.

37 LinkedIn Social Selling Stats You Need to Know

Hubspot Sales

spent over three and a half hours on their smartphone each day, with half of that time spent engaging on social media networks. With so many teams now focusing on inside sales, using strategies such as social selling to connect and win over customers are more important than ever.

Social Selling: How To Engage & Convert Leads Through Social Media


This drives down the conversions on these channels, and makes it difficult for lead generation and sales functions to keep up. Which is where social selling comes in. What is social selling? All by focusing on one social channel of your choice.

Inside Sales Jobs Role

The Digital Sales Institute

What does the future hold for the inside sales jobs role for a salesperson and will its job description come to mean anything more than facilitating a customer’s purchase. The future of sales is not an Outside V Inside salesperson argument but a Salesperson V Technology one, because even today technology is now facilitating greater numbers of sales conversations (up to sale completion). The inside sales role will evolve in line with technology.

Inside Sales Accelerate 2014 Speaker #ISA14

A Sales Guy

Inside Sales did this right. I sat on a panel with Koka Sexton , Jamie Shanks , Ken Krogue , Sean Burke and Gabe Villamizar , the topic — social selling. Social selling is the key to many folks success, but it’s just getting going and this crew broke down the pluses and minuses like pros. Events inside sales accelerate 14 jim keenan speaking engagements keenan speaking engagements social selling speaking engagements

10 Must-Have Inside Sales Technologies

Hubspot Sales

Similarly, your business's inside sales team needs the right technology to be as productive and impactful as possible. The good news is there are a plethora of inside sales technologies in existence today. Sales Automation Tools. Sales Calling and Tracking Tools.

Inside Sales Growing by Leaps and Bounds

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The state of the profession known as Inside Sales – or Remote Professional Selling – is thriving. While outside sales positions are on the decline, Inside Sales positions are growing at a phenomenal rate. This week the AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals) had their 6th annual Leadership Summit. Smart companies in nearly every industry are building out strong inside sales teams now.

Your Midsize Company Wants To Get Into Social Selling

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A mid-sized, mid-market company has some great advantages over a giant, slow-to-change organization when it comes to shifting to a more social approach to learn about your buyers and reach those buyers. After all, buyers are online and are reaching out for social proof about the services and products they seek for their businesses. Some are even looking for you socially. I can learn so much about my clients by seeing what they do socially.

Inside Sales Power Tip 134 – Show Appreciation

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Those of us in remote, professional selling (also known as Inside Sales) need to be more aware of the massive, incredible power of appreciation. I submit that there is more power in this idea than in most any other aspect of selling, and have written about its power before. What social selling tool can do that for you? Subscribe to the award-winning blog and the “Sales Ideas In A Minute” newsletter for sales strategies, tactics, and tips in selling.

Inside Sales Power Tip 114 – Build Trust

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After being in sales for many years, I had an “Aha” moment. I don’t remember ever hearing about this idea in sales training (I’ve been through so many programs over my sales career) but I immediately knew it to be true when it registered in my head. This works in integrating social selling into the mix. Subscribe to the award-winning blog and the “Sales Ideas In A Minute ” newsletter for sales strategies, tactics, and tips in selling.

Social Selling 101 With SMARTASSISTANT’s Karly Neveu

Predictable Revenue

On this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, we welcome Karly Neveu, Director of Inside Sales and Sales Operations at SMARTASSISTANT, an international SaaS company building digital recommendation engines. The post Social Selling 101 With SMARTASSISTANT’s Karly Neveu appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

Social Selling Resources to Maximize LinkedIn and More

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No doubt you are busy in your sales career working to identify prospective customers, connect with them, nurture that relationship and ultimately help them to a buying decision potentially with your products and services. Have you made time to learn how to leverage LinkedIn and other social selling strategies to help you grow your visibility? What is a LinkedIn Sales Solutions Channel Partner? Jamie Shanks – Partner, Sales for Life.

Global Warming, Social Selling and The Sales Force of Tomorrow

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Global Warming is a trend. The origins of Social Selling go back to early human life too, although, the tools that have given social selling its name are relatively new. Social Selling is also a trend. The role it plays and its impact on the future of selling are also hot topics and subjects of great debate. How does Social Selling affect A''s differently from how it affects B''s and C''s?

Being Seen in an Inside Sales Job

Closer's Coffee

Look at any job description for an inside salesperson and there is something very important missing. Inside sales representatives work with customers to find what they want, create solutions and ensure a smooth sales process. Sales representatives might work to find new sales leads, through business directories, client referrals, etc. Inside sales reps are friendly, well-spoken and ready to close the deal.”.

