Finally! A Contact Strategy That I Appreciate

John Barrows

There are three types of contact strategies in my experience: 1) Tailored: where you do research on a specific person or company and then craft multiple, relevant, and direct messages, 2) Targeted: where you segment contacts based on similar characteristics and develop messages that focus on their broad priorities or challenges, and 3) Templated: where you create various, self-serving templates about your great solution and then blast messages out to everyone on a list.

3 Industry40 Soft Skills catalyze Personal Development and Leadership

Babette Ten Haken

Whether due to educational pedigree, knowledge-based or manual employment status or pay grade. Hire me to speak or conduct a workshop at your next corporate or association event.

SME 90

30 of the Best SaaS Partner Programs (and Why They Are So Good)


After all, partnering up with other companies that share customer bases can be a huge asset in amplifying your sales and marketing. Partnering allows you to leverage a well-known brand with a broad network to grow your own customer base more quickly than would be possible on your own.

Please Stop the Ongoing Insanity in Bank Sales Training

Increase Sales

A one or two day workshop even if it is in half days is full fledged insanity. Training is for the initial new information or knowledge. Development takes that knowledge to that next level of application and further strengthens it.

Demystifying Sales Enablement: What Is It, Why It Matters, And How To Do It Right

Sales Hacker

Based on SiriusDecision’s database, nearly half (46%) of companies have their sales enablement unit under the Sales umbrella, around 32% within Marketing, and 18% reporting to other corporate departments. . Top talent needs ongoing enablement and coaching to build knowledge, hone skills , and harness resources to drive customer conversions, sales velocity, and win rates. To see what selling on steroids looks like, check out companies with the best sales enablement strategies.