The Answer to Why Your Deals are Bleeding Margin

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Is Margin Based Compensation Right for Your Organization?

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Discussing Net vs. Contribution Margin Effectively

Selling Energy

The more you understand “ net margin ” and “ contribution margin , ” the more confident you will be discussing these topics with a prospect. financials Selling sales performance Business tips Recession

WITCE Wednesday — Gross Margin

A Sales Guy

I talked about the profit and loss statement in an earlier post, but wanted to tackle gross margin today. Gross margin is a part of the P&L statement and if you’re in sales it’s important to understand for both YOU and YOUR customers and prospects. Simply put, gross margin is the difference between the revenue a product or service creates and the cost of creating that product or service. The higher the gross margin the better the business.

3 Ways to Minimize or Marginalize Objections – Sales eXecution 240

The Pipeline

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I have pointed out that salespeople and sales organizations spend too much time and energy trying to avoid objections, when they should be spending time on learning to deal with them, redirect and leverage them to move the sale forward.

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6 Buyer Tactics That Will Slash Your Margins

MTD Sales Training

Those skills normally revolve around the abilities of salespeople to achieve specific sales. [[ This is a content summary only. We often talk about the selling skills required to deal with today’s complex and competitive market place.

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Beyond CRM Podcast: Upselling, Cross-Selling, & Improving Margins

Smart Selling Tools

Beyond CRM Podcast: Upselling, Cross-Selling, & Improving Margins. Sales Tools or Sales Stack Beyond CRM Revenue Management Sales Enablement ZilliantToday’s episode is with Brian Hirt, Director of Product Management for Zilliant.

Aligning Your Sales Team to Your Pricing Strategy

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How to Maximize Prices and Improve Margins

RAIN Group

With increased product and service commoditization, sellers in almost every industry complain about price pressure and shrinking margins. Overcoming Objections Sales Conversations Sales Negotiation Sales Research

The Answer to Why Your Deals are Bleeding Margin

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Boosting Margin with Sales Tools

Cincom Smart Selling

Even with the most advanced sales tools available, it’s expensive to sell stuff. You must pony up bucks in advance to get bucks from the proceeds of a product sale. How much time and money is wasted in addressing low-percentage opportunities that should never have been classified as qualified sales in the first place? Consider that a 1% reduction on the expense line shows up as a 4% increase in margin on the profit line. Sales Tools Are Efficiency Tools.

Four Ways CPQ Improves Profit Margins

Cincom Smart Selling

UK entrepreneur, James Caan, CBE, isolates three areas where profit margin can be addressed. On the other hand, increasing sales velocity, eliminating errors, eliminating returns, achieving zero defects and consistently pricing things accurately are all actions that positively impact profitability. But what about margin? Faster Selling Cycle – CPQ makes the early stages of your sales discussion far more useful than breaking the ice with your new prospect.

How to Minimize Risk and Conflict in Your Sales Channels

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Channel conflict occurs when companies try to reach end customers through multiple routes forcing components of the sales ecosystem to compete against each other rather than working together. It is inherently wasteful and can be lethal to customer experience, sales.

Sales Enablement, Part 1: Margins, Metrics and Management

Cincom Smart Selling

If you have spent much time on this blog, you know that we talk about all types of technology and strategies aimed at helping by providing information on the sales enablement process. CPQ, CRM, sales portals, content marketing and guided selling are just a few of the topics we kick around on this forum. Well the sales rep told us it would work. The Sales Enablement KPI that Matters Most. Ultimately, margin is what it’s all about. Margin is the goal.

The Cause of Bleeding Margins

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Training Article: Why Are Your Deals Bleeding Margin? Learn more about these sales process flaws - read this story about Phil and Stan. The solution had to be purchased within the next five days in order for Stan, the sales leader, and one of his reps to make quota.

Ways to Use Bundling to Drive up Your Average Sales Price (ASP) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

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“But wait…there’s more!” ” We’ve all heard the infomercials with the two for the price of one special. Or the five accessories we theoretically should never need since the first one is supposedly indestructible. All of this for only $19.99 plus shipping.

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Differentiate Your Product and Increase Margins with Value Selling

Sales Result

When sales are stagnant or taking a dive—especially with older companies that have been around for a while—it usually can be traced to two root reasons. Sales StrategyMany CEOs come to us looking for answers.

Is Now the Time to Hire a Chief Customer Officer?

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5 Pricing Pitfalls to Avoid When Transitioning from Prem Based Solutions to an SaaS Pricing Model

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“To increase the value of our business by 2-3.5x all we need to do is convert to a SaaS based pricing model? Let’s do it!” ” I hope your CFO does not believe it is that simple. Unfortunately, we hear from.

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How Reps Can Retire Quota by Embracing Pricing Levers & Value-Based Pricing

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The best sales organizations align their interests with those of their sales reps and in the manner in which customers want to buy – may sounds simple, but few organizations “run through the tape” to fully align and address.

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6 Practical Tips for Protecting Profit Margin

The Brooks Group

In order to maintain a healthy profit margin, you must reinforce the importance of value within your sales culture. Keep in mind these 6 tips for protecting profit margin: 1. Build a sales compensation plan that focuses on gross margin, not volume.

