How to Align Modern Sales, Success, and Marketing with Sales Engagement


It’s the same with the revenue engine of your company. Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success are the three components of your revenue engine-starting system and Sales Engagement is the wire that connects them. Without it, your revenue engine is stuck in park. Your revenue organization must be aligned in order to be fully prepared to sell and market in the modern era of fast-paced revenue generation. Better metrics than MQL. A reliable attribution model.

The 2018 SDR Metrics Report is Here

The Bridge Group

In the Sales Development world, metrics can be finicky beasts. In our 2018 SDR Metrics & Compensation Report , we analyze the biggest shifts in recent years and provide core metrics to measure these groups. We also break out findings by company revenues, ASP, and other factors. 89% with HQs in North America, median respondent revenues of $24M, and median ASP at $28K). Get your copy of our 2018 SDR Metrics & Compensation Report.