CPQ: SAP, Pricefx, or a Hybrid Approach?


We thought it might be interesting to look at how Pricefx and SAP approaches to Configured, Price, Quote (CPQ) compare and how they can best be aligned for success. The approach for considering where solutions align, differ, and complement one another is based on recent interactions with companies across multiple industries, market research, and Canidium’s first-hand insights as an implementation partner of both SAP and Pricefx solutions.

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This article focuses on the similarities and key differences between SAP Commerce and SAP CPQ. 


This article will focus on the similarities and key differences between SAP Commerce and SAP CPQ. SPM SAP Sales Cloud

SAP 59

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Why SAP Commissions Could be the Right Fit for Your Business


Choosing an SPM solution can be hard given that there are so many options for SPM software on the market. We would like to tell you Why SAP Commissions could be the right fit for your business!

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B2B Marketing Podcast Stirs Up Fresh Ears Amidst Pandemic

Sales and Marketing Management

Not long after I joined data-driven marketing agency Stirista, I pitched a company podcast to CEO Ajay Gupta. When the world seemingly screeched to a halt in March of 2020, the idea was fast tracked and the Marketing Stir podcast was born. Now a year later, with 50+ episodes under our, the podcast enjoys guests from companies like SAP, Regal Cinemas, Amazon, Discovery Networks and Zoom.

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Zilliant Announces New Partnership with SAP and Major Expansion in Europe, the Middle East and Africa


Zilliant Announces New Partnership with SAP and Major Expansion in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Zilliant , an industry leader in AI-driven pricing and sales growth solutions, today announced that it is joining the SAP® PartnerEdge® program and releasing Zilliant Price Manager integration with SAP Cloud Platform. Additionally, Zilliant has strategically expanded by opening its third European office co-located at SAP headquarters in Walldorf, Germany.

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The Mental Model of a Growth-Focused CEO

SBI Growth

SAP CEO Bill McDermott offers this advice to business leaders in a recent Harvard Business Review article: “Give the people a compelling vision and find a way to hit the accelerator harder.” Corporate Strategy Magazine Sales Strategy Bill McDermott ceo CEO sales leader growth CEO market expansion market exposure market share gain revenue growth driver sales strategy SAP CEO

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9 Killer B2B Demand Generation Strategies To Fuel Your Marketing

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Robert Jordan Demand generation, unlike traditional marketing strategies, refers to a data-driven marketing approach that aims to create awareness or interest for your company’s service or product first before selling them. Incorporate Video Marketing.

SAP Predictive Analytics Benefits Estimator (powered by Alinean)

The ROI Guy

SAP needed to prove how prospects could use predictive insights to identify untapped opportunities and expose hidden risks buried inside vast amounts of data. SAP worked with Alinean to create a Benefits Estimator to tally the benefits of making predictive insight available to everyone in the organization. Assessment tools Value Actualization Tools Value Marketing Executive Assessment Tools Diagnostic Assessment SAP Pisello Benefits Estimator Alinean ROI Analysis ROI Calculator

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Marketers Just Want To Market: Here’s How

Sales and Marketing Management

The best marketing minds are like that – a marriage of seeming opposites that end up working together. Strategic marketers today must balance the right brain that controls creativity and intuition and the left brain that processes information logically and analytically. Metrics-based approaches are being applied to everything, from the success of an individual email campaign to the validity of broad marketing programs.

Revegy’s Account and Opportunity Planning Platforms Now Live on SAP® App Center


Revegy’s Account and Opportunity Planning Platforms Now Live on SAP® App Center. Revegy today announced that its Account Planning and Opportunity Planning platforms are now available on the SAP® App Center, the digital marketplace for SAP partner offerings. Revegy’s solutions integrate with the SAP Cloud for Customer and allow customers to literally see what’s going on inside their largest accounts.

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Sales Reps Love Their CRM!


