Digital Transformation of Sales – Where Culture Meets Technology with Debbie Dunnam, Microsoft

Igniting Sales Transformation

Perhaps the biggest reason is that my guest, Debbie Dunnam , Corporate Vice President of Inside Sales at Microsoft, walks her talk. Debbie cited a Duke School of business study that said, 92% of CEO’s and CFO’s said improving company cultures would increase organizational value.

Study Reveals Why B2B Salespeople Lose Deals

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Companies like Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM are so dominate in their particular industry that they win business by default. Harvard Business Review is arguably the most prestigious publication for business leaders and management thinkers.

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Microsoft Cloud Security Readiness Tool (Powered by Alinean)

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Microsoft recently commissioned a study revealing that security and regulatory concerns are holding back cloud adoption, but that companies that have overcome these concerns and adopted a solid cloud strategy are realizing significant business and security benefits. In the study, respondents revealed that their top barriers to cloud adoption were concerns about the ability to deal with industry standards (61%), transparency (59%) and security concerns (44%).

Microsoft launches an update to the Cloud Security Readiness Tool (powered by Alinean)

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Microsoft recently commissioned a study revealing that security and regulatory concerns are holding back cloud adoption, but that companies that have overcome these concerns and adopted a solid cloud strategy are realizing significant business and security benefits.

Case Study: Windows Azure TCO Tool

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See a Microsoft training session featuring the Azure TCO Calculator: [link] View the Windows Azure TCO tool. TCO Calculator TCO Tools Total Cost of Ownership TCO Pisello Microsoft Windows Azure Alinean

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Microsoft Virtualization with Hyper-V.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009 Microsoft Virtualization with Hyper-V - better value? In these analyses, Microsoft indicates that consolidation ratios / performance are on par between competitive solutions, meaning that you cannot get more consolidation with one solution versus another.

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: TCA Champ - Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server?

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006 TCA Champ - Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server? Two of the leading choices are Microsoft SQL 2005 and Oracle Database 10g. To assure similar comparisons, the study examined potential differences in the application, load and complexity of the database instances.

Business Value Summit Interview – Getting The Most from your Business Value Program

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I had the opportunity to lead a Thought Leaders panel from the best business value solution providers, including our own, Mark Schlueter, who shared his great experience from decades of enterprise selling and team leadership at HPE, and business value tool development Microsoft, Intel, Dell and many other B2B firms. Recently I had the chance to work with Microsoft on a business value campaign and ROI tool for Window 10 Software Assurance and Enterprise.

Virtual Desktop (VDI) 9-11% more expensive than PCs?

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In a presentation at Microsoft's Management Summit 2010, new research was previewed from Microsoft on the total lifecycle costs of VDI compared to traditional desktops, particularly for Office Workers. Microsoft’s objectives in the study were to understand customer perceptions and expectations from VDI, gather real world data from deployed organizations, and provide customers with TCO guidance from a collection of industry experts.

Estimate the Benefits of Windows 7 Professional

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With only a few inputs the tool uses extensive case study and proprietary research to estimate benefits, investments and calculate potential ROI. Pisello Alinean Microsoft Windows 7 ROI Calculator

SMB IT Spending Recovers: Looking for ROI and Diagnostic Guidance

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Microsoft Corp. released its second annual Microsoft SMB/Partner Insight Report and the study shows that although SMBs remain concerned about the business climate, most will increase technology spending in 2010, highlighting the role of IT as a strategic business tool in this crucial sector of the global economy. The complete 2010 Microsoft SMB/Partner Insight Report is available at [link].

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Windows 7 ROI Calculator Updated

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The calculator was developed and launched by Alinean about 6 months ago and initially contained research from early case studies of Windows 7 pre-release deployments. In this latest round, we updated the Windows 7 ROI Calculator with: 1) the latest research from Microsoft Windows 7 case studies and deployments, refining the benefit assumptions, as well as cost to deploy metrics.

