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8 Ways to Maximize User Adoption

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Decision makers know that while enterprise software holds the potential to increase revenue and growth, poor implementation of new systems decreases employee productivity. High adoption rates occur when the user experience is considered throughout each stage of software implementation.

2 Ways A Sales Rep Can Maximize Income

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Today’s article focuses on 2 ways to overcome these problems and maximize your income. Tell them to build forecasting into your Sales force automation software (such as How do I overcome my problems and maximize my income?

When You Should Be Pushing Your Upgrades To Maximize Sales

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Know when to be direct, and know the needs of your customers in order to maximize upgrade sales. Avangate powers modern Digital Commerce, solving the complexity of online commerce, subscription billing, and global payments for Software, SaaS and Online Services companies.

Avangate Fall Release ’15 – Enabling Frictionless Selling to Maximize Revenue

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USB drives are a great alternative branded solution to backup purchased software/services, helping you increase average order value (AOV), effortlessly. Maximize Value of Every Customer. With the Fall ’15 Release , Avangate is extending our platform to further enable frictionless selling. We’ve focused on simplifying and automating customer acquisition, increasing revenue uplift and conversions by driving recurring revenue worldwide. Fastest Path to Revenue.

Three Online Selling Capabilities Software Firms Need to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

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Subscriber engagement matters because it’s a relatively reliable indicator of how satisfied your subscribers are with your software. How you manage your individual subscription and software capability levels also plays a crucial part in determining and maximizing your CLV.

How to Maximize Free Trial Conversion for Desktop Software

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Trials are one of the top ways for desktop software companies to acquire new customers. Read on for a summary on maximizing trial conversion for desktop software, or watch the 60-minute webinar. The Trial Conversion Funnel for Desktop Software.

How to Maximize ESD Revenue with Effective Cross-Selling

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For instance, if you’re selling website design software, you can offer an SEO package. Note: You can also explore up-selling here, by proposing a higher-priced ecommerce software platform with SEO, analytics and email management.

Maximize Growth by Targeting Your Total Addressable Market

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Here’s an example: INITECH is selling human resources software to “every B2B company.” Well, a one-person consulting firm doesn’t need HR software. Back to the INITECH example, maybe their ideal customer needs new HR software because they just acquired another company.

Best Practices for Increasing Trial Conversion Rates

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Maximize Distribution. In addition to posting your trial on shareware sites, you can strike up partnerships with complementary products, like pairing your PC utility tool with an antivirus software. Absolute Software increased their trial conversion rates by 5x.

Client Retention Lessons from Software as a Service

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Client Retention Lessons from Software as a Service is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Not too many years ago, there was no such thing as software as a service ( SAAS ). Instead, you bought a packaged box with the software enclosed on a disk, and you ran the software on your computer. But software companies learned that they could create and capture more value with a better model. But you have an advantage over software as a service companies.

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value for Software and SaaS Subscriptions: A Webinar

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But another key metric for software companies isn’t always tracked as closely: customer lifetime value (CLV), or the value a customer is expected to bring to a company over time. Most companies have some idea of their customer acquisition costs, or CAC.

Create A Landing Page That Converts

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But there’s a lot of advice out there about how to effectively design a landing page to maximize conversions. Use them as guide when creating and optimizing your landing pages, and you’ll be sure to maximize your conversions and investments every time.

Conversion Contest – Announce the Winner

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We enjoy learning about our journey towards maximizing revenue and customer lifetime value. Tweet 
Especially in countries where we did not have a strong base and in an ever competing software business environment, one client gained must be retained and cared for.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Customer Acquisition for SaaS

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Since much of the focus in subscription-based business models is on customer retention and maximization of customer life-time value (CLTV), SaaS companies often tend to overlook the urgent importance of accelerated customer acquisition.

How to Prioritize your SaaS Customers to Maximize Revenue

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Companies don’t want to manage expensive hardware infrastructures, deal with complicated software rollouts, upgrades and more. The relationship isnt’ maximized. Your existing customer base is gold, right?

New eBook – Maximizing Results through Inside Sales & Marketing Automation

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Best Practices Cool Ideas Cool New Stuff How To's Inside Sales Inside Sales Best Practices Inside Sales Tips Inside Sales Training Lead Generation Lead Nurturing Lead Response Lead Scoring Remote Sales ResponseAudit Sales Leadership Sales Performance Sales Tips automation software drive sales revenue Jon Miller Ken Krogue Marketing marketing automation marketo Sales Sales AutomationSales and Marketing are required to work together more than ever before.

Convert Revenue Leakage to Revenue Uplift with the Avangate Summer ‘15 Release

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But as digital businesses are finding out, maximizing customer lifetime value – and not pressure – is the most effective way to convert revenues today. The old ABC’s of web, “Always be converting,” is as relevant now as it ever was.

Allocating Sales Territories For Maximum Revenue Growth

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Charles Race is Executive Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations at Informatica, an enterprise software company reporting approximately $1.1 He spoke with SBI to discuss how he goes about creating the necessary balance to maximize revenue growth.