This week’s post is by guest author, Jennifer Kling, Head of Product Marketing for SAP Sales Cloud , which brings together SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, SAP Revenue Cloud, and CallidusCloud. Sales reps love their CRM. They love spending hours entering information about the email activity they’ve had with customers, meetings held, proposals delivered, and especially updating their forecast.

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Sales Tech Simplified: How to Turn Relationships Into Revenues with @ModelN


This week I interview Russ Chadinha , Senior Director Product Marketing of Model N Revenue Cloud. It is the primary objective for CEO’s and for Sales and Marketing executives. For example, Model N provides solutions for Finance and Product teams to maximize revenues by designing more effective pricing and discount programs, and analytical solutions to develop new product launch strategies that maximize sales in a global market.

The SaaS Playbook for Moving Up-Market

Sales Hacker

SaaS companies tend to follow a typical path, and it almost always leads to moving up-market and enterprise sales. But as SaaS startups mature, they usually start moving up-market. This is why most SaaS companies eventually move up-market and start focusing on bigger deals.

The No. 1 Thing Leadership Can Do to Align Marketing and Sales

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Jay Mitchell, Owner and Principal, Mereo LLC In order to learn how to align marketing and sales teams, we must understand how devastating a gap between these departments can be for an organization overall. Sales and marketing are both vital to a B2B organization. Sales and marketing both work to: Engage a buyer. B2B companies who struggle to align sales and marketing teams around the right processes have lost upwards of 10 percent or more of revenue per year (IDC).

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Your Customers Are Talking About You – Are You Listening?

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Tim Minahan, CMO, SAP Cloud. By recognizing and embracing its power, marketers can transform the very nature of business and engagement and deliver their customers to new worlds of excellence. By recognizing and embracing its power, marketers can transform the very nature of business and engagement and deliver their customers to new worlds of excellence. Issue Date: 2014-10-06. Teaser: Social media is big and it’s only getting bigger.

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How Real Sales Learning Happens

Sales and Marketing Management

They pick up lessons about how to pitch, answer objections, use marketing collateral and other aspects of selling for that product in that market, while gaining confidence in their abilities. Author: Frank V.

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Going Beyond Marketing and Sales Alignment with Justin Shriber, Episode #97


We’ve all heard how critical it is for sales organizations to work on marketing/sales alignment, but my guest on this episode of #SellingWithSocial goes a step further to make the two a powerful combination that closes more deals. Justin Shriber is Vice President of Marketing for LinkedIn Sales and Marketing solutions, where he helps buyers, sellers, and marketers connect via the world’s largest professional network. Marketing Sales Alignment Is Only A Beginning.

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Canidium Hires Dean Swift as Director of Sales & Marketing


Fort Collins, CO, April 30, 2021 -- Canidium, a sales performance, incentive compensation, and sales operations optimization consultancy, has hired Dean Swift as the Director of Sales & Marketing.

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TechTarget Priority Engine Named Best Account Based Marketing and Sales & Marketing Intelligence Solution by SIIA


TechTarget Priority Engine Named Best Account Based Marketing and Sales & Marketing Intelligence Solution by SIIA. Nasdaq: TTGT), the global leader in B2B technology purchase intent data and services today announced that its IT Deal Alert Priority Engine™ platform won two 2019 CODiE Awards in the Best Account Based Marketing Solution and the Best Sales and Marketing Intelligence Solution categories.

B2B Marketing & Sales Insights from Lori Wizdo of Forrester Research


I had the great the opportunity to interview Lori Wizdo , B2B marketing analyst at Forrester Research. Lori is a senior analyst with extensive marketing, sales, and operation experience in the information systems and software industries. In our discussion, Lori shared key insights into the B2B buyer's journey as well as marketing and sales alignment. Although calling this an urban legend might be too strong, in the marketing zeitgeist, this said a lot.

Bigtincan Expands Tech Market Presence with Acquisition of Veelo Inc.


