Don’t Forget Your Old Tech Tools – Skype Is Alive and Well

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I have just published an updated 34-page Skype Jump-Start Guide for Business that is available as a free download. You get the guide and a 3 page cheat-sheet to keep handy while you dust off your Skype skills. Skype has been around since 2003.

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The Me, Me, Me in Marketing

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How many times have you experienced the Me, Me, Me in Marketing? Since my goal is to “just be valuable,” I have learned letting others share is a far more conducive marketing strategy for my own business growth. Add to Skype.

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Are You Overlooking the Obvious in Your SMB Marketing?

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Sometimes in the quest to increase sales through new SMB marketing actions, obvious opportunities are often overlooked. This appears to be true if a recent report by Direct Marketing News is correct. Human nature appears to be very much evident with SMB marketing. Add to Skype.

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The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Podcasting


It’s clear that podcasting isn’t going away anytime soon—so it’s time for B2B marketers to explore podcasting as a new marketing avenue through which they can build their brand, reach new audiences, and scale overall business growth. B2B Marketing

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Sales and Marketing: What They Both Need to Learn


What Marketers Need to Know About Sales and Vice-Versa. When you have both your sales and marketing teams working together, you will know about it! More often than not, sales teams and marketing teams ignore one another and do not appreciate the value which each bring to the overall business. The extent to which these two teams will work together depends on an individual company, but there are some key things which marketing teams need to know about sales, and vice-versa.

Patience Is an Undervalued Sales Skill

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During this process of patience (aka education based marketing) I learn as much as possible through open ended questions and active listening. One of my most consistent and successful marketing strategies is to send relevant articles and in many cases this book “Failed Safe Leadership.”

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A 10-Step Plan for Global Account-Based Sales Development

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A sales rep or account manager “owns” the Novartis whale account on the sales side, and Marketing “owns” anything defined as a campaign. Since this is a whale-hunting company, it is, by definition, an account-based everything (ABE) company; and so Sales and Marketing will collaborate on the campaign with input from Consulting (the practice area that wants to expand into Novartis). That is, it starts with marketing and is followed up by sales.

Craft A Sales Email That Boost Conversion Rate


Write with a conversational tone instead of being generic like; ‘We help content marketers,’ ‘Our products have gained reputation’ or ‘We build products.’. Include contact number, website, LinkedIn account, or skype id if there’s the need. Prospecting Sales & Marketing Alignment

When Cold Calling Conflicts with Business Ethics

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Marketing materials. Add to Skype. You’ll need Skype Credit Free via Skype. One of my colleagues, Tibor Shanto , posted a blog a while ago about using a specific script for leaving cold calling voice mail messages.

How to Conduct Professional Interviews

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I personally open the recorder, Skype, or Webcam platform 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Influencer Marketing Marketing InfluencerConcerned about how to conduct professional interviews? Common sense prevails.

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[TEMPLATE] How to Start a Conversation Using the “Foot-in-the-Door” Email

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Marketing VPs. Once we got our first reply, the emails were no longer “cold” and we could easily continue the conversation via email (or sometimes Skype) where we’d ask for an in-person meeting. Email Marketing Outbound Selling Sales Strategies B2B Sales B2B Sales Insights cold email Decision Makers Outbound Sales Prospecting Sales Effectiveness sales strategies Sales Success Sales Tips

6 B2B Sales Trends for Amazing Success in 2019

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The front-runners focus on data hygiene and ensuring they have accurate and holistic customer information across sales, marketing and service departments. Social selling, unlike social media marketing, is a one-to-one methodology.

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Fastest and Easiest eBook Cover Creator

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I have tried a handful of tools on the market for this purpose and labored for hours, only to stop short of a finished product because of the difficulty using the software. Marketing Tool tips Web Tools CD Cases covers DVD eBook fastebookcover

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You Are Losing New Customers Before You Ever Talk To Them

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Are you spending your sales and marketing efforts in the wrong area? The majority of sales and marketing efforts are based on outdated thinking and assumptions that these same executives are viewing your emails and online information from a desktop or laptop computer.

