Transparent Negotiations: The Counterintuitive Way to Negotiate More Valuable and Predictable Deals

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When the typical negotiation “event” happens near the end of the sales process, we tend to flip the script. Do an online search for negotiating tips. Why do we throw the rules of trust to the wind when it’s time to negotiate? The Negotiation. Negotiate transparently!

What Are Top Negotiation Strategies for Women in Sales?

No More Cold Calling

I don’t like to negotiate for my services. When clients pull out their negotiation strategies, it’s easy to get sucked into defensive mode and cave on price—even though my clients always agree that building a referral culture takes more than training.

Sales Tips: 5 Tips for Handing Negotiations

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Sales Tips: 5 Tips for Handling Negotiations (and Saying NO). By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling®.

Eight Ways to Make Your Sales Meetings More Valuable

The Sales Heretic

In my seminars and workshops, one of the most frequent complaints I hear from salespeople is that regular sales meetings are a waste of their time.

Sales Tips: Before You Negotiate, Ask This Important Question

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Sales Tips: Never Negotiate Unless You Are the Selected Vendor. By Gary Walker, EVP of Channel Sales & Operations, CustomerCentric Selling®.

Leading a Negotiating Team—10 Success Secrets for Women in Sales

No More Cold Calling

Most salespeople would pass Negotiating 101, but negotiating in teams? My sense is that most salespeople, especially women in sales, would jump at the opportunity to learn how to win at team negotiations. Collaborate on a negotiating strategy.

Sales Training Tip: Amazingly Easy Negotiation Tactic

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Sales Training Article: A Surprisingly Easy Negotiating Tactic By Geoffrey James, Inc. This is especially true in sales negotiations where a customer may be afraid of experiencing buyer's remorse if they don't bargain you down to an absurdly low price.

Top 9 Questions to Ask When You Negotiate with Clients

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Sales Training & Management Workshops | 302-478-4443. Workshops. The concepts introduced in this highly-rated book create a foundation for all PBR programs and workshops! Get access to our customized sales performance training programs and management workshops. Blog Home < Top 9 Questions to Ask When You Negotiate wit… Sales & Management Tips. Top 9 Questions to Ask When You Negotiate with Clients.

The Pipeline ? Contest ? Enter To Win!

The Pipeline

Stored in Appointments , Contest , Proactive , Proactivity , Prospecting , Sales Success , Sales Technique , Sales Training , Workshops , execution. As you may have noticed over to the right, we are presenting the Proactive Prospecting Workshop in Toronto/Markham, scheduled for April 13.

Sales Tips: 5-Step Execution Plan for Q4

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Use the ‘Gentle’ or ‘Hard’ emails that I introduced in your workshop, depending upon the circumstance. Use a Negotiation Worksheet - DO NOT wing it! Resist negotiating unless you have been selected. Sales Tips: 5-Step Execution Plan for Q4.

Sales Tips: Understanding "No Decision" Losses

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Think of the tactical advantage a salesperson has going into price negotiations when he/she knows exactly how much his/her buyer will potentially save and when he/she will achieve a return on the investment. Sales Tips: No Decision Losses - The Good, Bad & Ugly.

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Sales Tips: The Key to Establishing a Peer or Subordinate Relationship with Buyers

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Unfortunately, sellers perceived as being subordinate are at a distinct disadvantage at the end of buying cycles when it’s time to negotiate. If they have established value, they should wind up in a better place when negotiating.

Sales Tips: Quality Control and Seller Productivity

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Negotiating a Sequence of Events that reflects the prospect’s buying timeframe. Sales Tips: Determining "Forecast" vs. "Sunshine Pump". By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling®.

Sales Tips: How to Make Your Best Sellers Better

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During our sales training workshops , we talk about A vs. B & C Players. Years ago I was back to do a new hire workshop for a client. I asked Jeff if he would be willing to kick off the new hire workshop by sharing his experience and he was gracious in doing so.

Sales Tips: Who Owns the Pipeline?

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If so a written Sequence of Events (SOE) with activities and dates can be negotiated, culminating in delivering a proposal in a timeframe requested by the committee. Sales Tips: Who Owns the Pipeline? By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling®.

Sales Tip: How to Avoid the Discounting Death Spiral

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Sales Tips and Techniques: How to Avoid the Death Spiral of Discounting in Sales Negotiations. I soon learned they had been negotiating for over two weeks. Buyers understand that the longer negotiations take, the lower the ultimate pricing will be.

3 Professional Pushback Questions create Opportunities

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Engage me to speak or conduct an interactive workshop at your next corporate or association event. I work with many business professionals who encounter professional pushback to their great ideas.

The Pipeline ? Put Price in its Place

The Pipeline

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Sales Tips: Two Ways to Better Manage Your Time

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From people whose first day in sales was sitting in my workshop to engaging with sales pros who have been at it for 10, 15 or 20+ years. I always start my workshops by asking, “What is a particular selling difficulty you’d like to get addressed over the course of this workshop?”

The Science of Basic Selling Skills

Bernadette McClelland

It’s a question I’ve asked a couple of times in workshops and online, and it’s a question that was triggered by a few ‘posts’ I read, stating that. 9. Negotiation. And the basics of selling are….?

5 Ways to Deliver a Truly Impactful Sales Kickoff

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The three-day agenda combined information sharing, skills development, team workshops and fun, which I’m sure sounds pretty familiar. Author: Joe Andrews We just wrapped up sales kickoff (SKO) season.