Why Price Fences Are Needed to Guard Your Profit

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Article Pricing Strategy Sales Strategy boundaries business buyer buyer-seller relationships chris jenkins competitive price position david w. David W. Earle stated in his book, Love is Not Enough, that “Being able to say, “No,” is a necessary ingredient in a healthy lifestyle.”.

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Are You Being Too Accommodating to Your Customers?

The Sales Heretic

I have long argued that sales is service and service is sales. As a keynote speaker and seminar leader, I have evangelized the importance of taking care of the customer in every step of the sales process from prospecting through [.].

Discounting – the Weak Link in Your Pricing Strategy for the Indirect Channel

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How do you influence sales people when you don’t directly impact their compensation? Article Pricing Strategy best practices clients comp compensation Doug Bartels GTM indicators indirect channel indirect sales influence key kpi margin packaging performance products reps resp RGM sale sales sales people tool total transactionsThis is an age-old struggle many firms have had with the indirect channel….

Sales Training Article: The Cause of Bleeding Margins

Customer Centric Selling

Why Profitability Matters When Creating, Maintaining, and Renewing Customer Prices

Smart Selling Tools

Customer-Specific Prices: The Silent Source of Margin Leakage. In creating customer-specific agreements, sales teams often override existing pricing structures and guidance, in many cases over-discounting. Arm Sales with Relevant Customer Price Guidance.

Are Your Salespeople Too Cheap?

The Sales Heretic

When sales managers and business owners hire salespeople, they’re typically looking for sales experience. Sales attitude business cheap managers margin owner profits salespeople sell value

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Are You Really a “Stout Defender of Margin?”

Jonathan Farrington

I suppose I should consider myself quite fortunate that my first – and only – sales manager was such a strong disciplinarian. The reason that I share all this with you is because I actually learned two very valuable lessons from him: Firstly, I learned how not to manage a sales team, and I was able to build an identity-kit of the type of manager I wanted to become, simply by reversing out all of his characteristics. Selling merely on price means we do not need sales people!

VIDEO SALES TIP: What You Risk When You Discount Price to Close

The Sales Hunter

If you rely on a price discount to close a sale once, you will do it again and again. You risk so much when you give into the temptation to close a sale by discounting price. Check out the below video to see what I mean: Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.”

Strategic Salesperson vs. Tactical Salesperson

The Sales Hunter

And it can be the difference between selling at a low margin short-term and selling at a high-margin long-term. Yes, this strategy can and will create sales, but they will never be at the higher price point or for the longer duration that the strategic salesperson is achieving.

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Eight New Year’s Resolutions for Boosting Your Sales

The Sales Heretic

Set sales goals If you’ve never set sales goals for yourself or your salespeople, now’s the time to start. Sales business CEO closing cusotmer Facebook LinkedIn margin negotiating networking owner. By now you’ve probably already broken your New Year’s resolutions, so let’s replace them with some new ones. Specifically, with some resolutions that will enable you to sell more this year than you did last year.

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The Pressure of Price Discounting: Stop Undermining Your Profit Margin

Sales Gravy

Why do salespeople or sales managers never share with me the long-term outcome of such “price reduction” strategy? Because it never works out the way the salesperson or the sales manager initially believes it will

The Pipeline ? Win The Sale Without Compromising on Price

The Pipeline

The Pipeline Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.s Win The Sale Without Compromising on Price. Stored in Attitude , Book Notice , Price , Proactive , Sales Leadership , Sales Success , Sales Technique , execution. All sales aren’t created equal. EDGE Sales Process.

New updates: Add custom fields, calculate cost margins and commissions for deals


Manage your deals and margins better by using custom fields for deals. The latest update has three main features: Calculate the margin based on Cost (Deal amount, Deal margin & Deal cost). Show the margin of your deal using the cost.

Why Sales Ops Should Own Customer Engagement

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Price pressure kills margins. A sales executive recently told me, “There’s margin in the mystery.” sales strategy Sales Operations Strategy Sales Ops Engagement As products and services mature, they become commodities.

Set Your Own Minimum Profit per Client

Engage Selling

Your Sales Radar must also have a minimum profit, a minimum profit per client. Supermodel Linda Evangelista famously said that she would “not roll out of bed in the morning for less than ten thousand dollars.” It was a smart business move on her part.

How to Create a Sales Culture That Keeps Improving

Selling Power

To create a great sales culture, you need to put the right people and processes in place to produce enough revenue and profit margin. Sales Leadership Sales Success

Reorganizing to Make Your Revenue Number

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This week I spoke with Pat, a Sales Ops director with a lot on his plate. His sales team had been missing the revenue and margin targets. Operating margin was shrinking drastically. Cost of Sales was at an all-time high.

Selling at 'C' Level

Anthony Cole Training


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Sales Data Or Insight Driven?

The Pipeline

The other day I go a resume that had a familiar phrase in it, “John Smith – A Data Driven Sales Professional. Sales is impacted by this as much as any part of business, but there some unique opportunities for sales and sales departments, both good and not so good opportunities.

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