Bigtincan Expands Tech Market Presence with Acquisition of Veelo Inc. a pioneer in sales enablement, to expand Bigtincan’s presence and offerings in the technology market vertical. Veelo brings leadership expertise in the use of brain science, deep experience in the technology vertical and a leading team of experts who know how to win in our fast-growing market - David Keane, Co-founder and CEO of Bigtincan.

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How the Pandemic is Reshaping Sales and Service

Sales and Marketing Management

In today's digital-first market, disconnected interactions are signs that a company is not capable of delivering the holistic, "always-on" relationship that customers expect. Reza Soudagar is head of product marketing for sales and customer service solutions at SAP Customer Experience.

Rethinking Account-Based Sales and Marketing for the Next Opportunity in 2021

Sales Hacker

As pipelines shrank due to COVID-19, many organizations shifted from inbound to an account-based sales and marketing outreach approach. Feel free to jump ahead: What is account-based sales and marketing? Issues with one-to-many and one-to-few ABS and marketing programs.

Finding the Right Sales Performance Management Vendor


According to Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant of Sales Performance Management , the market is continuously starting to mature with the estimated growth to be more than $1 billion by 2017. For the past decade, OpenSymmetry has published the Sales Performance Management (SPM) vendor guide to help organizations understand what options they have as it relates to implementing solutions to help improve the performance of their sales organization.

Industry news: @ZuantApp Quantifies ROI for Event Marketers Worldwide; Kicks Off 2020 with Record Client Growth


Zuant Quantifies ROI for Event Marketers Worldwide; Kicks Off 2020 with Record Client Growth. Zuant’s success is based on the very real need to quantify event marketing investments. CMOs, event marketers and sales reps are spending considerable time and budget exhibiting at shows.

DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo Merge Brands to Launch Innovative B2B Data Platform To Power Go-To-Market Success


DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo Merge Brands to Launch Innovative B2B Data Platform To Power Go-To-Market Success. New ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg platform combines a robust suite of software tools with advanced machine learning and human research to enable sales and marketing teams to hit their growth numbers. Deeply integrated into both workflows and technology stacks, ZoomInfo powered by DiscoverOrg works seamlessly with all the leading sales, marketing and CRM platforms.

SAP 61

Day 1 Twitter Recap-Sales and Marketing 2.0 Conference

Fill the Funnel

Gerhard Gschwandtner & Aaron Kahlow framed the day by stating the need to have sales and marketing teams working together and then recognizing that the audience is split about 50/50 between sales and marketing for the first time. Mark Wilson , VP Corporate Marketing, Sybase, Inc. Speakers and topics included: Sales & Marketing Diagnostics: A 360 degree view from a CEO, VP Marketing & VP Sales. Chris Ball, RVP Enterprise West, SAP.

B2B Marketing Guide


Why Did We Write This B2B Marketing Guide? This B2B marketing guide was written to provide a high-level overview of the key components included in a B2B Predictable Pipeline Strategy. Who is This B2B Marketing Guide For? If you’ve proven product/market fit, have your first 10-15 customers, and now want a strategy to scale sales and marketing, this guide is for you. Every single company struggles with deciding how to allocate sales and marketing resources.

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The Facebook Event for Marketers You Need to Know About.

Score More Sales

The Facebook Event for Marketers You Need to Know About. I’m happy to share information about an upcoming Facebook Marketing event that will be online with many fantastic speakers. 50% Savings on Web’s Biggest Facebook Marketing Event. Join 22 experts (including Brian Solis, Mari Smith & experts from Intel, Cisco, Xbox & SAP) as they help you master Facebook marketing at Facebook Success Summit 2010.

Moving to Enterprise Sales {Part 2}: 5 Go-to-Market Prerequisites You Need to Succeed

Sales Hacker

Transitioning from mid-market selling to enterprise selling isn’t easy. In our first post we focused on how to be product- and market-ready, but that’s still only part of the solution. Marketing. 1) Marketing: Does your marketing appeal to enterprise orgs?

