Hiring Sales Talent: A Tool to Help CEOs Get It Right the First Time

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Penetrating new markets. A Tool for You. Download the CEO’s Time Management Tool to get started. Diagnose the root causes of the problem using the CEO Time Management Tool.

Spring Cleaning: Tools to Rejuvenate Sales

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Over time, and if left unattended, the inevitable accumulation of ‘stuff’, the clutter that permeates, penetrates and defines your motivation and attitude, will distract you from your objectives, will keep you from focusing on the right activities, and will undermine the vital integrity you have so carefully nurtured with your customers. Author, Nancy Nardin is the foremost expert in sales productivity tools. Tweet Spring cleaning to rejuvenate sales. Spring is here.

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Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: Thought Provoking Motivational Sales.

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Martin: Heavy Hitter Sales Psychology: How to Penetrate the C-level Executive Suite and Convince Company Leaders to Buy. My latest book titled Heavy Hitter Sales Psychology: How to Penetrate the C-level Executive Suite and Convince Company Leaders to Buy presents a revolutionary new C-level sales philosophy based upon the interrelationship between psychology and language. Language and the words you say are the tools you use to achieve these results.”. Heavy Hitter Sales Blog.

Why More High-Performance Companies Are Depending on Intent Data

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WHEN: WEDNESDAY, 8/21 AT 10AM PT / 1PM EST. In the last year, intent data market penetration has increased 2.5x Sales Tools or Sales Stack Intent Data John Steinert Purchase Intent TechTargetWhy More High-Performance Companies Are Depending on Intent Data. REGISTER NOW.

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Selling in the Age of Ceaseless Change: A CSO Insights Sales Performance Report

CSO Insights recently surveyed 900 global sales leaders and discovered what top-performing sales organizations are doing differently. Read the report to learn how industry leaders are outperforming others in four crucial areas: improving lead generation success, capturing new accounts, expanding business with existing customers, and increasing win rates.

3 Ways Small Cap CMOs Can Improve Revenue Performance

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Understand the difference between tools that help me vs. solutions that impact everyone. In isolation, a shiny new tool that makes part of our job easier and doesn’t cost too much can seem quite attractive. 3 Ways Small Cap CMOs Can Improve Revenue Performance.

Why You’re Not Going to be Able to Grow Sales This Year

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Account Penetration. A year ago, if you had asked me what my biggest concern was around growing DiscoverOrg 60-100% annually, I would have told you that hiring great sales talent was our biggest roadblock.

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6 Marketing Strategies for B2B Customer Retention

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Excitement is the most powerful tool a marketer can use in any B2B industry”, elaborates Brandon Hart, an expert on psychology and marketing at EssayOnTime. Penetration marketing. What is penetration marketing in the first place?

Riding the New Sales Waves with Roberto Beltran {Hey Salespeople Podcast}


Sales tech, a sales engagement tool, will help you manage complex tasks, especially top of the funnel in sales development. But what a sales technology tool will not do for you is help you figure out and cut through the noise of what are the right actions to take.

Top 20 Sales & Marketing Vendors to Follow on Twitter @Dreamforce ’14

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Act-On’s streamlined user interface puts first-rate marketing tools at your fingertips, making campaigns and programs easier and faster. Qvidian let’s you bettercommunicate value, accelerate sales cycles and increase market penetration. That’s me with Sassy.

Join the 2020 Sales Performance Study

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Whether capturing new leads, closing new accounts, extending their penetration of new business units within existing customers or increasing their win rates, sales leaders set lofty goals and hunt for the methodologies, tools and processes to help them attain their objectives.

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“Sales Is The Tip Of The Arrow In Executing Corporate Strategy”

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Don’t get me wrong, you need the arrowhead to hit and penetrate the target. Without marketing and sales working closely together through the entire buying cycle, it’s almost impossible to hit and penetrate the bullseye.

