Using Data in Sales for Better Prospecting!

The Sales Hunter

ReachForce recently interviewed me on the importance of using data when prospecting to determine if you are dealing with a true prospect, or merely a suspect. And for more tips on prospecting, consider Breakthrough Sales University.

Data 239

When prospects say no: Sales recovery for digital marketing agencies


One of the biggest challenges digital marketing agencies face is both generating leads, and then turning prospects into customers. It’s estimated that only 20% of leads are considered legitimate, and only 5-20% of prospects ever convert.

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Why ABS is Even More Critical During COVID-19


As we navigate a dramatically fluctuating economy, it is more important than ever for B2B salespeople to employ the notion of “quality over quantity” in the pursuit of new opportunities, and to be empathetic to the many changes potential prospects are experiencing.

25+ Account-Based Marketing Tactics & Software Solutions


Known as account-based marketing (ABM), companies that treat individual prospects like an entire market can generate 208% more revenue than those who don’t according to MarketingProfs. That’s a long time to wait before engaging with a prospect.

The Data Points You Need for an Effective Account Targeting Strategy

Sales Hacker

In the past, managers would give their SDRs free rein to prospect whomever they wanted. These are companies like, Mattermark , DiscoverOrg , Dun & Bradstreet , and Reachforce.

Sales is ultimately successful only with marketing’s help — and vice a versa


Marketing can block any unqualified prospects from sales’ zone. According to Marketo and Reachforce research, sales and marketing alignment can help businesses become 67% better at closing deals. Sales and marketing alignment remains a pervasive issue derailing selling organizations. According to HubSpot research , one in four companies indicate their sales and marketing teams are either “misaligned” or “rarely aligned.”