A scoop of Insideview with some Jigsaw special sauce

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“A scoop of Insideview with some Jigsaw special sauce.” tools of all time: Jigsaw (now Data.com as Jigsaw was sold to Salesforce.com in 2010 for a tidy $142 million in cash —I love saying that.). For anyone that’s ever used Jigsaw (or now Data.com) this should trip a switch.

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The Sales Jigsaw Puzzle

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Every once in a while, I like to do a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes, I think selling, and all the things sales people must do to be successful, is something like a jigsaw puzzle.

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Jigsaw RainMaker Convention Updates

Fill the Funnel

Jigsaw is one of those tools that is active on my screen every day of the week. I had the privilege of attending the Jigsaw Rainmaker Conference this year the the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. Kevin Akeroyd, General Manager of the Jigsaw Business Unit comforted the crowd of 100+ of the top Jigsaw members when he recapped the past year since the acquisition by Salesforce.com. If you haven’t tried Jigsaw out for yourself, click here for a special offer.

Business Benefits of Using Jigsaw

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Nucleus Research recently conducted a study to explore the business benefits of Jigsaw. For the study, they interviewed multiple contacts at six businesses that use the Jigsaw solution in their sales, marketing and customer relationship management operations.

Are you telling stories with a point or creating a verbal jigsaw puzzle with your talk?

Leading Results Rambings

What ensued from each was a 45 minute verbal jigsaw puzzle. I get the opportunity to watch and listen to fabulous speakers.

Explode Your Sales Results with 10 Powerful Web Tools

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Small Business Sales Prospecting Just Got Much Easier

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Dun & Bradstreet, Jigsaw/Data.com and other well-known names do a commendable job of providing this information for larger companies but are much less productive for small businesses. 20 Web Tools 2012 Web Tools Jigsaw Radius sales intelligence small business smb social web tool

BYOT Improves Your Chances of Success

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The coolest thing that happened when services like Jigsaw came out was the importance of learning about the one person who has that pain that you have a solution for, but all the other people who have a stake in resolving their pain. The reps were using Jigsaw on their own.”

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2 Sales Tools and Productivity Webinars on December 13th

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Events Tool tips Web Tools 31 Jigsaw sales Sales tools training WebinarAs you wrap-up what I hope was a successful 2012 and begin preparation for 2013, I think you will find some great ideas about sales tools during two Webinars to register for. Thursday, December 13th at 10:00 am Pacific.

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10 Web Tools to Explode Your Sales Results Webinar Results

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Thanks to all of you who attended today’s event sponsored by the Jigsaw team. Web Tools contest Jigsaw Retool twitter WebinarRecorded Webinar now available for viewing here. Slide Deck is available here.

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Complete List of 2009 Selections from 30 Web Tools in 30 Days

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Jigsaw. You asked for it, here is a listing of the 2009 selections from 30 Web Tools in 30 Days.

Small Business Sales Game Changer

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Dun & Bradstreet, Jigsaw/Data.com and other well-known names do a commendable job of providing this information for larger companies but fail miserably for small businesses. Radius launches first SMB sales intelligence tool!

LinkedIn Considering Sales Enhancements with InsideView and PeopleMaps

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Jigsaw was acquired by Salesforce.com. Web Tools 7 Degrees acquisition aggregation App Gist Insideview Jigsaw LinkedIn peoplemapsEarly this morning, LinkedIn sent me a survey asking about my views and experiences with InsideView and PeopleMaps. They happen to be two of my most recommended sales web tools that every sales person should be using. I write about each of them and include both frequently in presentations I make.

6 Steps for Solving the Prospecting Puzzle

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I have an exercise for you: ask your sales team, “How do I put together a jigsaw puzzle?” Solving the prospecting puzzle isn't easy. Read on to learn how to get your sales team solving their prospecting problems.

High Performance Selling, Putting The Pieces Together

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Have you ever put together a jigsaw puzzle? Sales is like a very complex jigsaw puzzle. It’s interesting to watch the dynamics of a group of people trying to put together a complex jigsaw puzzle. Recently, I was sitting in a hotel lobby.

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Need a New Data Solution now that Data.com is Done?


The company formerly known as Jigsaw was acquired by Salesforce in 2010 for 142M. As of May 4th, 2019, Data.com is no longer. Since 2010 the desire for more accurate data has forced crowd sourcing companies like Data.com to the way side.

The Sales 2.0 Gift Horse

Sales 2.0

Even though they could have found out in 15 minutes by searching Linkedin, Insideview or Jigsaw – like I did. tools like Linkedin, Insideview or Jigsaw. A story from my consulting work.

How to Capture Your Most Valuable Asset in Business-Contacts

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What has made it most valuable for me is I can place the data into the two places that I use the most – Outlook and Jigsaw. Same thing for Jigsaw if you use that ( and if you are in business, why not?). Copy2Contact adds contacts to Jigsaw for free, forever.

Applying Sales 2.0 in Real Life

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Jigsaw (Now Data.com ): Jigsaw is very important to me when trying to find prospect information. Every now and then I like to go check my own view of the world by talking to smart people who are out there actually selling. This week is one of those weeks.

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Dreamforce Scoop #4: This One’s a Biggie!

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Tomorrow, Salesforce is announcing a collaboration with Dun & Bradstreet that will marry Jigsaw’s vast contact database with the strength of D&B’s massive company database. Jigsaw, which was acquired by Salesforce in May of 2010, and will hence-forth be known as Data.com, is an online directory of business contacts and companies generated by a community of nearly 2 million professionals.