Prognostications And Wild Ass Guesses For 2015

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Systems/Processes/Tools. Sales Automation/Tools. Marketing Automation/Tools. Big Data/Analytics, Gamification, Social Selling, all the Marketing and Sales Automation tools……none of them existed in 1980!

The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Strategies

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Penetration Pricing Strategy. Contrasted with skimming pricing, a penetration pricing strategy is when companies enter the market with an extremely low price, effectively drawing attention (and revenue) away from higher-priced competitors. Penetration Pricing: Netflix.

How to Price a Product That Your Sales Team Can Sell

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For example, if you sold a software tool to create video content for their company, you could position the product as an easier way to author and share the videos (something they're doing today that takes more time). Penetration Pricing.

Sales Strategy Example

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These are; Market Penetration – selling more of the same things to more of the same customers. Market Penetration. Market penetration is the name given to a sales strategy where the business focuses on selling existing products into existing markets.

How CEOs Can Teach the Board to Evaluate Sales Performance

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The goal is to determine things like: Account penetration opportunities. Account Penetration – Product vs. Customer Growth. By attending, you'll get a copy of the Propensity to Buy Tool to help prioritize your areas of focus. This post is written for CEOs who want to teach the board how to properly evaluate sales performance. According to Spencer Stuart , the average age of a board member in corporate America is 62.4.

10 Ways To Boost Your Sales Incentive Strategy

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What penetration do you expect at enrollment? Also, your promotional campaign must be high enough profile to attract the right market penetration. Utilize online training, quiz and survey tools … and compensate them for their attention. Author: George Kriza, CEO, MTCPerformance Your organization wants to drive sales with an incentive program. That’s a great start, because great salespeople are money motivated and also crave recognition for their outstanding efforts.

Do You Really Understand Your Numbers?

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We may have market penetration/share goals. Here’s where a lot of sales analytic tools can really help us see patterns in performance over time, or across different segments of the organization. As sales people and managers, we are often obsessed with the “numbers.”

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New Study: Customer Experience Best Practices

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The poor penetration of this practice indicates that organizations aren’t capturing the right data yet: they’re “data rich” but “insight poor.”.

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How Top Sales Reps Interview the Interviewer

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You will have access to guides, templates and tools. These tools will help you excel in your current and future sales positions. The company could not penetrate an already competitive market. The next time you interview for a sales job, ask yourself a few questions.

3 Lessons on How to Growth-Hack Like a Pro

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Airbnb penetrating Craigslist’s marketplace. To expand its market penetration, Airbnb reverse-engineered an application program interface (API) that allowed its users to post listings on Craigslist. Titled “ We don’t sell saddles here ,” the memo stated Slack’s mission: “Despite the fact that there are a handful of direct competitors and a muddled history of superficially similar tools, we are setting out to define a new market.

How to Compensate the Overlay Sales Specialist

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Market Specialist – penetrates new or divergent vertical markets. Ideally, the overlay specialist should eliminate their own role by training their sales people how to sell the new product or penetrate the new market without assistance. The tool allows you to enter your own participation rates and multipliers to create the right mix for your overlay organization. HR and Sales leaders face the challenge of maximizing the investment in sales compensation.

Taking ATS to New Levels: A Bullhorn & DiscoverOrg Partnership

DiscoverOrg Sales

For staffing companies, the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is one of those tools with which salespeople and recruiters have a love-hate relationship. Advanced search and filters can only do so much in penetrating the sheer number of records any ATS can house.

Revegy Reimagines Collaboration and Whitespace Mapping

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With Whitespace+, users are provided increased clarity within key accounts, which makes cross-selling and up-selling easier by showing product penetration, competitors in play and future potential. Revegy Reimagines Collaboration and Whitespace Mapping.

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A Partner Program May Not Be Right for You


You’ll save time and money by not needing to build out remote offices to penetrate new markets. By having the right processes and tools in place, you can onboard, train, and support your partners efficiently. A Channel Partner Program Can Transform Your Company.

