Pivot Strategies and Technology to Master Sales Digital Transformation


The post Pivot Strategies and Technology to Master Sales Digital Transformation appeared first on Crunchbase. Digital Transformation Sales ProspectingIn today’s digital world, it’s hard to imagine a time when companies just sold products straight from the shelf.

Business Development Pivots and other Relevant Nonsense

Babette Ten Haken

There were a lot of business development pivots going on. Business development pivots keep you moving forward, not backward. Prospective mindset and perspective are the keys to innovation, not retrospective dwelling in the past. What fresh, insightful business development pivots will you bring to client business tables, today and tomorrow? The post Business Development Pivots and other Relevant Nonsense appeared first on Babette Ten Haken.


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When, Why, & How to Pivot a Startup Business

Hubspot Sales

The route the company took — turning Burbn into Instagram — was an example of something called a pivot. Let's get some perspective on what a pivot is and how, when, and why startups should consider conducting one. The Startup Pivot. A startup pivot occurs when a company shifts its business strategy to accommodate changes in its industry, customer preferences, or any other factor that impacts its bottom line. When, why, and how to pivot a startup.

How to Adapt & Succeed When Pivoting to an Inside Sales Strategy

Sales Hacker

Fortunately, by leveraging a few inside sales best practices, outside sales reps can successfully pivot to remote sales. Calling your prospects. Unlike the other channels we’ll look at, calling your prospect also allows you to get an immediate response, better address objections , and provide a completely personalized experience. Texting your prospects. Emailing your prospects. Which means you’ll still use your phone to connect with most prospects.

The 5 Pivotal Stages of Sales Maturity [Quiz]

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This likely results in heavy manual work for your reps, and a lack of consistency for efforts such as call cadence, prospecting email drips, or film reviews due to lack of process. If you haven’t already, this is the stage where your team should adopt a CRM to manage contact information and streamline all processes related to communicating with your prospects and customers. How mature is your organization’s sales enablement structure?

Start/Stop/Pivot/Restart Sales Strategies

Partners in Excellence

Some of the obvious: Prospecting, working deals, planning calls, developing proposals, developing territory/account plans, pipeline management/forecasting, time management, learning/training, one on one’s with managers (hopefully for coaching), and yes, even administrivia. If we skip one, for example, prospecting, it eventually impacts all other areas. ” Managers are worried about pipelines, so the focus is on prospecting.

PODCAST 124: Managing Through Crisis: How to Create Pivotal Career Moments with Alyssa Merwin

Sales Hacker

Advice for creating pivotal career moments [30:58]. You do your video conference or your disco demo with a customer prospect, and you’re going to really need mutual accountability and commitment to move a deal forward probably in a way that you didn’t before.

11 Psychology Tips to Get Prospects to Trust You Faster

Hubspot Sales

To become a "trusted advisor" — as so many thought leaders advocate — a rep must first gain their prospects' trust. Prospects coming to you cold might warm up to you a bit after reading a few glowing endorsements (especially if they know or share common connections with your referrer).

16 Sales Prospecting Tips to Crush Your Next Call

Hubspot Sales

Sales prospecting tips. Do prospecting in chunks. Calling prospects takes a good degree of courage, talent -- and yes, some luck. So if you want to get great results even when luck isn’t on your side, follow these 16 sales call prospecting tips. After all, prospects don’t have much else to go on -- if you seem nervous, they’ll assume you don’t have a good reason to call, but appearing self-assured and in command will make you seem credible. Call Prospecting

Only You Can Decide and Act

The Pipeline

Join Bob Howard of Contact Science , and me, for this interactive discussion about pivotal elements of prospecting, both skills, and systems. This wide-ranging discussion will cover key elements of prospecting success, including: How to simplify success for all. By Tibor Shanto.

