How to Align Modern Sales, Success, and Marketing with Sales Engagement


Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success are the three components of your revenue engine-starting system and Sales Engagement is the wire that connects them. Your revenue organization must be aligned in order to be fully prepared to sell and market in the modern era of fast-paced revenue generation. Yes, you need to be developing personas with marketing to master your outreach. Better metrics than MQL. Teams need mutually agreed upon metrics to track success.

Show Me the Money

The ROI Guy

According to IDC, 2/3rds of buyers indicate they don’t have the knowledge, research metrics or tools needed to do ROI / business value calculations. Arming your sales reps and value consultants with the research metrics and tools to quickly and easily collaborate with decision makers and create financial justification / ROI proof is essential. Utilizing a 3 rd party provided toolset, calculation model, metrics, and including case study proof points is essential.