How to Improve Your Sales Presentations


What makes someone an effective presenter? What an ocean of research has identified is that the way something is presented shapes how it will be perceived and whether it not it will be acted on. The post How to Improve Your Sales Presentations appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog.

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Start with Why: The Key to a Successful Presentation


Have you ever sat through a presentation and thought, “Why am I here?” Presentations that do not answer the question “Why?” This question of addressing a prospect’s “why” is fundamental to a successful sales presentation.

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Rehearsal Is the Work in Sales Presentations


He told me, “It takes a year for us to have the opportunity to deliver an hour presentation to a small group of executives from the company of one of our prospects. I asked, “How long do you spend rehearsing a presentation that important?”. We go over the presentation multiple times, we video and review our performance. Before you invest the appropriate time in rehearsing your presentation, make sure your presentation structure and focus are right.

We Presentations and You Presentations

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There are two kinds of presentations you can give. The first is a “ we ” presentation. That presentation starts with “who we are.” There is a very clear indication to anyone who is subjected to a “we” presentation what the presenter believes is most important.

Presentations That Sell | Sales Tips

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Therefore, it makes sense that we talk about presentation formats this week. I believe that you should always present in person when possible. Last week, we talked about proposal formats.

6 Actions You MUST Take After Your Sales Presentations

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I remember meeting a salesperson in my office who presented me with a product that would hopefully deal with some challenges we were having at the time. Sales Presentations what to do after sales presentationsThe product was quicker, more efficient and. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Dealing With Nerves During Formal Sales Presentations

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You’ve been asked to make a formal sales presentation in front of a panel as part of a beauty parade and you’ve not had a lot of experience or training in doing it. Sales Presentations dealing with nerves for a presentation how to prepare for sales presentations We’ve all been there. Or maybe. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

VIDEO SALES TIP: The BEST Sales Presentation IS…

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…NOT a presentation. Great salespeople do not rely on a canned presentation. You can strengthen your dialogue abilities, and you will see how little you even want to use your canned presentation. Blog Closing a Sale Consultative Selling Customer Service leadership Professional Selling Skills canned presentation presentation presentation skills sales presentation sales skills video sales tip

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Business conversations trump product presentations – An STC Classic

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Sales conversations are more engaging than sales presentations – talking with is more effective than talking at. The culprit is inherent in the nature of presentations. In a presentation information is being presented to us. A Classic – ’63 Corvette.

Sales presentations – don’t lose at the very end

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Sales presentations. Unless you have done a good job selling value throughout the buying process, it is unlikely that even a great sales presentation will turn the tide. Sales presentations must be compelling, engaging, or memorable. Present targeted success stories and examples.

10.5 Presentation Tips

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Presenting Jeffrey gitomer presentation tips sales presentations sales training We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us.

Six Ways NOT to Open a Presentation

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Whether you’re delivering a sales presentation to a prospect, an internal briefing within your company, or the keynote speech at a conference, the first words out of your mouth have the power to make or break your effort.

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VIDEO SALES TIP: Your Sales Presentation Sucks

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I know it sounds harsh, but your sales presentation sucks — if you are relying on it so heavily that it is a roadblock to authentic dialogue.

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Strategic Sales Presentations

Dave Stein's Blog

Jack wrote a new book, Strategic Sales Presentations. The reason is there are plenty of books out there about presentations. Presentations Sales Strategy

Bridge the aspiration gap – win the sales presentation

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Winning sales presentations. A good sales presentation that fails to win the business is not good enough. Sales presentations must persuade customers to make a decision in your favor. A winning presentation is not a “product pitch” either.

Write with Care in Your Sales Presentations

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Sales presentations can earn the sale or sink it. This type of listing in the presented documentation ignores value articulation. However with buyers becoming more educated, I believe such wording in sales presentations will be viewed negatively.

PowerPoint Is Killing Your Sales Presentations

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He writes: Technology is a wonderful thing which can bring tremendous improvements to how we do things – but at the price of losing fundamental skills … I feel lucky that I learned the essentials of public speaking and presenting in the early ‘80s.

The Ever Present I Don’t Want Training Attitude

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” In many instances people (small business owners to sales trainers) look to past learning engagements and how they were presented. ” Even the worst sales training experience does present learning opportunities.

7 Presentation Myths – Busted! Get the Facts Before Your Presentation

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A lot of advice on giving a presentation has been floating around since fax machines and uninformed buyers roamed the Earth. Some of these presentation myths are urban legends, and some have simply reached their expiration date. Regardless of their source, these practices are capable of derailing your presentation, damaging your credibility, and causing your audience to tune out. I set out to “Bust” or “Confirm” some of the more common presentation myths I hear today.

Book Review: Strategic Sales Presentations, by Jack Malcolm

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No matter what you sell, where you sell, or how you sell, you are a presenter. It makes no difference if you are presenting to an individual or a group, a guy buying a lawnmower or a company awarding a multimillion dollar contract, you must make a presentation of some kind.

Are Shorter Sales Presentations Better?

