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Insurance is one of those things that everyone has but nobody really wants. In some ways, we feel that we are throwing money away, until that rainy day or unforeseen event arrives, and we are all too happy to have the insurance. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca .

How to Move Forward and Increase Sales During Uncertain Times

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In this blog post, we pray for the health and safety of those at risk or sick during this time in human history.

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Meeting Objections When Selling Insurance

The Science and Art of Selling

The average insurance agent can remark that he or she can never launch forth into a presentation without fear of encountering some opposition, and that no sale is made without meeting objections.

4 Steps to Create Loyal Client Advocates

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In today's blog, we discuss how your organization can go above and beyond to create loyal client advocates for your business.

The causes of objections when selling insurance

The Science and Art of Selling

A prospect may flatly refuse to consider life insurance, as such, because the idea does not fit in with his existing fund of experiences. Unwillingness to change his buying habits — prospect may have a certain plan which he follows in buying other commodities.

"Gone Fishing" for Sales Prospects

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Increasing Sales in 2020 | Ask Your Prospects Better Questions

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In this blog, we discuss why prospects object when it comes down to buying time, and why we can't always blame the prospects in these situations.

Make the Business-to-People Sale

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Most Sales Managers would agree that completing prospecting activities and hitting sales goals are critical to success.

How to Sell in Any Market

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However, you can choose to develop strategies and utilize virtual technologies to get in front of your prospects and clients. There is always something going on in the market that makes selling difficult.

Why Prospects are Like Fruit and Why You Need to Pick the Right Ones

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In this blog post, we discuss the idea that prospects are like fruit and vegetables in the produce section of your local grocery – they are all perishable!

2 Ways to Understand Your Buyer’s Needs: Why Insurance Agents Should Understand Demand & Non-Demand Sales Cycles

Hyper-Connected Selling

In coaching hundreds of insurance agents over the years, I’ve become aware of a challenge that has arisen for many of them. They don’t sell a few straightforward insurance products anymore. The two most common products in this category are auto and home/fire insurance.

Allstate insurance agency achieves #1 status with lead management CRM from Leads360


And with consumers doing most of their insurance shopping online and getting quotes from multiple competitors, it was critical for Williams to leverage a CRM ideal for insurance agencies to compete with his larger competitors.

Using Old School Sales Tools in New Ways

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Let's face it; with the influx of social media, apps, and online distractions, it is actually harder to reach a prospect than ever before. In this blog post, we discuss the idea of using older (yet effective) techniques to find success in the chaos of today's selling landscape.

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100 Most Prospected-to Companies of 2018

DiscoverOrg Sales

You might recognize the most-prospected-to companies of 2018, according to DiscoverOrg’s database, as household names – but that’s not why savvy sales and marketing professionals have been pitching to them. Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at the most-prospected-to industries.

Two Types of Objections When Selling Insurance

The Science and Art of Selling

When your prospect says, “I can’t afford it,” he may mean, “I don’t want to waste time talking to you” — in other words, your prospect can use this statement as a way of ending the conversation with you either over the phone or when you meet them face to face.

Are You Committing This Prospecting Sin? – Sales eXecution 291

The Pipeline

The biggest prospecting sin you can commit is not to prospect, but there are many others that are dangerous and can have almost as detrimental effect on your sales success, and more. By Tibor Shanto - tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca .

Trouble Growing Sales? Solution #2: No More Bad Prospects

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First with Nautilus Exercise Equipment, then in the insurance business and for the last 23 years with Anthony Cole Training Group. It’s been at least 25 years since I heard David Sandler, on a cassette tape, say; “there’s no such thing as bad prospects, just bad salespeople.”

Insurance Sales: Three Rebuttals to Common Objections

Sales Gravy

Prospects and clients have been using the same ones for years because they work to blow off 80% of your competition. You see, objections are objections are objections. But once you start using these rebuttals, you'll find a way to get past them and

Turn the Prospect into a Customer with the “Engagement Process”

The Sales Hunter

Every salesperson has had at one time or another a prospect who just won’t move forward and buy. To create an engagement you might provide to the customer 2 websites you want them to look at to review what insurance companies look for in security systems.

Voicemail as a Prospecting Tool

The Sales Hunter

Because of this reality, if you intend to use the telephone to develop sales prospects, then you have to be able to use voicemail effectively. The biggest mistake people make when leaving a voicemail message as part of their prospecting strategy is they leave a message that has zero value to the person receiving it. The prospect doesn’t want to know how wonderful you are and a bunch of other blather about what you and your company do. Let’s not kid ourselves.

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Prospecting At Scale To Grow Sales


Wondering how prospecting at scale can help you grow sales? Scaling your prospecting efforts becomes easier when you focus on these four vital components. RELATED: 4 Best Practices For Incorporating Twitter Into Your Prospecting Sequence. Not Researching Before Prospecting.

B2B Prospecting Data Just Keeps Getting Better


The most reliable and scalable approach to finding new B2B customers is outbound communications, whether by mail, phone or email, to potential prospects, using rented or purchased lists. A “prospectability” score custom-modeled by OneSource to match target accounts with specific sales efforts.