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Improve Sales Communication with Images and Video

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PowerPoint is everywhere in business and other software that makes video conversations easy include Skype and Google Hangouts. Marketing Web Tools camtasia Sales Communication SnagitWant to improve sales communication?

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Social Media Goes Beyond The Keyboard

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Now with social media being a global event, it is difficult to reach out across the world, but with Skype and video cams you can connect with others and truly interact with them. One is a local realtor, Valarie Kucaki and the other Eric Wignall had a marketing firm. Sales Training Coaching Tip: Marketing is not selling, but the goal to increase sales can be achieved through effective marketing. Social media is very much about the keyboard.

Selling In A High Tech World


Skype is a perfect example. A globally acknowledged Sales & Marketing thought leader, speaker, and strategist. High Touch AND High Tech.

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Time The Sand of Seconds and of Life

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How busy we are in staying connected through sharings of Tweets, updates, blogs, Skype calls, etc. Benjamin Franklin wrote “Time is money” and that is certaintly true especially today with so much business being conducted through the Internet marketing as noted previously in 60 seconds on the Internet. Yes much of Internet marketing is free in that it costs no out of pocket expense, but it still does cost money when putting a dollar value to each second.

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Time To Upgrade Your Webinar Tools?

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Hangout Plugin – This service was one of the first to market using Google Hangouts on Air as the delivery vehicle. Related Stories 2 Slideshare Tips For Best Results Fastest and Easiest eBook Cover Creator Don’t Forget Your Old Tech Tools – Skype Is Alive and Well.

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LinkedIn Gets Video Conferencing for iPad with Hookflash

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Compared to Skype, there is no need to build a list of contacts. The app also pulls information from LinkedIn so your conversations have more context than they would with Skype. Trent Johnson, CEO of Hookflash told me to expect this in the market by January of 2013.

Webinars are Hot – Woosh! Plugin Automates the Details

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Webinars have finally come into their own as an effective marketing and lead-generation component for most B2B focused companies. You can select from an ever-growing collection of webinar platforms including old standards WebEx and GoToWebinar, along with some of the newer solutions such as Fuze Meeting, MeetingBurner and even Skype and Google hangouts for smaller web meetings. is only the beginning of an entire line of tools for sales and marketing professionals. . WOOSH!

3 Things That Kill Prospecting Calls

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Which works great for about 10% of the market, but what about 70%, do not recognize or acknowledge they have a problem? ” (live, phone, web, Skype…) Nothing Else! By Tibor Shanto. The problem with most call scripts salespeople use for proactive direct prospecting is that they are prepared for sellers, by people who are not buyers, and as a result, there is little for the prospect to grab and hang on too long enough to convert to engagement.

The Eroding Distinction Between Inside And Field Sales

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Most of our work is done on Skype, GoToMeeting, telephone, or through email. Communicating Customer Experience Future Of Buying Insight Selling Lean Sales And Marketing Professional Sales Sales and Marketing Tools Sales Effectiveness Sales Management Strategy Time Management

DialSource Named Red Herring Global Top 100 Winner


Red Herring editors were among the first to recognize that companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Skype,, YouTube, and eBay would change the way we live and work. Red Herring’s editorial staff evaluated the companies on both quantitative and qualitative criteria, such as financial performance, technology innovation, management quality, strategy, and market penetration.

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Unintentional Selling - Selling Customers on Defecting

Understanding the Sales Force

I found a wireless network (that wouldn't be the case in the Turkey airport), got Skype working, called Verizon and was told that my phone will not work in London, Istanbul or Amsterdam. Companies still don't seem to get that it doesn't matter how good their marketing is.

How to Craft the Perfect Email with High Response Rates


While products like Slack, Skype, and Google Docs have completely transformed the way we communicate internally with other team members, communication outside of your organization still defaults to email.

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15 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from a Sales Strategy Session.

