6 Things Good Lead Generation Vendors Do Right (That You May Be Doing Wrong)


There’s plenty of mediocrity in lead generation—both in-house and outsourced. However, there are a lot of things good insourced operations and lead generation companies do well. While lead generation (or teleprospecting) is not rocket science, there are a lot of moving parts in a well-run lead generation machine. Failure to execute and coordinate all of the moving parts leads to poor results. Lead Generation Lead Nurturing

5 Questions to Guarantee Qualified Lead Generation

No More Cold Calling

The problem might be a lack of qualified leads. If their lead generation activities weren’t producing qualified leads , those sales efforts were doomed from the start. Regroup, learn, debrief, and change the way they approach lead generation.

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Why Cost per Lead is a Bad Way to Measure Your Return on Lead Generation Efforts


While cost-per-lead measurement has been the de facto favorite for evaluating marketing programs, we are seeing radical and positive shifts in how marketing is evaluating qualified leads. Correctly emphasize the ROI value of qualified leads over their cost. Cost-Per-Lead.

Five Ways to Avoid Getting Burned by Outsourced B2B Sales Lead Generation


Based on my experience over the past almost 30-years it seems that everyone has been burned by outsourced lead generation. The main reason for these failures is that there is a LOT of mediocrity in the lead generation industry, which is why some say outbound is supposedly “dead.” We’re not a lead gen or appointment setting firm, but rather a revenue focused extension (not a replacement) of your sales team. Lead Generation

5 B2B Lead Generation Mistakes

Sales Overdrive

The most well-intentioned efforts can backfire and halt your lead generation strategy. Since a steady flow of high quality sales is critical to your organization’s health and success, it’s vital to avoid common lead generation mistakes that can turn away potential customers.

How to Double Your Marketing & Sales ROI


In other words, every company with a pulse has mounds of cold cases in the form of lightly-worked and unworked leads. In an optimized salesforce, certain forensic practices that identify and deal with these unworked leads should become standard. PowerMinute™ is a series of 1 minute videos produced to give you helpful tips to energize your lead generation results.

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Metrics to Drive Lead Generation Performance


Jim Lenskold is President of Lenskold Group and author of Marketing ROI, The Path to Campaign, Customer and Corporate Profitability (McGraw Hill, 2003). Jim has published articles and presented internationally on the topics of marketing ROI, marketing strategies and business growth strategies. These marketing organizations must rely on performance metrics such as Number of Marketing Qualified Leads, Percent of Leads Converting to Opportunities, and Number of Opportunities.

Looking to enhance sales lead performance? Put process before technology.


When it comes time to exploring how you can increase lead generation ROI, that is, produce better leads more cost effectively, move "technology" to the bottom your to-do list. So start by engineering your processes to focus on lead quality not quantity. Then implement the workflow that encourages both sales and marketing to be acccountable for their role in revenue generation. That is, by not using a cost-per-lead metric.)

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The sales rep said, “I never got a lead yet that turned into a sale.”


As I closed my part of the program by projecting an ROI (number of raw inquiries, qualified leads, and projected sales) from our new lead generation program, I innocently asked if there were any questions. We’d like leads on XXXX product.”. “We Lead Generation

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Increasing Revenue: The ONE Measurement That Matters Most

Smart Selling Tools

Converting leads to prospects. Proving ROI and Value. Proving ROI and Value. Sales Effectiveness decision influencers lead generation methodical approaches opportunity management revenue velocity sales leads Sales Process Sales Prospecting sales techniques solution selling

Sales Energy Audits: How to Increase Revenue by Shifting Your Sales-Energy Use

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Converting Leads. Proving ROI and Value. Proving ROI and Value. An organization with 100M in sales should generate 28M in incremental revenue by increasing their time spent with prospects from 35% to 45%. [1].

Follow the Money: The Primary Responsibility for CMOs


Generate Demand. Branding has gotten a lot of attention in B2B over the last ten years or so, as traditional agencies, to generate more revenue, jumped on the band wagon of brand measurement and improvement for B2B. James Lenskold’s book Marketing ROI will give you the simple formulas.

What Percent of Leads Should Sales Close?


