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Tweet Social media is the new cold call, and you’re still out there banging on doors. gitomer.

How to Make Sales Calls on Social Media. Kind Of.

Jeffrey Gitomer

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Social Media Analytics Guide

Fill the Funnel

is most ­approp­riate when applied to the use of social media tools. Quit wasting your time on Social Media activities that are not producing results. Get the 2015 edition of Social Media Analytics Guide & learn how to measure success on social media.

Customer Interaction – Engage with Customers on These Social Media Platforms


The two bring up some key points to consider if you’re using social media to engage with customers – as you should be! Which Social Media Platforms Should You Use to Connect and Engage with Customers?

Social Media Has Changed YOUR World

Jeffrey Gitomer

Social media has changed the world. Social media has changed YOUR world. Whatever you’re doing online, whether it’s tweeting, LinkedIning, Facebooking, or YouTubing, Social Media has changed your way of communicating one-on-one, one-on-customer base, and one-to-the-world. Tweet.

The Precise Formula for Social Media Success | Sales Strategies

Engage Selling

???????????????When it comes to buyer behaviour trends in the marketplace, I’m noticing—with research and my clients—that more and more buyers are utilizing social media to help them make decisions about products and services that they’re buying in the B2B marketplace.

Relationship Selling and Cannonball Social Media Marketing

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Some experts in sales training coaching and marketing for small businesses are suggesting relationship selling is dead and for struggling as well as successful companies to take their traditional marketing funds and redirect then 100% into social media marketing.

Social Media and Fat Pigs

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How many small business owners to even marketing firms look to the various social media channels as being fat pigs? After all social media is the market where you as small business owners to sales professionals can find buyers of your solutions (fat pigs). Yet this nursery rhyme potentially strikes at the problem with social media – value creation. Sales Training Coaching Tip: Far too many sales people start selling before they have earned that right.

RIP: Sales Training

Sales Benchmark Index

Pipeline reviews, strategy sessions, forecasting analysis and sales training are all mentioned. Traditional sales training does not. Sales training is a form of their development. This is known as the event based training meeting.

Leveraging Social Media In B2B Sales

Engage Selling

No matter what you want to believe, social media in B2B sales is here to stay! No matter what you want to believe, social media in B2B sales is here to stay! Podcast Series: The Sales Leader 3D Sales Training System Colleen Francis Engage Selling Solutions Lead Up!

Please Do Not Engage in This Type of LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

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Now it seems that the latest trend is everyone is a social media expert. A recent search in Google retrieved over 1,000,000 hits for “social media expert. ” Sales Training Coaching Tip: If you are an expert, you may wish to spell LinkedIn correctly.

A Multi-Touch, Multi-Media, Multi-Cycle Strategy Multiplies Results


I field a lot of questions about what I call our multi-touch, multi-media, and multi-cycle strategy. You should experiment with touch cycles and media mix for your solution or service. However, persistence and a mix of media pays off.

Media 158

Social Media The New Sea of Sales Pitches

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Until recently junk mail and auto robot dial phone calls seemed to hold the top places for sales pitches, but now social media is leading the pack and is way ahead of all other types of marketing for small businesses. Poorly educated or trained small business owners or sales professionals.

It's Time To Kill Social Media | Sales Motivation and Sales Training

The Sales Hunter

Training. It’s Time To Kill Social Media. It’s time we kill social media, especially if you’re using social media as a sales tool or prospecting technique. It’s not working for one very reason — you’re using the term “social media.” ” Social media is what kids use to tell the world why they do or don’t like somebody; it’s what people use to share with others stupid photos nobody wants to see.

Social Media Marketing Is NOT the Same As Social Selling

No More Cold Calling

as they hop on the social media bandwagon makes for a crowded ride. In fact, I happen to believe that with social media in the mix, we need that alignment more than ever. As I have written before…social media marketing is NOT the same as social selling.

Social Selling Training Course

The Digital Sales Institute

What are the benefits of undertaking a social selling training course and what can a salesperson expect to learn? The Social Selling Training Course. Understand the impact of social media on the sales process. How digital and social media is changing how we sell.

Feel Like a Social Media Toddler? ? Score More Sales

Score More Sales

Training. Feel Like a Social Media Toddler? Are you a little wobbly with your social media strategy? In the small community where this class is held, there are some small business mega-success stories with social media. Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. About.

Online Sales Training Platform

The Digital Sales Institute

The use of an online sales training platform can have multiple benefits within any sales organization. Due to time pressure, cost and changing learning preferences, classroom-based or day long sales training is becoming obsolete. Online sales training platform.

The Emergence of Investments in RVP/AVP Coaching Training


I’m blessed to have developed a strong relationship with my fellow CEOs at sales training, consulting and advisory firms around the world. We chat at conferences, via email, and exchange notes quite often.

3 Underutilized B2B Sales Strategies in Social Media

Score More Sales

Lori Richardson is recognized as one of the “Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012″ and one of “20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management” Lori speaks, writes, trains, and consults with inside and outbound sellers in technology and services companies.

The Secrets Behind The Success Of The World’s Largest Digital Sales Training Company, Episode #100


There is now no doubt, NO DOUBT that the company I am honored to lead as CEO is the world’s largest digital sales training company. The secrets behind the success of the world’s largest #DigitalSales training company, Vengreso. Subscribe to Selling With Social.