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We thought we’d share an internal list on how we work 1-on-1 with our coaching clients – this is an idea list of what one can talk about (virtually, by phone, iPad 2 Face Time, or a Skype Video Chat) to a sales strategist to help get unstuck and grow sales.

10 Reasons Why Inside Sales Will Displace Field Sales Teams by 2015


Right now, Skype, web conferencing, and video are quickly catching on over face-to-face visits and traditional meetings. If your US business isn’t clued into the needs of emerging markets, China (not the US) will be the largest economy. Josiane Feigon is President of TeleSmart Communications and author of the business bestseller, Smart Selling on the Phone and Online. To read an excerpt from her latest book, Smart Sales Manager , click here.

[Missed Connections]: May Referral-Selling Insights

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We talked on Skype the next morning, and he introduced me to an entrepreneur who wanted to learn about referrals. Sales and marketing professionals know this, and it’s exactly what we strive to deliver for our customers—tailored, relevant content they want to see.

4 Growth Strategies Used By The Most Successful Companies

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A concrete growth strategy is more than a marketing strategy, it's a crucial cog in your business machine. Without one, you're at the mercy of a fickle consumer base and market fluctuations. A company's industry and target market influences which growth strategies it will choose.

This Is How I Work (Series)

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Tools that enable us to keep in touch with our clients are critical, so we can’t live without Skype , GoToMeeting , and similar tools. I’ve a terrific marketing assistant (Ashley) who helps with a lot of our marketing and client management stuff.

The First-Mover Advantage, Explained

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When I started selling HubSpot software in 2007, no one had ever heard of inbound sales and marketing. Because HubSpot provided a solution that was completely unique in the market, we had no competition from other companies selling the idea of inbound.

The Role of Face-to-Face Interaction in the Modern Sales Process


But, conducting a product demo via phone call or Skype session doesn’t compare to the benefits of a live demo. 3 Sales and Marketing Alignment Best Practices. It’s no secret, technology has transformed the way businesses communicate with customers and prospects.

Your Sales Appointment Scheduling Process is Hijacking Productivity

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The three founders pride themselves on being communication geeks who cut their teeth in this space and compete with industry disrupters like Skype or Google. He approaches scheduling from a larger perspective—as a hand-off from Marketing and Sales Development to Sales.

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Sales Automation: 210+ Tools to Turbocharge Your Sales Process

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While sophisticated chatbots can help marketers and sellers engage retail consumers, B2B buyers still demand meaningful relationships with expert human consultants. Enhance your marketing efforts. Implement account-based selling/marketing. Marketing Automation. Skype.

The 15 Best Bots for People Who Work in Sales

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Growthbot, a bot created by HubSpot cofounder Dharmesh Shah, is like a sidekick for marketers and salespeople. Platforms: Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Email, Google Calendar. Platforms: Slack, HipChat, Cisco Spark, Skype. If you sell, bots are your new best friends.

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Jobs To Be Done: The Secret Weapon for Boosting Cold Email Response Rates

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In a truly wonky-but-useful study done for a fast food restaurant, marketers attempted to figure out how to sell more milkshakes. Interview your current customers to determine why people buy to improve your messaging, sales, and marketing. Have you ever been misunderstood?

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Desperate for Leads? Keep Your Funnel Flowing

Alice Heiman

Some say it’s marketing that should be generating qualified leads for salespeople. We need sales and marketing alignment to generate qualified leads so that salespeople can focus on their highest payoff activity – closing deals. With proper process and training, marketing and sales can work in tandem to get interested buyers to identify themselves. Where possible, the sales leaders will plan with marketing to work in tandem.

How To Build An Online Following On LinkedIn Starting From Zero


As a marketer who was getting back into prospecting, I had done a decent job softly pitching LeadIQ and developing relationships with people over social media to turn them into deals. I know my good pal Will Barron records his podcasts using Skype, and he’s doing it full time!

7 Tips and Tools To Get Out Of Your Sales Slump

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Or possibly they have become more sophisticated in their marketing efforts. Social media and marketing can be driving an increased number of “leads” into your sales funnel. It happens to everyone throughout his or her career.

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