Depend on Recurring Revenue? Here’s How to Contain Creation Costs

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This article is written with field sales teams in mind. However, if you run an inside sales team exclusively, don’t despair, you may still find a nugget or two of helpful information as well. An outside sales call costs $308, an inside sales call costs $50 [Source: PointClear].

Tell Marketing They Can Keep Their Leads

No More Cold Calling

Consider this example from Dan McDade, president and CEO of PointClear: The marketing department for one unnamed company generated more than 9,000 “sales leads” in a year, but only 1.28 Enhancing lead generation is a top priority for any sales organization. Even in Sales 2.0,

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What's it take to generate leads that fuel your forecast?


Just try to pass them on to your field sales team and you’ll see. Because the chances are pretty low—probably 3% to 4% at best—that any of these names are bonafide opportunities if you are a B2B company with a complex sales process. Sales won’t spend the time it takes to cull through 100 so-called leads for 3 to 4 good ones. And that’s usually not something Sales is going to do. Precise management of lists, lead data, cadence and outcomes drives revenue.

Leveraging Inside Sales


A variety of industries use inside sales as a popular high-growth sales model. According to Harvard Business Review , 46 percent of high-growth tech companies are expanding through inside sales, as compared to 21 percent growing through outside sales teams. The reasons for inside sales (SDR/BDR) team growth vary, but one fact is clear: buyers seem to be fine with alternatives to face-to-face meetings. There is a higher turnover among the sales ranks.

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The Pipeline ? Reports of the Death of the Salesperson Are Greatly.

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