Landslide Now Available on the AppExchange from

Keith Rosen

Salesforce CRM customers can now deploy Landslide Sales Production System. Landslide Technologies, provider of the Landslide Sales P3 System, today announced that it is now available on the AppExchange from users can now quickly and easily add Landslide’s Sales P3 System to their Salesforce CRM deployment to add sales processes and produce a high-octane sales production system. About Landslide Technologies.

Landslide Video: Respect Sales! A Day On The Links With a Prospect

Keith Rosen

Follow Landslide’s sales guy as he puts up with his difficult prospect and tries to close the deal. recently recorded a video for a series with the theme: “Respect sales.” ” The idea is to show how sometimes people think salespeople have it easy – they get to travel, play golf, go on dinner outings etc. but the reality is far different. So, what actually happens when a salesperson takes a prospect out on the golf course?


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Time To Get Organized!

Engage Selling

Observations from the real World client attraction Colleen Francis CRM systems Engage Selling Solutions InfusionSoft Landslide OnContact optimizing sales Pipeline Management sales quota selling SugarCRM The Sales Leader As you know, organization is simply one of those “must-have” skills that a salesperson must possess in order to be successful.

What it Really Means When CRM Isn't a Sales Force Priority

Understanding the Sales Force

Landslide is a good example of easy because they provide VIP support to salespeople who aren't at a computer or mobile device, or to those who are computer-challenged. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan It's rare when a company isn't using something for CRM, even if it's an old version of ACT. In most companies, it's not whether they are using CRM, it's which CRM they have chosen to use and whether the CRM has actually been adopted.

Headline, Headline, Read All About It: Women on the Quarters

No More Cold Calling

Her tribe elected her chief in 1987, and four years later, they re-elected her in a landslide. Get those quarters and celebrate women! I was over-the-top excited to learn that the U.S. Mint is releasing five new coins a year between 2022 and 2025—all with women on the quarters.

Is Technology Ruining or Driving Your Sales Efforts?

Understanding the Sales Force

CRM - Landslide is still my favorite but I am reviewing some simple, new applications from other companies. I have two monitors and they typically look like: My email is open on the 1st monitor (not shown); the 2nd monitor has several tabs at the top; 1 has Google Calendar running, 1 has Wunderlist running, 1 has Landslide (shown with dashboard), and one has Hubspot, my Blogging and lead gen application running.

Solving the CRM Problem

Understanding the Sales Force

I have reviewed 15 (Landslide, Sugar, Oracle, Sales Logix, Microsoft Dynamics, Membrain, Fortuit, FunnelSource, Podio, OppTuna, Pipedrive, PipelineDeals, Act, Goldmine and Zoho) CRM applications that aren't named and because clients have had some of these applications installed, had to use many of them. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Yesterday I wrote about solving the Sales Performance Problem and today I'll write about solving the CRM problem.

CRM 184

3 Top Sales Tips for Keeping Sales Focus ? Score More Sales

Score More Sales

Landslide – a quick and robust solution. Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. About. Consulting. Training. Press. Speaking. 3 Top Sales Tips for Keeping Sales Focus. by Lori Richardson on September 19, 2011. Grow Sales. Focus in growing sales and revenues is challenging for many small business owners and entrepreneurs, let alone actual sales professionals.

Stop Chasing B2B Buyers And Start Engaging Them Their Way With The Buying Team Experience


Experiential selling doesn’t overwhelm buyers with a landslide of information right at the start—it builds on knowledge. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes for a hot minute. You’re a leader who has to figure out how to solve a big problem in your department.

What Makes A Great Salesperson?

Increase Sales

Technology through the use of a customer relationship management system such as Landslide , Sales Nexus or Sales Force to even mobile computing through applications on smart devices enhances that sales leads process. We have all heard “He or she could see ice to an Eskimo” or a similar statement about great sales people. .

The First 90 Days: From “In the Door” to “Successful Sale” in Record Time

Sales Hacker

Performance improves in increments, not landslides. There’s a big problem in B2B sales right now. The sales cycle for nearly half of all B2B sales is at least 7 months. The average tenure of a sales rep in 2018 is 18 months. So, what’s the problem? Because it takes time to get a new rep up to speed, the actual productive time you gain from those 18 months is far less. In fact, it’s often less than the average 7-month sales cycle. What’s the solution?

How OutboundEngine Pairs Charity and Grace to Win During Remote Work


There are three levels of culture, and Level 3 is most important by a landslide. We had the privilege of talking with someone who’s essentially a Lessonly celebrity at this point.

To Stay or Go? How American Professionals are Like Scottish Voters

Hyper-Connected Selling

With a final vote tally of approximately 55%/45%, the decision to stay in the UK was hardly a landslide (although David Cameron, in a post right here on LinkedIn, said that the results were “clear” Clear, yes, but hardly a mandate – you have to love how politicians spin things). Like many Americans, I watched the reporting on Scotland’s independence referendum last week with fascination. What fascinated me, though, was how close the election was.

'Sales Process' Is In The Air

The Ultimate Sales Executive Resource

Landslide has a similar offering for building a sales process. Network Landslide. There is a lot written about the sales process these days: Dave Brock has written several pieces on the sales process recently. He now has launched an initiative to get some new thinking on the subject by asking “What's the Future of Buying”. I have seen several contributions by Sharon Drew Morgen, besides her new book 'Dirty little Secrets.',

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Coaching In 2019

I went on to overachieve quota by a landslide. Are you looking to get better at sales coaching, but you’re not sure how? Then this is the most important thing you’ll read today. Let me guess: no one trained you for sales coaching. You’re “making it up as you go.”. You’re simply doing your best to pass on what YOU know about sales to your team. BUT… that’s a dangerous sales coaching mistake. There are specific coaching methods you can use today. Don’t settle for “random acts of coaching.”.