Sales Training Online

The Digital Sales Institute

Sales training online can transform the delivery of sales training programs to a greater number of sales people to boost sales performance in the short to medium term. Sales Training Online. Sales training online is also very useful as sales skill reinforcement solution.

How Social Media Is A Lot Like Diving

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Have you ever considered that social media is very much like diving in that it can be a precision dive cutting through the water’s surface with barely a ripple or like a belly flop where water is spread all over the place not to mention creating some pain for the diver? How often do we engage in belly flop dives within the social media realm? Sales Training Coaching Tip: Planning is a habit that has been developed from knowledge and skills.

Power Opinions - Experts Select Top Three Social Media Tools


We have had over 30 PowerViews interviews in the past year and I thought it would be fun to ask our PowerViews alumni a question about social media. The question was: What are the top three social media tools (ranked in order) and why? Fourteen responders listed twenty total social media tools: I was surprised that only nine listed LinkedIn (though Jonathan Farrington listed it on the top, middle and bottom of his list of three—I only counted it once).

Memorable sales training drives performance


Organizations need to train their employees all the time, but salespeople too often forget what they learn. Billions of dollars spent on training programs go to waste and work continues as normal. Creating more memorable training programs is a must. Training & Certification

In Social Media, Attitude is Everything

Hyper-Connected Selling

When someone brings up social media, do you cringe or do you get excited? You don’t have to tell me what you thought, but your answer to that question is the strongest indicator of your success in using social media to drive your career. Your Social Media Approach Matters.

The Future of Sales Training Ignores the Reality of Today

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of all businesses here in the US have under 20 employees and such predictions about the future of sales training are usually based upon the minority of businesses, 2,3%, with over 20 employees. Social Media. Social Media – The New Bridge for Relationships.

Relationship Marketing and the Continuum of the Social Media River

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Relationship marketing through the various channels or rivers of social media continues to grow. The more channels you have both inbound (Social Media and the Internet) and outbound (more traditional marketing activities) the greater opportunity you have not only to attract attention, but to begin to build solid and positive relationships. A comment made usually in a discussion group and sometimes somewhere else such as another social media site.

How Timing Is Everything in Social Media Marketing

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As they say “timing is everything” and that is true even in social media marketing when looking to: Credit When compared to a study conducted in October of 2012 by GetResponse , there is a dramatic drop off between Facebook social media marketing and email marketing. Not only does timing in social media marketing matter, many engaged in this increase sales marketing activity continue to post and send emails during non-engagement times according to YesMail.

Online Sales Training Course

The Digital Sales Institute

An online sales training course that has been created to meet the expectations of both the beginner and more experienced salesperson. The Digital Sales Institute online sales training course is self-paced, so a salesperson start and pick up again wherever they left off previously.

Sales Training Videos

The Digital Sales Institute

Free sales training videos. Here are five free sales training videos covering sales skills, a sales strategy plan, cold calling tips, sales prospecting tips and effective sales techniques. Sale Training video 1. Sales Training Video 2. Sales Training Video 3.

Video 74

5 Takeaways from a Sales Management Training

Sales Benchmark Index

I spent last week at a Sales Management training event with a client. As a Sales Operations leader, you must be allocating the right resources to training. Here are 5 key takeaways that made this training a success. Gamify the training. Train on Social Selling.

Is Your Quota Set Too High? Sales Training | Leadership Training.

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Sales Training is Not Just for Big Business – Part 03

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Sales training, rather good sales training (results driven), is the mechanism to reduce and eventually eliminate these inconsistencies. Since businesses are dynamic with changes in people and process, sales training must be an ongoing solution. Good sales training will identify the sales process or even provide one so that everyone understands how the ideal customers are identified, attracted, sold and then kept as loyal customers.

Train My Salespeople … Really?

No More Cold Calling

Think sales training is unnecessary? Many sales organizations bristle at the idea of spending money on sales training programs. But recent research from CSO Insights shows a direct correlation between the quality of a company’s sales training and quota attainment.

Social Media Goes Beyond The Keyboard

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Social media is very much about the keyboard. Yet, many crazy busy small business owners fail to understand that social media is not a substitution for face to face meetings. Reach out and touch someone extends in the social media environments to an actual handshake. Now with social media being a global event, it is difficult to reach out across the world, but with Skype and video cams you can connect with others and truly interact with them.

Sales Techniques Training Courses

The Digital Sales Institute

Sales techniques training courses are about improving a salespersons selling skills across a broad range of activities from sales prospecting to closing to social selling. Sales Techniques Training Courses. Sales Techniques Training Courses for Consistency in all Sales Activities.

10.5 Attitude Buster Remedies | Sales Training | Leadership.

Jeffrey Gitomer

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Should You Really Put Recent College Grads in Charge of Your Social Media?

Hyper-Connected Selling

“This stuff” is the entirety of your company’s social media marketing and branding work. Instead of kids trying to get their brother to eat cereal, it’s executives trying to fill their social media positions.

Sales Tips: Social Media Is Here to Stay

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Social Media Is Here to Stay. The bottom line is this: Social media is here to stay and if you or your company don't have a strategy to leverage it, you are falling further behind your competition every day. By Frank Visgatis, President/COO, CustomerCentric Selling®.