4 Key Takeaways from Avangate’s 2016 Yearly Digital Commerce Benchmark

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The period between August 2015 and July 2016 indeed saw a number of interesting findings that are both relevant and valuable to software providers around the globe. Consumers of software—from all around the globe—are placing a distinct emphasis on security in their purchase decisions.

Retain Loyal Customers with these 3 SaaS Renewal Strategies

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Managing subscriber accounts is more complex than making certain the software works or that subscribers are paying their bills. He states, “Here you’ll find software subscriptions on auto-renew that no one uses anymore… ” Once found, those subscriptions get cut.

A/B Testing to Increase Conversion Rates

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Sometimes, though, a test will show that changing nothing will maximize our revenue. Sometimes the best tests don’t tell us anything at all. When we go to the doctor, for example, we probably hope that our test results are negative.

4 SaaS Pricing Strategies To Increase Recurring Monthly Revenue

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While SaaS has many advantages over the traditional software business model, it does come with its own unique challenges. If your software or service has a per-user cost, consider offering a bundled or unlimited premium package.

Industry Buzz – March 2015

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As always, to read more, subscribe to our newsletter and stay up-to-date with latest blogs, whitepapers and webinars on how to grow your software and services business. Six savvy leaders revealed the best-kept secrets that can help any Software-as-a-Service start-up succeed in the industry. Hi sellers, Enjoy last month’s resources to help you win in this rapidly changing market.

Best Strategies For Upgrading Your SaaS Users

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Kissmetrics recently analyzed the pricing strategies of 12 SaaS companies, including the A/B testing software for marketers, Visual Web Optimizer. Increased revenue and stabilized customer retention are the bedrocks of the SaaS industry.

3 Ways To Increase Your SaaS Trial Conversions

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Once users signup for a trial, send them an email (marketing automation software and autoresponders will come in handy) reiterating how the software will benefit them by making their lives easier or solving their problem.

Six SaaS Growth Hacks For Customer Renewals

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Your customer relationship management software is key to tracking the renewal process. Avangate powers modern Digital Commerce, solving the complexity of online commerce , subscription billing , and global payments for Software , SaaS and Online Services companies.

Development Of Loyalty Programs Is A Win-Win

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” That may work offline for something like coffee drinks, but in the online world, it’s likely to be not as effective for software companies. Here’s a riddle for you.

Determining the right number of sales leads for reps and vice versa


This calculation, coupled with a standard profit formula, can also be used to find the optimal lead volume necessary to break even, maximize profits, or maximize revenues, depending on an organization’s ultimate goal.

4 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Convert Your SaaS Trial Users

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And send an email letting them know you’ve extended their trial, so that they have more time to use the software and realize its features. You’ve done the legwork and made smart investments in online marketing and advertising and now your hard work is starting to pay off.

The Advantages Of A/B Testing Your Upsell Offers

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Avangate powers modern Digital Commerce, solving the complexity of online commerce, subscription billing, and global payments for Software, SaaS and Online Services companies. Determining the optimal price point for a produce or service is one of the biggest challenges for any SaaS company.

Ways To Make Your Customer Feel Valued With Promotions

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For example, if you are launching a new add-on or feature to your current software, you can offer a discount to beta users. The promotional offer has become a key tool for SaaS businesses and is now used at every stage of the digital commerce lifecycle, from acquisition to renewal.

5 Steps To Boost Your Customer’s Lifetime Value

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Avangate powers modern Digital Commerce, solving the complexity of online commerce, subscription billing, and global payments for Software, SaaS and Online Services companies.

4 Major Reasons to Sell Digital Goods as an Affiliate

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Here are four big reasons to start selling digital goods to maximize your affiliate revenue. The payouts remain high for software affiliates and can hit as high as 85% CPS. You might already be an active affiliate, but are you making as much money as you could?

Here are 10 Reasons Why Your Users Are Not Upgrading And 3 Ways To Successfully Upgrade Them

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” Avangate powers modern Digital Commerce, solving the complexity of online commerce, subscription billing, and global payments for Software, SaaS and Online Services companies.

Industry Buzz – February 2015

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How to Keep SaaS Customers Engaged With Great, Targeted Content

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By explaining the more in-depth features of your software, you not only avoid regular customer-service interaction on the same type of issues, you also delight your audience with features of your software that they may not have even known existed. 2) Creative Uses Of Your Software.

The Art Of Cross-Selling: What You Need To Know To Grow Your Online Business

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Avangate powers modern Digital Commerce, solving the complexity of online commerce, subscription billing, and global payments for Software, SaaS and Online Services companies. Cross-selling is a marketing strategy that has had a long history of success for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Reduce Churn By Improving Your Customer Experience

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SaaS platforms have revolutionized the way businesses buy and use software. ” Reach out in a human way when you identify customers who are struggling or who have not used the software.

How To Effectively Cross-Sell With A Subscription Model

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Remember, when cross-selling you should position your new software as a solution to a customer’s problem or limitation, not simply another service that costs more. Another way to incentivize your current customers to subscribe to additional software is to bundle your prices.

Negative Churn, and Why It Should Be Your Goal as a SaaS Business

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A negative churn rate is reflective of a company that understands where its revenue is coming from and is doing everything it can to maximize it. But, as your business grows, you should become more adept at attracting and retaining – and maximizing the value of – the most qualified customers.