Inventory Clearance B2B Style

The Pipeline

In the process the can also open up shelf and storage space, again to make way for newer more salable goods; not so much out with the old in with the new, more like out with lower potential goods and in with better margin and turnover potential. Territory Plan Tibor Shanto

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The Pipeline ? Win The Sale Without Compromising on Price

The Pipeline

In these times of shrinking margins and diminishing returns, Mark’s insights will change the way you think about discounting, price, negotiating, and, above all, the all-important concept of value. Prospecting. Territory Alignment. 3 R’s of Prospecting Success.

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The Pipeline ? Shrink Your Way To Success

The Pipeline

Stored in Attitude , Business Acumen , EDGE Sales Process , Metrics , Productivity , Sales Success , Territory Alignment , execution. By shrinking your territories, strategically where it make sense. logically shrink territories. Sales Success , Territory Alignment.

Turn Pains Into Priorities

The Pipeline

When the prospect tics enough of the boxes, their qualified. The current approach tends to set the bar somewhat low, taking away valuable time that can be spent with real prospects. In practice, your reps will the ability to pursue and engage with “pain-free prospects”.

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Why Are You Trying To Kill Me?

The Pipeline

You know I have never read an article or a post that was written by an advocate of cold calling, suggesting that social selling is bad, ridiculing people who use the practice to engage with prospects, suggest that it is inadequate, or about to die.

How to Fix a Sales Forecast Killer


Territory turnover for this new sales manager isn’t unusual, but the solution can be evasive, expensive and humbling. He had 10 sales territories in his domestic North American sales force. Territory turnover for this new sales manager isn’t unusual, but the solution can be evasive, expensive and humbling. Of course, they faced a six-month ramp-up for each territory, but each started to produce something. Increase qualified leads for existing territories.

We Can’t Sell Collaboratively – or Even Consultatively – if Our Prospect Won’t Let Us!

Jonathan Farrington

After I wrote that post, I looked at “cronyism” and I realised that quite a high % of today’s sales population is still selling in this way.There are huge numbers of sales “reps” still making what I term “courtesy calls” on a regular basis, within a clearly defined territory, in the hope that there might be an order for them. The playing field was very flat, and the pressure on salesmen (yes, still few women) to cut margins was considerable.

Creating the Ideal Performance Culture

Sales Benchmark Index

Those reps were covering an extensive territory and large customer base. If they went after new business, it would surely be at lower margins. High margin deals only come after a relationship has been built. Success is based 50% on talent and 50% on performance conditions.

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A Get-Well Plan for Sales Ops in the New Year

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Don’t do a territory redesign project without knowing exactly who you’re targeting. Having a clear understanding of your ideal customers and prospects is essential to success. Without that, virtually all else below is drastically marginalized.

Sales Management in Times of Crisis: A COVID-19 Management Plan


Frontline managers who spend the majority of their time focused on low and high performers will make a marginal impact at best. Where: Focus on Early Stage Pipeline, Account Re-Qualification, and Territory Re-Classification. Account Re-Qualification and Territory Re-Classification demand sales leader attention in the current environment. Introduce selling behaviors that are critical for empathizing with prospects and elevating the conversation.

Can You Switch Hit For Sales Success?

The Pipeline

I remember when I first started working for a company back in the early 1990’s (before we had web mail), the company had two main product lines, and had the usual territories across the continent, primarily driven by geography. By Tibor Shanto –

13 Signs Your Sales Turnover May Get Worse

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This means some territories are not producing to expected or potential revenues. Increase in Sales rep LinkedIn activity not related to prospects or customers. Look for profile updates and network connections that are not customer or prospect oriented.

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Is it Time to Fire Your Customer?

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There are several possible reasons: Need to keep your complete book of business and preserve your territory. You can acquire them in a multiple of different ways: You dropped your price too quickly and marginalized your perceived value. Fill your pipeline with new prospects.