ACT 186

6 Rookie Sales Call Mistakes That Make Prospects Hang Up ASAP

Hubspot Sales

You’ve made hundreds if not thousands of prospecting calls in your career, and regardless of how well you prepared or how perfect the prospect was for your offering, some of those dials resulted in hang-ups. Here are the top reasons prospects hang up on salespeople. This is exactly how prospects feel when a salesperson slaughters their name or the name of their company. Many times, reps will talk to a prospect like they're best friends right out of the gate.

Key to Sales Success: Find More Prospects - Duh!

Anthony Cole Training

I was talking to a prospect yesterday about this very thing. It reminded me of a pivotal conversation about prospecting that I had years ago when I was new to selling. I asked Ron, a successful seasoned veteran, “As a newer agent, what is the best way for me to find prospects and make money?” Finding prospects is not difficult. Duh is right.

How the Hell Do I Prospect Right Now? Part 2

Factor 8

A quick pivot into exploring for sales opportunities starts to smell. In the wise words of my friend Colleen Stanley , author of Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leadership : Ask yourself if your prospecting effort demonstrates that you get their world right now. Understanding how your customers and prospects are approaching their business and lives gives you great stories to share with the rest of your prospects. The post How the Hell Do I Prospect Right Now?

New Legs On An Old Stool

The Pipeline

Step back and see that much of our ability to pivot and continue came by leaning on different people than in previous pivots. 01 - Prospecting 04 - General Sales execution how to sell better Tibor ShantoBy Tibor Shanto. Some years ago, I wrote a piece about how you should lead a sale in a way that resembles a four-legged stool. The idea is to establish contact and some relationship with people across both the buying and selling organizations.

Account mapping: why you need to chart prospect companies


You see a huge conversion opportunity in a prospect. However the next day, your prospect gives you a “no.” A useful way to do on a practical level is mapping the accounts and depict the relationships at your prospect company visually. It will help you better understand your prospects, personalize your last-minute sales calls, and close more business. It shows prospects that you genuinely care. You can identify the decision-makers at your prospect company.

Your Sales Tech Is Destroying Your Relationships With Prospects. Here's What You Can Do About it.

Hubspot Sales

Before the internet, it was nearly impossible for prospects to get information about a product without the help of a friendly salesperson. But reps didn't hold all the power -- they needed prospects too. With less reach and fewer resources, prospects were uncovered through hard work. In this symbiotic relationship, prospects and salespeople built strong connections based on trust. Reaching prospects at right time is critical.

Sales Advice from Hannibal Lecter

The Sales Heretic

And he was an expert at divining human motivation, as evidenced in a pivotal scene in [.]. Sales motivation needs product prospect serviceHannibal Lecter would have made a great salesperson. And by that, I don’t mean that he’d eat the competition for lunch. The cannibalistic psychiatrist in The Silence of the Lambs understood that people’s actions are a result of their motivation.

Early Data on the State of Outbound Prospecting [MAR 2020]

The Bridge Group

A global health crisis, an unscripted pivot to work from home, and an accompanying economic fallout--times are certainly interesting. If you’re like me, you're keenly interested in what this all means for outbound prospecting today and tomorrow. I think I’m starting to understand why the phrase “ may you live in interesting times” is considered a curse.

Selling With Video At Every Stage of the Funnel

Funnel Clarity

In 2017, publishers across different industries and verticals made a ‘ pivot to video ’ drawing praise and criticism alike. Sales Process ProspectingThere’s no question that video as a medium is rapidly increasing in popularity. As HubSpot’s research shows, video is becoming the preferred content format by a clear margin.

Not Too Early To Consider Spring Cleaning

The Pipeline

As we all know, Q1 is pivotal; as it goes, usually, the others will follow. This allows you to revisit these prospects early in the quarter. That’s where you specifically seek out other salespeople working with your prospects who do not compete with you. 01 - Prospecting execution Sales Success Tibor ShantoBy Tibor Shanto. I see many salespeople march through the first quarter, heads down working their plan.