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How to Break Free of the Pack? Differentiate for Success

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According to a recent Forrester technology sales enablement study, executives showed the best course was for vendors: 1) To match the right combination of capabilities to their given situation 2) Align offerings to help them realize a business result These two differentiators accounted for 53% response, more significant than any other differentiating attribute, including the vendors products and services, their branding, or their customer services.

VDI can save you big! Don't count the savings just yet.

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In a research study Alinean participated in on the total lifecycle costs of VDI compared to traditional desktops, VDI has proven to be about 10% more expensive in certain mainstream scenarios - particularly for traditional Office Workers, in an environment that is already well managed. Although the study was sponsored by Microsoft, I can tell you that having participated in the debates and research that the results are factual and balanced.

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How to Freeze a Market: Vista Obscures the View

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In research on the economic impact of various software spending plans, Sarah Friar, from Goldman Sachs finds that as the economy tightens, two of the most likely projects to be delayed are upgrades to Microsoft Vista and Microsoft Office. Reference: [link] Exhibit 11 For Microsoft Vista, we have studied in depth the savings realization, and there is indeed value and ROI in the upgrade. Microsoft Vista ROI TCO IT Budgets

Putting the Customer First

Igniting Sales Transformation

Sloan earned multiple business degrees at the University of Southern California, and also studied finance and financial management at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. This podcast is presented by our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft.

Sales Success Requires Listening

Igniting Sales Transformation

Dana’s background in building sales teams, why she left sales to study listening, and how that journey led her to bring back what she learned about listening and selling. This podcast is presented by our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft. Gavriella and Microsoft are committed to giving “young women better role models and a stronger voice to all women.” You can hear more from Gavriella and other Microsoft leaders, on the Microsoft Partner Network podcast.

When Sales Opportunities Don’t Go As Expected with Mary Lombardo, Absolute Impact

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In addition, Mary studied ballet for 10 years, is a wish-granter for the Make-A-Wish Illinois Chapter, a volunteer at Lutheran General Hospital, a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) working with the Cook County Juvenile Court, a lover of theater, and a very proud mother of two children.

4 Steps to Crafting Compelling Value Propositions

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By studying your competitors, you ensure that your value proposition becomes a differentiator. Jennifer Tomlinson is senior manager of channel marketing at Microsoft. Author: Jennifer Tomlinson Consumer choice has never been greater.

How to Engage Prospects to Identify True Interest

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Companies like Epson, IBM, Microsoft, and Box are able to scale sales teams faster into different markets by having a Conversica A.I. And our resources page — we have eBooks, case studies, videos, data sheets, and more.

Why Product-Agnostic Content Wins in B2B Marketing

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In DemandWave’s 2017 State of B2B Digital Marketing study , respondents indicated that Webinars drove 37 percent of their company’s revenue (side note: putting out proprietary research such as “State of the Industry” reports is another great product-agnostic marketing tactic).

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Sales Tech Game Changers: How to Get Contracts Signed 21x Faster

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Studies have found that companies deploying e-signatures close 17% more deals and average almost 6 times better year-over-year improvement in customer renewal rates*. The Total Economic Impact of Adobe Sign, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Adobe, 2017.

Marketing Secrets Your Sales Prospects May Not Even Know

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For example here are three marketing secrets from this study. #1 2 – Looking at popular brands, even though Google and Microsoft have a perceived high conscious value, they have a much higher unconscious value.

Why You Need Social Influencers

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In fact, a Social Media Examiner study reports that 19 percent of B2B marketers engage on Twitter, 30 percent favor Facebook, and a whopping 41 percent show LinkedIn love. Author: Jeff Epstein Social media influencers may be this year’s biggest marketing disruptors.

