“The Boom In Sales Technology”

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I suppose it’s normal to see the flood of articles, prospecting emails, calls and such on “sales technology.” ” Dreamforce is over, we all have visions of our technology based futures dancing in our heads. We see the MarTech and other charts, with 1000’s of suppliers, in unimaginable niches, giving us the most essential sales and marketing technologies, guaranteed to drive performance and customer engagement.

You Are the Ultimate Sales Technology!

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But one thing never changes: People do business with people, not with technology.” How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal. ” She also wrote a great sales book called “No More Cold Calling.” Even so, this is not a book that bashes technology.

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You Are the Ultimate Sales Technology

No More Cold Calling

Technology is fantastic, but it will never replace a great salesperson. You are the ultimate sales technology! As a buyer, I don’t care how your technology works until I know what it can do for my business. The same is true for your prospects and clients.

How to Stop Fighting the Monster of Sales Technology Complexity

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How to Stop Fighting the Monster of Sales Technology Complexity. The ocean is sales complexity, and the Hydra is the technology forced upon salespeople. Now consider that in most cases, the CRM is only one of many technologies implemented within the sales organization.

Is Sales Technology Helping or Hindering Sales Performance? Sales Futurists Podcast

Keith Rosen

Over the past few years, we have witnessed huge investment in new sales technology solutions and sales process tools. However, that investment does not guarantee an appropriate return in terms of increased and improved sales performance.

How Sales Technology Can Help Close More Deals

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Sales organizations know the benefits of adopting tools powered by machine learning: on average, they use 10 different sales tech tools, with plans to add four more to their repertoire in the next 12 months. Yet all that technology isn’t necessarily producing better sales outcomes. One way to do this is through sales technology powered by predictive analytics or AI. CRM platforms are the chief form of sales technology in many organizations.

The 13 Least Known Sales Technologies


Did you know that high-growth companies are more likely to be familiar with the different types of sales technologies on the market? Of the sales technologies listed, here are the 13 least known according to participants (in order, starting from the least known).

Focus Your Prospecting Purpose

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Many things have changed in sales, technology, means of evaluating, informed yet frustrated buyers, but some things have not changed in the least. Sure, they want the appointment but are willing to settle for so much less when the prospect answers. By Tibor Shanto.

How Sales Technology Impacts Recruiting and Retention


Adopting new sales technology is a big deal. Whether you’re looking to switch from non-VoIP to VoIP phone systems , get the latest sales engagement software, purchase or enrich a lead database, invest in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or otherwise, you’re making a major commitment. The business case for adopting these systems often overlooks a very important component – the positive impact on sales team recruiting, onboarding, and retention.

The 2018 Sales Technology Landscape: Discover 800+ Players Ruling the Topology

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A lot has happened in the s ales tech space since I introduced my first sales tech landscape last summer. Both sales and sales operations are sharing an increased frustration with the number of applications they have in their stack. 2) Sales Engagement.

“Videoify” My Sales Pitch: 1-to-1 Video Prospecting Ideas Worth Stealing

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Personalized video is one of the hottest trends in sales prospecting. We’re asking two groups of video-selling experts to bring their most creative ideas as they face off live to “videoify” real sales pitches submitted to us by real reps (maybe even YOU!).

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Prospecting in a Post-GDPR World

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As of a year ago, 57% of surveyed marketing and sales reps were not aware of GDPR or how it would impact them, and only 29% of organizations label their approach to data protection and organization as “mature.”. Do you collect and use the data of individuals in order to prospect?

New Study: Finding the Growth Potential for Sales Operations and Technology

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In “ Finding an Extra Gear: The 2 nd Annual CSO Insights Sales Operations and Technology Study ,” researchers from Miller Heiman Group lay out the sales operations best practices that companies need to pursue to grow this critical sales function. Sales operations is a long-standing function in most industries, with two-thirds of organizations having a dedicated team,” said Miller Heiman Group’s Seleste Lunsford. The Broad and Diverse Focus of Sales Operations.