Create a Winning Inside Sales Team


Many people don’t understand the difference between inside sales and outside sales. Things get even more confusing once you throw in terms like direct sales team, and other expansions. This expert sales interview explores: Defining an inside sales team.

Best of PowerViews: Exciting Future for Inside Sales Experts


Over the last year, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing over 30 influential B2B sales and marketing leaders. It has been a pleasure to interview each of them and share perspectives on topics ranging from B2B lead generation and inside sales to social media trends and personal branding. Sales teams say they never have enough leads, but is that really the case? For example, what are the trends of leads being accepted by sales?

How Significant is the Migration to Inside Sales?

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan. Last week I led our annual Sales Leadership intensive and hosted the best group of sales leaders to ever attend the event. Chad Burmeister , who is well known throughout the inside sales community, was one of the attendees. At one of the lunch breaks, he was talking about the customers his company, Connect and Sell , helps. He commented that most of them are inside sales organizations.

Exclusive Q&A: Neal Schaffer and Rutgers Business School Launch Social Selling Program


When discussing digital transformation, it’s impossible not to discuss social selling and its impact on the sales cycle. Marketing and sales automation tools have made it possible to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of potential buyers instantly. As a result, now more than ever, personalized outreaches and pitches have become imperative for a successful sale. Schaffer is one of the World’s best social media strategists.

Inside Sales Event Supports Art and Science of Selling

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Where can you find some of the greatest thought leaders and practitioners in selling? There are usually a few events each year where this happens and in this case, it was Boston this week for the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals ( AA-ISP ). You cannot attend a full day event like this and not come away excited about the profession of inside sales, or as Forbes author and industry leader Ken Krogue calls, “Remote Professional Selling” .

TSE 1134: From The Street: "Why, Even With Social Selling, Cold Calling is NOT Dead"

Sales Evangelist

Time often brings a great deal of change, and some ideas don’t survive the passage of time; though there are people who don’t believe it’s true, even with social selling, cold calling is not dead. Aaron Abodeely has a passion for helping sales reps and small business owners distribute their messages, and he noticed along the way that the industry was lagging behind in digital trends like social selling.

20 of Today’s Most Recognized Inside Sales Experts Under One Roof Next Week #IS15

Smart Selling Tools

One question I’m frequently asked is, “What are some good sales conferences to attend?” Fortunately, more and more sales oriented conferences are taking place. A few I like are CEB Sales & Marketing Summit, Sirius Decisions Summit (being held May 12 th -15th in Nashville), and Dreamforce – Salesforce’s premier user conference (which garners around 140,000 registrations and is considered the largest sales conference in the world).

The Science of Sales Selection vs. the Marketing of Modern Selling

Understanding the Sales Force

This is someone who has been an OMG Partner for nearly two decades, is one of OMG's most successful partners, and knows our accuracy and sales specific findings inside and out. sales assessment Dave Kurlan Consultative Selling sales process sales candidates inside sales inbound sales hiring test social selling objective management group

Why Marketing Should Own Inside Sales (and why they shouldn’t)

A Sales Guy

The increasing trend of having marketing take over the MDR or lead qualification role of inside sales has been hotly debated and tested in recent months. I still think it’s a good idea, but needs certain expectations and circumstances across sales & marketing to work long-term. Here are four advantages of having marketing own the inside sales function, followed by four reasons why it might not work. Little/no sales management experience.

Top 25 Incendiary Social Selling Secrets

Tony Hughes

Can you close million dollar deals with social selling fully inside? It's being done right now in the field by a sales team near you [perhaps a competitor], it's remarkable and it's not for the faint of heart. Get a good night of sleep and unleash your inner advanced strategic social selling 'beast mode' tomorrow. I'm sure the naysayers will come out in full force over this content but I can attest, a new era of selling is upon us.

Redefining Inside Sales: How to Protect Sales Revenue during Social Distancing

Miller Heiman Group

Without travel and face-to-face meetings, how can sales organizations maintain—and grow—their sales revenue? To protect both customer relationships and economic health, sellers need to look at social distancing not as an obstacle but as an opportunity to do things differently and build more successful partnerships with buyers. Nearly two-thirds of sales positions are field-based. With the rise of the coronavirus, field sellers must learn to sell in a different way.

6 Top Reasons Sales Leaders are Scared of Social Selling

SBI Growth

Trust is the name of the game in sales. You are the SVP of Sales at your company. You can build trust through Social Selling. When you register, you’ll receive the Sales SVPs Guide to Evaluating Social Selling. Social Selling means using social media to gain intros to buyers, usually via referral. So why are so many sales SVPs afraid to embrace social selling? Social Selling gets you warm intros.