Selling in the New Gig Economy


Talking to your target market—including prospects who declined to purchase your product—is an irreplaceable advantage in marketing and sales planning. Pivoting is a signature startup move. How much funding will depend on how you define your particular pivot. Sales Prospecting

The Two Biggest Ways Deal Structures Have Changed in 2020


And even within those thriving businesses, some prospects may be overwhelmed with their workloads. Reasons why leadership roles have joined calls or engaged in the process include: Reduced spending decisions Making strategic pivots that require a deep investment They have more time to engage with prospects and customers. Sales Prospecting

Handling Objections like a Pro | Sales Tips

Engage Selling

One thing that I’ve noticed recently is that sellers aren’t always good at is learning how to pivot. A prospect or a buyer answers in a way that we … Read More » Sales Tips Client Communication Client Success Colleen Francis Engage Selling Solutions prospects qualification phase Sales Lessons sales preparation sales questionsDuring the qualification stage, we get thrown for a loop sometimes.

The Ultimate Catch eBook

DiscoverOrg Sales

To keep fish interested, this team must be ready for quick pivots and new opportunities at any moment. For example, a chief objection of engineers is that pivots and changes are too expensive. Account-Based Everything Account-Based Marketing Sales Development B2B Sales Insights Good leads Marketing Strategies Partner Blog Prospecting sales strategiesWe’re on a boat! Well, actually, it’s a fishing boat.

eBook 129

How to Heat Up Cold Emails with Personalization

DiscoverOrg Sales

Much like my mom’s BMW, I use personalized emails to catch the attention of my most important prospects. Either I get responses from someone who forwarded my email, or the prospect who received the email responds themselves. But while prospecting with cold email might be a tempting way to avoid the awkwardness of rejection over the phone, you have to do it right. So what situations are appropriate for this type of prospecting? When your prospect is a decision maker.

Stay Top-of-Mind This Holiday Season: 7 Best Business Books to Give as Gifts to Prospects

Sales Hacker

Chances are, your prospects are wondering the exact same thing. These books are informative, full of new ideas and strategies, and make excellent end-of-year gifts for prospects looking to sit back, unwind, and destress over the holidays after such a tumultuous year.

Why ROI Selling is the Key Ingredient to Business Growth


Sales reps pivot to a consultative approach to provide more value to the customer so the sales decision is made based on the potential value the product can provide.”. Sales ProspectingCOVID-19 has changed the world of B2B sales. Even if you started the year with a packed pipeline, few businesses have escaped the economic turmoil. About 50 percent of B2B buyers are holding off on purchases because of the pandemic, according to McKinsey & Co.

ROI 72

Panel Discussion: Building your 2021 Pipeline


You may need to pivot, you may need to after adjacent markets or you may just have to rebuild in your market – whatever the case going into 2021 with a strong pipeline is critical. ProspectingSales Experts Advice and Tips. MUST WATCH PANEL DISCUSSION. Get ready for 2021!

The Power of Sales Intelligence #2: Creating an Ideal Customer Profile

DiscoverOrg Sales

Historically, sales professionals and marketers spent a lot of time chasing down prospects with a scant probability of getting an appointment, let alone winning business. You can then have a deliberate, thoughtful approach to prospecting into those accounts and contacts. In addition to having a direct line to your prospect, you can create content specifically for their pain points, and speak their language on social media. When and where your prospect wants to buy.

5 Books & Blogs That Will Make You Better at Inside Sales

DiscoverOrg Sales

As you well know, arousing curiosity, generating interest, and getting prospects to open up about their priorities is about as easy as potty-training a coyote.” If, like Bertuzzi, you’ve ever struggled to get the attention of your prospective clients, then you’ll enjoy her insight on sales development. These are tips that draw on his more than forty years in sales and include everything from ethics and prospecting to people skills and organization.