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What To Do When The Prospect Is Very Late For the Appointment: Part II

MTD Sales Training

If you have been in the world of professional B2B selling for any length of time, then you have probably had tha t prospect who kept you waiting for 15, 20, 30 minutes or more. Use the incident to enlighten the prospect of the issue without making it an attack.

6 Levers Proven To Move Your Prospects To Act

Anthony Iannarino

They struggled with the idea of investing in means that would provide an insurance policy, even though the investment was a fraction of what they lost. The post 6 Levers Proven To Move Your Prospects To Act appeared first on The Sales Blog. Some people avoid change.

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What To Do When The Prospect Is Very Late For the Appointment: Part III

MTD Sales Training

The prospect shows up 30 or 45 minutes late for the meeting. You do not have enough time to do a proper sales interaction and you feel the prospect has complete disrespect for your time. Use the incident to enlighten the prospect of the issue without making it an attack.

Why 78% of All Prospecting Efforts Fail and How to Get People to Want to Talk to You

Keith Rosen

It’s not a surprise that most salespeople don’t get past the first 30 seconds of an initial prospecting conversation before the prospect cuts you off and says, “Not interested,” or you hear “Click.”

Key to Sales Success: Find More Prospects - Duh!

Anthony Cole Training

I was talking to a prospect yesterday about this very thing. It reminded me of a pivotal conversation about prospecting that I had years ago when I was new to selling. In 1988, I, like many other new life insurance agents, was trying to figure out how to get in front of more people.

Do You Even Qualify to Be Called a Salesperson?

The Sales Hunter

I got into sales only because I couldn’t afford car insurance due to my driving record, and I took a sales job purely because they offered me a […]. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting prospecting sales salespersonI’m proud to be in sales. In fact, I’m not just proud — I’m very proud. But I admit that wasn’t the case early in my career.

Prospecting: Fill your sales pipelines now!

Your Sales Management Guru

The Telephone Is the Most Powerful Sales Prospecting Tool. By Jeb Blount, author of Fanatical Prospecting. KEN: This blog post is from my friend Jeb Blount, his new book is a must read for your sales book club: Fanatical Prospecting.

Sales CRM for Small Businesses with BIG Ambition


Big players have extensive marketing and advertising budgets, and technology to respond quickly and effectively to prospective buyers. With Leads360 Express, sales managers will gain more control, visibility and peace of mind.

What To Do When The Prospect Is Very Late For the Appointment: Part I

MTD Sales Training

For the prospect that comes out with sincere apologies like, “I am so sorry to keep you waiting. However, what of that prospect that shows obvious and total disrespect for your time? On one hand, you obviously do not want to anger the prospect or chance killing the sale.

Data Gopher

Sales 2.0

If a sales person makes $100k per year and we add 30% to take into account health insurance, taxes etc. ProspectingI have to admit that I’m doing this right now. I am looking for contact information in some target enterprise accounts. It takes time. If you’re not careful, a lot of time.

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Happy Gibberish Day!

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Today, September 20, is apparently National Gibberish Day, so it seems like a good time to surface this classic point about how your describe your company and products to your prospects–or indeed to anyone that asks “what do you do?”. GE Insurance). Prospecting

Happy Gibberish Day!

Sales 2.0

Today, September 20, is apparently National Gibberish Day, so it seems like a good time to surface this classic point about how your describe your company and products to your prospects–or indeed to anyone that asks “what do you do?”. GE Insurance). Prospecting

Overcoming Covid-19 Common Objections

Mr. Inside Sales

The good part is this prospect isn’t saying no, rather, he/she is saying, “It is best to reschedule this call.” Prospect name} is really booked right now with very little down time. Prospect isn’t saying no, they’re saying not now.

7 Steps To Selling To Clients Who Are Indecisive- Video Blog

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For a prospect making a decision to buy means taking the risk of a competitor coming by soon after with a better proposal that is a better fit to the prospects situation. How do we insure that we are. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Sales Tips closing the sale indecisive clients selling skills

How Financial Professionals Can Take Their LinkedIn Profile to the Next Level

Hyper-Connected Selling

The image of the small town insurance agent who knows everyone (and everyone’s business) is deeply ingrained into our minds. Customers can buy insurance policies and stocks online – without ever talking to a live person. Update December 2018.

What the Numbers Tell Us about Salesperson Readiness

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We recently delivered a webinar specifically for one of our clients – BISA (Bank Insurance and Securities Association).

Lead Generation: Does your teleprospecting deliver value to prospects?

B2B Lead Blog - Inside Sales

Company: A large, well-known insurance carrier. Test phone calls to learn more about your prospects If you run a teleprospecting campaign, consider testing your approach to acquiring new leads. More from the blogs] Value Proposition: What motivates prospects to buy from you?

Your Funnel Should Be A Horn Of Plenty

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I bring this up because of reaction to my piece the past Monday on how to deal with prospects who are reluctant to commit. On the other hand, if you needed five prospects to close a deal, you had three real prospects in your funnel and one went soft, you have a problem.

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