10 Sales Influencers You Should Be Following On Social Media


But in reality, many people who work in sales are also motivated to help other salespeople succeed and advance their careers. As the CEO of SalesLoft, a leading sales software platform, Kyle knows firsthand how to a salesperson to close more deals – even when the clock is working against them.

Working to automate your social selling emails

Sales 2.0

Sales people have had automation for a long time but the traditional form of automation aligned with the traditional view of the sales job. But now email has become an incredibly popular sales tool (maybe too popular but that’s a discussion for a different post.) I’ve written a lot before about how to improve the quality of prospecting emails but driving sales requires a certain quantity of emails as well. In a typical selling day other things interrupt.

Should Only 14% Of LinkedIn Connection Requests Be Personalized?

RELATED: Social Selling and the Law of Reciprocity In this article: The Right Approach to Social Selling: LinkedIn Connection Request LinkedIn Connection […]. appeared first on The Sales Insider. Sales Podcast Social SellingGabe Larsen dives into why you should take the time to personalize your LinkedIn connection request, and teaches you how to send a connection request on LinkedIn. Keep reading to find out more.

Asking Questions In Sales – What You Need To Know

Discover the value of asking questions in sales and learn the different types of sales questions to help you figure out the needs of your customers in this post. RELATED: Social Selling And The Law Of Reciprocity In this article: Why Asking a Good Question in Sales Is Important Open Questions Closed Questions Follow-up Questions Categories […]. The post Asking Questions In Sales – What You Need To Know appeared first on The Sales Insider.

Lessons from the Inside Sales Leadership Summit 13

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It was a full day at Day 1 of the AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals) 5th Annual Leadership Summit in Chicago. I’m here with 450 others who live in the world of professional sales, and I feel like a kid in a candy store. Bob Perkins, AA-ISP Founder, and Larry Reeves, COO kicked off the 2 day event with the conference theme, Success Comes from the Inside. Bob shared research from their 2013 Inside Sales study.

4 Best Practices For Incorporating Twitter Into Your Prospecting Sequence

Read on for the best practices you can follow to generate leads and increase sales. RELATED: The 7 Levels of Social Media Mastery In this article: Twitter Often Overlooked for Prospecting Set Up Your Twitter Profile with Prospecting in Mind Profile Picture and Background Handle Bio […]. The post 4 Best Practices For Incorporating Twitter Into Your Prospecting Sequence appeared first on The Sales Insider. Sales Tips Social Selling

“The Inside Sales Industry Isn’t Actively Using Social Media Much”

Jonathan Farrington

“ We talk a ton about social selling, but few “in the trenches” inside sales reps and managers (based on this event anyway) are using it. Matt was of course reporting from the AA-ISP Leadership Summit , and I was immediately drawn to this comment, because I wanted to ask the question “Well who is actively using social media much, Matt?”. And it’s more than just remote sales. They were just about…sales.

The Future of Sales: What will the World Look Like for Sales Teams After the Quarantine? with Hang Black, Episode #147


Subscribe to Modern Selling on the App of Your Choice! Sales leaders and sales teams have been forced to adapt quickly to shifting priorities and budgets, including working from home mandates and remote selling. But, what does the future of sales look like?

Get Emojinal…Because Your Customers Are!


How to Connect with Buyers , social selling expert, Koka Sexton, shares tips on how to use emojis to build relationships. We’re living in a highly automated world, but the best sales reps know how to work the right amount of personalization into their communication. We can get caught up inside our own head and wonder if the words we use to explain ourselves even make sense. As sales reps are busy working their list of contacts, time is certainly on their mind.

20+ LinkedIn Influencers a Sales Person Must Follow in 2018 [Updated]


To get that inspiration, direction, and motivation we follow mentors on social media like Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn influencers. After spending around 70+ hours on LinkedIn, observing & analyzing hundreds of profiles of Sales Influencers or Sales Gurus we have mindfully put together the list of 20+ Sales LinkedIn Influencers/Gurus that you must follow in 2018. Without any further ado, let’s jump right ahead to the list of Sales LinkedIn Influencers: 1.

Announcing Our 3rd Annual Guide to the Best Sales Acceleration Tools #TopSalesTools

Smart Selling Tools

If you’re seeking smart tools to drive sales performance, I’ve got great news for you. We’ve just released our 3rd annual Top Sales Tools of the Year Guide. Find the best sales tools to: Help salespeople convert more calls into appointments. And a lot more… The Goal of this Guide is to Enable Modern Sales Leadership. There are hundreds if not thousands of sales software applications to pick from. Sales Enablement. Social Selling.

Tools 107