The Sales Jigsaw Puzzle

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Every once in a while, I like to do a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes, I think selling, and all the things sales people must do to be successful, is something like a jigsaw puzzle. Meetings/calls are how we execute our account, territory, and opportunity plans.

BYOT Improves Your Chances of Success

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The coolest thing that happened when services like Jigsaw came out was the importance of learning about the one person who has that pain that you have a solution for, but all the other people who have a stake in resolving their pain. The reps were using Jigsaw on their own.”

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Dreamforce Scoop #4: This One’s a Biggie!

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Tomorrow, Salesforce is announcing a collaboration with Dun & Bradstreet that will marry Jigsaw’s vast contact database with the strength of D&B’s massive company database. Jigsaw, which was acquired by Salesforce in May of 2010, and will hence-forth be known as, is an online directory of business contacts and companies generated by a community of nearly 2 million professionals.

Sales, You Have To Do The Whole Job, All The Time!

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Or the one I hear too often, “My job is to focus on deals, I don’t have time for all this account/territory planning or pipeline/forecasting stuff… ” Or, I don’t have time to plan my deals or my calls, I’m experienced, I can just shoot from the lip.

Sales Tips: How to Setup Your 2015 for Success

Customer Centric Selling

The time to begin developing your Territory Sales Plan is now ! In addition to your individual lead generation efforts and responding to inbound inquiries, do you have any particular growth strategies for your territory? LinkedIn, Jigsaw, Hoovers, InsideView, ConstantContact, etc.

ActiveConversion: New Features Impress

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The optional AC-Prospect Alert module gives them access to the same lead trends, lead information and Jigsaw contact data, without using CRM or buying a full license to the ActiveConversion system. Automatically assign leads to sales reps by geographical territory, or by special tags.

Are You Asking the Right Discovery Call Questions?


The discovery call is an exploratory expedition, scoping out new territory to decide if it’s the best location for a new business settlement. You can’t force it, like jamming a jigsaw puzzle piece into the wrong place.