5 Skills Every Sales Development Rep Needs to Master in 2018


Video prospecting. 1) Video prospecting. Video prospecting” is a buzzword, but at HubSpot, we’ve seen great results. Of course, that’s probably one month before video prospecting starts to lose its impact …). It’s always been tricky for SDRs to balance quantity and quality when prospecting. I’m seeing that balance shift -- the most successful reps are actually slowing down, spending more time on outreach and connecting with fewer prospects.

Why 2021 Will Be The Year Of Guided Selling


Discover new prospects with Crunchbase Pro – try it free. Incorrect focus with deals and prospects: Sales teams still largely rely on experience and instinct to guide their next steps. Laser focus with deals and prospects. Sales Leadership Sales Prospecting Sales Strategy

Use leverage

Sales 2.0

It’s really critical to give your prospects a reason to act; otherwise your biggest competitor–status quo–will win. Leverage (noun): 1) the action of a lever, a rigid bar that pivots about one point and used to move an object at a second point by force applied at a third 2) power or ability to act or influence people, events, decisions, etc. Great post today by Anthony Iannarino.

Are You Closing Sales Or Opening Relationships? with Adam, Episode #94


That’s why Adam says it’s your job as a sales professional to let your prospects and customers know that you are MOST interested in the relationship you have with them. There’s a valuable need for salespeople to serve as consultants to their prospects and customers. 9:16] Adam’s book “Pivot” – what inspired it and set the stage for its creation. [15:24] Adam’s Book – “ Pivot ”. Subscribe to Selling With Social.

Disrupted, Not Derailed–Your Pipeline in the Time of Covid

Sales 2.0

My company, SalesRoads (North America’s leading B2B Appointment Setting and SDR Outsourcing firm), spends much of its time supporting the SaaS (software-as-a-service) industry, so we wanted to better understand their situation in this pivotal moment.

The Trade War means a Battle for Your Business: The 4 steps you must take now

Alice Heiman

Examine your prospect list: Look at the list and determine whether your prospects are in or selling to vulnerable industries and build a strategy that positions your company to impact their success. Be prepared to pivot. . Business Owners News Resources Sales Sales leadership Strategic Planning Positioning prospect Sales strategy Trade WarNo heavy artillery ? N o bullets flying ? I t doesn’t sound like mu ch of a war.

Podcast 144: How COVID-19 Is Impacting Sales Reps Everyday With Morgan J Ingram & James Buckley

John Barrows

But sales reps now are pivoting how they are working, who they’re talking to and what they’re trying to help prospects with. This pandemic has impacted many people in different ways. Tons of people in sales and all professions are facing lay-offs, struggles to hit targets and a range of very serious issues. The sales rep at any level is the closest job in the world to being your own boss, to being an entrepreneur.

The Last Gap Selling Virtual Training

A Sales Guy

Due to the Coronavirus and the shelter in place, we made a quick pivot at A Sales Guy. Done over two days, two hours each day, I cover all aspects of the Gap Selling process, from how to uncover the gap via the buyers current and future states, to a proper discovery that improves your ability to get the sale, to prospecting, minimizing objections and getting past price. We created a virtual Gap Selling training course for salespeople.

Best Sales Books: 33 of the Top Picks to Create More Conversations in 2019


High Profit Prospecting by Mark Hunter. Combo Prospecting by Tony J Hughes. Pivot by Adam Markel’s. 5 High Profit Prospecting by Mark Hunter. Finding high-quality prospects is vital to a salesperson’s success. High-Profit Prospecting seeks to make a change in the sales dynamic while helping salespeople gain control of the conversation. 16 Combo Prospecting by Tony J Hughes. Combo Prospecting seamlessly integrates old and new sales strategies.

Sales Growth Strategies for CEOs Right Now

Alice Heiman

Smart leaders are saying , “W e cannot do things the same way we’ve always done them and expect it to work. ” A pivot is needed and everyone needs to agree on what that will be. . A Pivot Means Investing in Sales Growth . Pivoting means making the necessary changes to invest in sales growth. For your company, a pivot might mean one or a few of the following. . Refocusing your prospecting message. If those prospects happen to call you, great.