The 7 Best Sales and Marketing Events to Attend in Fall 2019


Product Marketing Summit. Sixty speakers, more than 600 attendees, and 350 companies is just the beginning — Product Marketing Summit is the largest gathering of product marketers in the world. Bringing together expertise from some of the world’s biggest companies, this event focuses on helping modern marketers understand how to engage, convert, and retain customers in an increasingly competitive market. Announcements Marketing Sales Sales Enablement

Reading Every Day Can Help Position You as Your Buyer's Trusted Adviser

Sales and Marketing Management

He is a is a seasoned sales and marketing leader whose insights and hands on assistance have boosted revenue performance for companies like Pitney Bowes and SAP Author: Jay Mitchell There are endless blogs you can read on how to be a better salesperson. Do a quick Google search on the topic and you will find list upon list of tricks, hacks and sales “secrets” to closing deals and making millions.

Canidium Is Officially SOC 2 Type 1 Certified


Contact: marketing@canidium.com About Canidium: Canidium is a market leader and the most experienced consultancy with SAP Sales Cloud. In 2018 and 2019, we led with the most SAP Sales Cloud deployments.

SAP 80

The Two Types of Tech Companies and How Each Should Sell

Sales and Marketing Management

Whether companies operate as innovators in their respective technology fields who drive the marketplace (technology leaders) or focus and develop in a specific niche market (focused players), tech organizations can get bogged down by these advantages without having defined sales processes, leading to struggles with conversion. How to Know and Own the Right Market. market for such vehicles.

Epicor 160

How healthy is your office?

Sales and Marketing Management

To be blunt, the air in our buildings makes us sick and saps our productivity.” We’re really missing the boat here if we’re chasing a few nickels of energy efficiency by stretching out the fans and filters while we’re losing thousands of dollars around human productivity and illness,” Macomber told Sales & Marketing Management.

Frank Cespedes: How to Build and Manage Your Multi-Channel Marketing


The most important thing about any go-to-market approach is the buyer and the buying process. It’s the seller’s responsibility to adapt its approach to the market ; it’s not the market’s responsibility to adapt to any company. So how should car manufacturers and dealers answer the question, should we be online or in-person, interacting via the web or through salespeople, in our go-to-market efforts? Here, inbound marketing and inside sales organizations are paramount.

5 Things Your Sales Reps Are Complaining About

Sales and Marketing Management

Giles House is the general manager of SAP , a market leader in enterprise application software Author: Giles House Whether it be too many emails or not enough snacks in the kitchen, everyone has a set of pet peeves in the workplace. Salespeople, as a profession, are certainly not immune. From manual CRM updates, to uninspired training programs or hard-to-find content, the more roadblocks to seamless sales, the more staff becomes demoralized.

Sales & Marketing Leadership Conference

Green Lead's B2B

I can’t be at the Sales & Marketing Leadership Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, on April 11, but I encourage you to check it out. The event features keynotes from John Grosshans of SAP Americas and Justin Shriber of Oracle (the latter will be reprising his presentation from the recent Sales 2.0 There will be a big emphasis on how the many ways sales & marketing can (and should) work together to shorten sales cycles and optimize lead gen.

B2B 26

We Caught ‘Em, You Skin ‘Em (The Saga Between Marketing And Sales — Part 2)

Partners in Excellence

But what’s this mean for what marketing and sales actually do? Marketing and sales can no longer work separately, but must collaborate in facilitating the customer buying process. Now the differentiator is the customer buying experience—how marketing and sales engages the customer together. So what does this mean to marketing and sales? Marketing and sales must start engaging those customers in new conversations.

SAP 79

We Caught ‘Em, You Skin ‘Em (The Saga Between Marketing And Sales — Part 1)

Partners in Excellence

Sometimes that seems a perfect description of the relationship between marketing and sales. Marketing spends it’s time trying to create demand—any kind of demand. But in this story, sometimes it seems marketing and sales are oblivious to each other. We used to think that marketing’s criteria for a hot lead was the prospect had to “fog a mirror.” But there were some things that marketing did we sales guys liked. Marketing is different.

SAP 79