There are many factors that impact the percent of leads that should be closed by sales. This blog will take you through five factors that impact lead close rate and a calculation you can use to determine the minimum close rates your product or solution requires. The five main factors in lead close rate are: Market definition. Lead definition. Lead cost. Process for following up on leads. Lead nurturing. per so-called lead. Lead Rate.

It’s Not What You Say, It’s What the Prospect Experiences

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This level of stimulated involvement generates the not only the impetus for change in the prospect’s mind, but places your solution at the nexus of that emerging relationship. ROI Tools. ROI tools that the prospect directly interacts with are often quite effective.

The Pipeline ? 25% Increase in Sales Training ROI ? Sales.

The Pipeline

25% Increase in Sales Training ROI – Sales eXchange – 115. Some aspects of sales training are easy to measure others not so, but it is a fair question when I am asked what they can expect from an ROI standpoint. For Sales >>> What's the ROI on your sales team?

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Don’t Be a Trade Show Vulture! Here’s 10 Steps for Event Follow Up Success

Sales Hacker

In this article I’m going to explain how to PROPERLY execute an effective trade show follow up campaign without being a blood sucking lead vulture. 10 Steps for Effectively Following Up with Leads After a Trade Show or Event. Measure ROI & refine your process.

The Cost-Per-Lead Fallacy in Measuring B2B Lead Generation Investments (Pt 2 of 3)


In the first blog on the fallacy of using the cost-per-lead metric to measure the success of B2B lead generation investments, we looked at the nature of the problem and associated costs to the organization. In this post, we’ll review three critical elements that impact B2B lead generation costs in the complex sale. B2B sale complexity impacts cost-per-lead. And the right marketing KPIs are very different from cost-per-lead metrics.

Multiple Lead Generation Strategies Builds Recognition ROI


Can you rely on cold calling as your one and only prospecting method for driving leads? Yes, you absolutely can. The challenge with that, though, is that whenever you employ just one method of reaching prospects, you are constrained to that method.

Nancy’s Sales App of the Week: @MyHushly

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This week, Nancy profiles Hushly , a smart marketing tool that increases the ROI on your gated-content and lead generation. Hushly is like a safety-net that turns anonymous web visitors into known leads. You will still capture a lead.

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The Cost-Per-Lead Fallacy in Measuring B2B Lead Generation Investments (Pt 1 of 3)


As much as marketing and sales best practices—not to mention just plain common sense—dictate that cost-per-lead not play a prominent role in managing and measuring B2B lead generation investments, the metric continues to prevail.

PowerMinute: [Video] Learn How Fewer Leads Can Drive Higher Sales


Are your sales reps rejecting your marketing leads? Far too many companies evaluate marketing’s success by the number of leads they hand over to sales. Watch the one minute video now and start increasing your ROI.

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Why Measuring Success on Cost Per Lead is a Huge Mistake


In the search for the holy grail of marketing KPIs, we want ones that correctly emphasize ROI over lead cost, tie lead generation to overall revenue and profits, identify the most successful marketing initiatives and deliver insights that can be leveraged to run future high-return activity. Cost-per-lead is not the correct metric for measuring marketing initiative success for the following reasons: It incorrectly incents volume over quality.

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3 Reasons for Low ROI from a Trade Show (with ways to improve)

DiscoverOrg Sales

One of the most popular avenues to generate leads is trade shows. It’s a perfect storm of getting in front of people, building relationships, and then leveraging those relationships into generating revenue. Enter the leads into your CRM and make sure add all relevant notes.

PowerMinute: [Video] Take Sales from Chaos to Kickass


Too often, sales leads are dropped and business isn’t closed. 70-94% of all leads generated are ignored by sales reps because few leads sent to sales are sales-qualified. In all this marketing and sales chaos, little to no ROI can be measured from marketing investments. In an optimized salesforce, however, sales executives focus on closing business rather than finding business and virtually 100% of leads sent to sales are sales-qualified.

Generate 25%+ of Sales Pipeline Opportunities from Marketing

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Lead Generation is the surest way to drive tangible return on marketing investment. Building a robust B2B Lead Generation program requires the adoption of best practices in two areas; Demand Generation and Lead Management.

Why Isn’t Your Team Getting Enough Qualified Sales Leads?

No More Cold Calling

Sales leaders’ chief concern is lackluster lead generation, according to new CSO Insights study. Greg had barely taken his seat when he told me his greatest challenge was getting his sales reps to generate enough qualified sales leads.