From Offline to Online to Inline Learning

Sales and Marketing Management

These situations might include: Troubled territory – What if a particular sales territory or geography is struggling with an aggressive competitor? Threat to a dominant product or service – What if a competitor launches a broadside on one of your highest-share, highest-margin product lines, and you need to defend, retain and protect your position? The decisions your prospects and customers are making.

7 Key Considerations For Setting Aggressive Yet Achievable Sales Targets


New territories or geographies. Once targets have been set and communicated to the executive team and Board of Directors , then all that’s left for the sales leader to do is coach proactively and help the team members perform their best in every single prospective customer conversation.

Here Are the Best Books to Read Over the Holidays

Alice Heiman

Combo Prospecting by Tony Hughes. His potent “COMBOs” will help your team gain access to top-level prospects, secure meetings, and make the sale. He offers 19 easy-to-implement concepts that will help salespeople win d eals while protecting margin. Do you frequently call on prospects or customers who have someone already sitting in your seat at the table?

How to get your sales team meet their sales quota every single time

If a company sells products or services with different profit margins, then this quota could also be based on the gross revenue generated from the performance of a sales organization. However, it incentivizes your sales staff to sell items with higher profit margins.

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Sales Compensation: The Ultimate Guide

Hubspot Sales

According to RepHunter , 20% to 40% of gross margin (sales minus direct expenses) is standard. A less aggressive ratio (think 70:30 or 75:25) is common when salespeople are required to teach the prospect because they're selling a highly complex or technical product.

Creating a Sales Culture: What It Is & How It’s Done

Sales Hacker

I’m talking about things like over-promising resources to clients to get them to sign, or working clients outside of one’s territory. What are the core processes you want your team to follow (prospecting, deal execution, rules of engagement, etc.)

Second Quarter Plan

Your Sales Management Guru

What prospecting and activity goals are important to manage. What revenue/margin goals that need a focus. What account or territory intelligence and relationship building is important. Second Quarter Plan. Amazing, it’s the middle of March-are you ready for the second quarter?

Your Most Important Sales Call, What’s Your Plan?

Partners in Excellence

They know that sharp execution of the process improves their odds to win, reduces their sales cycle, and maximizes deal value/margin. They do this for their deal plans, account/territory strategies, and call plans. Communicating Insight Selling Professional Sales Prospecting Recruiting/Onboarding Sales EffectivenessToday, a reader reminded me about something I said in an Openview Partners article about 18 months ago.

Bias toward action, the number one trait of successful people!

Tony Hughes

You could call 50 prospects and get nothing from it - just going through the motions. You can use Predictive Intelligence to suss out whom you should prospect next with your auto-dialer featuring local presence (area codes for the area) and optimal time of day.

The 40+ Best Apps for Salespeople Who Want to Win

Sales Hacker

In short “sound bites,” you can share your thoughts, tell a story, or connect with your prospects and peers. Wondering how much the margin will be on a proposed deal? When a prospect is ready to commit to a contract, a rep is going to get them to sign, come hell or high water.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Metrics: What to Track, How to Track It, & Why

Hubspot Sales

Revenue by territory. How well are your salespeople prospecting? Percentage of prospects who agree to a conversation. Percentage of prospects who move to the next step. Percentage of prospects engaged with on social media who move to next step. Margin by partner.

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Optimizing Part Of The Selling Function, Sub-Optimizing The Whole

Partners in Excellence

They should never pick up the phone and make a prospecting call!” Enter the realm of account management/territory. Perhaps account/territory managers for core product lines and managing the overall customer relationship, with specialists for the more complex product lines.

From Offline to Online to Inline Learning

Corporate Visions

These situations might include: Troubled territory – What if a particular sales territory or geography is struggling with an aggressive competitor? The decisions your prospects and customers are making.

10 Best Practices for Enterprise Sales Team Management


Most people seem to think that when sales managers recruit top sales leaders and provide them with the right sales team management tools it will in turn translate to higher profit margins but that is not always the case. Sales team management plays a big role in the success of an organization.

