Guest Post: Successful Lead Generation – One Size Does Not Fit All

Jonathan Farrington

Let’s take a closer look at the quality of leads produced by these lead generation tactics and how this impacts your ability to further develop these prospects into customers. A developed quality lead sets the stage for relationship selling, lead nurturing and prospect development.

Embarking on a sales lead generation project: What could go wrong?


a prospect asked me, following our discussion about PointClear’s lead generation, qualification and nurturing services. And we’d gone into some depth as to how our associates are all seasoned, degreed and sales trained. Just ask Jim Norton, SVP of QGenda, a 3x PointClear client who recently brought us in on his first day on a new job. The PointClear team of associates, managers and analysts needs to work closely and collaboratively with our day-to-day client contact.

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6 Things Good Lead Generation Vendors Do Right (That You May Be Doing Wrong)


In one situation, we worked with a client that was about to mail 750 $20 “lumpy” packages to prospects. Employing a 4 x 4 research approach (this is how our team is trained) is to spend a total of four minutes looking at four different data sources: The prospect’s website. The subjects of the prospect’s tweets. The alternative to defining optimal cadence is under-touching, over-touching or not touching important prospects.

You Can’t Put in What God Left Out … and Other Important Things Learned in Business and Life


Jim recently interviewed PointClear’s Dan McDade about the five most important things he’s learned in business and life—in one of an ongoing series of radio programs featuring sales and marketing industry leaders. As I contemplate what the prospect just said, often he or she will end up adding valuable information they may not have said otherwise. It's kind of amazing, because while my prospects acknowledge that this is a good question, frequently they don't have an answer.

Good Reads for B2B Sales - Busy People Don't Mean to be Rude


Sales Sphere features relevant blog articles from PointClear''s online B2B sales circles. Try outbound prospecting. You can significantly expand your sales pipeline by investing in outbound prospecting techniques, according to Aaron Ross, co-author of Predictable Revenue.

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What's it take to generate leads that fuel your forecast?


What we’re doing seems to be working: The clients we’ve served (some for most of that time period) and the CMOs we’ve worked with (90% of our business is with marketing leaders who’ve done business with us before) will tell you that it’s PointClear’s combination of three things we do well that make a difference: An agile approach that includes adaptable lead management processes, testing and continuous improvement. Quality conversations and personal engagement with prospects.

Listen more, talk less … and drive more revenue


This is a skill that we teach our associates, who spend their days making dials (80 to 100 a day) and engaging B2B sales prospects on behalf of our clients. What you may not know is that, after we’ve brought these good folks on board, we spend a lot of time training them—before they get on the phones. They also work really well when it comes to identifying prospects, uncovering needs … and progressing them down the pipeline. 6 skills required for active listening.

How to Set Your Outsourced Lead Generation Program Up for Success (pt 3)


If you want to get the most out of your outsourced lead generation program you must : 1) have executive sponsorship and reinforcement; 2) participate fully in planning and training; and 3) have appropriate expectations and accountability.

Does Your Sales Team Know How to Follow-Up on a Lead?


Today we will discuss why it’s vital for marketing to develop a training guide for sales so all are on the same page as far as understanding what constitutes a lead in your organization, and what’s the best way to follow up on one. a sales rep reports, ‘I called the prospect three times.

Get 3X B2B Marketing ROI by Nurturing Leads


What types of prospects need to be nurtured? There are three types of prospects to nurture: Pipeline. There’s value in continued contact with prospects in the marketing pipeline that do have a specific planned next step to be taken within a reasonable time frame, even if they’re not ready to buy now. You’ll get payback by continuing to engage with fully qualified prospects, even if they’re not immediately interested.

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Insights on Outbound Conference in Atlanta


The entire day was spent talking about prospecting. movement harshly declare that proactive targeting and prospecting for new business is dead. These so-called experts proclaim that cold-calling is ineffective and pursuing prospects that aren’t coming to you is a waste of time. Prospecting sets you up for everything else in sales.”. Prospecting is “systematic, adaptive and relentless.”. The more you prospect the luckier you get.”.

What is Value Selling and How to Generate Leads in Companies that Buy Value


That takes more persuasive skills, better navigation of the prospect organization, a broader understanding of strategic objectives - and frankly a likable demeanor - to convince your target of the value you offer. Value selling is PointClear's bread and butter. They tele-prospect on behalf of our clients using a value-selling approach, applying their training and experience to advance the pipeline and deliver return that's well worth the price of our services.

The Pipeline ? Reports of the Death of the Salesperson Are Greatly.

The Pipeline

Stored in Attitude , Business Acumen , Customer Care , Guest Post , Proactive , Sales 2.0 , Sales Strategy , Sales Success , Sales Training , Social Selling , execution. Let me clarify: I would argue that the highly trained, effective salesperson is more important than ever.

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Leveraging Inside Sales


PointClear reports that an outside sales call carries a cost of $308, versus $50 for an inside sales call. Two areas of opportunity and competitive advantage are training and coaching. They don’t expect to be the on-the-job training vehicle for your salespeople. And, if it has been reported by CSO Insights that sales leaders see lead volume/quality as more important than skills training and process, I think there is a disconnect.