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Issue Date: 2016-06-06. Author: Ben Rigsby, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, ECOS. Teaser: Salespeople have a more narrow window than ever to capture an audience’s attention, but assuming shorter is better risks skipping critical information for no reason.

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How To Present Solutions That Make The Prospect Think Differently

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When salespeople present their solutions to prospects, they seldom see the whole picture. What I mean by this is that many salespeople see their product or service and present it from their own. [[ This is a content summary only. Sales Presentations changing buyer perspective presentation skills presenting solutionsVisit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Virtual reality – a new day for medical product launch presentations

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Virtual Reality and Sales Presentations. They need the knowledge, skills and tools to present the product to their customer base in a compelling fashion that differentiates the product from a wide array of competitive offerings – the more innovative the new product, the truer this proposition.

No One Wants a PowerPoint Presentation

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No One Wants a PowerPoint Presentation is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. No one wants a PowerPoint presentation. But that doesn’t mean the PowerPoint presentations aren’t valuable. Your presentation should speak to understanding needs.

The Top 10 Most Viewed SBI Presentations of All Time

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We have 66 presentations posted, on a wide array of sales subjects. I figured presentation views would signal topics of interest. So here it goes: The Top 10 Most Viewed SBI Presentations of All Time. Also, we publish a new presentation every week.

Make ‘em Laugh! 7 Guideposts for Using Humor in Your Business Presentation.

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Many experts recommend opening your presentation with a funny story, joke, quote, or prop. Using humor in your presentation is not without risk so be smart about exposing your funny side by following these 7 guideposts. 7 Guideposts for Using Humor in Your Business Presentation.

Use These 7 Questions To Present Your Solutions Effectively

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One of the keys to being successful at sales is the ability to understand who in the buyer’s organisation needs to be convinced you have the best product or service that will enhance their future. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

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Skip the Presentation and Close More Sales

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Do you really think your customer wants to sit through your boring sales presentation? If a customer wanted to hear a presentation, they could go to YouTube and watch a video. Too many salespeople are what I call “presentation crippled.”

What the Blizzard of 2015 Can Teach us about Sales Presentations

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Dave Kurlan sales presentation sales preparation As most of you know, were absolutely clobbered by yesterday''s Blizzard of 2015 which gifted us with 34 inches of snow and even higher drifts.

A Framework for Compelling Presentations

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Here is a format for presenting and proposing a compelling solution. It is helpful to you and your dream client to review their current state at the beginning of your presentation and proposal. Your proposal and presentation are now carefully positioned and framed up correctly.

Are Your Sales Presentations About You or About Your Customer?

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Today in a mastermind group, I listened to one of the members discuss her particular frustration regarding sales presentations and delivering her solution. Another mastermind group member suggested providing only two alternatives with her sales presentations instead of three.

Are Your Sales Presentations About You or About Your Customer?

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Today in a mastermind group, I listened to one of the members discuss her particular frustration regarding sales presentations and delivering her solution. Another mastermind group member suggested providing only two alternatives with her sales presentations instead of three.

Sales Presentations: Drop the Act

Julie Hansen's Sales Blog

sales presentation skills. Guest blog by Michael Boyette: What’s the difference between John Barrymore and Marlon Brando? SSSss Both were terrific actors who turned in some truly iconic performances in their day. But there are key differences sales reps would do well to notice.

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Important Grammar in Business Presentations

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Just How Important Is Proper Grammar When it Comes to Business Presentations? Ken; We have a guest blog this week, a topic that is absolutely key in emails, presentations and meetings. It takes more than just good speaking skills to give a top-notch business presentation.

The 10 Keys to Effective Group Sales Presentations

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Compare this scenario to presentation day; you are one of many salespeople that will be paraded in and out of a conference room to present to a group of influencers and decision makers - some of whom couldn''t care any less about you.

Sales Motivation Video: Steer Clear of Canned Presentations

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Are you relying on a canned presentation? I want to challenge you to steer clear of the canned presentations. Canned presentations will […]. Blog Customer Service Professional Selling Skills presentation sales presentation sales skills video sales tip

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6 Steps from Actors for a Memorable Sales Presentation

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Sales Presentation Act like a sales pro actors' toolbox actors’ tricks of the trade Julie Hansen presentation skills sales presentation “Acting has to do with saying it as if you meant it, so for me the words are always very important.

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Sales Tips: Scripted versus Tailored Sales Presentations

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Scripted vs. Tailored Sales Presentations. By Connie Schlosberg, Primary Intelligence.

The Twelve Most Persuasive Words You Can Use When Delivering a Presentation

Jonathan Farrington

I was recently asked if presentation skills had become obsolete – because so much business is conducted online. So here are some thoughts and suggestions for making your presentations even more compelling …. What will be covered during your presentation? •

How to Give a Great Online Presentation that Keeps Your Audience Engaged

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I once made a sandwich, responded to an email, and let the dog out – all while “watching” an online presentation. When you are presenting online, maintaining your audience’s attention presents a unique set of challenges.