Five Sales Operations Best Practices that Drive High Performance

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The latest Sales Operations & Technology Study from Miller Heiman Group found that roughly two-thirds of sales organizations have a dedicated sales operations team, indicating that this function continues to mature and play an increasingly integral role in a company’s sales success. Nearly 10% of companies who participated in the study indicate that they plan to add formal sales operations in the next year. Proactively Set Sales Operations Goals.

Forget About Your Sales Comfort Zone [January Referral Selling Insights]

No More Cold Calling

I’m not looking forward to stepping out of my sales comfort zone this year, but I must. For me, it’s learning new technology. I love technology when it works, but I also find it frustrating. Given that perspective, I think you’ll understand why I find technology rather boring.

Four Opportunities to Use Artificial Intelligence to Master Sales Success

Miller Heiman Group

For the past few years, when the sales industry discusses sales technology trends, artificial intelligence (AI) rises to the top, although it has yet to take a foothold in the industry. The 2 nd Annual Sales Operations and Technology Study from Miller Heiman Group found that just more than 5% of sales organizations deploy AI in their sales technology stack, and the majority—66.2% of sales organizations—have not used the technology at all.

3 Ways to improve Your Customer Retention Scorecard

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After all, they are hired, and compensated, to go out there and hunt prospective clients. Once they consummate the sale, and the contract is signed, they hunt up their next deal. Then, post-sales customer support teams often find themselves in fire-fighting mode.

The Future of AI for Sales (And How to Prepare for It)

Sales Hacker

Sales is traditionally a people-to-people business, but technologies like artificial intelligence are making expert sellers rethink the balance between human and machine. In fact, automation is already impacting sales, and its influence will only continue to grow.

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Looking at Sales Enablement From Two Different Lenses

Smart Selling Tools

Looking at Sales Enablement From Two Different Lenses. Defining the role Sales Enablement plays in your organization is a multi-faceted exercise. First, there’s a small matter of defining what Sales Enablement even means. The Role of Sales in Sales Enablement.

How to Build Trust and Generate Leads with a Referral Program

No More Cold Calling

I’ve just returned from three conferences, and the #1 challenge I heard sales pros repeat again and again was how to get leads in the pipe. Wait, wasn’t technology supposed to solve that problem? attain quota, and about 65 percent of sales reps in Europe do so.

Time to Get Your Data and Tech Stack in Shape for 2019

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As you plan your sales and marketing strategies for next year, have you assessed the state of your data and technology stack? It’s important to think about how to optimize your business processes and technology. Sales enablement – 8%.

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Seeing Through the Hype: Making Sense of Sales Enablement Technology

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If you’re like a lot of busy Sales Executives, you’ve likely noticed there are a lot of fantastic podcasts popping up. I recently had the pleasure of being the guest on the Sales Enablement Radio podcast hosted by the Brevet Group. Announcer: Welcome everybody to Sales Enablement Radio.

SalesLoft Review, Features and Pricing


If you’re interested in finding out everything you need to know about SalesLoft, one of the leading sales engagement software in the industry, then read on, and check out our review here. The post SalesLoft Review, Features and Pricing appeared first on The Sales Insider.

Your Sales Tech Is Destroying Your Relationships With Prospects. Here's What You Can Do About it.

Hubspot Sales

Sadly, the "edge" that most sales technology promised to give them is actually hurting their relationships with buyers, and a chance at the elusive sale. Sales technology was supposed to make sales more efficient and personal -- it was supposed to help salespeople.

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In Search of the Perfect Sales Tech Stack (Here’s What’s Working Today)

Sales Hacker

Wondering how other sales teams are working their magic? Sure, their processes and talent have something to do with their success, but so does their sales stack. Namely… What does the perfect sales stack look like? 5 sales activities that can be optimized with tech.

