Finding the Right Sales Performance Management Vendor


Each vendor has significant qualities within each of their services and software that should be reviewed fully prior to making an investment as OpenSymmetry has not evaluated, pre-qualified or certified these vendors in any way to meet an organization’s specific requirements.

Is This an Example of Succeeding or Failing at Inside Sales?

Understanding the Sales Force

The salesperson was from Oracle and wanted to know if I was aware of and had seen their CRM software demonstrated. He said he was making a notation in the file (in Oracle''s CRM application?) How many of your clients use Oracle?

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#1 Reason You Need To Automate Your Marketing

Fill the Funnel

Also, relationship building tasks cannot be done by a software program, an outsourced worker across the planet, or a nifty gadget. If you run a medium or large organization, you have a budget for the massively expensive marketing automation platforms like Pardot, Oracle, Marketo or Act-on.

PowerViews with Jill Rowley: Social Employees Should Connect and Amplify


Rowley, who oversees social selling enablement for 23,000 sales professionals at Oracle, earned her marketing handle during her previous decade at Eloqua. She spent six years in management consulting and 52 quarters in software sales. A lot of people don’t know how to use LinkedIn.

Scaling Lead Gen: Growing NetSuite’s BDR Team to 170 People in 3.5 Years


Founded in 1998, they IPO’d in 2007 and were ultimately acquired by Oracle for $9.3B What’s amazing about NetSuite is that their software can literally be used by any company. I just returned from Dublin where I spoke at SaaStock 2017 (what an amazing group of founders and investors!)

If Hunter-Farmer Fails: What Next?

Sales Benchmark Index

a provider of software to simplify and improve business operations and customer communications. For Cincom to compete with 800-pound gorillas like Oracle and SAP, they needed a high-touch, high-tech approach. Turnover is a fierce headwind for leaders of Sales and HR. It is impossible to outrun the drag of vacant territories. Last week I talked with two Steves who faced this challenge and developed a sustainable solution.

PowerViews with James Obermayer: Why Don’t Sales Reps Follow Up On Leads? The Real Issue


There are also so many automated software programs out there that marketing, especially, has become confusing for the average marketer. The next PowerViews will be with Jill Rowley of Oracle. We’re nearing the last quarter of 2013, and another year of sales will soon be behind us.

Differentiation, Dissimilarity, Disruption

Partners in Excellence

A great example of this is in the shift from premise/license based software solutions to cloud based solutions. It disrupted not only the software solution providers but also the systems providers. Recently, I was being interviewed on value creation and differentiation.

Take your competitors’ clients (It isn’t stealing if you earn their business)

Sales and Marketing

Warren Buffett’s annual letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders are pored over by millions of investors who hope to glean every ounce of wisdom the “Oracle of Omaha” has to offer. Author: Paul Nolan, Editor, Sales & Marketing Management.

Home for the Holidays: Personalized Sales in the Age of Amazon


If you haven’t been collecting data on your customers’ buying habits with CRM software, researching potential customers’ habits, and plugging the numbers into a predictive analytics tool, data-as-a-service (DaaS) is a good go-to. Some DaaS providers include Oracle and Informatica.

Outside Sales and Business Development – Be Best Friends

Quota Factory

There are plenty out there: Zoho,, Oracle – and all within your budget and needs. You can also invest in auto dialers or call center software for your SDRs which will help reduce the amount of time dialing numbers.

Who Is The Customer?

Partners in Excellence

For example, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP are huge enterprise software companies. Some of you are scratching your heads. What’s Dave getting into? Aren’t customers the people that buy our stuff? Aren’t they the prospects we go after to convince to buy our stuff?

PowerViews with Dave Munn: The Transformed Marketing Organization


Prior to joining ITSMA in 1995, Dave held field marketing and sales positions with Oracle and Apple and started his career in 1984 as a market research analyst at The Ledgeway Group, now part of Gartner Group.

PowerViews with Andrew Gaffney: Tipping Points & Differentiators


Working with a wide variety of clients from tech firms to sports properties and lifestyle brands, Andrew has crafted successful campaigns built around white papers, event-based advertising and sales training materials for clients such as Major League Baseball, Canon, DuPont, SAP, Business Objects, Oracle and many others. Widespread Use of Outbound Marketing Among Software Providers. My PowerViews guest today is Andrew Gaffney.

NetProspex Product Review: Powerhouse for Lead Lists

Green Lead's B2B

Users can search on meta-data of specific attributes at companies such as what software system their organization is using, for instance, NetSuite or Oracle. As many of you would expect, Green Leads consumes prospect lists at a rate that far exceeds most outbound marketing efforts. With over 30 clients running their appointment setting programs through us, having volumes of accurate contact names is essential to our business.

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: The Six Real Reasons Why VPs of Sales.

HeavyHitter Sales

IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS & Hardware Sales. Martin: The Real Story of Informix Software and Phil White: Lessons in Business and Leadership for the Executive Team. This is particularly true for smaller companies that must compete against a gorilla (Oracle, IBM, Cisco, etc.) Heavy Hitter Sales Blog. Recent Posts. A Salespersons Most Important Competitive Weapon. Closing Techniques Using Sales Linguistics. Top 7 Critical Sales Trends for 2012.