Sales Enablement Tools Help or Hinder

Score More Sales

Every sales leader is told, “buy this sales enablement tool – it will help you so much.” It is true that never before have we had access to technology, metrics, and science to assist us in doing our sales roles better than ever. For example take which is the predominant CRM tool sales teams use. In 2013, Merkle Group polled executives in $1B+ companies and found a 63% fail rate.

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Mobile CRM: Choosing the Right CRM Solution for Your Business

Customer Centric Selling

And all this makes sense – in 2015, you won’t find a single organization in sales without a CRM system in place. A study by the Merkle Group reported that about 63% of CRM initiatives never see adequate return. While this doesn’t affect organizations that have enough time and resources, this is simply not an option for agile sales organizations looking to stay slim and run fast. And with real-time information, sales managers can identify and address inefficiencies instantly.

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