Lead Generation Best Practices Part 7: Measure Beyond Cost-Per-Lead


The value of a lower cost-per-lead approach may have merit early in the funnel where inbound marketing and marketing automation can be helpful in moving large numbers of sales prospects to raise their hands and express interest. Problems arise when marketing points to delivery of hundreds and thousands of names delivered at a low cost-per-lead while reps shake their heads wondering why the unqualified names they receive are even called “leads.”

Rant: It Doesn't Take a Genius to Spot a Goat in a Flock of Sheep


James Obermayer, Executive Director and CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association and President of Sales Leakage Consulting is a regular guest blogger with ViewPoint. Or it’s the manager who doesn’t enforce sales lead follow-up, probably on his or her way out the door.

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B2B ABM: Seven Sales & Marketing Tips for 2017 - Tip #6: Nurturing Triples Marketing’s Return


Lead nurturing triples marketing's ROI, but only if done properly. Nurturing programs increase the overall program leads rate significantly: Standard B2B lead-generation programs produce an average 5% lead rate. Advanced lead-generation programs (which include nurturing) produce an average 15% lead rate—three times higher. Lead Nurturing

How to Score More Sales Leads: Don’t Believe the Buyer 2.0 Myths

No More Cold Calling

Yet, many sales reps buy into the mythical statistics and ridiculous promises floating around the Internet about how to drive sales leads in the digital age. Wake-up call: You’re in the wrong job if you believe everything you hear about lead generation techniques.

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Promoted to VP of Marketing: The Year 1 Roadmap

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There are four fundamental steps to developing and executing your Year 1 marketing strategy: Develop a Lead Generation Strategy. Implement Demand Generation. Build Lead Gen Infrastructure. DEVELOP A LEAD GENERATION STRATEGY. IMPLEMENT DEMAND GENERATION.

Are You Building a Company or Just Laying “Marketing Brick”?


Are you building a business with your lead generation efforts that drive sales or are you spending the company’s money on tactics that have tepid responses? Are you simply concerned with the lead count versus the qualified lead count? There’s a quote by Charles M.

Your Most Burning Referral Questions Immediately Answered

No More Cold Calling

Who should you ask for referrals to drive lead generation? Below are some of your smartest questions, and my answers about how a referral program can drive lead generation. Can attest to the ROI they’ve received from working with you.

A LeadGen Marketing Year in Review: Are you Keeping Pace?

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Over the past year, there have been many great Marketing & Lead Generation blog posts. I created a ProForma and have the capability to track marketing ROI on my campaigns ? I successfully calculate an ROI on my Lead Generation program ?

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Inbound Marketing’s Top 4 Newest Insights

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She has helped build the company with superb demand generation efforts. She has been trying to reduce her cost per lead, but have not been able to get below $360 per qualified lead. I reminded Kathy that she’s not focused enough on Lead Management.

Are you Building Your Lead Gen Program in the Dark?

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The field is clamoring for leads and the CEO is demanding results. More often than not, I find marketers take the “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach to lead generation. Developing lead generation capabilities is essential.

CMO’s ProForma – The Silver Bullet for Marketing Return on Investment

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The ROI picture has been elusive as marketers struggle to capture the full impact of marketing’s contribution. Simple ROI calculations based on lead source have muddied the waters. That's where SBI's demand generation programs benefit from ProForma campaign measurement tools.

The Ultimate Guide to Direct Mail

Hubspot Sales

Email has better ROI. On the flip side, email still offers better ROI than direct mail (probably because it’s far cheaper to send in bulk). Average email ROI is $28.50 Alternatively, you can generate a fake magazine article.) Sales Lead Generation

Do You Need a Resource Dedicated to Nurturing Leads?

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There are the four essential elements to World Class Lead Generation : Content, Process, Technology and People. According to the study, a CMO's number one success measure is marketing ROI. Translation – ROI equals results. For your CEO, results equal leads that generate new business. For your sales force, results equal leads that are ready to buy. Without all four elements of Lead Generation, you won’t produce the expected results.

The Traps of ‘optimizing’ by Lead Source

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H ow their teams should analyze Lead Sources is a major concern for marketing leaders. These metrics are good leading indicators but can be a death trap for optimization. Click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost per lead are commonly used as fine tuning points.

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