Top 10 Best Practices from a Fortune 500 CMO

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Review your collateral and ensure you are arming the sales team with the right tools. Understand the differences between cultures, languages, economic dynamics, technologies penetration and religion.

“Fixing The Compensation Problem….”

Partners in Excellence

There are so many other tools that have greater impact in shorter periods of time. Even the training, tools, systems, processes, programs we provide are important levers to fixing sales performance. How do we want to balance performance across the sales function–for example new customer acquisition versus customer retention/growth/account penetration, new market expansion, product line mix, and so forth.

One Chart to Compel the CSO to Implement Your Sales Strategy

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Google’s Motion Chart Gadget is a data presentation tool. Demonstrate changing territory penetration rates. Download this tool for how to create a Motion Chart Gadget quickly and simply. Use this tool as a guide and recreate your visuals.

No Product Differentiation? No Problem. A CEO Who Found Another Way to Grow

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Caliber’s growth depended on retaining and penetrating top clients while converting relationships with key accounts. We built a Key Account Sales organization that focused on customer retention first, penetration second and customer conversions third.”. We provided them with the tools, training and support required to be effective.”. This post is about a CEO of a $450M company who focused on winning large deals to double revenues in a flat market.

If Technology is Not the Answer to Solving Sales Problems, What Is?

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Deploying a Sales Force Automation tool will not solve the challenges facing your Sales organization. In this case, we needed to know all of the companies within a given zip code, their potential spend and account penetration.

Parallels: Social Manufacturing & Outsourcing Manufacturing Lead Generation


—noted the Dreamforce announcement of Salesforce.com’s support for Kenandy , a cloud-based manufacturing solution that incorporates the social tool, Chatter. An interesting post by SoftwareAdvice.com’s Derek Singleton— What Does Social Manufacturing Look Like?

LeadGnome Case Study: Bridgeway Increases Sales Productivity and Database Health


Additionally, LeadGnome identifies timely trigger events – changes within a prospect’s account – that represent actionable sales opportunities, helping organizations penetrate target accounts, increase revenue, and secure renewals.

10 Types of Sales Quotas


If you need quotas that prioritize sales penetration , read on. Quota attainment can be hard to achieve practically unless your teams have tools allowing them to easily assess how much profit they’re making per deal closed-won.

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Top 5 Sales Rep Behaviors to Change in 2013 – with HR’s Help

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Receive a package of tools including this Top Ten Sales Rep Competencies list. This also includes any required deal tracking and maintenance in your Sales Force Automation/Customer Relationship Management tools. Reps must be able to social map an organization they are trying to penetrate. Register for access to many valuable tools including a list of Top Ten World-Class Sales Rep Competencies.

How to Develop Your Team and Exceed Your Goals

Alice Heiman

Use Your Tools. Another part of developing your team is making sure they are using the tools they were given. There are so many tools out there that reps can get tool overload. Secure Your Own Mask First.

Don't Let HR Determine Your Sales Compensation and Destiny

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Get a copy of the Own Your Sales Comp Tool here. Are you launching a new product and need to ensure a certain level of market penetration in year one? If you’re allowing the HR team to drive Sales Compensation strategy and design you could be making a serious mistake.

Five Key Skills for Sales Ops Career Success


What are our opportunities for penetrating whitespace? Are you surprised that Salesforce, Excel, and other tools are missing from the list? If you’ve ever thought about becoming a lawyer, the path is pretty clear: Get a Bachelor’s degree. Take the LSAT. Earn your JD. Pass the bar.

Why Technology Can't Solve Sales Problems All By Itself

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Deploying a Sales Force Automation tool will not solve the challenges facing your Sales organization. In this case, we needed to know all of the companies within a given zip code, their potential spend and account penetration.

LeadGnome Earns Marketo® Certified Integration For B2B Reply Email Mining


The LeadGnome Marketo integration allows customers to mine email replies using an app that has been reviewed, approved and certified by Marketo.