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PODCAST 85: AI will not replace SDRs/BDRs w/ Dan O’Connell

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with Dan O’Connell, Chief Strategy Officer at Dialpad. How AI & ML are impacting the future of sales. Orienting your sales process around the buyer. Subscribe to the Sales Hacker Podcast. A sale-specific dialect as well.

The Top 5 Things Unleash Taught Me About the State of Sales Tech in 2019

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That’s something I overheard as I walked around the expo hall packed with over 30 of the fastest growing technology companies in the world (ie. But how could I choose between an opening keynote announcing some extremely exciting news for the world of sales tech (can you say Outreach Galaxy?),

The 2019 SalesTech Landscape: What’s Hot and What’s Not Today

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This hardship, combined with the CRM transition to the cloud and the rise of digital selling, has created a mini gold rush for sales software fueled by abundant VC money. Last September, it introduced High Velocity Sales for inside sales. Sales have become a number’s game.

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3 Ways Sales Can Use a CDP to Improve Account-Based Selling

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Along the way, Sales has been a fortunate beneficiary of everything a good CDP has to offer. . In fact, many sales teams have uncovered significant value using their organization’s CDP to execute on account-based selling initiatives. The top deal-killer in B2B sales?

6 Sales Tech Trends to Watch in 2020 (Based on Interviews with 250+ Vendors)

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Sales Technology has EXPLODED over the last few years. And just like the explosion of Martech, if you’re on the cutting edge of the sales tech revolution, you’ll reap the rewards. 6 Sales Tech Trends. 2020 will be the year of acquisitions in sales tech.

Struggling with Sales Enablement in Your Organization? Here’s How You Can Course-Correct Today

Miller Heiman Group

While many organizations reported increased adoption of a sales enablement function in recent years, several still struggle to use it effectively to achieve their goals. According to CSO Insights’ 4th Annual Sales Enablement Study , 61 percent of organizations have a sales enablement function. One reason that companies struggle to achieve their sales enablement goals is the way they think of the initiative. Align Sales Enablement to Your Business Goals.

Want to Accelerate Your Pipeline? Upcoming Online Event Shows You How!

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Digital Sales Engine is a day-long learning event packed with live sessions and master classes by 30+ of today’s leaders in sales. I am excited to come together with other top sales speakers on November 17 to provide a learning experience full of proven strategies and powerful insights around sales technology. Blog leadership Prospecting pipeline prospect prospecting sales leadership sales prospecting

Introducing the Glossary for Sales and Marketing Tech

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If you’re in sales or marketing, it’s likely you’ve come across a new SaaS platform or startup in the past 6 months that begs your attention. With this in mind, we’ve created a glossary of common sales and marketing technology terms, as well as some which are trending to become more relevant.

Sales Tech Simplified: How to Find ‘Selling Nuggets’ Through Relevant Insights

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We call it Sales Tech Simplified. Let’s take the scenario of a sales rep that loses a deal to a competitor. Prioritize prospects for optimized activity. Score Leads and qualify them for sales. Track Sales rep activity metrics. Sales Forecasting Maturity Model.

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Sales Tech Simplified with @Katie_E_Bullard: How to Eliminate the Problem of Data Decay

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We call it Sales Tech Simplified. It is now a must-have for any competitive business in the marketplace – and refers to any and all company, contact, and behavioral data sales and marketing teams rely on to execute effective sales and marketing campaigns.

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Intent Data Turns a Buyer-Centric World From a Curse into a Blessing

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Intent data has become one of the hottest topics in the B2B sales and marketing space. However, it remains under-utilized by many sales practitioners. The content consumption habits of a prospect can provide a precious clue into this prospect’s interests.

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What Does ZoomInfo’s Acquisition of Datanyze Signal to the Sales Industry?

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A couple weeks ago Zoominfo , a premiere B2B contact database, acquired Datanyze , a more recent pioneer that arms sales teams with technographics about their leads. The sales world is abuzz about these two joining forces! We already had sales-channel saturation.