How To Improve Your Odds Of Hiring Quality Sales People


Many Microsoft Partners rely on inconsistent interviewing techniques, tend to believe what they hear and wind up hiring an "empty suit." " A Michigan State study found that more than 90 percent of all hiring decisions were made as the result of an inte

9 Great Examples of B2B Brand Storytelling


Microsoft. One of the largest companies in the world, Microsoft, is also one of the biggest advocates of storytelling as a brand-building tactic. These in-depth profiles illustrate that Microsoft is not just a massive corporation, but a collection of unique and gifted individuals.

We Rise by Lifting Others

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I decided to return to college and complete a master’s degree in organizational psychology where I spent the next two years studying and practicing the psychology of selling. For the past 16 years, I have been a top performing seller and sales leader at Gartner and Microsoft.

SalesLoft Raises $70 Million Series D to Fuel Growth


We commissioned a study conducted by Forrester Consulting to assess the Total Economic Impact TM of SalesLoft and how companies who use the SalesLoft platform can achieve: 329% return on investment. Henry David Thoreau once penned: “goodness is the only investment that never fails.”.

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Capture Manager: The Sales Role Your Team Could Be Missing

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Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Microsoft Word. Bachelor's degree or higher in relevant business, technical, or professional field of study. How's your sales team like a football team? Both sales and football require a certain amount of strategy to succeed.

B2B Executive On Fortune 50 + Startup Partnership Development

Today we interview Doug Gould , an experienced partnership development executive who has worked in B2B roles with incredible companies like Microsoft , Xamarin , and Cloudability. Ensure these initial partner contacts are successful and build a case study of that success.

Is Your Elevator Speech Goldfish Proof?

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Human beings according to a study by Microsoft now have an attention span of 8 seconds. Many SMB owners and salespeople are almost indoctrinated with having an “elevator speech.”

Imprisoned by PowerPoint: A Foolproof Escape Plan in Five Steps

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Replacing the venerable Microsoft product with multi-page memos may or may not be a future-proof strategy, but it’s now the law at Seattle’s largest company. Why start a meeting with study hall?

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The 40+ Best Apps for Salespeople Who Want to Win

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Available here: iOS | Android | Microsoft. Even if you have no entrepreneurial aspirations, you would be wise to study up on business basics. Uber for iOS | Android | Microsoft. Lyft for iOS | Android | Microsoft | Kindle. To win at sales, you need the right tools.

Top Technology Companies to Sell for in 2015

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  I’ve had the privilege to work with and study hundreds of technology companies and their sales organizations. Based upon my experience, here’s my list of some of the best technologies to sell in 2015.

36 Apps Every Sales Rep Needs on Their Phone in 2018

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Even if you have no entrepreneurial aspirations, salespeople would be wise to study up on business basics. iOS | Android | Microsoft. Free iOS | Android | Microsoft. Lyft for iOS | Android | Microsoft. Uber for iOS | Android | Microsoft.

How Data is Democratizing Growth and Driving Disruption

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According to a study of 3,200 high-tech startups conducted by researchers at UC Berkeley and Stanford, over 90% of high-growth internet startups fail within the first three years. Launching and growing a business has never been easy, but it used to be a lot harder.

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Your Value Proposition Is Irrelevant To Me!

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There are some that want to impress me with their prestigious customer list, with claims of what they’ve done for Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Citicorp, GE, IBM and dozens of other companies. You probably get a lot of the same prospecting emails that I get.

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Sales Tips: How to Grab and Keep Your Buyer's Attention

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A recent study funded by Microsoft reached what I view as a disturbing conclusion. I can’t help but wonder what the result would have been if it the study had focused solely on senior executives. Studies show decision makers like to be involved early and late in buying cycles.

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How Top Sales Reps Prevent Worthless Training Efforts

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We must upgrade our brains with worthwhile training and self-study. Utilize products such as Chatter or Microsoft Yammer. Every year, Sales Reps are forced into mandatory training. Their company wants them to learn a new process or skill.

Marketing to the Multitasking Archetypes of Carl Jung

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According to a report on cross-screen engagement released by Microsoft Advertising, Flamingo Research and Ipsos, there appear now to be four common multi-screen pathways to potential customers or consumers.