10 Types of Sales Quotas

For example: Assume your rep’s prospecting remains the same, and they’re not having to change who they’re targeting. Forecast Revenue Quota The forecast revenue quota uses historical precedents — for a territory, market share, or prior product — for its foundation.

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Sales enablement is your engine to drive digital transformation


The global pandemic that forced most of us to work from home, to engage prospects and customers entirely remotely, has amplified the need to get digital transformation right. It might come across as a bold statement — sales enablement is your engine to drive digital transformation. .

Sales Enablement, Part 2: Everything That’s Wrong with Your Sales Process

Cincom Smart Selling

In my first sales job, I had nearly a full product line in my briefcase and my own geographical territory. I was just thrilled to be entrusted with a virgin territory. After that, I had several conversations with him about the territory and the overall sales process in the area. CRM combined with high-quality prospecting lists will tell you what the sales potential is for a give territory.

Confusion About Metrics

Partners in Excellence

I like to look at 4 categories of metrics: Business Management, Strategic/Customer/Territory, Operational, Personal Development. Strategic/Customer/Territory Metrics can be both trailing and leading metrics.

Do You Drop Your Pants Too Early?

Jonathan Farrington

Today’s post is all about defending margin, and so I apologize for any embarrassment the title may have caused – and I also apologize to anyone anticipating some mild titillation: In fact the only embarrassment I may cause you today, is if you recognize yourself in any of the scenarios!

Sales enablement: what is it, and how does it work?

Sales operations is the team that plans and organizes rep operations, territory planning, lead generation, sales analytics, and more. Which case studies and testimonials are your sales reps providing to prospects? Where do prospects normally hear about your company?

How to Know in January if Your Reps are Gonna Miss Their Quota come December

A Sales Guy

How are they going to prospect? How are they going to grow their territory? How are they going to increase margin? As VP of Sales or Head of Sales, making quota is your job. It’s the sole purpose of your existence.

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The Pipeline ? Put Price in its Place

The Pipeline

Much easier to show value to a customer than to a prospect. As a sales person you should be able to take what you know from existing clients, and apply them to new prospects. Prospecting. Territory Alignment. 3 R’s of Prospecting Success.

Improving Sales Performance Without Changing “How You Sell”

Partners in Excellence

As people struggle to make their numbers or to maintain their pipeline/activity metrics, they tend to cast a wider net, losing focus on the Ideal Customers, pursuing marginal cases. Make sure they are using them, make sure your managers are coaching them on them when they do deal reviews, account reviews, territory reviews, and so forth. Too often, as executives look to improve sales performance, they look to doing something new or different.

10 sales blogs you should be reading every day

Excerpt: “Professional sellers who think like owners of their territories take more accountability for their outcomes and success, no matter what’s going on around them. They even have a category called “Hall of Shame” where they share the worst prospecting emails (ouch!).

How to Build Effective Sales Compensation Plans for Any Customer Facing Role

Sales Hacker

And of course, a strong sales comp plan needs to motivate reps to hit goals that grow the company while still maintaining a profit margin. This is how the sales compensation plan should work for reps in a prospecting role. A great sales compensation plan needs to accomplish quite a lot.

7 skills you’ll need to become a sales manager

While all sales manager undoubtedly need hands-on experience converting prospects into customers themselves, there are a wide range of other (equally important) sales manager skills you’ll need to command in order to excel in this role. Prospecting and partnerships.

Number One Trait of Successful Salespeople


You could call 50 prospects and get nothing from it – just going through the motions. You can use Predictive Intelligence to suss out whom you should prospect next with your auto-dialer featuring local presence (area codes for the area) and optimal time of day. You can use Marketo lead scoring to see which prospect is hot based on rules. When the prospect starts to drive the sales cycle from the front, you know it’s going to close.