AuthoritySpy Is A Sales Game-Changer

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When I created Fill the Funnel over eight years ago, I shared a powerful tool called Jigsaw to discover contact names, email addresses and direct phone numbers for those that met my specific criteria using Geography, industry, company size, title and more.

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The Four Spheres of Sales Awareness

Bernadette McClelland

This is an area that is truly lacking in sales relationships today, it is the open gap and the missing jigsaw piece. The Four Spheres of Sales Awareness. From a global and industry perspective all the way to a local and individual perspective there are four spheres of sales awareness.

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How A Seagull Changed My Career and Taught Me Twelve Home Truths

Bernadette McClelland

I was a single mum to a one year old baby girl and had also not long been given a sales trainee role under sufferance, instantly recognising deep down inside, that a huge alignment piece to this jigsaw I had wanted to lay out in front of me, was missing. The year was 1986.

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Solve the Selling Puzzle

Tom Hopkins

The selling process can be broken into very specific pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. Our goal as professionals is to put each piece in its place in order to earn a new client. Here’s an overview of ideas to maximize your efforts in each area. The first piece in the selling cycle is prospecting. There [.] Related posts: The Importance of Being a Lifelong Student of Selling Skills. Selling Skills sales skills selling skills

Characteristics of a Great Sales Manager

Tom Hopkins

Being a good manager is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. The first time you try to fit the pieces together it takes awhile to get everything to fit smoothly. The next time you attempt to make the pieces fit you are a little more familiar with the pattern and each time after that it [.] No related posts. Sales Management management skills manager skills sales management sales management skills sales management training sales manager skills

Cold Calls Warm With Research in Advance

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Jigsaw InsideView Netprospex OneSource. We are assuming you are doing inbound marketing in your b2b business. The question I was asked: “Would you rather make 100 cold calls or 20 well-researched calls to b2b sales prospects?” ” (A trick question?).

Account-Based Customer Success: The Refrain Remains the Same

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You know that feeling when you dump a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle out on the table for the first time, and you think “need those corners”? I come to the Account Based Everything movement as a long-time proponent.

Never Make a Cold Call Again!

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I m not sure how many of my readers subscribe to our monthly newsletter: “ Why Sales Managers Succeed !”, ”, if you don’t please sign up on my web site; www.AcumenManagement.com.

Hire Better Sales People, Part 3

Anthony Cole Training

Think of working with the process like you would work on a jigsaw puzzle. There is a process for hiring better sales people. If you are not getting the people that you want, then you should be looking at your process.

What I learned at Dreamforce 2011


Data Dump Data.com is a single source for complete and actionable business data from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) and Jigsaw.

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ActiveConversion Product Review: Demand Gen Intelligence

Green Lead's B2B

They are partners with Google, Jigsaw, VerticalResponse, and Salesforce.com. Contacts of the prospect company can be instantly researched in Jigsaw.

When Is The Best Time to Contact a Prospect? Answer Here

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Jigsaw. Facebook, Jigsaw and more are additional data sources that can be added to the Connection Detail on each person you are hoping to connect with. A new web tool is providing an answer to the question “When is the best time to connect with my prospect?”

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Huge Sales Event Proves Sales Grow Through the Cloud ? Score.

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Data.com Launch – integration of Jigsaw data (an earlier Salesforce acquisition) with corporate data from premier data provider D&B. Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. About. Consulting. Training. Press. Speaking. Huge Sales Event Proves Sales Grow Through the Cloud.

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Smart Salespeople: Power Network Map

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2) Bing/Google/LinkedIn/Jigsaw/Facebook search that person’s business relationships, personal involvements, and identify as much information as you can find. Smarter Salespeople: Power Network Map.

4 Ways to Use Insights for More Effective ABM

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Prior to Owler, Jim founded Jigsaw in 2003 and was CEO until it was acquired by Salesforce in 2010 for $175 million Author: Jim Fowler Buzzwords don’t get much buzzier than account-based marketing. Marketers in the B2B space are all about it, and there’s data to back that assertion up. SiriusDecisions’ 2016 State of Account-Based Marketing Study found that 27 percent of respondents invested between 11 and 30 percent of their total marketing budgets into ABM.

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Are You Asking the Right Discovery Call Questions?


You can’t force it, like jamming a jigsaw puzzle piece into the wrong place. The discovery call is an exploratory expedition, scoping out new territory to decide if it’s the best location for a new business settlement.

How to transition from outside sales to inside sales


Sometimes it’s figuring out the jigsaw puzzle of a prospect’s own writing issues, and sometimes it’s needing to read between the lines to get what a customer is actually asking for or desiring. Inside sales refers to any form of selling that isn’t done face-to-face. Unlike outside sales (or field sales ) reps, inside sales reps connect with potential customers remotely through phone, email , and web conferencing.

ActiveConversion: New Features Impress

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The optional AC-Prospect Alert module gives them access to the same lead trends, lead information and Jigsaw contact data, without using CRM or buying a full license to the ActiveConversion system.

4 Easy Steps to Better Prospecting | Sales Motivation and Sales.

The Sales Hunter

Let’s just leave it at this — if you know how to use Google and sites like Linkedin, Jigsaw and others, you’ll be just fine. About. FREE Resources. Hire Mark. Client List. Testimonials. Client Login. Mark Hunter. Client List. Testimonials. Speaking. Mark’s Insights on SALES MOTIVATION. Mark’s Insights on PRICING. Mark’s Insights on PROSPECTING. Training. Mark’s Insights on PRICING. Mark’s Insights on PROSPECTING. FREE Resources.

Transforming Disaster: Pick Yourself Up and Move Forward


I think it was probably an accident of circumstances, various pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together,” said Gilpin. We all face disasters in life. Sometimes when people have disasters, they don’t embrace it as an opportunity.