When Our Customers tell Overstated Stories and We believe Them

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To attract our attention, negotiate business with us. Hire me to speak or conduct a workshop at your next corporate or association event. Current and potential customers can tell us overstated stories. And lead us on and on and on. So, why do we continue to believe them?

Sales Managers – Why Isn’t Goal Setting Easy?

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Over the next 3 weeks, I will be working with two companies to facilitate a personal goal setting/business work plan workshop. What are the objectives/goals in their life that are non-negotiable? Resources: Personal Goal Setting Workshop.

Sales Tips: Avoid the Discounting Squeeze

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I soon learned they had been negotiating for over two weeks. A common buyer tactic is extending negotiations over several meetings. Save your seat now for the FIRST public workshop of 2015 in Boston, Feb 3-6! Sales Tips: How to Avoid the Discounting "Squeeze".

Sales Tips: How to Manage Committees

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In our workshops , we show there are 3 phases of buying cycles: Solution development where buyers understand their desired outcomes, why they can’t be achieved in the current environment and what specific capabilities they need to achieve the outcomes. Sales Tips: How to Manage Committees.

Create a Toxic Customer Exit Strategy and save Your Sanity

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As a result of his actions, I had to re-negotiate the contract due to scope creep, for starters. I will be honored to customize my keynotes and workshops to your next event. Hire me to speak or conduct a workshop at your next corporate or association event.

6 One Millimeter Mindset™ Articles leverage Professional Experience

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business ecosystem is increasingly complex to negotiate. Engage me to speak or conduct an interactive workshop at your next corporate or association event. How we leverage our professional experience catalyzes not only the success of our customers.

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The 23 Best Sales Training Programs for Every Budget and Team

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Your SalesMBA™ Workshops. Focus: Prospecting, negotiating and closing, social selling, and sales management. Price: $395-$595 per attendee (depending on the workshop). In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the science behind telling persuasive stories.

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Are You Being Confused by All the Sales Experts?

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Between the workshops, seminars, formal sales training sessions, books, the videos, the blogs and the social media postings from all the sales experts, I truly would not know where to turn. Additionally as Purchasing Manager I negotiated the product pricing for those multiple year contracts.

Sales Tips: Avoid These Six Most Expensive Words in Business

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When we conduct sales training workshops , our goal is equal parts skills transfer and equal parts behavior modification. In fact, one new client commented as part of our discovery discussions, “My salespeople think that negotiating means discounting until the prospect says ‘yes’.”. Without a clear, mutual understanding of the value being provided, salespeople typically default to price when negotiating. Sales Tips: Avoid These 6 Most Expensive Words in Business.

Top Sales Performers Remember to Spin Their Hats

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Years ago during a sales training workshop, I listened to Dr. David Mutchler (co-author of Fail-Safe Leadership ) described the sales process as one of facilitation. Additionally in this role, there may be some telling as well as negotiation behaviors.

"American Icon" Has It Right for Sales Managers

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54% through the book (Location 3908 vs. page number), I read the following regarding negotiations between Mulally and the UAW union negotiator, Ron Gettelfinger: “Like everything else, labor relations were all about teamwork for Mulally.

The Cause of Bleeding Margins

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By John Kenney, Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) This blog post is for those who sometimes find their sales teams negotiating against themselves, closing dirty deals to make quota, or finding their margin-rich transactions disintegrate at the end of quarter.

Sales Tips: The "B" Word

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They may be invited in to compete primarily to provide leverage to negotiate a better price from the vendor that started the buying cycle. Don't miss the next public workshop coming to Boston, August 3-6. Sales Tips: The "B" Word.

40+ of the World’s Best Sales Training Programs to Get Your Team Into Shape

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For sales reps, Advantage provides learning experiences for every role — on diverse topics such as sales negotiation, customer empathy, task prioritization, emotional intelligence , and B2B sales acceleration. Problem Solving Negotiations. Sales Negotiation. Onsite workshops.

Sales Tips: How to Respond to "I Need a Better Price"

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The buyer would have used his discounted price to negotiate the best deal possible with the vendor of choice. The terms “always” and “never” seldom apply to selling, but I believe sellers should always negotiate as though they’re Column A.

Sales Tips: 5 Ways to Make Your Year-end Number in Q4

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Use the ‘Gentle’ or ‘Hard’ emails that I introduced in your workshop, depending upon the circumstance. Use a Negotiation Worksheet**; don’t wing it! Resist negotiating unless you have been selected. Sales Tips: 5 Ways to Make Your Year-end Number in Q4.

The Pipeline ? Win The Sale Without Compromising on Price

The Pipeline

In these times of shrinking margins and diminishing returns, Mark’s insights will change the way you think about discounting, price, negotiating, and, above all, the all-important concept of value. Negotiations. Workshops. The Accidental Negotiator.

How to Align HR Priorities for Top Sales Results

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Gather the key stakeholders for a workshop to review the projects. Refer to the Prioritizer regularly during the year – negotiate changes in priority. T he New Year has started. Every sales leader has a fresh list of HR projects to accomplish.

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Why Small Business Sales Training Misses the Mark

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Yet, when looking at the learning objectives such as negotiations, overcoming objections, closing the sale, for these offerings be it through local sales consultants to much larger sales training providers most are missing the mark for these small businesses.